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Vintage Bones: The Finger in the Nest


Hello, hello!

I think this is a unique episode. Hodgins is amazing in it, and we see Brennan very passionate about Ripley and animal welfare in general.  We also see Booth in casual wear tossing around a football, which can never be bad. 🙂


What do you like about this episode, and what doesn’t work for you?

And here is your moment of B&B:




11 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Finger in the Nest

  1. I loved this episode, because we see Brennan show a lot of emotions, we see a very different side of her. And we see Booth supporting her at the end because he knows the real Brennan and sees her for what she is inside.

  2. The sheer turn of emotion at the end, when Booth has to tell Brennan that they had to put Ripley down, after she was so clearly looking forward to rescuing him. Bittersweet.

    As for the photo… that hug among many belie the “détente” they were in at that point. (Other than the “I Knew” of the 100th and the “mistake” of DitP, to me the wedding vows seem to admit each knew more than they let on back then, even if they were suppressing that emotion at the time)

  3. I like all of the episodes where Brennan shows interest and empathy inr someone outside of herself. And the scenes with Booth and Parker and Booth’s concern that Parker will freak out over the finger were so good. Would that we could get more Parker/Christine/Booth/Brennan interaction scenes. The kids bring out a special side of the adults.

  4. Great episode. Very touching in many ways.

  5. Everything in this episode worked for me. Right from the beginning with Booth & Parker *Yay Daddy Booth!* to Brennan & Booth talking in the SUV about Brennan finding the dead neighbor lady when she was 5 and being fine-except she kept pretending to be dead. Ha! I even liked the Sweets & Parker scene “are you my babysitter?” Brennan telling Booth that Ripley reminded her of him because he had “warm & reassuring brown eyes, but is also capable of great violence.” I loved that.

    Brennan losing Ripley was heartcrushing. Poor thing, I just wanted to hug her when she was all excited about showing the collar and talking about her doggy daycare and then Booth had to squash all that. *sigh*

    Them burying Ripley together and Brennan’s speech about what a good dog he was was lovely. Not over the top or too preachy. Of course Booth has to reach out to comfort her-lucky Brennan.

    This was one of those Season 3 extra episodes and to me continued on with how very good I felt Season 3 was.

  6. I also loved this episode too. But i want to point out the “capable of great violence” quote. I kind of felt it might of come across as hurtful to Booth, even though she didn’t mean it to be. I’ve never been quite sure how to take her comment. Did anyone else consider that or am I just weird? 🙂

    • As with most things Brennan says I think that she meant it quite literally. Booth, after all, was a sniper who’s killed over 50 people and Brennan has certainly been witness to his capability for violence. I don’t think he was hurt by her statement because he knows he has that inside of him. He has characterized himself as a soldier and that is part of being a soldier. Brennan, herself, is capable of violence. I think that they both accept that in the other.

    • I think he minded more about being compared to the dog than he did having her say he was capable of great violence. He is capable and knows it. Season 1 Woman in the Garden hunts the gang leader and shoves his gun in his mouth and threatens to kill him. I really don’t think Booth has a problem with people thinking he’s capable of violence.

    • Personally, its the reverse.

      I think Booth appreciates that from Brennan, that she sees him for who he is and doesn’t shy away from him. He knows he is capable of great violence. Having someone who completely accepts you for the good and the bad is something remarkable. Its probably why he feels comfortable sharing things with her he doesn’t with anyone else.

  7. Awww, little Parker. Poor little invisible guy.

    Loved this episode and Brennan’s emotional tie to the dog (even if I’m not a dog person). And that photo up there? Gorgeous.

  8. to me the best part of the whole episode (which I really like) is the look on Booth’s face when Brennan tells him he is a very good father. DB was so good in this scene because with one look the viewer can tell that Booth wants to believe that Brennan thinks that, and it matters what she thinks because he loves her, but then he bites his lip because he realizes how intently he is staring at her. 5 seconds of fabulous acting in a really good episode.

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