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Vintage Bones: The Crank in the Shaft


Hello and Happy Monday!

I like this episode and the little mini subplot of Booth wanting the office chair. I like the case as well, even if it is a little goofy at times. And it is an example of a victim who was disliked by many people. That usually creates some easy peasy motives, and can I think the show takes it to a higher level when they are getting justice vs. just solving a case of the week, etc. But in general, I like this one.


What do you think?

Here is your moment of B&B (pic courtesy of :×06-the-crank-in-the-shaft )




26 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Crank in the Shaft

  1. I think B&B’s faces are made for gif’ing. They’re so expressive.

  2. Booth can bring me cupcakes anytime. 🙂

  3. Booth: I’m not some kind of a drone.
    Brennan: You have superiors to whom you must report, protocols you must follow. All of your actions are documented and reviewed.
    Booth: Look, I do not work for some faceless bureaucracy, okay? I work for the United States government, and so do you, which makes you a drone, too.
    Brennan: No. No, I’m a completely independent contractor operating out of the Jeffersonian. In the hive, I would be the queen bee.
    Booth: Still in a hive.
    Brennan: In which I am the queen.

    Booth: I’ll tell you what, I am going to be the king bee in my department.
    Brennan: There’s no such thing as a king bee.
    Booth: Sure there is. And he is going to have the finest chair in the hive.

    • Ahhhh, BB. Your script posts always make me nostalgic for that kind of snappy, witty repartee.

    • I hate to break it to Brennan, but she has people she has to answer to the same as Booth. One of them would be named Cam.

      • I don’t know about that… As Cam said, they both know Cam was the one working for Brennan.

        Normally, I would’ve given Cam more credit but since she blamed the lab falling apart on Brennan leaving it’s pretty hard to.

      • I was thinking the same thing about Cam bountypeaches. Then at the end Cam had the nerve to wave her finger around and say she’s the boss. Then it’s Cam’s job as boss to keep the lab together with or without Brennan. Brennan had a right to go on a anthropological project and even a responsibility to her profession to do so.

      • But remember how silly the whole thing was. Season 5 finale Brennan was to head up a team to study an already excavated skeleton complete with the use of an on-site lab, equipment and funding. Next episode it turned out it was just her and Daisy driving around in a jeep, fighting off cannibals, headhunters or whatever they were supposed to be by taking off their clothes. Then back in the US Cam, who had been a coroner for years, couldn’t tell the race of a child’s skeleton by intensive study when Angela could tell by just a glance. The writing on that first episode of season 6 was really bad. Sorry Hart,

      • I really didn’t think the whole thing was silly EL (sorry) because I thought the S5 finale was pretty good, though I agree the writing for the S6 premiere was really bad, especially for a premiere. Also we didn’t get to see who or what was back at Brennan’s base camp. I thought how they seemed to downgrade the project was poor especially when they didn’t seem to downgrade what Booth was doing. Brennan wouldn’t have left their partnership for a year for a menial project. That seemed evident in the S5 finale. I think most all of S6 was really badly written with “Doctor” being the high point, and “Daredevil” and Booth’s proposal being the unbelievable low point.

      • For me it was The Body in the Bag, the single worst episode in the history of Bones.

      • I’m not a fan of Brennan in her self-satisfied superior mood. Most men would get very tired of being told how stupid they were compared to a self-proclaimed genius. You have to give Booth snaps for being able to see beneath the surface.

      • Lol EL, can I rephrase your statement to say “the writing on that first half of S6 was really bad, sorry Hart”.

        But to be honest I don’t think the first episode was that farfetched (I mean it wasn’t Pelant). Cam is a pathologist– I could understand her not being able to identify race from a skeleton. That is not something she was trained for. Her field of study is more related to organs and tissue and less the skeleton.

        It made complete sense that Angela could identify the race easily– reconstructing faces had been her primary job for 5 years. As long as a pathology residency is.

      • The only reason I’ve stopped ranting at every mention of “Body in the Bag” is that my ire was diluted by the appearance of Mama Booth. Mention “what’s ours is ours,” though, and I’m not responsible for my language.

      • LOL MJ! I’d love to hear your language regarding “what’s ours is ours”. Mama Booth – where’s Dorothy when you need her. 🙂

      • IMO Mama Booth was an affront to the profession of mothers. That Booth didn’t spend all of his time in therapy is because the writers hadn’t yet created this caring parent.

      • Absolutely EL!

      • I watch a lot of the A&E specials on old television series, where they interview the cast and crew, etc. Some of them can be really interesting with backstage stuff. Ten years from now (or so), I’d love to see one about “Bones” where HH and/or SN actually admits that the whole Mama Booth thing was a big ****ing mistake. It won’t happen (God forbid they admit such a thing!) but I’d throw a big party if it did.

    • Priceless! Thanks bb 🙂

    • Booth: Look, I do not work for some faceless bureaucracy, okay? I work for the United States government….

      Seems a little sinister now, doesn’t it?

  4. At one time I thought of writing an essay on the metaphor of Agent Kirland’s(?) chair. For me it was the perfect frame for the infamous season 6. Booth saw something he thought he wanted; he went all in to get it and when he finally had it, it smelled, it was broken and it wasn’t at all worth the effort. So every time I watch this episode which I generally like I remember that metaphor.

    • That’s a great analogy especially when you add in the fact that after hyping it up so much Booth couldn’t really admit he didn’t want it anymore.

      • Is this the same chair he didn’t want Flynn to have/keep in 8:1? Or am I confusing chairs? If it isn’t, then what a wonderful metaphor the chair is for H.

  5. I refreshed the rest of the way on this one last night, or early this morning as it were. Took me a couple of tries on account of dozing off. But did get to the chair moment at then end, and something I had forgotten. Booth says it was her recommendation that got him the chair, but Brennan says she told the truth. Always made me wonder if there was some level of “the truth as she sees it” versus straight facts. This being a full season before Pudding, I can’t make up my mind if Pudding was a fresh realization or it’s something she might have been willing to do before, until I remind myself of Killer in the Concrete and lying to the FBI. So I end just as confused as when I started.

    That all said, it seems that Booth takes it at face value that she’s telling the truth here, and he never knew about Pudding or Concrete (to our knowledge).

  6. OK I just watched this last scene again and I’m doubling down on my season 6 metaphor. Booth chases something (Agent Kelton’s chair) that he sees as ‘chair nirvana’, that will bring him some kind of blissful happiness. With Brennan’s help he gets the chair which when he finally sits in it doesn’t fit him, is worn out and smells. Does he admit maybe he made a mistake? No, he tells Brennan that nothing’s going to make him ‘give this baby up’. So we arrive at the proposal episode where Booth metaphorically tries to take possession of what he wanted only to discover that his custom-made will-o-the-wisp of perfection is nothing more than a broken and very ordinary chair.

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