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Vintage Bones: The He in the She


Hello, hello!


I liked this episode when it first aired. I did a re-watch of this one and still enjoy it a lot. I remember being nervous about how the show would handle the storyline; would they be goofy or respectful? And I think for the most part, they were respectful. It was also an episode where religion was discussed without it getting too bickery between B&B, which I like.

I think the end scene is special, because while it shows the unique ways Booth and Brennan look at situations, it also shows that they support one another.

Plus they like one another! 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The He in the She

  1. This is one of my favorit episodes. I really loved the chemistry between Booth and Ryan Stephenson. (The victim’s son) I liked that it was respectful and that both Booth and Brennan were that. I guess I always tend to like stories about people growing and finding themselves and even though it was sad that the victim was killed both he/she and the son Ryan did that. Besides I always liked Simon Camden . . ehhh I mean David Gallagher.

  2. I remember being a bit skeevy about this episode, too, but it worked. I think, for the most part, “Bones” has a good track record on those issues. I was also worried about the transvestite episode this year and then relieved when it wasn’t played for cheap laughs.

  3. Their session with Sweets in the opening segment – the silent treatment – was priceless. As was Sweets muttering under his breath as they left for the case – “some respect would be nice” or something along those lines.

  4. I’ve always liked the way the writers play against type with Booth. Superficially he fits a stereotype that would be less than understanding of sexual differences but he always turns out to be sympathetic which is one of the things that makes his character so attractive. And any episode that has meaningful scenes with B&B is a gift. Oh,and I try to always swim with a buddy, gathering much wisdom from Bones.

    • True,the writers do such a wonderful job of not making him fit the superficial stereotype like when Angela thought that Booth would judge her for dating Roxy and he didn’t act or treat her any different because she was dating a woman. I always wonder why Angela thought Booth would judge her when he never showed or acted or said anything that would have suggest that he would be against another persons sexual differences including hers.

      • That Angela was worried was a very natural reaction for those of us who aren’t heterosexual. You learn to be guarded when revealing the truth of yourself, because you can’t take anyone’s reaction for granted.

  5. I liked this episode. I thought they did a good job with the multiple topics. I enjoyed seeing David Gallagher again as well from his 7th Heaven days and interesting that theme was once again religion. Loved Brennan & Booth at the end. Great pic.

  6. I can’t get past that pic…I love their looks at each other. Those B&B moments are just everything. No matter the situation or case…they are just connected. Even when they fight it. Gosh, I just love this show!

    I’m sorry, what was the question? 🙂

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