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Vintage Bones: The Skull in the Sculpture


Bonjour, Bones fans!

Angela is really not one of my favorite characters, and the entire Roxie storyline was just okay for me anyway. But I did like the case in this episode, and the jaws of life in the lab.


And I really like the end scene of this episode–at least, the B&B conversation 🙂


We do see Sweets and Daisy get together, which is ALSO not one of my favorite things, so…so yes, let’s get back to B&B.


Here’s your moment, where they agree that for relationships to work, there has to be common ground:


common ground


7 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Skull in the Sculpture

  1. The absolute tail end of this stuck out to me, the interrupted glances back and forth between B&B.

  2. They have more common ground than it appears at first glance, I think. Plus, the luv. They got that. 😀

  3. Great moment.

  4. One of my favorite lines is Booth calling the murderer, ‘tiny little woman’. I also felt the whole Roxie thing was so contrived. It never felt (to use the writers’ favorite word) ‘organic’ in any sense of the term. But it was marginally less creepy than the student/teacher affair with Wendell. Angela was never one of my favorites after she blew off Hodgins and I never felt she actually deserved him. I’m sure he would disagree.

  5. While I do like Angels there have been a few times over the years in which I didn’t like her. Like how she treated Hodgins, and when she got mad at Brennan over that pig there are many more but I rather not get into all of that right now.
    I also didn’t really care for the Angela/Roxie storyline because it felt like Angela was either afraid to be alone or didn’t want to so she chose to restart a relationship with Roxie for that reason which made me feel like she was just using Roxie and I thought that Roxie deserved better then to be used so Angela wouldn’t be lonely.
    What Sweets said about Angela after her relationship with Roxie ended was not only accurate is right and him suggesting that she take a break for relationships was the right advice, Sweets might not always give the right advice or make the right assessment but there are times in which he gets it right and this is one of them.

    • Damn typo I meant Angela not Angels. lol

    • I actually find Angela’s relationship with Roxie very similar to Booth’s relationship with Hannah. That line Sweets said about need being confused for love and fantasy convincing us what we are feeling is love seems very apt. Both Angela and Booth avoided dealing with the painful feelings from the fallout of a previous relationship by jumping into a new one. If Booth had actually dealt with his feelings for Brennan, he would’ve been able to be honest with Hannah when she asked him about the nature of his relationship with Brennan in CitC. To me he used Hannah to avoid dealing with his feelings for Brennan.

      The whole thing played out the same way as well with Angela/Booth pushing for what they needed without thinking about what their girlfriends wanted or needed resulting in torpedoing the relationship. For me its the very opposite of love because real love means putting your partners needs ahead of your own.

      I also find the line about Angela always keeping a backdoor open in relationships very similar to Booth. Booth only ever dated women that openly weren’t interested in his vision of life. Booth reads people for living so its not like he doesn’t have the ability to know that.

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