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Vintage Bones: The Passenger in the Oven


Happy Friday!


oven 28

oven 29


Yes. Double yes.

What I like about this episode:

1. The Case

2. The Setting–I think it is impressive that it’s a contained (or bottle or bottleneck) episode on the plane!

3. Booth’s interactions with Brennan’s fan.

4. EVERYTHING about the librarian scene. (scene study here)


The kid in the end scene is a little annoying still, and it was sort of a weird vibe there, but in general I like this one.

And here is your moment of B&B:




11 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Passenger in the Oven

  1. Nope – the B&B moment is the library scene. Hands down one of the best moments ever.

    Booth just makes me swoon.

  2. I loved this episode although having the kid be the murderer was very bad, he didn’t seem terribly upset by the whole thing. I felt terrible for the mother who’s dying and finds out her husband had an affair and her son killed the mistress. That poor woman.

    The Booth and Brennan stuff was pure gold. Booth’s come on to Brennan with the sexy librarian fantasy still makes me smile. Booth looks amazing as he gets closer and closer to Brennan-plus the dimple in his cheek *sigh*.

    Booth’s relationship with the two little old ladies was adorable and I loved the Kate the flight attendant. When she reaches forward to grab Booth’s tie-I love that.

    Loved how they all made fun of what Sweets was wearing when he showed up in the lab. Ha! Hodgins looked awesome in his biking clothes. I just wanted to hug Hodgins through most of season four.

    Such a good episode. Plus it had the bonus of having Caroline. 🙂

  3. I always wondered exactly what penalty Booth is fantasizing about in the librarian scene. I’m so naughty.

  4. I really love this episode. It’s one of those that I can get away with watching while friends or family members are in the room and trust them to laugh/ gradually get sucked in. It just works. Booth and Brennan’s banter is adorable. They’re so in sync even as Booth worries that Brennan is bored with their work (and OH, THE SIGNIFICANCE. He talks about their partnership like it’s way beyond a work thing. “You’re BORED.”–adorable pout–“The spark is gone.” PUPPY DOG FACE). This spontaneity of the case proves that he has nothing to worry about: they work so well together, and they enjoy it. They jump into action and pool their resources and make that crime-solving happen.
    And I’m with Lisa: Hodgins in the biking outfit is VERY nice.

  5. To: Everyone
    From: Me

    Dear people on this blog,

    If you have not yet read the scene study for. Passenger in the Oven, do so right now. I don’t care if you are at work, or grocery shopping, or at the doctor’s office. Stop everything and click that link. You may want to be sitting down. You will not regret this.

    Ok, ready? Go! You’ll thank me later. Off to re-read it myself!


    • Suggestion noted. lol I agree with Lisa and Kelly Hodgins looked good in his biking outfit.
      Everything about this episode was amazing especially when Booth kept sneaking into first class and when he worried that Brennan was becoming bored with working with him and of course librarian scene between Booth and Brennan which still makes me blush every time I watch it. *fans self*

  6. Loved this episode. One of my favorites. Wished Brennan had asked Booth more about the librarian thing at the end. Very sad case.

  7. For me this episode through the next six were pure gold. They are probably the ones I rewatch the most. Brennan as the Librarian with Booth grinning suggestively is a terrific moment as is Booth’s interaction with his seatmates. They were really on a roll during this section of season 4.

  8. conveniently, this was on TNT the other day. (Fire/Ice & Hero/Hold were on yesterday — our 5yo now identifies the characters by sight, even to the point of recognizing some of the squinterns — yesterday it was “Booth’s on a Boat!”)

    At this point in Season 4, the “why does everybody think we’re going to kiss” (or whatever the exact words were), I’m trying to recall in my head whether this was one of the first times they had made that observation, or whether it was trite by this point. When was the case where Booth had “no direct knowledge of that” with the old agent saying Brennan must be good in bed? Was it before or after this? I’ve jumped around so much of late with spot-rewatches that I can’t recall.

    Also, is it just me, or is there a little bit of suggestive subtext behind Booth’s chair not reclining all the way like hers?

    Oh, and even though I read it three weeks ago or so my first time through the blog, that scene study is so worth another read again.

    • Booth having no direct knowledge was 3.1 Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van, so before this. Booth does seem to have problems with his chairs. I’m sure Freud (who has been largely discredited according to GordonGordon) could find a psychological reason that a chair or chairs, meant to hold someone in its lap, doesn’t fit Booth for the majority of the series. Oh and it’s why does everything think we’re going to make out?

  9. I think this episode might be my second favorite ever, solely because of that librarian scene. Delicious.

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