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Vintage Bones: The Bone that Blew


Hello and Happy Monday!

This episode is a unique one, I think. The writers will go over the top in melding the case details with the characters’ personal lives. I’m not talking about how sometimes their victim is someone they’ve known, but that in one episode, it seems like every character is dealing with the same issue in life.


We see Parker in this episode (and Booth feels pressure to justify his parenting decisions), the case has two bratty kids involved in the murder, and Brennan has issues with Max being employed by the lab.  Because those storylines don’t really extend much past the episode, it feels a little forced to me.


But the end is cute and (at the time) felt like B&B were growing closer together even more. 🙂




5 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Bone that Blew

  1. Off topic – read the “debates” last night for shipper in chief from October/November 2010 – very well done. Liked the fan spotlight series too – last one I read was Skole’s. You all are quite inventive in your episode pitches!

    For the episode at hand, the moment near the end, when Booth asks Brennan to let Max have the job back as a personal favor to him. Even though we can all see he’s doing it for her. She questions for a second, then agrees. It’s almost as she realizes what he’s up to, yet gives it to him anyway.

  2. I love this one. I’ve always loved Max and Brennan interacting, regardless of how awful it was that he left her and Russ.

    • The Max and Brennan interactions in this one were great. Almost as if this is a turning point in their relationship (scene with the two of them and Sweets in the Diner)

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