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Vintage Bones: Double Trouble in the Panhandle


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I don’t particularly love the undercover episodes, but I know a lot of people do. So I won’t rain on anyone’s parade about it!  I will say that this episode is another example of the show respecting its side characters and the ‘world’ it inhabited for a time.

What do you think of this episode?

And here is your moment of B&B!



9 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: Double Trouble in the Panhandle

  1. Can’t wait to read the comments! Email 🙂

  2. I remember when this first aired I wasn’t particularly crazy about it, but after re-watching I now find it endearing. Watching the end scene with the two of them standing outside the trailer the morning after all rumpled and Brennan with her fuzzy slippers and Booth switching their cups makes me smile.

    I liked the case, although the idea of 21 year old Julie with that how much older doctor was seriously creepy. Yuck.

    I really liked the interaction with Booth and Brennan and the team back at the lab. Poor Hodgins trying to wrap his head around the idea of the twins joined at the hip and the doctor being romantic with one of them was seriously funny. I also really liked the scenes in the trailer with the bickering about tidiness and the one bed.

    I didn’t think it was as good as Woman in the Sand, Tony and Roxie but I enjoyed my first meeting with Buck and Wanda.

  3. It was as if Brennan’s walls came down temporarily while undercover – she was overly aggressive in a way not often seen with her. Easily could have been one of those “end up in bed” moments had that angle not been drawn out two more seasons.

  4. I like this ep. Brennan is so sweet undercover, she lets her walls down and has fun. I love that aspect of her character. No matter if she’s getting “Booth’s knives” thrown at her *wink*, spinning like a Wonder Woman, or squealing with glee to bowl undercover. She also gets to touch and interact with Booth in ways she never let herself in reveal life. 🙂

    This ep also reveals many things, as the undercover eps tend to do. We learn Booth is an expert knife thrower (of course, we know he has perfect aim always, amiright??), that Sweets’ birth mom was a carney, and Booth looks pretty good in that red vest 🙂

    One scene I love is the knife throwing act. Booth can be cocky as can be, but when he could potentially hurt a Brennan, he is terrified. Of course, she trusts him implicitly here, which causes her to up the ante, and poor Booth is seriously stressed. It is very sweet both in his care of her, and her trust in him. It’s also fun to see the team watch them and draw their own conclusions about B&B :).

    A lot is made of the “one bed trailer” situation. I never thought anything happened. I do not think they’d be so calm the next day, especially Booth. I think they agreed to share, one person under the covers, one over. I think at some point in the middle of the night there was accidental spooning 🙂 but that’s about it.

    All in all, this episode is a solid B&B undercover episode. It is my favorite Buck and Wanda version. (Original Tony and Roxie win, always.)

  5. I love this episode. It’s funny, I watched it four times the day it aired. I discovered new reasons to laugh each time I watched it. The Troopers discussing Texas verses Oklahoma dialogue was spot on and it was very witty. I live in Texas the competition between the states is intense. I loved seeing Brennan’s playful side. She was so excited about the act. It showed her complete trust in Booth. Booth’s mustache was hilarious and after each knife throw raising his arms yelling da da was so cute. The mattress scene, I had the same thought as Cam “is there only one bed”. The motorcycle ride, I loved it. Brennan was so concerned about getting back in time to do their act. She seemed to forget about the case it was all the act. Hodgins, every episode he is in is special. Booth was his protective self when Brennan was on the high wire. Booth & Brennan at the end was soooooo good. What can I say about the case it was a bit weied, I was confused as Hodgins when thinking about the Doctor & Julie with blanket over Jenny & radio playing loud. Or was it Jenny with the Doctor?

  6. My favorite part of this episode was the knife-throwing act. Loved that Brennan was all gung ho and not worried at all and Booth was terrfied.

  7. Overall I think this episode is really goofy, and I don’t usually watch all of it, but like NH I love the opening. Being an Okie I have heard the banter about the differences between Oklahoma and Texas, and this dialog was close to perfection. Rocking the trailer and getting in rhythm was funny, also. The rest just doesn’t do much for me, except the knife throwing act.

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