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Vintage Bones: Fire in the Ice


I like this episode a lot, and there are some moments I LOVE!


I love that Wendell is on Booth’s team. I love that the team is watching the hockey game. When Brennan and Booth wave at one another…

brennan wave

booth wave



It was also significant that Brennan confessed that she gets nervous when he falls down and doesn’t get up. Sweet.

And I think the end scene is gold, one of my all time favorites. (Scene study here)


What do you like (or not like) about this episode?

Here is your moment of B&B:

ice 16


12 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: Fire in the Ice

  1. Too many good moments in this one. Right up there on my season 4 list of favorites along with Critic and EitB, but with the best ending of the season.

  2. Great episode, especially Brennan.

  3. First of all, props on the Andy GIFS from Parks and Rec. I adore that show!

    Secondly, that scene study is everything. I like this pretend Booth dialogue from Sarah…

    “Hey, Bones. Don’t worry about FBI Barbie, because I love you, and I’ll never leave you ever. I don’t even want to have sex with anyone but you, even though we can’t. I love your dark silky hair and that you embarrass me all the time but busting into rooms (hey, remember my bathroom?), and all of that. Don’t worry; nothing’s going to change between me and you. We’ll just be ‘just partners’ even though we both know that doesn’t really mean what it means, and that both of us want more and we both know it.”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Seels is good at that “blogger’s cut edition” stuff.

    “…and asks her if she wants to wait outside. “Well,” Brennan shrugs. “Your hand might be broken. Do you want me to look at it?” And obviously I’m the one who will help you. Period. So, no, I won’t wait outside, thank you very much. After all, I’m a doctor. Yes, I know not that kind of doctor, but still… (That’s in the Seels:Bloggers’s-Cut Edition. That’s what I should do for my next project. Like Mystery Science Theater 3000, I”ll just sit in a theater, watch all the episodes and add my own dialogue. Yeah, moving on…)”

    MST3k. That has every time I hear “Chief” I shout “McCloud” (though it could have been MacLeod for all I know). I attempted to retain the original Italics in the above paragraph, but we’ll see if that worked.

  5. One of the best scenes of the series! The scene study was interesting but all the comments even more so considering it was written during the dark days, lol. There was an interesting debate about which one of them GGW thought was struggling with the attraction. A lot of them had pegged Brennan being oblivious and that if it could only be one of them that it had to be Booth. But I wonder after the wedding vows what everyone thinks?

    The wedding vows definitely cemented it for me that Brennan was the one that was struggling– she definitely understood there was a connection between them but was struggling to understand how they could ever make sense of it. And for Brennan, things need to make practical sense.

    Personally, I do think Booth was in denial. The fact that his brain scans changed suggests that cognitively he was unaware of what was between them. Not that he didn’t care for her but I think he had convinced himself it was platonic. Then the coma dream put everything in a romantic perspective for him.

    • It’s almost as if the wedding vows have their own “100th” effect, a flashback (of sorts) by which to then re-view the interceding events.

      • I like it when shows do that— makes one stop and think, lol 🙂

        Although, I had settled on it being Brennan before that.

      • I always thought they meant Brennan from the first time I heard it.

        Question about the brain scans though…so we know Sweets can screw around with stuff to watch B&B react…did he lie to Booth about the scans? I’ve always wondered that. Now whether he might have done it just to “slow Booth’s roll” so to speak, since he’d just had the tumor and needed to take it easy on major decisions, or to (more diabolically) keep B&B apart to study them?

        Am I onto something or have I just completely turned into Early Hodgins? 😉

        PS…because really if Booths brain scan thing is real, then all the longing glances, conversations, etc are meaningless lead-ups to nothing if he didn’t really love her, and a mean prank by TPTB. What was all of that for then, if it wasn’t real? And then at what point does it get to be real? Did his brain change again? Is all this love and happiness still because of his tumor changed brain…because it can’t just change back, can it?

        PPS…Yep, I’m Hodgins.

      • Nothing wrong with being a Hodgins… its my default position in life 🙂

        If it was Sweets way to mess with Booth… then I think we would’ve gotten some sort of hint. Every time Sweets is messing with them or wrong they make it very clear, i.e. GGW telling us that he is or his actions blowing up in everyone’s faces. Also, Sweets didn’t just mention it, he physically showed Booth (and us) the different scans. That’s pretty hard to fake.

        My rationale… its not that Booth didn’t love her before but that he wasn’t aware of it himself, cognitively. Ie his heart knew but his brain didn’t. The coma dream showed his brain what his heart already knew– hence Angela and GGW agree that “he fell in love with her in the dream”. But I think his brain was a bit bruised– which affected his ability to remember the best way to her.

        In contrast, Brennan’s brain knew— but she wasn’t letting her heart speak. While she was fantasizing about it in the coma novel and Maluku all she could see were the incompatibilities. Her own inability to be a good partner.

    • I agree with you, I have always felt like GGW was talking about Brennan and not Booth taking into account now both the 100th episode and her vows it was definitely Brennan who was struggling with the attraction. I believe that GGW pretty much had both Brennan and Booth’s feelings for each other pegged ever since the season 2 episode (which I suddenly can’t remember the title to lol) the one after Sully left and he was trying to fix there problem. That GGW knew that Booth was falling in love with Brennan but that Brennan wasn’t sure what her feelings for Booth were that’s why I believe he gave them a half truth about why Brennan didn’t go with Sully.

  6. bountypeaches, I like your theory its like his brain was finally catching up to his heart.

  7. I loved the wave scene for the way Booth waved, looked away, then looked back, grinning, as if he couldn’t help it. So freaking cute, that scene.

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