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Vintage Bones: The Hero in the Hold


This episode is an interesting one.

There are just so many unresolved questions in it, like how exactly Heather Taffet got Booth onto that submarine (and many others), but there are a couple of really good moments.

For me, one is when Booth is talking to Teddy Parker (another questionable plot, but a little more sweet of one) about Brennan, he sort of gets choked up about how much she means to him.

We see Brennan very fierce which is nice, and Jared gets a little bit of redemption.

And Booth gets a new buckle back, which is what inspires today’s moment of B&B:


hero in the hold


9 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Hero in the Hold

  1. Possibly my favorite episode although I’m not a fan of having Brennan endlessly repeat that she’s not in love with Booth. Booth’s interactions with the first Parker are wonderful as are Booth’s feelings of guilt and relief at being exonerated from that guilt. Jared was good in this as well and that final grab/hug between B&B can only be described as fierce. Yeah, you don’t love him Brennan, sure you don’t.

    • I think this was the episode was the catalyst where Brennan starts to put a name to the feelings she already knows are there from S2. After Angela, tells her, she does love Booth she starts to question it herself. After this, we see her talk about whether love is worth the risk with the Japanese guy. When he says “if you can risk your life for them, you should be able to risk your happiness for them too”, I think something clicks in her brain.

      The coma novel was her fantasy about them being together but I think she was always afraid of not being enough for Booth. That was always her fear about relationships from S2 — “my best isn’t good enough”. “You’re the one that needs protecting for me” and “I don’t have your kind of open heart”. The riddle she can’t solve is how someone can love her.

  2. This was firmly in their “denial” stage when anyone outside them suggested such things. As if everyone else was seeing the forest and they were stuck on the trees.

  3. Good episode. Love fierce Brennan. Angela & Hodgins were great. Cam good especially when it comes to Booth. Sweets, not so good. Jared did good. Booth never had an epiphany about Jared the way Brennan did about Russ in TWiL. Taffet as the Gravedigger was somewhat disappointing and not because she was a woman. I thought that part was good. But the personality just didn’t seem strong enough for the crimes she committed. And how she managed to pull off the crimes never made sense as she alluded to in BitB. Sweets is often contradicting himself and with things that are just to important to mess with, and not doing what he should, (here, Critic, Harbingers etc.). I think Brennan & Booth could live in denial so much because they were constantly together at work and outside of work, and both so afraid of what they could lose. Chopper scene, that hug, priceless!

  4. My favorite part is not the B&B hug which was awesome….but the Parker back story. I loved the tie-in to his son’s name and giving a face of some of the war guilt Booth feels. I kind of like the ambiguity of Parker being imagination vs ghost. It adds a bit of mystique and sets Bones apart from other shows I think.

    • Well he isn’t Booth’s imagination or Brennan wouldn’t have been talking to him in the cemetery.

      • I was left with the impression that Brennan didn’t know it was him though. Though perhaps that adds to the mystique — it could have been imagination on one and ghost on the other…

  5. Am I misremembering or is this the episode where Brennan talks to Ghost!Parker at the end? I liked that moment, in an X-Filesish kind f way.

  6. I kind of worked it out in my mind where Taffet could get Booth on the ship before it was towed out to sea to sink for the reef, but how she would ever have gotten him out of his apartment is just too much of a stretch for me. However, there are similar logic gaps in Aliens in a Spaceship, which is a great episode. That being said, I really like this episode. I think the way the episode was written the audience has unanswered questions, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Bones says she read the report and it seemed like Booth would’ve needed help to do what he did to get above deck. Maybe it was a guardian angel instead of a ghost….but I kind of like not having everything finished off neatly from time to time.

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