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Vintage Bones: The Doctor in the Den



I recommend this episode. It got some heat at the time because it wasn’t a B&B centric episode, but in the grand scheme of the series, I think it is a nice one.

There are good Cam and Booth friendship moments and good Brennan and Cam friendship moments too.  In this episode, Brennan is a bit annoyed/hurt when Booth wants to have Cam help in the field and he asks Brennan to stay in the lab on this one, just for this case. But Booth just asks her to trust him on this one, and she does, and it is nice, I think.


Plus a Pinky and the Brain reference! 🙂 🙂 🙂


What did you like or not like about this episode? The comments are open! And here is your moment of B&B. Hodgins has pointed out a reptile spot on a computer screen, and Booth leans in and says “snakesssss”, startling Brennan. Which is cute. 🙂




6 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Doctor in the Den

  1. My favorite part of this was the cocktail party with the animals, Angela, Sweets and Chad Lowe. It was cleverly done. And as much as I like Cam and Tamara Taylor I was never really convinced by the whole Michelle arc nor unfortunately was I much interested in it. Even less so since Michelle threw Finn to the curb for obscure reasons known only to the writers. And yes I understand she found another boyfriend yada, yada, yada. Still an artificial plot point without any particular meaning.

  2. I remember the uproar when this episode aired. You’d have thought Booth and Brennan were totally absent from it. Like it or not Cam is a main character. At the time the writers were fleshing out her back story which I was happy about. I think Cam adopting Michelle has made her a kinder and more sympathetic character.

    Booth scaring Brennan about the snakes was awesome. Loved her startled jump when he hissed behind her ear.

    One of the scenes I enjoyed the most was the deleted end scene shown on the DVDs where Booth and Brennan are talking about the Cam/Michelle relationship and how Cam will do as a mom.

  3. I didn’t mind this episode or that it was more about Cam, I think that was reasonable. I love how Brennan befriended Cam in the lounge encouraging her to take Michelle in, the story of love that Brennan told Cam. Also reminds me of Pathos and at the end Brennan’s concern regarding Cam and Arastoo, separately and together. I also don’t think Cam has ever really been a friend to Brennan even though more than once Cam has said to Brennan she’ll never forget something that Brennan did (Proof/Pudding,etc.).
    I just think Brennan has been a true friend to Cam, as Angela has too, but that Cam hasn’t been a true friend to Brennan or anyone else except Booth or when it concerns Booth.

  4. The most “drama” I remember from the early days with Cam is when she hooked up with Booth. I think the fandom was out to get Cam for a long time (maybe some still are!) But I usually am cool with the Cam/Booth friendship thing. Especially after the “I’m with Bones” showdown lol. I was also cool with the Cam/Michelle stuff but on occasion Cam says something like I can’t get pregnant cuz I wanna keep my body as she sashays out the room in another inappropriate lab dress and I’m like uggh, Cam. (I paraphrase here.) Cam and I have a back and forth thing like Angela and I haha. But I am overall glad for her character sticking around and I think she works better as part of the team than Goodman.

    • I actually didn’t mind her saying she didn’t want to get pregnant because it was not worth giving up her body for. I can appreciate an honest response. I said that for years before I was willing to make the leap and become pregnant with my son. I think all of them have something that has made me cringe over the years.

      I agree with Lindy that while I think Cam has warmed up to Brennan and cares about her, she is much more a friend to Booth. I’m not sure if some of that is she tries to keep a professional distance between them because sometimes she has to make the unpopular decisions in the name of the Jeffersonian. I still think there’s enough warmth between them that I had no problem believing Cam when she was in the operating room with Brennan and told the other doctor that Brennan was a friend of hers.

      Although she certainly closed the employee/boss distance with Arastoo in a big way, I justify that in my mind that he reports directly to Brennan even though Cam signs his time sheets. Whatever. if the writers are going to keep messing with the relationship guidelines I guess I don’t have a problem with it.

  5. I alternate between a tolerating like of this episode to downright hate at some times. It was like they tried to do too much too fast with Cam’s character. Though since it is directly case related, I get why they did it and got it over with. Still, it felt forced to me.

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