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Vintage Bones: The Science in the Physicist


Hello, hello!


I like this episode a lot, when I ignore the small things that I don’t like about it (like when they are trapped in that weird thing?), haha!

I like the idea of the case, and I also enjoy it when Booth is out of his element. Itchy Booth is one of my favorite Booths. I also love the scene where, to protect her, he pushes her up against the wall. And so does Brennan #BoothChickaWowWow

against the wall


And they are seriously cute.



And here!



And here is your moment of B&B:


science in the physicist




9 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Science in the Physicist

  1. I loved when Booth freaked over the cancer chair

  2. John Glover is the best smarmy guy! Smallville, Law & Order CI, and this dude. So so so so good!

  3. That up against a wall shot kind of reminds me of the S8 premiere, at the Sun Drop. As if that was where this could have gone…

  4. So many adorable pics of those two…you expect me to write now?!

    I love how Brennan’s hands are resting on Booth in the first pic, as if she just can’t help it. And they both kind of hold there for a bit longer than they have to, it’s like one of those moments they both allow themselves a tiny bit of freedom to touch each other and that’s as far as they will allow. It makes me wish we could get another moment like that but see a romantical ending to the scene this time. 🙂

    Anytime they are in hazmat suits is perfection.

    And that last pic, one of those looks at each other where you are yelling at the TV, “why aren’t you making out already?!?!?!” Or is that just me? 😉

  5. Ahh, B&B, flirty, arrogant and carefree! That scene where she cradles his cheek and then later when she says she knows how stupid he is and the poor guy can’t believe how she keeps piling on the unintentional insults-oh my…The sweet, silly moments just keep coming, and they just makes seasons 5 and 6 hurt even more.

  6. I really liked this episode too. So many missed (skipped) chances for just a moment more of a little something between B&B like right there up against the wall. 🙂 Things would have been better overall, not worse. The part in the chamber was a bit much, but other than that this is one of my favorites. 🙂

  7. ‘I’ve been thinking about how I would answer you if you asked and I’ve decided on “no”.’ I always find it funny that Brennan thinks Angela is not so intelligent ‘but she’s very gifted’ given that Angela can make a computer jump through hoops and yell ‘Mama’. The interaction between B&B was part of a long build-up through season 4 and the first half of season 5 where it seemed obvious that the outcome would be B&B finally together. I think one of the things that made the episodes from the middle of season 5 all the looooong way through 6 so horrible is that expectations for an imminent intimate moment were raised to a fever pitch by HH/SN and then the rug was snatched away for nearly 30 episodes of misery. By the way I don’t know what role John Glover played but John Pyper-Ferguson, who played Collar is always terrific.

  8. I really liked this episode. The Booth and Brennan stuff was really good as was the Hodgins and Vincent Nigel-Murray experiments. Cam playing the stern “mother” and grounding them to their separate parts of the lab was really good. I too loved Booth’s reaction to the “cancer chair”.
    I wasn’t crazy about the Billy Gibbons stuff. I think he’s kind of an over bearing jerk.
    The end scene with Brennan trying to dig herself out of the hole of agreeing that Booth was stupid was sweet and kind of endearing, but I didn’t love it. In season 3 Intern in the Incinerator we have Booth say that the skanky rich guy who’s sleeping with the intern thinks he’s stupid. Brennan quickly replies “you’re not stupid.” and show moves on. Now a year later she struggles to define exactly how Booth is not stupid. *Sigh* I guess you can’t have everything.
    I also wasn’t crazy about the idea that she was open to the suggestion of a fling with Dr. Collar. The idea that you can lose your fiancee and the next day be ready to move onto someone else is seriously disturbing. I hope I’m never that rational.

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