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Vintage Bones: The Cinderella in the Cardboard


Happy Friday around the world!

This episode would definitely show up near the top of my “grossest corpses on Bones of all time!” list! EW!

Besides that distinction, this episode is another interesting one for me. Like we’ve talked about before, during this time (and really any time up through S6:E23) I was so primed for B&B to GET TOGETHER ALREADY, while the show had to measure that inevitability with season renewals and all of that. The end scene in this episode always took my breath away too. B&B were kind of mean to one another in this one, and so when she shows up at his door and is feeling vulnerable, it is intense.

I remember people thinking that Booth dropped the ball in this one, that she was obviously there and wanted to be with him, and he missed the signs or whatever.  It was the same sort of thing that happened after Blackout in the Blizzard, where the fact that they DIDN’T get together is what seemed forced, you know? There were shades of that in The Bones on the Blue Line too, I think. It’s all of that whole push/pull thing that works so well but when taken too far becomes kind of unrealistic. However, I think the show was able to pull it off because they had established that Booth doesn’t always have the courage (for lack of a better word) to act in his best interests…that is, he has self-worth issues and maybe doesn’t always believe he deserves good things.

Or maybe he thought Brennan wasn’t ready and didn’t want to push her one way or the other. It could go either way 🙂


The scene in the bridal shop always makes me laugh as well. And I had forgotten until now that in this episode, Angela and Hodgins are both using a dating app on their phones and Hodgins declines getting matched with Angela.  Interesting.


Okay, it is your turn. What do you like or not like about this episode?

Here is your moment of B&B:





14 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Cinderella in the Cardboard

  1. So much foreshadowing in this episode…and funny Booth/Sweets moments!!

    Brennan: What, you cut her toe off, so she could fit into a pair of shoes? Self-mutilation for an antiquated ritual. It’s barbaric.
    Booth: Well, come on, marriage is very important to a lot of people, Bones.
    Brennan: It’s ridiculous. No one can guarantee how they’re going to feel about someone for life. We are not a monogamous species.
    Booth: Marriage has been around since the beginning of time.
    Brennan: Women from Amazonian tribes expressed their love by spitting in their partners’ faces. I hope we’ve progressed past that.
    Booth: Okay, well, you know what? Sometimes love trumps logic.
    Brennan: Love is a chemical process which causes delusion. An intellectually rigorous person would never get married.
    Booth: Never say never.
    Brennan: That’s a paradox. It makes no sense.

    Manager: You’re beautiful. Your size is on that rack.
    Brennan: Oh, no, we’re not looking for a dress. No, never. Ever.
    Manager: Mm-mmm.
    Brennan: Ever.
    Manager: Oh, cold feet. You’ll get over it. You two are obviously meant for each other.

    Booth: Oh, come on, Bones, huh? You must’ve dreamt about being a bride before your heart turned to stone.
    Brennan: Just because I don’t want to take part in a meaningless ritual doesn’t mean that I’m not a warm and affectionate person. There are even some children who have taken to me.

    Manager: You know, this veil would be perfect for you, dear.
    Brennan: Uh, well, it’s a symbol of virginity and I’ve been sexually active since I was-
    Booth: Okay, Bones, we really have to get going.

    Brennan: You’re usually quite certain.
    Booth: No, that would be you, Bones, okay? “I’m never getting married.”
    Brennan: You’ve never married.
    Booth: Well, I will.
    Brennan: That’s impossible to know.

    Booth: Why did you have to tell Sweets? He’s going to come in here, he’s going to cry and stuff.

    Sweets: Thank you.
    Booth: Any time.
    Sweets: It was very helpful.
    Booth: The session’s over.
    Sweets: Hey, you think maybe we could hug? Like men, of course. It’d be comforting for me.
    Booth: No. I don’t hug things out. You know, we just kind of good slug on the arm. It’s more of a manly thing to do.

    Brennan: You know, intellectually I know that jealousy is absurd. But I see that it’s real for people. I even experience it myself.
    Booth: So who are you jealous of?
    Brennan: Angela. Hodgins. Cam. You.
    Booth: Why?
    Brennan: Because you all want to lose yourself in another person. You believe that love is transcendent and eternal. I want to believe that, too.
    Booth: Hey, you will. I promise. Someday you will. You will someday, okay? You will.

  2. Great set of quotes, bb!

    “Booth: Oh, come on, Bones, huh? You must’ve dreamt about being a bride before your heart turned to stone.”

    Perhaps illuminated a little by the revelation in 9:5 about the dress…

    • Yeah I loved finding that quote from Booth, relantel, because it took me right back to Brennan showing Angela her little girl wedding dress dream. I like when new episodes pair nicely with past Bones events. I also loved all the “never say never” stuff and Booth assuring her that she will experience love like she wants to….and then seeing their happy moments with Christine’s birth and their wedding, and realizing that all that stuff came true!! 😉

  3. This was one of my all time favorite episodes. I loved it. Also makes me think of the great end of Boneless Bride. I agree with a lot of what you said Sarah . This is now part of the bittersweet episodes. What happened to Booth and all those things he said for 5 years. Booth changed too much after the 100th and never really went back to being who he was, who I thought was pretty great. Although at this point I’ve heard enough of him being a good man. Now it just makes him seem pathetic IMO. I think Booth missed chances with Brennan too. Booth deeply loves Brennan, but I don’t feel he’s “in love” with her, as I did feel he was before the 100th, while I do feel Brennan deeply loves Booth but is also “in love” with him. When I see Brennan in 6.1, it kills me. Renewals or not, they dragged out and harmed their relationship too much. We missed/they skipped every important first relationship and show changing moment. They threw out dealing with the foundation of the show and why they couldn’t be together right out the window, along with dealing with the Burley debacle. Burley wasn’t a bad idea, just very poorly handled. Dealing with all those situations would have been great! Things do need said. Ironic considering Booth spouts communication in relationships (Sin/Sisterhood? – also interesting Cam never said one word to Booth about Burley). Booth says a lot of things he doesn’t seem to do himself. Brennan & Booth’s love was epic. There were so many moments I expected and couldn’t wait to see and never will. Makes it hard to watch this episode and love it the way I used to.

  4. Ditto, Lindy. They (and by they I mean Hart) pushed the will they/won’t they way past the sell by date. The only reference to all of this build-up after the 100th was Booth’s comment at his wedding: ‘I’ve been ready for years.’ I have to disagree with Sarah that it wasn’t that Booth didn’t feel he deserved good things it was that the writers couldn’t bring themselves to give them to him. I remember reading something once about a woman leading a man on and her friend telling her, ‘He will stop loving you.’ That’s more or less how I felt about the show. From the 100th on I really liked this show but I did stop loving it.

    As for this particular episode, I’ve always enjoyed the B&B interaction and didn’t feel particularly cheated. What I loathed and still do is that Brennan could hardly wait to tell Sweets that Daisy was cheating on him. She spent years telling him that what he did was meaningless and now she could really rub his nose in it. At the end of the episode they had her say that she was trying to spare him pain but it was obvious that all she wanted to do was yell, ‘Gottcha’. This is one of those episodes that for me there are really good scenes like the end one and the bridal shop banter and horrible scenes that made me detest Brennan, something I wrestled with all through season 6.

    • Thanks EL. Most of the time I feel pretty alone in my feeling about Hart, the show, and its’ characters. Up to the 100th, even till 6.1 I loved it, then I hung in there hoping and trying to like it. But after Booth’s proposal to Burley, that killed it for me. I’ve wrestled with my feelings since.

      Interesting you mentioned Booth’s comment at his wedding. That comment stood out to me as well and I wondered had Booth been ready for years to get married, or had Booth been ready for years to marry Brennan. Have to wonder considering his proposal to Burley and then his so called proposal to Brennan.

      • It could be taken either way but here I’m going to be an optimist and try and believe that he meant he had been ready for a permanent relationship with Brennan for years. After all he did imply it in a totally inarticulate and poorly written speech at the end of the 5th season before he ever met Burley. ‘I want to give this a shot’ is not actually ‘I love you and want to be with you forever’ but maybe as a character he was overcome by emotion? Anyway he did have the ‘I knew’ part of the speech and that to me means it was Brennan from the get-go.

      • I feel your pain Lindy… I really struggled to make sense of the love story after S6 and especially of Booth’s character. The writers made a huge mess. FWIW, I don’t’ think we were ever expected to think Booth fell out of love with Brennan (I didn’t even buy that he loved Hannah). I think Booth was rebelling against the concept that his happiness was contingent upon Brennan. As much as Booth talked about love and relationships I think he understood love even less than she did. Neither were ready in the 100th.

        The thing that I took away from S6 was that the story was never about the hero teaching the damsel in distress how to love. It was two broken people learning what love really means.

        Brennan’s approach to relationships wasn’t wrong. To build a life with someone you do need parity. Brennan’s mistake was not understanding that if you have enough love, you can create parity.

        But the way they mirrored the 100th with DitM tells me that Booth needed to learn something too. The problem was that Booth was so rigid about how his relationships should function and what they should look like that he failed to see the bigger picture about making a life with someone. That lead to all his relationships failing.

        His goals may be traditional but the women he got involved with were not. He just seemed to get triggered by an outside source (pregnancy/gamble/Sweets goading) to ask for “his vision” of a how a relationship worked. Even if he knows (or should know) the other person doesn’t want that. All the rules and rigidity helped him keep control over his relationships thus preventing himself from being too vulnerable to anyone (didn’t really work with Brennan in the same way that her method keeping control didn’t really work with him).

        But if you love someone, you have to actively create parity with them. Love is adjusting your needs to what the other person wants and Booth couldn’t do that for anyone except Brennan. No matter how perfect Hannah was– Booth never met her half way. And for a relationship to last, you need to be able to compromise and adjust to each other. As Booth advised Cam in SitS, if you think someone is the one, “you give them lots of chances”, but despite Hannah begging to keep the relationship going, it didn’t take him long to toss her on the street after asking her something she had already told him she couldn’t do. At the beginning of S6, SN said Booth would torpedo the relationship — so I buy into that.

        The other thing to consider is that both Booth and Brennan had troubled childhoods. People respond to childhood traumas by either actively reliving the trauma (like a child of an alcoholic marrying an alcoholic) or avoiding the trauma at all costs. Booth and Brennan were always 2 sides to the same coin.

        After abandonment, Brennan always tried to avoid trauma at all cost. But, Booth had always told himself his mom left because she couldn’t handle a family– so he only ever found women who were very vocal to their opposition of that kind of family life (Rebecca, Cam Tessa, Brennan, and Hannah). Thus, dooming himself to recreate that sense of unworthiness as an adult. While, I think, Booth had known Hannah’s position, Hannah’s rejection just brought that sense of unworthiness to the surface. Although I think mostly his anger was related to his unresolved issues from the 100th. Also, I think Booth felt compelled to propose to prove that he hadn’t just unnecessarily hurt Brennan in DitP.

        Both, Booth and Brennan needed to understand their own issues before they would be able to have a successful romantic relationship. But the thing to note is that despite all their childhood issues they still managed to go against their grain to keep each other in their lives.

      • Thanks bountypeaches, I appreciate that. Your comments are great. Very insightful. 🙂

    • EL, I read the Brennan telling Sweets thing as kind of a “gotcha” but not necessarily to be mean (as they sometimes do write her to be in more recent seasons). I think she was subconsciously trying to prove that her no-marriage/monogamous relationship stance was valid by finding proof that it doesn’t work. She’s an evidence gal. She looked at Booth’s failed relationships, the Angela and Hodgins break up, etc through the years to try to back up her claim. Because then her lonely life choice to stay emotionally apart from people would have merit. She could go OK, I really am saving myself from this pain, see what happened to Sweets?

      But she also saw the good in people too. Booth’s loving ways with Parker, Hodgela getting back together, her dad’s love for her, her surrogate relationship with Booth and how they’ve risked their lives for each other…she also had evidence that people can love you and stick around. So that kind of stuff threatened to destroy her theory. So stuff like telling Sweets was a reinforcement of her “love is ephemeral” life motto. IMO 🙂

  5. The reason it came off as mean to me is that everyone warned her not to get involved in their relationship. That she might not really understand what was going on and she should just stay out of it but she kept baiting Sweets about it trying to get him to react and the way Emily played it came off as Brennan determined to prove she was right despite causing possible damage. Brennan’s done this so many times before. Her determination to prove that she was right has trumped any consideration for other people’s feelings.

    • I agree. With everyone telling her to stay out of it she just went ahead like she knew best. Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut when it comes to other’s people relationship.

      If someone is cheating the other person probably already knows, but doesn’t want to talk about it and if they aren’t cheating then all you’ve done is cause an argument between them. I was glad she looked properly chastised at the end.
      The last scene was the one I enjoyed the most of the whole episode.

      I find it really annoying when Brennan is on her high horse. I also didn’t think this was an issue of telling the truth. Brennan didn’t know what the truth was. If she had approached Daisy and spoken to her then she would’ve had the truth. As it was all she did was perpetuate a rumor and upset Sweets. She misinterpreted a situation, but related it back to Sweets as fact. Then she followed through with a snarky comment about so much for him being able to interpret people’s behavior. Definitely not Brennan at her best.

      I enjoyed the episode overall, but not Brennan’s behavior through most of it.

  6. Well, I love the episode! And frankly, if I had even an inkling that B&B would be walking down an aisle with Brennan looking like a princess when I first saw it, I think I would have burst into flames at the time. Granted, I thought they would get together eventually, but not *like that.* Sigh. So many sweet moments between them, and also Hodgins’ heartache; poor guy.

    As to Brennan telling Sweets, she always believed that truth is best-she definitely thought she was doing him a favor by warning him not to get emotionally invested in someone who might break his heart. There was no malice there from what I saw, and I think she explained her motivations pretty well. It wasn’t until later that she understood that sometimes you have to skirt around the truth for the benefit of others, something she picked up from Booth.

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