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Vintage Bones: Mayhem on a Cross


Hello and Happy Monday, Bones fans!


This episode is another one where the end scene just totally took my breath away. I don’t have definitive research, but the part where Brennan tucks the handkerchief back into Booth’s pocket, and then he sort of touches the spot and their hands ALMOST touch, but not quite…yes, I think that moment might have a good chance to win the award for “most times I rewound a scene, inexplicably hoping it would change each time I did”.  Just the entire end scene, where Brennan is taking Booth’s advice to share something personal to Sweets, to when she turns on Booth and demands the same from him, to how he freezes up and then talks only to her, etc. AHHHH!


I also remember when this episode aired, someone commented something like, “I happened to tune into Bones after a few years, enough to see Booth shoot out those speakers, and I thought. Yep, Boreanaz can get it. Anytime.” Haha!

It’s always great when Stephen Fry is around as Gordon Gordon Wyatt as well!


My only complaint about this episode really is that it is part of a small series of episodes in which some new fact was learned about Sweets as part of the case. In this one, he’s got a huge death metal phase in his youth + experience w/child abuse. In Double Trouble, it was that his mother worked in a carnival, and in Princess and the Pear, we learned that he loved sci-fi. None of those traits/facts are out of character necessarily, it was just a little bit convenient that he had a personal connection to each of the cases so quickly together as a way of fitting him into the episodes!


But enough about that. What do you like about Mayhem on a Cross? What didn’t work for you? The comments are open.


Edit: I forgot the moment of B&B! For shame!


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9 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: Mayhem on a Cross

  1. Seeing this in light of S8 makes the whole Sweets reveal all the more bothersome, as they seemed to forget in S8 what they showed us in Mayhem when Sweets was shirtless.

    But that said, great episode overall, and great moment at the end.

  2. So many great things about this episode:
    “That’s a whole other kind of black”
    Sweets in deathmetal garb and makeup!
    “Like a baby duck?”
    Love Love Love Love Love

  3. This was a stand-out episode because everything — plot, characters, personal interaction — seemed to work well together. The case was interesting and the B&B scene at the end was emotional and moving. I don’t care for Sweets or the way in which his character is manipulated between episodes for the purpose of a single storyline but the use of him here was very good. And yes, the writers seem to forget so many things from one season to the next. I remember a big ‘oops’ on Twitter from Hart after the season 8 Sweets pranced around B&B’s house in a towel and no scars.

  4. I love the end scene too. After Brennan reveals her abuse and turns to Booth and says “now your turn” he balks and says he is only there to invite Sweets to dinner. We see Brennan’s face and all she does is slightly tip her head to the side–no words needed, no frown, no encouraging- just a simple look. But that look is all it took for him to reveal his deep secret that as a teen he might have killed himself if it weren’t for Pops. These two actors are able to convey so much emotion in just looking at each other – it is amazing.

  5. The end scene was great. That moment with Brennan & Booth was amazing. Kept hoping for a touch more as well. Always love Gordon Gordon. Also really loved the scene with Gordon Gordon in Booth’s kitchen and when Booth shoots the speakers. Brennan & Gordon Gordon were priceless in both scenes. Brennan was adorable in both scenes. Liked Sweets a lot in the beginning of the series, but as time has gone on I don’t like him at all anymore. Sweets is overused and inconsistent. They really messes up his character. Great episode. One of my favorites. Great pics Sarah. 🙂

  6. I love Booth and Brennan singing on stage. The tie on Booths forehead and the fun he was having was great. When Brennan picks up the guitar Booth is mesmerized. Any episode Gordon Gordon is great. Everyone has written much better than I can about the marvelous parts of this episode I will it at that.
    I love all episodes that have Booth & Brennan facing each other with their expressive eyes showing their love. Oh my heart swoons. I haven’t seen very many in season 9. They are married now their close love connection should still be expressed, more eye to eye looks. I get frustrated after each episode. I like the scene at the end of each episode but it would be nice to see a deep kiss with arms around each other, not just a peck on the lips. Even a guy hug would be nice.
    I agree about Sweets he is over used. He need’s to stick to profiling and stay out of the field.

  7. Love this ep, but the one that wins the ‘most rewound scene’ award for me is the end of Night in the Bones Museum. I so thought that if I watched it one more time they would actually kiss!

  8. AHH. The eye contact. THE SIGNIFICANT EYE CONTACT. The way he reaches for her hand! AHH.
    I totally agree that there was a run of episodes where Sweets just so happened to find a personal connection, but this is the personal connection that works for me. Poor Sweets. It’s insane TV logic that all of these people would have such tragic backstories, but I imagine that this line of work would have a higher percentage of people who are trying to compensate for messed up childhoods. I also love that they call themselves on it with Booth’s “Land of Misfit Toys” line.
    I think that “Land of Misfit Toys” scene articulates the mission of the show, in the same way that Gordon Gordon’s “They aren’t in any way opposites” speech articulates the nature of B&B’s relationship. It’s just another version of “There’s more than one kind of family.” These people are a unit of misfit toys and baby ducks, and they have to CHOOSE to accept their place in that family by looking out for each other. Booth would rather not, which I love, because it makes perfect sense. He’s gone down that road with his brother, and he doesn’t want to do it again. When he does care, he goes all out (like with Brennan), so he doesn’t let others in easily. It’s so lovely that Brennan is the one to say without hesitation that they can find a place for Sweets. A permanent place. I love that finality.
    This episode is such a classic. Gordon Gordon makes everything so much more IMPORTANT, yes? And it’s countered by great funny moments, like “I WILL DAMN WELL MAKE SURE IT’S CONCLUSIVE,” and “You were Noddy!” And of course, “Skall-uhh.”
    And UGHHH, their confessions are so SAD don’t even get me started. I’m so glad that these two found each other.

  9. This is hands-down one of my favorite endings of all time. The way Brennan just lets her emotions out, taking GGWs advice seriously and showing understanding of what Sweets really needed. Booth attempts to deflect, keep it light, but one look at Brennan and he loses the fight. He can’t do anything but look at her, and when she prompts him, he can do nothing else but respond to her. The looks in both of their eyes just steal my breath away. The way Brennan is crying and Booth’s eyes are suspiciously shiny hit me in all the feels. By the near-miss handkerchief moment, I’m just gone. And, like B&B, I’ve forgotten Sweets is even in the room. I like how he doesn’t interrupt and just smiles at them. And I like the bickering as they leave the office. It’s just Bones at its best, and it’s awesome. 🙂

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