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Vintage Bones: The Double Death of the Dearly Departed


Hello, hello!

This episode aired as part of a series of episodes that aired very closely together…there were four new episodes that aired within 9 days of one another:

Cinderella in the Cardboard: April 15

Mayhem on a Cross: April 16

Double Death of the Dearly Departed: April 20

The Girl in the Mask: April 23


I can’t remember now, but I think the schedules got moved around because of a sporting event and also a presidential address maybe? It doesn’t really matter except that in the scheme of getting four episodes in a row, that this one was sort of…too peppy for my taste at the time was quickly glossed over because it was such a whirlwind of episodes.

When I see this episode now, I enjoy it a little bit more. I think it’s another one of those episodes where in the series, B&B seemed to be moving SOOO much closer together, and this one almost gave a little bit of whiplash because it didn’t *seem* like significant moments at the time.

But I think parts of the episode hold up pretty well, especially the end.

Here is your moment of B&B:

death 38

PS…did a scene study about 3 years ago, discussing this end scene and whether or not it was possible that Booth was telling the truth when he said that Brennan had said the best thing anyone has ever said about him. Here’s the link.


11 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Double Death of the Dearly Departed

  1. That whirlwind of four episodes was right around the time I first saw this show–my sophomore roommate watched Bones and had seasons 1 & 2 on DVD, so I saw a few early episodes and a few of these all in short succession. I remember that when the roommate who was already into the show caught the promo for Double Death, her response was basically, “Wait really??”
    It does feel so much more like slapstick than most Bones episodes, and this episode wouldn’t make my top ten or twenty, but I kind of love it for what it is, just because it makes me laugh so much, and I saw it at a time before I KNEW exactly what tone Bones usually strikes.
    A few of my favorite moments:
    “You are staring WAY TOO LONG. AT THIS GUY.”
    “A man has been TRANSLATED.”
    “Put on a SAD FACE.”
    “FUGU!” “That’s really not very nice.”
    Hodgins’s entire funeral toast would be a disaster in a lesser actor’s hands, but TJ Thyne makes it hilarious.
    I have a soft spot for Booth’s “She does that to everyone,” even though I usually don’t like when the characters call out Brennan’s occasional awkwardness. It’s possible that the tone of this episode makes me more forgiving than I’d usually be, but David’s delivery is just the cutest mix of apologetic and defensive.
    “I think he just looks like he’s enjoying the party.”
    “Hank’s greatest passion…aside from sex.”
    And of course, that last scene is the sweetest. He’s so gallant, and she’s so open with him. AHH. Love it.

  2. And don’t for get the line when Booth shoos Brennan away so he can talk to the lady lawyer. He says to Brennan something like “I can be devastatingly charming is your not watching me”.

  3. I loved this episode. Strangely though it has avoided me in rewatches — I usually jumped forward to Critic after Hero in the Hold.

    I saw this one as an episode where it still worked if one thought B&B were already together, even though they weren’t.

    The best moment in the ep may well be the Hodgins speech while trying to keep the attendees from seeing the body being moved. But the most memorable to me was the graveside comments — “I believe that if I pretended you were still here, I’d feel better at the moment.” Oh, and the “make sure I’m dead” exchange is about the perfect ending considering the tone of the entire episode.

  4. The outtakes from this episode are HILARIOUS. TJ Thyne keeps missing the name of the poison…the portrait falls off and breaks…I think this was one of the funniest episodes anyway – but watching them all lose it was priceless.

  5. This is one of my favorite episodes probably just because there are no angsty moments and everyone is working so well together. Booth’s directions to Brennan on how to behave at a funeral and her interactions with Barney, the would-be author, and Hodgins’ toast are very funny. I also like the remark to Brennan by Booth that he can be devastatingly charming when she isn’t watching as if he had no idea that she was aware of that fact. I also like the line, ‘You people need to work on your small talk’. Indeed.

  6. Oh and anytime Booth sings and dances are well worth a rewatch. Combined with the scene from Angel where he ‘danced’, the whole thing is pretty funny.

  7. At first this seemed a strange out of place episode in relation to the series, but later I enjoyed it as just fun and funny. I loved it when Booth asked Brennan to leave so he could question the lady lawyer saying he can be devastatingly charming when she isn’t watching. I think this means something. I also love the way Brennan is in that whole little moment. It goes along with Booth not being able to talk about sex with Brennan, or talk about a women he’s with with Brennan. I thinks it’s a feeling of self consciousness because acknowledged or not, Booth’s in love with Brennan. Also I think he really thinks that of himself as I felt in Proof.., Science.., Perfect Pieces.., etc.”. Booth needs that self boost and that’s fine and good.

    I also loved the end as most everyone does. I think they were both honest, sincere, and I felt like it was a moment of both of them wanting to let loose and acknowledge what they were both denying. I think it was very important to Booth to have Brennan do what he asked of her because I think he thought after he was gone, except for maybe an occasional visit from Parker, that no one would remember him, think of him, let alone visit him. That Brennan is the one person he wants near him when he’s gone. I think they both meant what they said and it let them be together without the risk. Both of them staying safely, clearly behind the line. Booth was surprised by Brennan agreeing, and I was surprised that Booth didn’t acknowledge how Brennan had changed.

  8. Booth: Drink up will ya.
    Brennan: Why?
    Booth: Cause I’m hoping that you’re gonna pass out.

    Booth: Just make sure when they put me in the ground, I’m dead.
    Brennan: No problem.
    Booth: Maybe uh, you know, leave my body out for a few hours and check on me every once in a while.
    Brennan: I’d rather refrigerate, or you’d start to smell.

    Brennan: Oh, do you think Barney killed Hank?
    Booth: Why don’t you ask him?
    Brennan: Why? Is it because I’m an attractive, sexy, young woman who can loosen his tongue?
    Booth: Oh definitely, of course there’s that….Plus he wants you to publish his book.

    Booth: When I inevitably drop dead before you. I’d like you come out and spend some time and talk to me every once in a while.
    Brennan: I’ll feel foolish knowing you can’t hear me.
    Booth: Promise.
    Brennan: …I promise.
    Booth: Hey, there you go. Huh? You agreed. I didn’t think you would agree. Now, why did you agree?
    Brennan: I believe that if I pretended you were still here. I would feel better for a moment. Also speaking to you would require me to figuratively look at myself through your eyes, again temporarily. And I think that would make me live my life more successfully.
    Booth: You know what Bones? That’s the best thing that anyone has ever said about me.

    **I definitely agree with Booth. One of his life goals is to balance his cosmic sheet and the second is to be the best father he can be, aka being “a good man” 🙂 🙂 Brennan’s comments validated all of that. Her life would be better for having known him, and that’s the legacy he wants.

    • It’s so easy to imagine what Brennan’s life would have been if she had never known him. All you have to do (if you can bear to) is remember her sitting alone over a drink at the end of season 6/episode 2 and Angela’s line about dying unloved and alone. A truly horrible fate.

      • It’s always been an equal relationship so they both saved each other– that was sort of the point of showing us Booth once again failing in a relationship in S6 when they could’ve ended that arc in any other way.

        I think if they didn’t know each other their lives would look like the end of Man in the SUV– Brennan with her work and Booth being in another emotionally unfulfilling relationship never being able to open up to anyone. The women would all eventually leave him or he would drive the away by asking for more than they could handle because he would still be that reckless gambler. Booth would’ve died like the daredevil in DitM not because of his reckless stunts but because his life was consumed with anger.

        Even in their partnership started because they both needed something from each other. In the 100th, Booth had the right ideas but needed Brennan input of logic/reason to actually get there.

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