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Vintage Bones: The Critic in the Cabernet


Hello and Happy Friday!


This episode is a memorable one for me. It marks the time when I pretty much gave up spoilers for good. I was so appalled that a cartoon, Stewie Griffin, was going to be a guest star.  I’m not saying it was my favorite plot point ever, but the reality of how the show handled it was pretty good, and I realized I had definitely jumped to conclusions. I’m also not a fan of the season 4 finale (more on that next week), which sometimes sours me a little bit toward this episode, which isn’t necessarily fair.


critic 18

Yes, I know.

The ‘Brennan wanting a baby’ storyline was somehow simultaneously in character and also completely out of nowhere. In the episodes leading up to this, there were conversations about family and relationships and all of that, but the way they executed this storyline…


critic 2


…was kind of rushed, I guess.  At this point, I was also annoyed that Booth having some sort of medical crisis was being used as merely a plot point. AND Brennan attributed Booth’s earlier hallucinations (of Luc Robitaille and Teddy Parker) as the same thing he was experiencing with Stewie, which sort of retroactively soured those respective moments from Fire in the Ice and Hero in the Hold). This was coming off of the way season 3 ended where the Booth got shot storyline lasted as long as it took for Brennan to bust into Booth’s bathroom basically!  So I was not a fan of Booth basically experiencing trauma for Brennan’s personal/emotional character development/gain.

But I digress 🙂

I liked the case, and it was interesting to see how all of the characters responded to the idea of Brennan having Booth’s baby. And I do think the end scene is special.

Enough from me. What do you like or not like about this episode?


Here is your moment of B&B:




29 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Critic in the Cabernet

  1. That little piece at the end of the episode where they’re at the hospital is one of my favorite parts. Booth looks so vulnerable and scared and she is so sweetly reassuring. Very nice

    Brennan suddenly deciding she should have a baby, then grabbing at any infant they encountered during the case was very off-putting for me. She made “dancing phalanges” sound creepy.

    My other favorite scene is the looks on the faces of the squint squad when she announces she is going to have a baby…with Booth. That was priceless.

    Saying that Booth hallucinated Luc Robitaille was not correct at all. He was unconscious, not hallucinating. I’m not sure what we’re supposed to think about Teddy Parker especially since Brennan herself responded to his greeting at the cemetery.

    I thought Stewie was funny, but odd for a Bones episode. This was not a favorite of mine, but there were parts I really liked.

    Sarah, I am one of the people who actually loved the season 4 finale except for the last 2 minutes.

  2. Critic has remained high on my list. It was almost as if Brennan’s admission was a trial balloon, a way of admitting it without really admitting it, clothing it in simple biology instead of the inherent commitment involved.

    One of my favorite scenes is the one where Angela calls her on it — “You do know how this is supposed to work, right?… You get naked together, and you devour each other in a passionate frenzy.” Where Brennan doesn’t deny that, just assumes what Booth would think about it.

  3. I thought the randomness of the storyline works for Brennan, because once she decides something is the right thing and she’s thought it through, she’s going for it. I loved the bluntness of how she told her team. Plus, it made Brennan and Booth think about their partnership in a new way. We get so many personal tidbits from both of them. Angela gets Brennan to admit she wants Booth as a donor because he’s hot, and Sweets points out that Booth would get to be tied to Brennan through this child and inch closer to the romantic relationship he really wanted.

    Didn’t need Stewie. I don’t like Family Guy, and it’s a Fox show too, so it was just a gimmick to draw attention to the other show. (LeVar Burton did this once on Reading Rainbow where he did an ep on the set of his other show, Star Trek. I was in like 2nd grade going….isn’t that a conflict t of interest or not fair or something? Lol)

    It’s a little iffy to tie the Luc and Parker sightings in with Stewie, but they threw that in there to legitimize Stewie’s presence, so I get it. Personally I pretend the Stewie part doesn’t exist so I throw out that line too. Luc and Parker are still good in my mind because of that 🙂

    The ending is just awesome, Fierce Brennan comes out, followed by Emotional Brennan and it’s perfectly done by ED. I liked the Hodgela moment in the waiting room. Booth looking like a lost little boy gets me every time, as well as the happiness on his face when he sees Brennan. Again, those two need no words, or even to be in the same room to be connected. I like Booth’s trust in her to be there, and Brennan actually going in surgery because he asked.

    B&B are so good, they doth cover a multitude of plot holes 🙂

  4. I agree that the interaction between B&B covers a lot of WTF’s. Brennan has never heard of Kurt Cobain, can’t quote common cultural sayings, has no t.v. yet knows a character from a cartoon show? It’s like all those car commercials that used to pop up that I fast forward through. The scene where Brennan announces she’s planning to have Booth’s baby in the lab is priceless. Those were the reactions I wanted to see when she actually did get pregnant. And although overall this is one of my favorite episodes Brennan’s concept of genetic inheritance is ridiculous. She has two criminal parents and Booth has an alcoholic abusive father and we won’t even get into his mother yet HER child will be both beautiful and brilliant with no negative traits. Oh and I also liked Angela telling her in no uncertain terms where babies are actually supposed to come from and it isn’t a donor cup. Also liked Booth’s ‘If I’m the father, I have to be the father.’ That’s Booth in a nutshell.

  5. This episode and the next (End in the Beginning) I think of as a 2 parter and they are my very favorite Bones. I have watched them countless times and still laugh at the Booth/Stewie scenes and the looks on the faces of Cam and Hodgens when Bren announces she has decided to have a baby.
    These are the first 2 Bones episodes I ever saw just last year–2013–yes, I’m a new fan. Watching the shows with no knowledge of relationships or past conversations I have a different outlook than you guys who have been watching since the beginning.
    The ending scene where a worried Booth is watching for Brennan is wonderful.

  6. This is one of my favorite episodes. Loved the word game, loved this session with Sweets, loved him at this point but no longer. Thought in was very in character of Brennan to suddenly decide to have a baby. The scene where she tells everyone, I agree with others, is priceless. Thought Brennan explained her reasons well to Angela who responded very well in return. I thought Booth reacted very in character through out. Was disappointed in how Cam rushed over to Booth to tell him he’s crazy to have a baby with Brennan like this or probably in any way, but I’ll have to give it a pass because Angela did the same with Brennan. Never have felt Cam has wanted Brennan & Booth together. Loved the end starting in the interrogation room with Brennan becoming concerned for Booth. Then Booth tells her he has to be the father and she says ok. I think she would have said ok regardless. She only wanted Booth’s baby. It was her way of moving on with him without the risk. But then all she cared about was Booth. He was all that mattered. I thought Brennan was great with him. Loved the end, though still not sure if Booth’s brain tumor wasn’t over the top, let alone it lasting for most of S5. Do wish B&B had talked about the baby situation at some point in S5. Seems odd that they never discussed it again. Also didn’t care for Luc & Parker & Stewie being linked together. Tainted those great episodes for me. The way they glossed over Booth’s fake death in the S3 finale has always bothered me as well. There was much to explore there. In the end, I loved this episode.

    • Lindy, you reminded me of another thing I found puzzling — when Brennan tells Angela that emotional relationships are ephemeral I did wonder just what kind of emotional investment she thought having a child entailed. She tells Booth, ‘I would love my child’ but what she really means is ‘I would love your child.’

      • I hadn’t thought of that EL and I agree. Good point. 🙂

      • I Think Brennan’s ephemeral talk was all BS and she knew it. Just one of her defenses. I think she’d love her child…she was great with Andy after all 🙂 Brennan wanted Booth around as everything but a mate since she was scared of that. But work partners was good and if she could get part of Booth through a child that’s good too…but asking as a sperm donor kept some distance for her to feel safer about it.

      • On the other hand it was completely self-delusional of her to convince herself that, knowing Booth as she did, he would be perfectly happy to produce a child and then walk away with no further connection, as his own parents did. She seriously could not have believed that deep down.

      • Oh I agree. Watching Memories the other day, Angela had to tell her that since she was having a baby she would never be alone again, and Booth will want to be with her and the baby. She looked surprised. Angela’s like, DUH lady!! Even after getting pregnant, she still hadn’t thought ahead to what it would entail.

      • Yes bb I agree Brennan’s ephemeral talk is a defense. She has to protect herself. I agree with you and EL if that makes sense. Brennan would love her child, but I don’t think she would ever have a child if she couldn’t have Booth’s. I don’t think she would have a child just to have a child as she first stated in Sweet’s office. Also, she should know Booth couldn’t walk away, but she also knows for a fact parents and others do walk away, and tragically parents and others do walk away.

      • Yeah I think that’s exactly why she wanted Booth’s child, Lindy. She trusts Booth in his being a good father and a guy who wouldn’t just leave. It’s not who he is. She doesn’t trust herself to be a good mate for him, but does let herself be in his life in as many other ways as she can. Booth being her child means he’ll always be there in her life somehow, whereas work partners only isn’t as certain.

      • One of the things this episode emphasized so comprehensively is Booth’s need to be a good parent. He tells Brennan not that he would like to be around for his child or would make an effort but that he ‘has to be the father’. Having observed him with Parker and his total commitment to his son Brennan had to know that no way in hell would Booth be a casual parent to their child and that was probably, whether she admitted it to herself of not, exactly what she was counting on, something that Cam clearly saw. So was having a child a psychological although unacknowledged ploy to hold onto Booth? And if so, it took her (thank-you Hart) way too long to acknowledge it because in the end wasn’t getting pregnant the very act that finally brought them together?

      • That’s a good question EL. It may have been psychological and an unacknowledged way for Brennan to hold on to Booth, but I don’t think Brennan would do it as a ploy to hold on to Booth. I don’t think Brennan would do that. That’s not who she is. I think Brennan did figure it out in Maluku, yes way too long (ditto on Hart!) but then she was too late because Burley was in the picture. And though we didn’t get to see them get together – cheated IMO – they did agree to try to be together and were just starting to do so the end of S6. S5 was Booth trying to figure things out and Brennan being supportive and then Brennan running into her own feelings of being lost. I think getting pregnant definitely sealed the deal. I think Brennan was terrified and thrilled.

      • I didn’t mean to imply that Brennan was consciously aware of what she was doing. I don’t think she was. And who knows what went on after TBitB because the writers chose not to tell us. OK they agreed to think about being together but the fact is they had been thinking about that since they first met. There was no resolution to that set-up either. They didn’t really act any differently with each other until Brennan told Booth she was pregnant. No hand holding, no kiss, nothing different from all the seasons before. I remember watching THitH at the Paley and blogging that it appeared B&B had slept together. Half of the responses claimed that it couldn’t be true. So even in that episode viewers didn’t get anything very fulfilling.

      • EL– I don’t think getting pregnant was the act that brought them together. They decided that they wanted to be together in Blackout– and made a commitment that they would do that when they were both emotionally ready. I always interpret the story as them dating after that.

        They just needed something big to shake them into that final step of sleeping together. But by the end of HitH they were definitely together.

      • EL– In my mind, the difference is that after Blackout there was an open intent to be together. In that last scene, Booth says “you and me and love and happiness and life and fate” and being together is something he “really really wants”.

        There’s no beating around the bush — they want to be together, they tell each other they want to be together, and they are invested in making that relationship work. Even though it seemed similar to before– they both were spending time together with the understanding that they were working towards that relationship, in a way that is not really platonic.

        The writers played it that way because I think they wanted to keep things a surprise for the cliffhanger but the subtle hints that they were a couple were definitely there. The clues were in the details. They were buying Hodgela’s baby a gift together as a couple. You don’t really need to both pitch in for a stuffed animal. But they were making a decision as a couple. Honestly the way they played it they both needed to start speaking the other person’s language (particularly Booth). He set up a scenario to give her proof that they do make sense even if it isn’t explainable (something he probably should’ve done in the 100th). The finder was definitely a date since they both changed clothes. But note when she asked how he would describe her abilities, he used scientific terms instead of just saying “magic” or “fate” because those terms have no meaning for Brennan.

        I don’t know HitH was pretty obvious for me that they slept together. It was Brennan’s last wall of imperviousness coming down. They showed the time as 4:47 (same as EitB when they slept together). Then Brennan’s blushing smile to Angela (seriously when does Brennan blush about anything?). Then the key was the last scene where the camera pans to Brennan taking Booth’s arm and then Angela’s smile. That’s not a one night stand– these two were very comfortable with what happened.

        Also there was about a month gap between HitH and CitG. But Max was pointing out how polite they were to each other. Then the kiss on the cheek and Max’s knowing response to it. So to me they were definitely a couple.

        Whether it was satisfying to the viewers is another story– I think they went for audience surprise instead of just letting us watch things organically. They were so worried about the moonlighting curse that they skipped out on a lot of stuff we wanted to see.

      • bountypeaches, I totally agree that for me it was obvious as well but it was interesting how many of those who commented said that it couldn’t possibly be so.

      • Don’t know if people around here remember, but I was on the team of that they didn’t hook up the night of Vincent’s death, but the night after when Booth got Broadsky. (And then all the nights after till CitG & beyond) 🙂 I didn’t like the idea of the hook up the night of such sadness with a sniper after Booth and all the danger, but I thought it worked to happen after Booth was victorious and Brennan was relieved and happy ;).

        I kind of liked they kept it a bit vague and open ended, because the fans could write their own head canon. Perhaps half of us would’ve hated the way they would’ve filmed them getting together, this way, it can be whatever we want it to be. When I watched Memories, and I saw ED and DB portraying B&B as a couple, it felt so natural and comfortable, it worked for me. I bought that they would fall easily into coupledom (whenever it exactly started) and though I kind of miss getting that visual of them deciding to give it a shot, I love that it felt seamless without it, at least to me. Props to the actors for making it work. They bickered as usual, yet they could be publicly affectionate and I thought they did a fabulous job making the time jump plausible.

  7. *being her child’s father 😉

    • As Cam said — what Brennan really wanted was a piece of Booth 😉

      Although I always wonder whether the deleted scene from Doctor in the Den was the catalyst for Brennan thinking that she wanted a kid. Booth tells her she is not a fully engaged human because she doesn’t have a child. I can see her thinking about having children after that.

  8. I love how we all see things so differently. I thought this episode was Brennan at her worst. She was downright cruel in even asking Booth given how she had to know the hell he had gone through with Parker. This and the S4 finale are two of my least favorite episodes of the whole series. ( well it would be boring if we all agreed now wouldn’t it LOL! )

    • I never thought of it that way. Its not like she forced him. She took the pressure off by saying she would use Fisher instead if he didn’t want to, repeatedly. So the choice was his. It was he who didn’t want anyone else as the father…

      If anything it should be a compliment for him that she admired his traits for her child.

  9. BB– I am just going to respond to you down here since that thread is getting too long, lol 😉

    I am pretty sure we were intended to take them in bed together as that was “the” night. A couple of interviews I read sort went in line with that. HH said he always intended for them to sleep together after Vincent’s death. The 447 and that coy smile of Brennan’s and Angela’s hallelujah.

    They had already made a decision to be together in Blackout and they had been back to being a couple for a while… so I am not really sure what would be so different if they had just told each other after Broadsky they would be together– it would just be putting off that final step again.

    The way I see it neither of them knew if they or the other person would survive. They had no idea when or if they would be able to take down Broadsky. I don’t think either of them would want to take a chance to miss out on showing the other person how they really felt about each other.

    These were 2 people who were in love with each other for years but kept putting up walls to be together out of fear– they had talked about it, they had imagined it, they had rationalize it– but the actual moment needed to be something natural. They needed something big to push them over the edge. It wasn’t a moment of sadness, it was a moment of reclaiming life and love.

    We all have our own head canon… but I don’t know to say, they would do it after catching Broadsky would make the moment so clinical. I don’t know if Brennan would have so much ease in just catching his arm at the end. They would probably be a lot more awkward around each other– i.e. not knowing who was going to take that first step, was the other person still ready etc etc. I think that was why they hadn’t quite gotten back to the usual lighthearted flirting they were doing before the 100th because it was just too laden with risks incase the other person wasn’t ready. I guess for me that final step could’ve really only occurred if their walls were down.

    I think keeping it vague was probably a good idea because the expectations were really built up so nothing would really match it. But admittedly I don’t love the way they did it– I still feel like there was something that was missing– I think they shouldn’t have tried to put in a red herring with the possibility that they were together because of the baby. That may have worked in S5– but after the Hannah thing, it can really get me on the thought that Booth only wants a family and it doesn’t matter who it is with which is such a depressing thought. I mean in a love story you should feel like the 2 people only want to be with each other not because of a baby or because they just want a family and would be willing to exchange the person they love just to have that family. That’s why I get it when people say that while Booth may love Brennan deeply it doesn’t feel like he is necessarily in love with her. It’s unfortunate because I don’t think the writers meant for us to question that.

    Recently SN said that Booth and Brennan had spent the last 7 or 8 years becoming a couple– so I don’t think they intended the Hannah thing to be as big as the fandom makes it out to be. It was designed for BOTH of them to realize they can’t just get over their feelings for each other no matter how hard they try. Which is scary for both of them because it involves a loss of control, something both of them don’t deal well with.

    • One comment — the fandom didn’t make the Hannah thing big, Hart and the writers did. It was Hart’s choice to take what was originally a 4-6 episode Sully-like arc and drag it out through an entire season including a marriage proposal. Hannah didn’t actually end until The Signs in the Silence, episode 20. That was the first episode they didn’t have a scene talking about her. She was dragged like a skunk through that entire season and then dropped as if she had never been.

      • Lol, I agree it was dragged out way too long. Total stall tactic. The writers were afraid to get B&B together because of the moonlighting curse so they dragged it out one more season, right to the bitter end. And it will always make me sad that they did that because I don’t think it was written well. But it was never really about Hannah– it was always about Booth and Brennan and their fear in accepting who they were to each other emotionally.

        The reality is in the show’s timeline it didn’t actually last that long. If we say Hannah was around for 4 or 5 months at the most, it would make the period between DitM and HitH maybe 2 or 3 months? There was a month between HitH and CitG and its usually about a month after that you find out you are pregnant, plus Hannah didn’t really show up right away. After Blackout she was only mentioned in Pinocchio and at that point, hyper literal Brennan called it “very recently”.

        I took Booth mentioning her, on his own, as a sign that he had come to grips with what happened so he was ready to move forward. In that episode he admits that he lies to spare his own feelings and from my perspective that is what the entire Hannah thing was about.

        The proposal was always planned from the start but I was never a fan of it but I think it was written in a way to highlight Booth’s own patterns and issues in his relationships. Clearly his relationship with Hannah was very superficial and the catalyst for a proposal was immature and shallow. This was marriage for the sake of marriage. But they mirrored the 100th and DitM for a reason. They highlighted Booth’s pattern– an outside source triggers an impulsive idealistic gesture which is totally unsuited towards the woman he was with. For a guy that was never willing to compromise for less than his definition of a relationship he only ever proposed to women that repeatedly told him that they didn’t want what he wanted. Its basically self sabotage.

        I was just watching Glowing Bones from S2– and something I found interesting was that Hodgins actually said to Booth that he drove Rebecca away by proposing. So this was a theme even back then (they also talk about Brennan’s relationship issues in that episode).

        BOOTH: Oh. You’re done with Angela?
        HODGINS: No. But…Hey, I fell in love with a free spirit, and if getting married makes her feel trapped or something, then I’m… I’m just gonna have to deal with it.
        BOOTH: Right, so you don’t wanna get married anymore.
        HODGINS: Sure I do.
        BOOTH: You know what? This whole ceramics stuff was making more sense to me…
        HODGINS: But Angela doesn’t. And I don’t want to drive her away like you did with Rebecca.
        BOOTH: Whoa, I did not drive Rebecca away. We both agreed that it wasn’t right.
        HODGINS: After you asked and she said no.
        BOOTH: Well, when you say it like that it’s…
        HODGINS: If it had been right, it wouldn’t matter if you were married or not, would it? Because you’d have a life together.
        BOOTH: Great. Then why not get married?
        HODGINS: Because then we wouldn’t be able to be together, see this is all coming so clear now!
        BOOTH: Not really.

        The part about if it was right then you wouldn’t need marriage.

        Booth was always too caught up in his vision of what life should “look” like– “you fall in love and get married. That’s what people do.” It probably stems from never having seen a successful pair bond himself. But it seemed he never understood the bigger picture of building a life with someone. Until he got the concept that, the life you have with someone is more important that the life you are “supposed” to have he would never be successful.

        It’s why I think Laffers post of “Booth isn’t in love with Brennan” has a lot of merit. The only difference is that I do think Booth was in love with Brennan but I just don’t think he understood what real love was. He had a very fixed idea of what love was supposed to look like which is why he only realized he was in love in the context of a coma dream. What I think he realized from Hannah was that no matter how hard he tried to make the relationship look “right”, it never was because it wasn’t from the heart.

        The reason why his relationship with Brennan worked for as long as it did was because he allowed it to flourish outside of the norms of his romantic relationship ideals i.e. a partnership. There was always something about her he just couldn’t help but keep in his life but she didn’t a traditional romance from him. Unfortunately once he started thinking it was romantic love he was bound to torpedo it by trying to force it fit into his traditional romantic ideals. But the difference was that he loved her in a way that either he didn’t understand or was too afraid to accept yet which is why no matter how hard he tried his usual strategy of just moving on didn’t work.

        They symbolized Booth’s problems in Blackout. We see him trying to bring in the representation of his “perfect” day (stadium seats) in to the elevator (the partnership box). But the seats don’t fit the elevator properly and it traps them inside. Booth needed to break off the rusted portion of his dreams before they could finally move forward from the partnership box. It was only after that they had the ability to make a pact to be together.

        There is a quote from HH, “Booth’s asked 3 women to marry him. They’ve all said no. He’s FINALLY LEARNED. He is going to wait for Brennan to propose”. To me that means he had something to learn. In S7, SN said that “Booth was finally taking the plunge without marriage, something he had never done before”.

  10. A hiatus hiatus non-sequitur:

    I’ve made a mental note that the score used during the wedding kiss (before Lauper’s song resumes) has been used on a number of other prior occasions. I think one of them is when Hodgins and Angela learn of Cam and Arastoo. But there are others, most all of them in the last few minutes of an episode. Maybe next time through I’ll begin writing them down.

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