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Vintage Bones: The End in the Beginning


Hello and Happy Monday!

Thanks for your patience during the mini hiatus last week, and without further ado, let’s get back into this series!


I have mentioned before that the season four finale is not one of my favorites. But because many people do really love this episode, I don’t want to rain on any parades. I’ll make it quick.


Whenever I think of this episode, I am reminded of the Tina Fey joke (from a Weekend Update many years ago) :



The idea of this episode is okay, but I always think “hey, maybe put the tower of buffalo wings on the back burner and FINISH A STORYLINE!”


You can substitute “John F. Daley’s real life band” or “Motley Crue” for tower of buffalo wings too. Haha. For me, it’s all of the ambiguity (which I know is something other people like a lot). Like…is it Booth’s dream, or Brennan reading her own story aloud? Or some amalgamation of the two (which is acceptable). But even with that premise, some things (like calling the band Gormogon—neither one would have done that!) just don’t work…it’s too formulaic for a story she’s writing and it’s too linear to be a dream.  Plus, like I’ve mentioned before, it was annoying that Booth again had some medical trauma for what ended up (at the point of this episode) being used for some other plot (to absolve Zack?) or whatever.  And I know the very end scene had a lot of unintended ambiguity (Booth has amnesia? confusion?) etc. that HH and others on the show…well, I don’t want to say regretted because that is a strong word, but maybe would have tweaked a little bit (I can’t find the exact article or tweet, but it was basically like “oh, people thought THAT? Um…well, no, that isn’t what we had in mind.”  HH once said he felt like this episode was a huge inside joke to the most loyal fans, and while it was fun to see a lot of different characters in some ways, I would have preferred seeing a more contiguous storyline. For me, it is like having a friend who owes you $100 and buys you $50 worth of candy. You like candy and you’ll eat it, and that person is still your friend, but the friend is thinking “look what I did for you–it’s the thought that counts” when what you really want is your $100.  Again, just me 🙂

And of course there was the infamous TV Guide article that promised B&B would be in bed together in this episode…and some fans weren’t happy with how that played out. I was okay with that (because I believed the beginning was not part of the dream/story/amalgamation), but that might just be hindsight.

The baby storyline does make sense, since they were talking about it in the previous episode, and there are some good lines in this episode. And like I said, I do believe that the opening scene was meant to be ‘real’, as in not part of the dream and perhaps a flash forward to the end of the series. Of course that was many years ago and a lot has happened since then…which is also fine and the nature of the biz. I think the scene holds up if it does end up being mirrored in the final scene of the series at some point. And I think this was the time when Bones was renewed for two seasons (5&6), which of course means strettttttttttttttching everything out further than planned 🙂


The other thing that sort of annoys me now is how they have handled 4:47 since the S4 finale, which was sort of special, and now is so ambiguous.  (A good 2011 blast from the past BT post by Stephanie on the 4:47 stuff here )

Some other interesting articles from that time: here ,and  here,


Did I say I was going to keep it brief? LOL, well, there *is* more I could say, but I will stop here. And I do love most of season 5, so come back tomorrow! 🙂

Let me know what you think of this episode, what you like and what you don’t like.


For now, here is your moment of B&B:





11 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The End in the Beginning

  1. This was one of those episodes I liked better upon rewatching. The first time, I was at my parents’ house watching with them, and when the opening scene began, we were all like WHAT THE?!?!?!??! Because B&B were in bed with no lead up and we were thinking, “When did they get together? What episode did we miss?” And then Hodgins was narrating, they had the slightly different names, they were in a club…it was baffling. We spend the whole episode trying to wrap our brains around this alternate reality, and it was hard to get any actual enjoyment out of what was taking place since nothing made sense. Motley Crue was a useless add-on, but JFD’s band was OK for me. Then finally the end gave a slight bit of resolution, but then Booth’s “Who are you?” kind of threw it back into the rabbit hole.

    I get that they were trying to throw us off balance and it was deliberate, but the first time it was like HUH?! Now, I can watch it with the knowledge of what it is, and everything makes much more sense. I can appreciate the little details throughout that only a long time fan can spot. I’m not one who wants to see the series end this way though. I don’t want to see B&B drastically shift from now. Maybe we can flash forward to see DB in a more desk job, like maybe the future Director?! And Brennan could either focus on her author skills or rise in the Jeffersonian ranks, perhaps finally taking over for Goodman’s sabbatical!? lol 🙂

    I just don’t want them to feel they have to mirror the coma dream literally. That would mean Sweets’ and Daisy would give up their careers to be performers, and well, everyone on the team would have to leave their jobs. I guess Cam gets to stay in law enforcement….

    Glad to have BT back! Thanks, Sarah 🙂

  2. I was skimming through the 4th and early 5th seasons last week, looking for the particular tune I noticed that appears at the end of the wedding episode. Although I didn’t find any 4th season examples, this was one ep that I had to watch the whole thing again. Same with Harbingers and the 100th. But up through this point – can pinpoint that song in S8’s Bod in the Pod, and S5’s Tough Man in the Tender Chicken and Proof in the Pudding. (My process of this is stuck on #100, as I had to watch the whole thing and didn’t get a chance to finish it again over the weekend – but I know I remember it appearing other times as well – might even be 10 or more total when all is said and done… will report back when I get there)

    Back to this ep though – it’s kind of like the 100th in some ways. Thoroughly enjoyable but devastatingly heart-crushing in the end.

  3. I was playing catch-up with Bones on TNT at this point because I’d never watched it before. Consequently I loved this episode because I felt it was cleverly written, gave interesting twists to all the characters and finally put B&B together. I didn’t care what they called it — coma dream, unpublished novel, whatever — B&B were on the screen and they were finally a real couple. I’ve watched it countless times since then and it still holds up for me.

    No, the final ‘Who are you’ did not scream anything but amnesia and the next episode that told us Brennan then ran out on Booth and took off for Guatemala really annoyed me — foreshadowing of Maluku, no doubt. I, too, am not happy with the use of 4:47 which to me was the signature of a real happening — e.g. B&B really were in bed together at the beginning of the episode. Now it just means Pelant has been casing your house but don’t worry because we’ll never mention it again.

    I think the thing that really upsets me most now was that this episode so clearly was leading to B&B actually getting together which seemed to be the plan right up to the 100th episode which then pulled the carpet, metaphorically speaking, out from under the Bones audience. About that little bait and switch I could write a book.

  4. I love this episode for the fun of it. I don’t try to analyze any scenes or phrases for clues of past or future story lines. Just sit back and enjoy!

  5. I really liked this episode when it first aired and still enjoy it. I knew from Hodgins narrating that this was AU and most likely linked to Booths surgery. I thought Cam made the most awful detective in the world. She concludes Brennan must have heard the gun shot because her office was close to the bathroom, but never considers that maybe the shot was muffled or a silencer had been used? She bullies Brennan with that “heard the gunshot” thing twice.

    My favorite parts were the B&B scenes. It was lovely to see them be loving with each other even if it wasn’t real. I didn’t really care about the surroundings and all the wink, wink, nudge, nudge stuff going on that long time fans were supposed to “get”. I gave up on actually finding out what is the significance of 4:47. Much like what Pelant planted in the bedroom clock. Oh well, that’s a tangent for another day.

    I remember that TV Guide *and about a million fans* being upset that HH lied about whether the bedroom scene was real or not. I’m sorry, but I’m sticking with “not real” despite the change of what type of clock was in the bedroom.

    I’m not surprised that people were confused by Booth’s “who are you?” Umm you have a guy have brain surgery, he’s not sure who he’s looking at and you’re surprised that people thought he might have amnesia? Why wouldn’t they? It’s like the Brennan/Hannah sunglasses scene that SN&HH thought was a fun, girl sharing kind of thing and every fan thought it was stupid and wanted to yank those sunglasses out of Hannah’s grubby, ungrateful hands. They totally had something else in mind than many fans.

    I thought the B&B ending was very sweet and totally endearing. They could’ve ended the episode with that and skipped the “who are you” entirely or had the season 5 premiere start with that and go on from there.

  6. Oh the season four finale. I’m pretty sure I strongly disliked it the first time I watched it. But it’s grown on me in the years since then thanks to time and perspective and multiple rewatches.

    The overuse of the 4:47 Easter Egg makes me sad though. Trying to figure out what it meant was one of the more fun things about Bones back in the day, and there was a time when I really did think it could have had a deeper meaning (the blog post Sarah linked above still generates comments whenever 4:47 pops up in an episode – even now, three years after it was written). To be fair, at that point, Stephen Nathan DID say it was just an Easter Egg, their own little “smoke monster,” meant to mark important occasions on the show, and we’ve seen numerous examples to support that – Brennan walking into Booth’s room in The Hole in the Heart, Christine’s birth, etc. But that reasoning aside, there has never been an explanation as to why it was used in the Pelant story line (and in that context they DID seem to be implying that it was more than just an Easter Egg. What Pelant did in B&B’s house wasn’t at all the type of “important event” that 4:47 had previously signified) and I think that was the point where it started to get a little bit old.

  7. This was the first episode of Bones I watched in its entirety, which I know is sort of weird because it really had very little to do with the actual premise of the show. I had seen bits and pieces of B&B’s relationship before in terms of them being on the job without the ‘fluffier’ moments, and I thought (oh, how far I’ve come!) that their interactions were both a little harsh and dry and not necessarily going anywhere. What this episode did for me was make me see just how much I’d misjudged their relationship based on those soundbites; that there was definitely a spark there and that there was hope for a future for our guys.

    After watching this episode, I bought all the dvds for the previous seasons and fell in love with the show immediately. I truly don’t think the head honchos gave us this episode purely to throw in a love scene for the tease factor and keep the UST going; I believe this episode was meant to show the fans that a domestic, romantic relationship between two such different people was not only possible, but that once the characters were ready, it would be great and perfectly natural. That love wouldn’t change the basic nature of Booth and Brennan, only enhance it.

    More importantly for Booth, the alternate reality he’d lived gave him the courage he needed to put himself out there; without that push, the Bs might still be partners and nothing more. So, while I understand that some fans felt cheated, I’m pretty happy with what we got from this one.

    • Good point, Mariu. When I rewatched it after the first “HUH?!” time, I noticed that too: B&B could have a loving, natural, romantic relationship between the two. It was nice to see them so happy together, even if it wasn’t “real”. Even up to the baby announcement, it was like….I never thought to dream that we’d get to see them married, happy, with children…and how this dream showed me it was possible!! And boy, Memories is one of my favorite all time episodes because it showed it “for real” (yes, I know its all fictional!). Kudos to David and Emily, again, for making it awesome. 🙂

  8. I hated this episode at the time and I still don’t like it now for everything Sarah has said. At this point the only thing that would make me throw away my DVDs and never watch again is if the series ends with them leaving their jobs and becoming nightclub owners *shudder* I’m not a fan of S4 and this finale epitomised everything that was wrong with it. Thank goodness for the awesomeness that was S9 which was as good as S1 and S2 in my opinion.

  9. I like this episode a lot. It’s fun to see the cast do different things and I enjoyed trying to remember which little thing came from which previous episode….when she is wearing the slip to bed at first, it reminds me of the Vegas Roxie dress, etc. It never occurred to me that any of it was in real time, including the opening scene, but I never really thought about it in depth….this was just for fun, and maybe not meant to be a really serious case.

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