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Vintage Bones: The Plain the Prodigy


Good morning and Happy Thursday. The Bones season 10 premiere will air five weeks from today!  It seems both close and so far away. 🙂


I also really like this episode from season five.  In this episode, Booth brings the cocky belt buckle back, and Brennan declares it “Boothy”. I like that the vibe of the episode doesn’t revolve around B&B romantically (though of course I like those episodes), but instead more around other main themes: justice -and- living life to the fullest. Bones, in general, does a great job respecting the communities they write about, and this was a pretty good example.

And I think it was emotional without being over the top.

I like that the end scene shows B&B in sad contemplation, because it is a reminder (to me at least) that they are compassionate people.

Here is your moment of B&B:




7 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Plain the Prodigy

  1. I liked the anthropologic touch that Brennan provides in this one. You know, sometimes there’s really no point to having her in the field (besides seeing her and Booth together) but here she can use her knowledge of people groups to assist in the case. I loved her anger at the Amish teens for partying their faces off “This is NOT in the proper spirit of rumspringa!” And of course, you gotta have a “Boothy” quote:

    Booth: [about the Amish] That’s crazy!
    Brennan: No more crazy than your religion.
    Booth: Ok, look, we reject Satan… They reject buttons.

    Never change B&B. 🙂

  2. I was going to make a snarky remark about Brennan actually being able to have emotions without someone telling her “Insert Feels Here” but I like this episode too much so…..

    I loved this episode. It was very touching and poignant, especially giving the parents a photo of their lost son.

  3. I’m ashamed to admit that when this episode first aired how thought “Good lord, how boring.” After re-watching I don’t know how many times, I now really like it and can’t imagine what I was thinking. Echoing MJ it’s so poignant and the music is so beautiful it’s heartbreaking.

    My one small fidget with the episode was Brennan having to explain what Rumspringa was to Booth. It’s time for show to let go of the “Booth acts dumber than he is so Brennan can be the smart one” ploy. He’s an educated man who’s been all over the world. I had a hard time believing he didn’t know what it was.

    The end scene with Levi’s parents watching him play and Booth and Brennan outside listening was so powerful to me and made me just mourn for such a loss of this gifted young man.

  4. This episode – the Rumspringa scene in particular, reminded me of Lancaster Brewing’s seasonal beer by that name. Yum. And that seeing they have a Baked Pumpkin Ale this year, oh boy do we need to go to Lancaster this fall!

  5. Nice episode.

  6. I always think about this ending when I think about their compassion. Not that B&B have to be broken up after every case (it would break them), but I do think the cases that end sadly and messily, “with someone’s pain and screwed up life” (to quote Secret in the Soil) are some of my favorites.
    Also the “I’m also a trained SNIPER” intimidation scene is one of my absolute favorite funny Booth moments.

  7. This was one of the eps that it took me a long time to see. I was tracking back eps and watching reruns at the time and for the longest they didn’t air this one. VERY poignant when I finally did get to watch. Love everyone’s comments but relantel’s made me laugh … it’s been a long time since I’ve been to Lancaster; had no clue they now have a brewery!

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