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Vintage Bones: The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


I think that if someone forced me to choose my favorite season, I would want to say that episodes 84-100 are some of my faves.  It’s a good thing no one is forcing me to do that though! 🙂


I know if fanfic (and other places in the fandom), it was assumed that B&B spent a lot of their free time together and/or had keys to each other’s homes, etc. etc. But in this episode, I think it’s the first time Brennan shares a meal with Booth and Parker. In every other season, she either excuses herself when Parker comes to see Booth or she is sitting at the bar while the Booths are at a table or something like that. But in this one, they all eat together, and Brennan offers up a key to the pool at her apartment. It was sweet, and she tries to pass it off as Socratic, but Booth tells her she is awesome.

I really like that we see Booth ask Brennan to be his ‘village’. I love that whole scene in the FBI breakroom really when Brennan tells him she will be his ‘hamlet of 800 people or less”. They are both flirting in that scene. It is great. (Scene study here)


I like the case in this episode too. It makes me laugh when Brennan is annoyed that one of the suspects is a psychologist, and she in turn is annoyed that Brennan is an anthropologist. 🙂


What do you like or not like about this episode?

Here is your moment of B&B:





15 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

  1. “Will you be my village?”…to which a lot of us immediately responded, “Yes. Yes, I will be your village, Booth.”

    And again, yes, Booth, I’ll totally play village with you.

    Scene studies are the reason I draw breath. 🙂

  2. Bah! Forgot my favorite part! I wish you could edit posts on here, but I digress:

    “Don’t worry, Brennan. Your joke was amusing. I laughed. A lot of us laughed. And Booth liked it too. He likes your jokes; he just can’t quite admit it yet. Because if he does, then he’ll feel the urge to say that he loves you. A lot. Everything about you. And THEN, if he admits that, then he’ll have to admit he wants to have 797 squinty babies with you to make your little B&B hamlet complete. ”

    **I have to stop reading these at work. It’s hard to hide the giggles. 🙂

  3. From the scene study, Brennan to Booth: ““You work too much, you don’t socialize, all of which prevents you from having a full sex life.” The zing. The sauce. It’s hard to capture in screen stills, but do yourself a favor and watch the way Brennan’s eyes just track all over Booth when she talks about his sex life. It’s so subtle, but she does it a lot whenever sex comes up between them (another example is in season three, Man in the Mud…during the “Play the field and not plow it” scene). Ahhhh!”

    Followed up by the diner scene with Parker. It’s as if so close but yet so far, as we would come to find out. Because they work together is no good reason. Booth would bring that back out in the 100th to no avail. Juxtapose that diner scene with Parker to the diner scene with Max in Change, what a difference.

  4. I remember this episode as not a favorite. Way back in season 1 “Boy in the Bush” when she is thinking of leaving Angela is the one to say to Brennan “don’t give me your anthropological ‘it takes a village’ talk. When Booth asks her to be his “village” and she says “you mean your hamlet of 800 people or less” I just cringed. I know not everybody watched season 1, but I did and it annoys me when Brennan seemingly forgets things she already knew.

    Parker has to be the youngest kid of any kid his age. He tells Angela he wants Booth to have a girlfriend because he “needs to sex up”, which sounds like a normal 8/9 year old, but then tells Brennan that he wants Booth to get a girlfriend so he can get a pool out of the deal and for no other reason even though when questioned by Angela he says something completely different. It surprised Booth enough that he went to Sweets who gave him the gender identification theory, blah, blah. Whatever. Not sure why Parker just didn’t tell Booth that in the first place. I didn’t find it cute, I thought it was irritating.

    The end scene of them at the diner was sweet with Brennan offering the keys to her building for the pool, but it made Booth look foolish for not wanting to discuss his love life with his child when it was really all about a freakin’ pool.

    Did I mention that this was not a favorite.

  5. Love your scene study, Sarah. And I don’t think it would be difficult to find 797 people besides Brennan, Parker and Christine to fall all over themselves to be Booth’s village. I love the scenes with Parker in this episode, especially the final one, and what I found heart crushing was the doppelganger scene they used at the end of The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck in season 6 when Brennan was pushed to the outside of the hamlet looking in at the light from the darkness.

    • Ooooh!! “A game’s *the* foot.” -Andy Dwyer (Parks and Rec)

      Hm….who else would be in Booth’s village…not that I can name 700+ people but….

      1. Himself
      2. Parker
      3. Brennan
      4. Christine
      5. Aldo
      6. Pops (in Bonesverse, he’s still with us, for now)
      7. His mom (I guess. I’d leave her out if it was me!)
      8. Caroline
      9. Cam
      10. Wendell
      11. Hodgins
      12. Angela
      13-63. Members of all the Philly sports teams
      64. Ken (from Japan)
      65. Sid (who is still alive in Bonesverse I assume)

      That’s all I got! Who’d I leave out?

      • In that context, Max.

      • Danny, Judge in the wheelchair in The Soldier on the Grave, Ben Fordham (Patriot in Purgatory), Teddy Parker (in spirit), Jared, Padme, Aristoo, Russ, Amy, the girls, Sam Cullen (Booth’s boss in season 1), Sully*.

      • Agh! I should’ve thought of those! Good ones!!

        Goodman (if he comes back!), Agent Shaw (maybe?), Rebecca and her BF (for Parker’s sake), maybe his own dad (if we are including dead people in the village…) 🙂

      • Rebecca seems to have so many BF’s and I don’t think Booth would want his own father included. I’d nominate Hacker again with an asterisk because I thought they were funny together as long as there is no romantic (yuck) looks at Brennan. I’d also nominate Zack, Alex Radziwell, GordonGordon, Baby Andy (who by now must be headed for college), Inspector Pritchard, Walter Sherman, the Finder(? even though Booth says he hates him).

      • Wasn’t Rebecca getting serious with the last one? Regardless, I think he’d include whoever it is if it helped Parker feel secure and if it makes Rebecca happy, that would also affect Parker. I think Booth has grown, through Pops talking to him, and Brennan helping him remember the good times…besides Booth having battled his own addiction….I think he’s come to understand his dad a bit more. I think Booth would include him.

    • I hated the Twisted Bones scene too! But in a way I think it may have given Brennan confidence. Brennan’s whole thing in the 100th was the she didn’t think she could be the kind of person that could make Booth happy. Seeing this was sort another piece of evidence that she could be what he needed. Not only had she already been doing things that Booth needed from a girlfriend but she had been doing them better because she knew him better. Even in this case Parker liked her better.

      It sort of helped her get over the idea that she didn’t have an open heart or at the her “best isn’t good enough”. She still struggles with that occasionally with “something is wrong with me” or “you would leave me for a nice person” but on the whole she knows that Booth isn’t losing out on being with her.

      • I hope they retire the ‘something is wrong with me’ trope. The writers used it with Booth in the hideous 6th season proposal episode and then again with Brennan in the 8th season. Together with ‘you’ve been a good man’, enough already.

      • I think both Booth and Brennan struggled with the concept of not being loveable. But in true fashion they rebelled against that in the opposite ways. Brennan tried to refute the existence of love because she didn’t think she was capable of it. Otoh, Booth idealized love and tried to prove he was worthy of it. But since he really didn’t believe he was worthy, subconsciously, he sabotaged himself by finding women that would never fit with the dream. Its self handicapping– you think you are going to fail an exam so you don’t really study for it because you don’t want to find out you weren’t capable of passing.

        I think Brennan has gotten over most of her insecurities, we never had much of her doubting herself in S9. But I think Booth still deeply insecure.

        But I really wish they would stop with the “good man” remarks… the more they say it, the more I rebel against it. Hodgins is just as good of a man as Booth and I end up admiring him more because they show me that more than tell me.

  6. Loved the break room scene and always felt there was more to it. Almost looked as if Booth put his left arm out toward Brennan’s waist. They were so close. Would have loved to have seen a bigger picture of that moment. Also loved the end scene with Parker. Wish we had had more of those and I resent Parker being so called shoved off to London. Parker was a big part of Booth. Very poor handling on the show’s part. Can’t wait to reread the scene study.

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