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Vintage Bones: A Night at the Bones Museum


Hello and Happy Monday!


This episode has some classic moments.  It came in 2nd place in Bones Theory’s Rock the Vote 2011 for “Greatest Episode Ending” . It also won Rock the Vote 2013 for Best B&B UST! I think it would also win an award for “Greatest possibility Brennan has a wardrobe malfunction!” haha.

There is a lot to like about this episode, and some things that were a little bit annoying. But for me, this is one of those episodes where *at the time*, it was mind-blowing and intense that B&B were that CLOSE to kissing. Things were happening !!!!! They were touching each other because they could!


What do you like or not like about it? The comments are open, and here is your moment of B&B:

museum 37 museum 36




PS… scene studies for those interested: End scene here and Egg scene here 


15 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: A Night at the Bones Museum

  1. 1. All the awards go to DB for NOT looking below ED’s face in this scene. She’s just all out there, isn’t she? 🙂
    2. Who wouldn’t want to view the scene studies?! Those are people whom I could not associate with. 🙂

    3. There are only a few Bones moments where I’ve been stunned into breathlessness. These include: The end of Mayhem, the end of Daredevil, the end of Change, and the end of Museum. As B&B softly talk to each other and stare at each other, my brain forgets to carry on normal body reactions, like breathing. When Booth looks at her mouth, I’m gone. I’m as stunned as they are that this is really happening!

    • Great observation for DB not observing the “goods”. Would be interesting to see how many takes it took to pull that off… more self control than most, that’s for sure. (Of course, contrast that to his look down in Change, after that wall was finally down)

  2. Great episode. One of my favorites. Wish they had let them go a little further and at least let them barely kiss. It would have been amazing. Hard to feel the same now as I did then knowing we’d never really have this situation where they did kiss. Really B&B. Beautiful scene.

  3. I love going back in the scene studies, it helps me re-appreciate everything a bit more. Sometimes its easy to file episodes in the back of your mind, especially after getting almost 200 of them! (Wow, are we lucky!! I think True Blood, for example, got 80 total) But when I go back and slowly scroll through a screen, its like wow. We really did have that moment, and it was really special.

    This scene also made me think of something. Some people didn’t like the quickness of a B&B pregnancy so soon in their relationship but I mean, obviously Christine had to happen “that night” because look at her parents here in this scene….once it was on, it was ON…if you know what I mean. I can’t believe Brennan didn’t get pregnant immediately in this scene just by the looks they were giving each other 🙂

    • I like how you put that, bb. When you figure how long it took from the first kiss, let alone the start of the series, it really wasn’t quick at all, even if it was sudden.

      • I just wish they had given us one proper episode of just the two of them being together before the baby announcement– Change in the game was nice but I felt like I never got catharsis– it will always be something lacking in the story because of that.

      • I wish that too bountypeaches. I think the fans deserved at least that much. They had the time.

      • I feel the same way bountypeaches.

      • Agreed Lindy. The interviews that I have read suggest that they were afraid of the moonlighting curse. They thought will they/won’t they couples fail because nobody likes watching the initial stages of a relationship where everyone is being all polite (notice of in CitG Max says “you are all polite to each other”).

        But I thought that was silly because there was no way Booth and Brennan would be all polite with each other just because they got together– they could still bicker and just had an outlet for their passion 😉 It would have been closing one chapter and starting another. This way it just feels like the chapter was left incomplete.

      • I may be in the minority, but I was fine with how they did it. I don’t really need to see the “are we in a relationship/aren’t we” back-and-forth episodes that would’ve accompanied the next season. I kind of think it made sense to skip it and go seamlessly from just work partners to life partners, and I think they played it well by starting Season 7 with them together, mid-breakfast. It’s like look, its Booth and Brennan and they are still themselves. The impact with ending the season before with “I’m pregnant” going straight to very pregnant was well done, IMO. We skipped over some of the similar pregnancy/baby storylines that Hodgela had gone through. Plus, ED was notably pregnant already at the end of season 6, she was pregnant when they filmed “Blackout”. I think they had to skip some steps because of the timing. As it was ED, worked until one week before her son’s birth!

        Sure, I wish Bones was like The Truman Show, and I could watch B&B 24/7, but realistically, there are constraints. Time, network, the actors (aka how ED wanted to play this out), etc. I think it was done fantastically. I fretted all summer but I adored Memories.

      • Agreed bountypeaches. I remember those interview too. It got way out of hand. Bones is nothing like Moonlighting was. It’s that one moment we wait for in a great film or novel or even a show. It adds to the story, it doesn’t kill it. It’s something we remember and love. Why some of us re-watch films or re-read novels. Makes some of us feel good, fulfilled, satisfied, or something. I waited so long for that one special moment – 6 years! Wasn’t asking for a lot. It was important. It mattered. I will always have that something missing feeling. Wish I didn’t, but I do.

      • True bountypeaches. (I hope these replies are coming out in the right place. 🙂 )

      • I get what you are saying BB…. I don’t think we needed to see a season of “are we a couple or aren’t we”. I think that was addressed in Blackout– they both put their metaphorical cards on the table. Brennan with “maybe we can try to be together” and Booth with “you and me, LOVE, happiness and LIFE and FATE” and “something I really really want”. Add to the fact that Booth, in the elevator, implied he would always want more after sleeping together. If they weren’t a couple after all that then it seriously would’ve weakened the story and made the Hannah arc even more wasteful than it already was.

        What I wanted to see was something along the lines of CitG without the secrecy. At the end of HitH, Booth could’ve put his arm around Brennan and kissed her on the forehead or something. Or in CitG– we could’ve seen them properly be together without them being so covert. Or even at the end Booth could’ve taken her in his arms and kissed her. Something to feel like the story arc that was started in EitB was finally completed with them being a couple. Instead they skipped over it.

        Add to that we never got closure over the Hannah issue– you have to admit to have the male lead be with someone else to the point of proposing, months before they have an accidental baby really diminishes the whole thing. It’s really easy to think Booth just wants a family with anyone and the woman he is with doesn’t matter as much. I was chatting with someone who recently started the show and had the same question. I guess I really didn’t see the point of putting that kind of doubt in people’s minds. Having them be together openly before the baby issue would’ve gone a long way to clearing that doubt.

      • Hannah was never a threat to me, so I didn’t mind her storyline. I am actually quite grateful to her for pushing Brennan to her DitP confession and realization, and to show Booth there ain’t no way he could ever move on from fate and destiny and all that good stuff 🙂

        I think it took a lot of bravery to do what Bones did. I can’t even think of a show that did anything close to that with the two main leads getting together. It was risky, it was different. And DB and ED sold it. In essence, nothing changed with the team and their core partnership, and the Boom Mama Bones thing felt like a fresh take on the usual TV mode. All the props to baby Henry for forcing TPTBs hand.

        I truly liked it. We’ve gotten so many sweet moments, make out sessions, and Mighty Hut (RIP) moments that I am very happy.

      • Again agree bountypeaches.

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