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Vintage Bones: The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken


Hello and Happy Tuesday!

This episode is an interesting one for me. The case is kind of uncomfortable. I also am not an Angela fan but in the spirit of being nice about it, I won’t dwell. I did think she was a little over the top in this one, but it at least made for a nice conversation between Booth and Brennan at the end…and of course also at the diner, when Booth grabbed for Brennan’s hand.

chicken 8


The show also continued to work through Booth’s struggle as far as remembering important details as a result of his brain tumor.

And they both looked so lovely!

Here is your moment of B&B:


chicken 63


25 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken

  1. Because I tend to forget the nuances of every show off the top of my head…quote time!

    Hodgins: What I want to know is why they’re not all freaked out and getting trauma counseling?
    Cam: Because they’re the type of children who idolize Dr. Brennan.

    Wendell: Look, man, the trouble with getting your info from conspiracy nuts, they never know when to turn it off.
    Hodgins: Hey, you wait and see. We’re gonna find out our victim was tortured a little to enthusiastically and then the government tried to bring him back to life.
    Wendell: Proving my point, Hodgins. Totally proving my point.

    Booth: Everything okay there, Bones? I know when there’s something wrong with you. Something’s wrong, right? What can I do to help?
    Brennan: Angela and I had a fight.
    Booth: Nothing I can do to help!
    Brennan: You want to hear about it?
    Booth: No.
    Sweets: Why not?
    Booth: Why? Because her and Angela are best friends. And Bones is gonna want me to take her side and agree that Angela was wrong. And then you know, the two of them are going to make up and then they’re going to get mad at me. So no thank you.

    Sweets: Sometimes you don’t save the world, Dr. Brennan… Sometimes you just make your friends happy.
    Brennan: Even when it’s irrational?

    Brennan: You noticed something. See? You still got it.
    Booth: You’re not going to ask me what I saw?
    Brennan: Do I want to know?
    Booth: No… Do you want to know anyway?
    Brennan: No. I can wait… I trust you.

    Conspiracy theory Hodgins! Booth smartly staying out of a girl fight! Sweets making sense! Brennan pep talking Booth! This episode did have a bit of everything! 🙂

  2. This is one of those episodes that I often forget about because it followed Museum.

    This is the first of the eps I came across in my survey that had the Callery score during the end bar scene (last two minutes) that is at the end of the wedding episode (before Lauper takes back over). (I started the survey in season 4, and I’ve gotten bogged down in season 6, spent the weekend and last night composing music instead)

  3. While I can overlook the heavy-handed approach to Old MacDonald’s farm and hearing Booth tell Brennan he would do anything for her and Brennan tell Booth that she trusts him is always appealing, I’m not as nice as Sarah. Making Angela go so over the top simply because she wasn’t having sex and then seducing a kid who is technically a student was really yucky. The whole Angela-Wendell thing was for me the most distasteful (ok, ok except for season 6) relationship that Bones ever laid down.

  4. Brennan & Booth in the diner was nice as well as the end scene. Really liked the diner moment.

    • I just love Brennan in that Diner end scene. She is trying so hard to be supportive to Booth by giving him that pep talk. She knows him so well and the kind of reassurance he needs.

      For the first half of S5, we really see Brennan doing most of the leg work in the relationship from allowing him to teach her plumbing, giving him support when needed, lying about her scientific integrity etc. Brennan shows her love in demonstrated, tangible ways that most people take for granted without realizing that’s what she was doing. She wasn’t doing any of that with an ulterior motive to gain anything from him– she wanted him to be happy. She may not be socially adept but she has always had such an open heart.

      • Agreed bountypeaches. Well said. I think Brennan is far too often underestimated regarding her heart, feelings, and actions, and that there’s enough evidence from the beginning to prove so. I think now in the long run Brennan has turned out to be the one with the patience and faith. Ironic, and reminds me lovingly of Hodgins in Aliens. Bones at its’ best.

      • I know, and its so heart breaking when she says she doesn’t have an open heart and she can’t change. It’s a shame she couldn’t see that in herself for so long. But I think through Christine and their family bond, she is able to finally see that she did/does have what it takes and she’s worth it. It’s been so rewarding for me to see them as a family unit.

      • So true bb. So heart breaking. Wish Booth would have tried harder, had more patience and faith. Given Brennan some time and space. She just needed time to process like he know she needs. Something Booth has chided Cam & Sweets about. It is nice to finally see them together. Just wish it had happened differently. I think with other people in charge or writing, etc., Brennan & Booth could have come together in an incredible way. I think it would have added to their epic love story. They’re amazing together.

      • Aliens is my favourite episode! Brennan has always had faith in Booth. In a way, she idolized him from the start- “if I can’t respect the law, then I can at least respect you”.

        I actually think both Hodgins and Brennan demonstrate true heart on the show despite being the “brain” people. They love someone to give love while Booth and Angela love someone to receive love. With the first form of love, faith and patience comes automatically because its related to acceptance and less to the fulfilment of expectations. Its why both Hodgins and Brennan were able to stay with their respective partners despite their marriage proposals being rejected. Their love wasn’t contingent upon fulfillment of expectations.

      • Very insightful bountypeaches. I hadn’t thought of the four of them in that way, but those are good points.

  5. Lindy wrote: “Wish Booth would have tried harder, had more patience and faith.”

    I completely agree. One of the reasons I love Sully, is that he really understood Brennan. He knew how to convince her using anthropology and that she needed time to think. How you ask a question does matter in what response you are going to get. You just need to look at Angela and Hodgins. If he had forced the marriage issue Angela would’ve balked.

    But I think its fair to say that neither of them were ready in the 100th. Or at the least the writers didn’t want them to be ready. So they had Booth approach her in a way that never would have made sense to her. Brennan had just said she didn’t believe in fate 20 minutes earlier, yet that was the only argument he provided. Booth and his romantic idealism was always trying to force his relationships to fit a mould but he didn’t take into account the woman’s individuality. No relationship can ever work like that. His relationship with HB failed on the same issue– she wasn’t cut out for the mould. It was only once he broke the mould that he could move forward.

    I always think that Blackout was very symbolic for that. His perfect day represented by the stadium seats had trapped them in the elevator which was symbolic for the partnership box. He needed break off the rusted portions and it was only after that they showed them being able to move forward.

  6. Booth has his own issues and reasons why he didn’t try harder with her. I don’t think he would’ve gotten anywhere with her anyway but I know that seems to be an unpopular opinion in some places.

    • My answer to that is always what GGW said– hope and patience. I don’t think GGW would’ve advised that if he didn’t see that she was coming around on her own. There is reason why the Show put that thought out there and there is a reason why they showed Booth do the opposite and fail (twice).

      In my view Brennan was coming around slowly– especially with the idea that love comes before the chemicals. But Booth scared her off with talks of gambles. All she could see was that she was incompatible with him because she was a scientist and he was a gambler. No way for that to work. But even though she had said “no” in the 100th– she had been dreaming of them being together in Maluku– that means she still hadn’t entirely ruled it out. To me that suggests there was a chance– you wouldn’t dream about something unless you thought there was a chance. If you truly thought it wasn’t possible you would block it out because it would be too painful to think about (the way Booth did). However as we saw in S6 CitC, she went back to equating love with brain chemistry and relationships requiring parity. When she is scared or hurt, she defaults to intellectualizing love. Just like she did after Booth rejected her marriage proposal.

      Also, if you think about it Brennan also unequivocally said no to marriage. She even threw it in his face at one point. But with hope and patience from Booth she had come around on her own.

      Additionally, look at what Angela said when she changed her mind. “I just needed to know that this was enough, that we are enough”. That was the same fear Brennan had. If Booth had made her feel like she was enough just the way she was, the way Hodgins had for Angela– I think she would’ve agreed. But I think that would’ve required confidence that Booth didn’t have.

      • But sometimes we need a kick in the pants and sometimes Brennan needs one. I don’t see that it’s all Booth’s fault for pushing her. Does she not also bear some fault (for lack of a better word) for not “buying a ticket on that ride” much much earlier? How long was Booth supposed to wait for her? How many more years? Forever? Would she have had her DitP epiphany without being “pushed”?

        I don’t see it was just one of them, but rather both of them, who had issues. BP, your post was all about “Booth failed” “what Booth did” “Booth scared her”….I mean sheesh. He sounds like a horrible ogre and Brennan should run screaming!

      • Thank you, bb; couldn’t have said it better. If you go purely by the show’s cannon and not fans’ personal biases, I think it’s clear that Brennan needed something major to happen to her before she could ever be with Booth. Things were too comfortable for her as they were-there simply was no motivation to change the status quo. She essentially had a surrogate boyfriend at hand without having to face any of the emotional risks. What she needed was to lose that non-work part of Booth that she’d always found comfort in, and that was unlikely to happen unless their partnership dynamic was disrupted by a third party.

        Honestly, Booth gets blamed by some viewers for pushing Brennan and then for not being patient enough, yet at the same time he also gets blamed by others for not making more of an effort. So which was it? Either he kept waiting around doing nothing while she hopefully changed her mind one day, or he went for it-no other option. Really, the man can’t win no matter what he does.

        I also take exception at comments that he shouldn’t have moved on so fast. It’s pretty clear he didn’t move on for a long time, no matter what he said in the 100th. Brennan asked him to stick around as a partner and a friend and he did just that for months. Danced with her at her reunion even though it had to be killing him to be so close to her, offered her just about everything he had during the Gravedigger trial. Even worse, he had to watch her date his asinine boss yet again-if he went out with the fish lady for an episode or two, it was purely to save face. There was no actual moving on, and he probably would have been happy to remain in this ‘friend zone’ forever, loyally following Brennan around, had she not run out on him and gone to Maluku. BTW, I’ve never blamed Brennan for that; she was in self-preservation mode and did what she had to do in order to preserve her sanity which I completely understand, but by extension I offer that same courtesy to Booth.

        By my accounting, the ‘Bones’ time elapsed between Booth’s declaration in the 100th and his return from Afghanistan was approximately 1 year. For the last seven months out of the preceding 12 Booth had heard nothing from Brennan, not even confirmation that she’d be willing to work with him when his tour of duty came to an end. I think it’s truly unfair to blame the guy for attempting to make a life for himself with someone else given what went down. If their situations had been reversed, I really don’t think people would be judging Brennan quite so harshly.

      • *HUGS* Mariu100—Perfection. I love every word you wrote. All of it.

      • I agree, Mariu. Booth waited years without an obvious sign from Brennan that she wanted more and plenty of dialogue that said she didn’t. When he finally offered himself, she blew him off. Then she blew off their partnership that she had claimed just weeks before was so important to her. Was Maluku as presented in the finale important? Sure. But she could have assured Booth they would stay in touch and work it out. Instead she all but pushed him into going to Afghanistan so she could have an unencumbered shot at Maluku. But the worst of all was she blew off their friendship by never attempting to contact him when she had to have known that he only had a 50-50 chance of coming back without a wound or in a body bag. That she cared so little that she never managed to even check whether he was still alive still upsets me to this day.

      • Lol, I wrote out a long comment earlier and then deleted it because I figured no one would want to enter into a debate. But since its continued… For fun 🙂

        Mariu– if you go by the Show’s canon not a fan’s person canon– Booth didn’t fall in love until the coma dream.
        Dr. Gordon Wyatt: You think… Booth fell in love with Dr. Brennan during a dream?
        Angela Montenegro: So do you, right?
        Dr. Gordon Wyatt: I – I am a psychiatrist. I’m not comfortable with answering.
        Angela Montenegro: You’re a chef.
        Dr. Gordon Wyatt: I am. As ususal you – you see the truth of things.

        There is NOTHING solid in canon to suggest that he was waiting other than fan interpretations. (I am happy to be corrected, if wrong). Now, Booth said he “knew” from the beginning but he was dating Tessa when they first became partners– unless he is the kind of guy that dumps one woman for another? No, right? So I can’t believe he pursued her with romantic intentions. Canon wise, the only person we know had feelings other than physical attraction before S5 was Brennan from the vows.

        I have never heard the writers say Booth was waiting. There is quote from HH that leads in to a lot of my interpretations– “Booth asked 3 women to marry him. He’s FINALLY learned. He is going to wait for Brennan.” Going by the writers “waiting” was something Booth needed to learn.

        And that fits with what I see of him as the gambler. For me, he is just not the kind of guy that waits in relationships– unless we are to assume he was still brain damaged in S6? He is Mr. Impulsive– he doesn’t plan any of his relationships — they just happen. He requires a catalyst for everything he does. His whole relationship with Hannah was one bandaid situation after another. Booth didn’t even THINK about introducing Parker to Hannah until Parker said he hated her. If he thought moving in was permanent– that is the first thing he would’ve done. It wouldn’t have come months later. Add to that EVERY SINGLE PROPOSAL was driven by an outside source– that’s not someone who thinks about how they want their relationships to go. And if he is not thinking about where things are headed– he is not waiting, IMO.

        Also Booth was the one that drew a line in S2. Until S5 he gave HER no indication he was waiting, if he was. He fell in love in the coma dream as per GGW. If you can’t believe GGW, who are you supposed to believe, in canon?

        The moment Booth thought he was in love with Brennan he rushed off to tell her, only holding back because he wasn’t sure he was the same guy because he wasn’t afraid of clowns. So no I can’t buy the “he was actively waiting for years” line. He had denied the idea of pursuing something with her as long as she had until the dream. The fact that he drew a line suggests he was just as reluctant to go there.

        So in my view– once he realized he was in love– I don’t think he waited long enough. Waiting is not keeping mum— its also if you say “you knew from the beginning” then you follow up on that and tell them you are going to wait. Hodgin’s didn’t just stop with Angela’s “no”- he told her he would take her anyway he could. Grayson had no idea if he would meet Angela again but he built a house for her.

        As Booth says if you love someone you can stay with them at the cost of your life. The guy in the couple in the cave stayed with his girlfriend because he’d rather not live without her, even at the expense of his dreams. That’s what love means.

        GGW told him give her time because she wasn’t ready yet but Booth had barely waited a few months before his ultimatum. Sully told her she makes decisions in microseconds and asked her to think about it for a while– why couldn’t Booth do the same? Maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference but it wasn’t worth a try, no? Its not like she was serious with someone else. They were already a couple, just without the sex. She was already acting as a girlfriend, taking care of his needs– as most of the episodes of S5 demonstrates. Emotionally their relationship was more fulfilling than his fake relationship with Hannah considering he was pretending to be someone else with her. So i do think he could’ve told her he was waiting for her before saying he needed to move on– but that means allowing someone control over his life and Booth has a hard time with that. In his relationships he has to be the one with all the rules– they are sort of his walls. NatesMama has a great fic that describe his relationship issues better than I can. (please note the M rating).

        Now you say he didn’t move on in S5– but the problem was that he immediately said he would. To hyper literal Brennan that’s what matters. He told her “neither of us want to walk through that door anymore”. He told sweets he already had a date lined up– he was showing everyone he was trying to move on. As soon as she was having “coffee” with Hacker (clearly telling him it was NOT a sex thing), he decided to date Catherine. He wasn’t telling her he was waiting. Look at how different things were when he told her was waiting for a proposal. Brennan needs things spelled out for her sometimes– that’s what he needed to do, IMO.

        SAVING FACE to Brennan means he is moving on– she can’t read his mind. She does not read nonverbal cues. That was the whole problem.

        The Maluku thing– She had not come to a decision to go to Maluku because her partnership WAS important to her. Remember Daisy also made her worried that she was holding him back. However, if Brennan was firm on going– she wouldn’t have waited for him to make a decision– that’s not who Brennan is. But unfortunately he signed up for Afghanistan before she decided ANYTHING! Why do people forget that?

        There was a difference between what Booth was feeling and what Brennan was actually doing. And if Booth had calmly thought about how he would pursue a relationship – he would’ve heard what she was saying and not taken everything as a blow to his ego. She did try to reassure him that nothing needed to change– but he was too emotional. Its what he does– when he is hurt, he can’t see anyone else’s pain (like Pops).

        As for Brennan being comfortable in their surrogate relationship and needed something to break it? She wouldn’t have wrote a coma novel if she was happy with what they had. She wouldn’t have been at an emotional breaking point in BwtA if she was content staying in the relationship they had. I think she was struggling more than he was which is why she was at an edge of a mental breakdown. As she said in BitE– she was needed perspective on what everything meant in her life. And she dreamed of them being together in Maluku which means she was considering about them getting together. Whether she made up her mind to say yes in Maluku– I don’t know– I have seen the debate go either way.

        Also as socially unaware as Brennan is– she knew exactly when to step out of the way with Booth and Hannah. If Brennan truly didn’t understand what Booth being in a relationship meant– we would’ve seen a lot more social hijinks where Brennan was trying to maintain the status quo instead of allowing them space. But we didn’t see that.

      • So many points I wanted to debate but felt it was a losing battle and writing is not my forte.
        There’s so much more that could be said for Brennan. Thank you bountypeaches for what you wrote!

      • I think that there will always be (as there has always been) a group that identifies and therefore sympathizes more with Brennan and another group that does the same thing with Booth. But we can all agree, I think, that we love both of them and we love both of them together, imperfections and all.

      • I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree about our perceptions on Booth and leave it at that; this particular discussion harkens back to events that happened almost five years ago on the show and I really have no desire to keep revisiting the subject-it makes me feel like a hamster stuck inside a very rusty wheel. Perhaps I should just stay away altogether until the end of season six vintage posts come along. But it does bug me that lately so many of the comments on this very excellent site have had such an anti-Booth vibe. It’s one of the main reasons I finally decided to post something on the subject.

        I love both B&B just about equally, but especially together. I’m inherently happy with the way the writers chose to develop and evolve their characters as well as their relationship, and I’ve made a conscious effort over the years not to fret about what the writers/producers/characters should/could have done differently. I find this has really enhanced my viewing experience.

        IMO, B&B have been written in a manner that allows for them both to have flaws as well as strengths, which is a great thing; there’s always plenty of room for growth. Because of that, stereotypical, one-dimensional procedural types have been turned into what feels like very real people, even going into a 10th season. Neither has ever been made out to be perfect-sometimes they’re stubborn, or needy or insecure-but together they invariably bring out the best in each other. It’s probably my favorite thing about Bones. That’s not to say I haven’t had issues with a few individual episodes or even some arcs, but overall, I respect where the show has taken us and how they’ve chosen to get us there. As Booth would say, it’s all worth it.

        PS-apologies for ‘cannon’ vs ‘canon;’ I swear, I know better. Sometimes my English-as-a second-language shows, especially when I haven’t downed my coffee.

    • Of course he wouldn’t have gotten anywhere with anything he said because didn’t want to put them together. Emily’s pregnancy forced his hand. Go, Emily.

      • Stupid moonlighting curse– I hope the tv writers are finally over it with Bones and Castle. 😉

        But I will still say that HH wrote in a way that Booth did everything he knew not to do with Brennan. No matter what Brennan was thinking she would never want to “gamble”. That is not coincidental especially when he repeats the pattern with Hannah.

  7. Should have said Hart didn’t want them together.

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