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Vintage Bones: The Dwarf in the Dirt


Ah, I really like this episode. I love that Booth goes to Gordon Gordon for advice, and I love the scene where Brennan joins him for dinner. Booth is kind of cute when he is eager, and he definitely was here. And I love when Brennan comes with him to support him as he gets his gun license (or whatever it was) back!


What do you like or not like about this episode?

Here are some moments of B&B:


From Dwarf in the Dirt

booth dirt

dirt 8

thumbs up bren


13 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Dwarf in the Dirt

  1. First of all, I can’t stop staring at that picture of Booth in the shooting range with Brennan just there in the background. I imagine that he was thinking “Gotta do this for my Bones– I got this.” and it feels like some of that Cocky-belt buckle confidence starts coming back to him in that moment. Something that the coma dream kind of dampered for awhile.

    And now for the quotes, many of whom are classic GGW phrases permanently grafted into the Bones lexicon:

    I just love this first quote. It’s a small admission on Brennan’s part, not quite what Booth is looking for, but it gives him hope. I can imagine, through his experiences with Jared and stuff like that, Booth perhaps has been overshadowed by the “bad boys” at times in his life, and it was nice for him to hear there’s at least one gal that likes good boys. 🙂 

    Gidget: What can I say? Got a thing for bad boys! Don’t you?
    Brennan: No. I prefer good boys.
    Booth: Really?
    Brennan: Yes.

    And here come the GGW pearls of wisdom:

    Wyatt: Sometimes you have to help people against their wishes.
    Brennan: I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do to help him.

    Wyatt: But… the heart chooses what it chooses, we don’t really have a say in the matter.

    Wyatt: Indeed, when it comes to a man and his gun, a woman is the natural cure. Take Dr. Brennan to this, um, shooting event. You won’t fail in front of her. Trust me.

  2. Of all the gross, disgusting things ‘Bones’ has done with bodies and remains and cadavers, the Most Disgusting Thing ever on that show was that sperm-covered dish served by GGW. Most. Disgusting. Thing. Ever.

    It’s funny how characters like GGW (and characters like Russ and Jared (and Parker!…..grrrrr grumble mumble)) were actually on the show so fleetingly but loom so large in our (or at least my) view of the show.

  3. The way Gordon Gordon says to Booth in the kitchen “You won’t fail in front of her” in that lovely English accent–love it! Also love the pic of Booth looking at Brennan in the kitchen. He has a small smile, scrunched up forehead and big brown eyes—what girl won’t do anything he asked!!

  4. The funny stuff 🙂 :

    Brennan: Why aren’t you cracking wise?
    Booth: Why? Because it’s not the 1945.
    Brennan: Shall I start making jokes?
    Booth: Just let it flow naturally Bones.
    Brennan: I’ve noticed in the past, when you’re grumpy, your mood tends to elevate when you tell me about it.
    Booth: I just had a bad day on the range.
    Brennan: Is that a cowboy metaphor?

    Brennan: Fraud, boo. Look at his femurs!

    Brennan: Maybe I should start packing heat again.
    Booth: Packing heat?
    Brennan: Yeah, it’s a colloquium. I’m quite a good shot.

    Booth: Wait, wait a second. Did you just call forensic evidence crap?
    Brennan: Colloquial again. What did you think?
    Booth: This is very nice – I like it. It shows that you’re adapting.
    Brennan: I’m working on it. And joshing around, too.

    Booth: You see when a man can’t have the woman he loves, he gets a bit crazy.

    Booth: So Bones, can you do me a favor?
    Brennan: Yes, so long as it doesn’t involve me shaving my head.
    Booth: You are making a joke.
    Brennan: I’m becoming quite amusing.
    Booth: Yes you are. That’s very funny. Honestly will you do me a favor?
    Brennan: Yes.

  5. One of my absolute favorite B&B endings. When Gordon Gordon tells Booth “Temperance Brennan. You’re in love with her. You’re building a world around her. A family.” Booth does not deny it, he just says, so heartbreaking “She doesn’t love me. I would know if she loved me”. Thank goodness, GordonGordon’s words came true. 🙂
    I also love the song that starts playing the background ,” My Ghost”

    “Who can you trust in this place?
    In whom can I put my faith?
    If you’re real then show me now
    Who you are

    How can I love without grace?
    Shine a light on your face
    If you’re real then show me now
    Who you are”

    Perfect for B&B!

  6. A very enjoyable episode. But yet another that leads the direction that belies the 100th ending.

  7. Oh gosh, this was my moment! The last scene of DitD was the one that made me realize I was hooked on this show. I was so emotionally invested in Booth’s success that I threw my hands into the air in the middle of my dirty little Irish dorm room, and then I went back and started with the pilot. I think, to a certain extent, I’ve got a weakness for things like this in general (characters proving to others and themselves that they are still THEM), but this in particular is such a romantic notion for me. His feelings for Brennan look like another symptom, but they’re actually the cure. Brennan is Booth’s constant, and he’s hers. UGH. LOVE. And it all ends in that gloriously understated thumbs up, which just FILLS HIM with pride.
    SHOWWWWW I love you

  8. This was a great episode. I just rewatched it and B&B and GG’s reactions during the bout of midget wresting were spot on. I also loved the kitchen scene but wondered why it is that Brennan never takes that stupid coat off. And yes, relantel, this plays into the whole first half of season 5 where we seemed to be heading full steam in one direction only to have the rug pulled out in the 100th. And no, don’t tell me that ‘that’s just great writing’ because it isn’t.

  9. Great episode. So much to say, till later.

  10. This was a very good season-finale episode notwithstanding-but filled with such pain, especially for Booth. He’s so in love with Brennan and so insecure about the person he is after his surgery, both mentally and physically, it breaks my heart. DB and his wounded looks do it to me every time

    And its a funny thing with Brennan, this season. She says and does so many things that show her affection and concern for Booth, but they’re almost clinical. I know I’m not explaining myself well, but it just seems to me that after she almost lost Booth and deleted that book, she built some new walls that weren’t there before. For instance, the kind of lightheartedness that we saw in Fire on the Ice or vulnerability of Cinderella is gone-I also think it’s why she subconsciously started dating Hacker, to put some distance between herself and Booth because she was kind of freaking out inside.

    All in all, and knowing how it all exploded in the 100th, rewatching this episode and so many from season 5 hurts, but in a good way. Certainly easier to take after the following year’s awesome finale.

  11. I started watching Bones Season 6. So catching up, watching season 5, Hannah was now in the picture. Had I started watching Bones in season 5, the way B&B interacted in Season 5, I would have sworn they were going to end up together in Season 5. But, I am glad that all works out eventually. It does make the pain of season 5 easier to watch again. ..

    And season 6. poor poor messed up bbies

    “See you tomorrow.”
    “Yes. Tomorrow.”

  12. TThis is one of my favorite episode. I would love to see a scene study on this episode.

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