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Vintage Bones: The Foot in the Foreclosure


I remember when I first saw this episode, I’d had a terrible day, and so I wasn’t in the mood for anything nice. A lot of people really loved this episode, and looking back, it is very sweet. And it was great to meet Pops for the first time. The case was interesting, and I thought the show did a nice job with it.


I loved every scene between Brennan and Pops, especially when they met (and Booth was nervous, haha) and at the restaurant and also at the end. And in the car! Just…all of them!


What do you like or not like about this one? And here is your moment of B&B:


pops and bones booth


24 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Foot in the Foreclosure

  1. Booth: You know Pops, I can take care of my own love life.
    Hank: I don’t think so.

    Brennan: He’s quite skittish when the subject of sex comes up.
    Booth: No I’m not.
    Hank: Maybe I didn’t give him enough information when he was a kid.

    Hank: She’s got talent, charm, beauty, money. And you’re just friends?… I didn’t raise you very well.

    Love Hank!! So sad we won’t get more…but happy we got him at all! Wonderful actor and character 🙂

  2. Love Pops. RIP, Ralph Waite.

    Rather than risk giving myself apoplexy by falling into yet another Mama Booth rant, I’ll just channel my inner Forrest Gump. “That’s all I have to say ‘bout that.”

  3. Hello, if they would only have listened, no, comprehended what Hank said to each of them…

  4. “He’s big and strong, but he’s gonna need someone. Everyone needs someone.”
    LOVE this one for that line alone.

  5. Loved Pops, loved all the interaction between the three of them and particularly loved Club Jiggle. I never understood why Pops was worried about Booth finding out he threw ‘dad’ out of the family. The guy was a drunk and beating Booth. Booth would have been grateful. I also think the scene where Brennan says to Pops she doesn’t know what that means and Pops says, ‘Oh, yes, you do’ is a statement that he knew Brennan was in love with Booth but too scared to show it — something Brennan herself said when she proposed.

    • I do agree that Pops should’ve just told Booth and Jared so it wouldn’t have made it seem like their dad abandoned them. I think Pops may have felt guilty that he made his son leave his kids. Even if he wasn’t good for them– I think the kids still loved their father and for what its worth I do think their father loved them too– he made sure he was sober every year on Booth’s birthday, when he stopped drinking he took Booth to a ballgame, he sang songs with him and took him out ice fishing in the middle of the night. He saved that card that Booth made when he was a kid. I think Booth’s dad probably suffered from PTSD post vietnam and was just not strong enough to overcome it without alcohol. Which is unfortunate, but happens. He probably wasn’t a bad person — just caught up in a vortex of pain and anger– some professional help would’ve made a world of difference since he did try to stop at some point. Maybe Pops felt guilty that he didn’t raise him to be strong enough?

      I like the “oh yes you do”– Pops knew– but she also knew– she was just afraid of her best not being good enough and she didn’t want to hurt him it wasn’t– “you are the one that needs protection from me”.

  6. Loved Pops. He was great. He was brilliant. For the few times he was on his presence was amazing and I’ll always feel him there.

  7. I loved Pops-such a dear character and such a good role model for the young Booth.

    I really liked this episode it was so sweet. How adorable was Pops at Club Jiggle and how he jumped in like he belonged at the big box hardware store.

    I’m so glad Ralph Waite lived long enough so Pops could be at the B&B wedding.

    • Jeff Woolnough, who wrote this episode, wrote some of the best episodes of Bones. Unfortunately he hasn’t done anything for them since season 5.

      • He didn’t write it, he directed it, according to IMDB. The episode was written by Pat Charles who is still currently writing for Bones. His most recent episode was The turn in the urn. He also wrote The lady on the list, The blood from the stones and The bod in the pod from season 8.

      • My mistake. I misread.

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