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Vintage Bones: The Gamer in the Grease


Hello and Happy Friday!


This episode is not one of my favorites, mostly because of the b-plot with Hodgins, Sweets and Fischer going to see Avatar. That just did not do it for me.

The end scene (scene study here if you want to check it out)  with Booth and Brennan is cute. I am also anti-vest, but I know some people are very, very pro-vest on Booth 🙂  I am very pro-cocky, trash-talking Booth!


Hope you have a great weekend–here is your moment of B&B:


gamer 45 gamer 52


5 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Gamer in the Grease

  1. Besides the ending, which was great, Fisher was also great. He may be one of my favorite interns, I just love how strange he is!

    Fisher: All friendships are fleeting and ends in abandonment. So why not spend a few hours with you guys until it falls apart.

    Fisher: You and your particulates always ruining the day for me.
    Hodgins: Okay, look, I’m going to go relieve Sweets. Just -if anyone asks, tell them I’m defligisterizing tachymosis franklangellum.

    Haha. Love Hodgins, always.

    But I hated the Avatar plotline. It was like a Toyota commercial that never ended. I was just so mad, like ugh Bones, really? How much did you get paid for this??? HATED it.

    But the ending is perfect. I love the two of them, and I like the “math” discussion:

    Booth: Because…once I start, I ain’t gonna stop. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Mmmm….

    Brennan: I’ve realized recently that you use a different number system than I do, like the Babylonians, which was Base-60. I don’t understand your system, but I can see that it works.

  2. I didn’t mind the Avatar b plot. It was a lot less aggravating than some of the others (list upon application) and it was certainly better than the really annoying car commercials that I wanted to throw something at the tv every time they did one. I liked that Brennan wasn’t quite comfortable with the case. For me the episode is more enjoyable if both partners are bringing something to the solution and Brennan isn’t constantly lecturing Booth about some abstruse aspect of the problem. The final scene is one of my favorites. Love Booth in a vest; love the squint around the quarter; love the ‘once I start, I ain’t gonna stop’. I never saw how that could be read any other way than as a preview of coming (although it took way too long) events.

  3. I loved the end scene and wish they would have spent more time on it. It seemed cut short somehow. That was an important moment between Brennan & Booth.

    Compared to the horrendous car ads, I’ve let the one time Avatar overkill ad slide, though too much precious time was wasted on it that could have been used in the end scene.

    More time should have been spent on the father & son scenario and compared to Booth & Parker, who at this time was an integral part of Booth’s life and the man & father Booth was then.

    I don’t care about the vests other than I think they put them in to make what Booth told Sweets in Harbingers truthful. I don’t think he told the whole truth about what he missed from his coma dream aka Brennan’s story. I think the aspect of Brennan’s story was a great storyline I wished would have been pursued.

    There are often comments made about the little amount of time given an episode and there’s only so much they can fit in. But if you take out the ads, the never ending interns, and other time fillers, there’s plenty of time for solid quality episodes as in S1-S3 minus the writer’s strike.

  4. I really enjoyed this episode and was heartbroken for the dad. Booth was totally right when he said when your child is hurt that your heart rises up-gets fierce.

    I didn’t mind the Avatar stuff at all-especially since I loved the movie. I’m not a Sweets fan and could’ve done without seeing him being molested not to mention he was with Daisy at the time.

    I liked how Fisher and Hodgins kept doing the bait and switch with Cam in an attempt to cover for each other.

    I liked Booth’s vests, but honestly-I think they had DB wear them because he was so thin at the time and wanted to add a little bit of bulk to him.

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