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Vintage Bones: The Goop on the Girl


Hello and Happy Monday!

I think this episode is a special one; Bones-Christmas episodes tend to be. I am hoping we get one this season as well. But it is very difficult, as the networks technically control the episodes and when they air. So it is risky to create one and have it end up airing in January or something like that (which I remember HH saying was a possibility for Santa in the Slush —can you imagine?) .


Anyway, this one is about family, and I like that. Oh, and Brennan takes Booth’s clothes off in the name of evidence. So yes. What do you like (or not like) about this episode?


Here is your moment of B&B:


goop 22


8 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Goop on the Girl

  1. I tend to wonder what I would have thought of the cousin if I had seen this when it aired, as opposed to seeing it after a couple seasons of New Girl.

    Though yet again, this episode has the directional signs of those around it. (I think even Margaret made suggestions at the dinner scene) — So even in my state of having seen S9 first I never saw the 100th coming. I saw these trends as I watched Season 5. Realizing now that it was a set up. (An unnecessary one, IMHO, but a set up nonetheless) – One designed to inflict the most story chaos and/or extend the show without crossing that point of no return with B&B.

  2. Personally it doesn’t matter to me if a Christmas episode is shown in December or July. I’d watch the three Bones Christmas episodes any day of any month. But I’m doubtful about us ever getting another one. To me the scheduling excuse is just that, an excuse not to do one. Brennan undressing Booth is one of the sexiest scenes they ever did and the whole idea that Brennan would be so empathetic as to want to attend Holden Chevalier’s funeral so his mother wouldn’t be alone is one of a handful of episodes where Brennan is shown as an openly sympathetic person. ZD’s guest shot was also fun and I wish they could find the time to bring Margaret back.

  3. One of my all time favorite episodes despite my continued disappointment with the show since S6. I doubt that we’ll ever see anything regarding Christmas again as well. I don’t think Bones needs to worry about a Moonlighting curse. I think they have their own Bones curse. Brennan & Booth to me seem unnatural and out of character, especially Booth. Their romantic relationship seems forced where as before it wasn’t. It was so amazingly natural and chemically charged. Brennan was empathic from the beginning and more obvious to me now then before. For now, I still love this episode. I love all the few Christmas episodes and wish they would have continued them. Great episode.

  4. I really love the talk guy’s speech at the end, and the song that goes with it. Wish I could find the name to that song.
    Annnnnndddd Booth being wheeled through the Jeffersonian in his skivvies. 😀

  5. I loved this one, and yes — what a great scene to highlight the U.S.T.! I guess I disagree with the idea that the show is not as good now — I really loved Season 9. Buts here’s the thing: real relationships that turn into marriages go through a transition, and the love between them becomes less about romantic tension, and more about sustained love and support. Plus, re-watch the scene in Season 9’s finale right before Dr. Brennan leaves Booth to await, well, spoiler stuff. Look at the way he looks at her before saying he loves her. That was a “look” we saw plenty of in earlier seasons, and it was nice to see it back.

    As to the music, I watched this episode a month ago, so I can’t recall what the song is. However, a user on Spotify has been nice enough to create a playlist of all the music from Bones seemingly all seasons. So maybe you can find it there:

  6. Love this episode.. I’ll take Brennan undressing Booth any day…Ink, I did my googling and I think this is the song you were looking for.. Matt Alber – Star of Wonder

  7. You guys rock. Thanks so much!

  8. Well, this is a special episode, you are right. Amazing how the Bones show can make you laugh and cry in the same show. It’s so sad about the Santa being blown up and the end speech, yet we can laugh at the particulates being stuck in Booth’s hair and belt buckle 🙂

    We’ve talked about it before in scene studies, the way Brennan’s eyes could roam all over Booth while she attempts to be distant and clinical. (Like in Passenger) She definitely gets a Boothy view from all angles in Goop! 🙂 Also, do you guys remember the suspiciously-finger-shaped bruises on Booth’s leg as he was wheeled down the lab?

    It’s another one of those times where I could smack a squint for interrupting. What might’ve happened once Booth ran out of saints to recite? Hmm…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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