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Vintage Bones: The X in the File


Hello Bones fans!

I liked that in this episode, B&B were on the road but they weren’t undercover. I have never watched The X Files, so I am sure there are a few inside jokes that I missed. But I still liked this episode pretty well. It was fun and interesting and kind of a one-off, but in a good way.


What do you like or not like about this one?


Here is your moment of B&B:

x in the file 3


PS… Pal Kelly (TVMouse) is working through The X-Files for the first time, and you can check that out here if you’d like (it is fun to read even for those of us who haven’t watched). Also Pal Marisa once interviewed Hart Hanson on how The X-Files influenced his work. There are probably spoilers for all of The X-Files (I have no idea), so be warned there, but otherwise, it is a cool piece you can find here 


10 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The X in the File

  1. Hodgins angst and Hodgins humor:

    Hodgins: I’m a better man than this…I want to be happy for them, you know. I really do.
    Sweets: Well, it’s easier for us to accept loneliness, as long as the person we were once with is also alone.

    Sweets: Do you want Angela back?… I don’t think youre jealous. I think that you’re grieving what you’ve lost.
    Hodgins: Grieving? As in grief?
    Sweets: Yes.
    Hodgins: The only thing that cures grief is time. Unless your recommending a lot of alcohol.
    Sweets: I can’t really recommend alcohol.
    Hodgins: Man, it’d be great if you could though. Right?

    Hodgins: That was way too much damage. That blew your head clear off.
    Cam: I don’t know if anyone should enjoy their work this much.

    Hodgins: That was fun!
    Angela: Boys.
    Cam: You got that right.

    Brennan considers Booth’s point of view:

    Booth: Maybe aliens are… anthropologists. Maybe they just want to study our religion and sex, and love and our funny languages, and line dancing.
    Brennan: That’s an interesting possibility I hadn’t considered.

    B&B adorable banter:

    Booth: You just basically said that aliens are nice anthropologists.
    Brennan: I don’t think so.
    Booth: You think aliens are you.
    Brennan: You got me. You know, I – I’m one of them.
    Booth: I knew it!
    Brennan: I was sent down as an advanced scout.
    Booth: Ha! I knew it. No probing. No probing!
    Brennan: Hey, probing is a valuable way of gathering information.

    Goop on the Girl much?? 🙂 🙂

  2. Ohh, thanks Sarah!!

    I’ve been saving this episode to rewatch after I’m done with The X-Files, to be sure I don’t miss any references, so I’m not sure yet exactly how many Easter eggs there are. But this is the first episode of Bones that I watched live after getting caught up on the series, so I remember spending a lot of time reading the press releases about the episode/ guest cast, which is why Dean Haglund’s name sounded familiar to me when he first popped up on TXF. And there have definitely been a few times over the course of TXF where a visual has struck me as particularly similar to what we see in this episode (trailers papered with conspiracy theories, figures in the fog, eyes in the darkness, etc). I think it’s the aesthetic of “The X in the File” that’s influenced by The X-Files more than anything. But again, I’ll need a rewatch!

    I think the pace of this episode felt weird to me the first time just because I was actually watching it with commercials, but I do like it a lot, especially Booth’s flannel shirt, the shout-out to DB’s dad, and THAT LAST SCENE, which is adorable. They’re just joking around with each other and complimenting each other and watching the stars. I love it. I also adore Hodgins’s glee at shooting ball bearings into everyone’s fake heads. All of that, coupled with the fact that it’s referencing a show I now love (right down to using the theme song as a ringtone), means that I definitely have a soft spot for this one now 🙂

  3. The end scene on the hood of the car reminded me a little of the end seen of the pilot of That 70’s Show (also on the hood of a car). Only not as obvious.

    I can’t say we watched all of X-Files (we didn’t), but we were pretty well versed. That being said, it was so long ago on the X-Files that I probably missed a lot of things (my first watch of this was back in May or June of this year).

  4. Never watched the X-Files but I did enjoy this episode, minus anything to do with the Angela-Wendell hook-up (see previous remarks). Hodgins’ patience was superhuman and I have never felt Angela deserved it. But the whole aliens plot and B&B in the lab with the body sitting up — I won’t mention it if you don’t — and the end scene were worth the price of admission. This was one of a particularly great sweep of episodes.

  5. A fun enjoyable one of a kind episode as Sarah said. Also especially liked it when the body sat up. Liked the Sheriff too.

  6. This is on the short list as one of my all time favorite episodes. My sister is a big X-Files fan, so I watched them with her, just like she watched Bones with me and got hooked.
    My favorite part though? Has to be when the body rises off the table and Brennan screams, frantically trying to shut it off, and Booth gets his gun taken away cause he’s trying to be all protective. Nothing gets to me more than the way they come back together without even looking at one another, as if it’s instinctual, staring at the body now back on the table in horror.
    The deal-
    “I won’t tell anyone about the scream if you don’t tell anyone about the gun.”
    “Those terms are satisfactory.”
    {D Every time, I laugh hysterically. My sister says I’m weird, but I really couldn’t care less in that moment. So freakin’ funny!

    • It’s funny to when you connect it to Cam’s statement in Double Death that sometimes at night she thinks she sees a body move and Brennan looks at her as if she’s nuts. Now Brennan has her own moving body experience.

  7. I really like this episode because Booth and Brennan seem to be enjoying each other’s company so much. No one cares if they are a couple or not, so they can just relax and do their job. There are some really funny bits, too. I liked the part at the end where they confront the bad guy and the sheriff keeps interrupting Booth…don’t know why, but I laugh every time. I could do without Angela and Wendell, but the miracle of technology lets me fast forward through that part.

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