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Vintage Bones: The Proof in the Pudding


This episode is kind of an enigma to me. An interesting (if not a little over the top) premise, and every character is sort of at his or her best self , and it all works out in the end. It’s sort of fan-fictiony (in a good way) to me, and at the time it aired, I found it a little unrealistic. But over time I have come to enjoy it a lot. I especially like seeing all of the characters together at the lab.


What do you like (or not like) about this episode? In the meantime, here is your moment of B&B:


proof in the pudding


11 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Proof in the Pudding

  1. Yeah, its a little over the top, but I don’t know that its wholly unreasonable. I imagine secret stuff like that goes on behind the scenes all the time with government entities. Now, would they call on an outside organization like the Jeffersonian? Probably not, if they want it kept completely secret! I thought it was interesting to see the evidence of the JFK assassination to be examined with modern technology, especially the space-age Jeffersonian wizardry. 🙂 Perfect for Hodgins to examine for all his theories, but painful for Booth. (Which this episode takes on new significance in light of Booth’s betrayal, doesn’t it?)

    Booth: And if he was killed by two gunmen, then the government lied. They covered it up.
    Brennan: Throughout history, governments have lied with impunity to other governments and to their own citizens. (WAHH BOOTH!!!!)

    I adore Booth shooting the door down IN THAT JACKET to get “his people” out.

    Angela: This is the first time I have ever been as paranoid as Hodgins.
    Booth: You’re FBI property. If anyone’s going to lock you up, it’s gonna be me!

    I also love that Hacker looked dumb attempting the same. (How did that man become Booth’s superior? Ugh) I love Brennan seeking the truth, but with understand of Booth’s feelings as well.

    It’s a little bit of a stretch, but I thought it was fun that they went there, and tackled the controversy.

    I’m not gonna even talk about Wendell and Angela. Blech.

    B&B brought the adorable again: 🙂

    Booth: I’m gonna need some scientific jibber jabber to distract these guys.
    Brennan: Ooooh, you know who can do jibber jabber?
    Booth: Who?
    Brennan: Me!

    Brennan: I’m very impressed. You wanted the truth even though you knew it could hurt you.
    Booth: I learned that from you.

    All in all, a fun episode! I enjoyed it.

  2. For the most part I enjoyed this episode and liked how they were all together in the lab solving a murder. I think apart from The Man in the Fallout Shelter this is the only other time that has happened. Hacker and Booth are funny together and I’d like to have seen more between the two of them. Scenes with Brennan and Hacker are just sad, totally ridiculous and wince-inducing. How did Brennan whip up that ‘pudding’ so quickly? I’ve always wondered that. On Wendell and Angela, see earlier remarks on just what a failed and yucky decision that storyline was. And one other thing, John Wilkes Booth had no children so Booth is not descended from him.

  3. .
    I really like this episode it was enjoyable and I love seeing bada$$ Booth in his leather jacket *fans self* but it’s also the episode that had me thinking/worrying that maybe something would come up in future episodes that would make Booth question whether the government has lied to him about the lives he took as a solider. (Flash-forward to season 9) I agree with bb in light of Booth’s betrayal this episode takes on a whole new meaning.

    I like Hacker (or as I sometimes call him Booth super lite) when he has scenes with Booth but not when he’s trying to impress Brennan or flirting with her, other then that I do wish we had seen him in more episodes. Like others I really didn’t care for the Wendell/Angela storyline and thought Wendell could do better. It’s not that I don’t like Angela she’s just not my favorite character.

  4. This ep being largely contained to the lab had a very good flow to it, almost as if it ceased to be about a case (even though it was). It was about so much more.

  5. I liked this episode. Another one of a kind but better. I thought the premise was a little over the top too but it’s an interesting thought. I remember that day very well. For it’s time, the news spread instantly. The world changed that day and became smaller. I loved Booth shooting out the doors to get to his people. Loved Brennan being excited to do jibber jabber for Booth. Booth feeling betrayed. Brennan & Booth discussing his ancestor in her office and his reminding her that they’ve discussed this before, only to find out soon that it was when they first met and their first kiss. Loved Hodgins and Angela, and Angela was good too. Never cared for Angela & Wendell together either but it was light and minor. More a problem of the show constantly hooking people up with people in the lab. Interesting how Hodgins has said things to Angela that Booth has said to Brennan: I’m your guy, I’m that guy, there’s more than one kind of family, etc. I loved at the end how Booth told Brennan what he learned about the truth from her. Good episode.

    • I think the writer till to make Hodgins and Angela mirror Booth and Brennan.

      A lot of things happen in Hodgins and Angela also happen in Booth and Brennan in a similar manner.

      • Yes Annie I think so too, except Angela & Hodgins seem to have things work out better for them than they do for Brennan & Booth. We get to see many important moments with Angela & Hodgins that we don’t always get to see with Brennan & Booth.

    • I love Hodgins! No matter how hurt he must’ve felt over the Wendell thing– he just truly understands what love means.

      Hodgins: [to Angela] I’m your guy. I love you. I love you and I want to help you in whatever way I can. If – if you want to move in together. If – if you want to get married. I’m here for you, and the baby, in whatever role you need. Okay?

      Loved Brennan in this episode too. Brennan’s commitment to the scientific truth is a cornerstone for her self identity. To be willing to overlook the odds that JFK could’ve had osteomyelitis just to protect Booth’s emotions was such a big thing.

  6. Hodgins intensity. Blew me out of the water and made me shake.

  7. I love this episode. It is over the top and the viewer does have to suspend belief a little bit, but that’s what makes watching a television show fun. I remember when JFK was killed so the factoids they mentioned just sucked me in. Dancing Booth is silly but it just shows how comfortable he is with Brennan, I think. He just can’t stand to be away from his Bones, even if he has to shoot out a door. Hacker really looks pathetic in this episode. Hodgins secures his place as the most romantic man on tv during this episode too. Very enjoyable, in my opinion.

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