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Vintage Bones: The Dentist in the Ditch


Like I’ve said before, this series of season five episodes leading up to the 100th are some of my favorites, and I also like this episode pretty well. I agree with all who have said that it was tremendously building toward a B&B culmination of feelings. Also, Bones had been renewed for seasons 5 & 6 at the same time, so I remember seeing things and feeling like “this is happening. they are going to get together some time in season 5 and we’re actually possibly going to get AN ENTIRE SEASON of them as a couple. Is that even possible? Could we even be so lucky?” etc, etc. Again, in hindsight, that was a very big deal.  I’ll save my thoughts for the post-1ooth episodes when they come up in the Vintage Bones rotation, but will say that there are times when these earlier season five episodes sting more because they are building up to some pain, but over time, I can appreciate them more.


Anyway, I liked the case in this episode, and I liked all of the Jared and Booth stuff, as well as the dinner between Booth and Brennan and Jared and Padme.

What do you like or not like?

Here is your moment of B&B (courtesy of FullFrontalNerdity)



7 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Dentist in the Ditch

  1. Brennan: You ran a background check on Jared’s girlfriend?
    Booth: Well, yeah, you do things like that for people you care about.
    Brennan: Do you do that when I go out with someone?
    Booth: Look Bones, you’re the one who says not to jump to any conclusions without all the facts.

    Brennan: They’re not unlike mountain rams that butt heads in an attempt to attract a mate. It’s hard to believe that brain damage isn’t a result.
    Booth: It’s amazing. You even make football sound bad, Bones.

    Sweets: Oh, did you run a background check on Jared’s girlfriend?
    Booth: Okay. Why is everyone saying that to me like it’s some kind of terrible thing.
    Sweets: Because it’s kind of a terrible thing.

    Brennan: You told me that my father’s criminal past didn’t matter. That the love between us was real. And that’s all that mattered. Because I believed you, my father and I have relationship today.
    Booth: Okay, I’m glad I could help out.
    Brennan: I’m anxious because I can’t see any meaningful difference between my father and your brother’s girlfriend… Can you explain that to me?… It’s a question of logic, so I’m just going to be quiet while you work your way through.

    Booth: So you really think I was wrong?
    Brennan: I don’t know if you were wrong. But I fail to see the point of being right.

    Jared: That’s good because, uh, I… really… wanted to know if you’d be my best man.
    Booth: Wow. Uh, so soon. It’s only been, what, a month?
    Jared: Ow!
    Brennan: Oh.
    Booth: What?
    Jared: Temperance. She kicked me under that table. Pretty sure she was aiming for you.
    Booth: Definitely meant for me.
    Padme: Well if that’s true, I like her.


    I love that Brennan asked Booth if he does that with her dates and he doesn’t directly answer it. Heck, yeah he does! He’s gonna protect his Bones!! 🙂

    What I like about this episode is B&B’s partnership trust with each other. Brennan is willing to give Booth’s point of view a thought and not immediately throw it out…even if she suspects he’s not fully right. Booth asks her “So you think I was wrong?” He wants to know her thoughts because she does always tell him the truth.

    I do see Booth’s side though, a little bit. I don’t think he’s coming from an evil place, I think he did truly want the best for his brother. Yes, he was a little overzealous, and yes, he was being overprotective big brother a bit, but I get it. He was thinking he was doing what was right to protect his brother. His FBI instincts kicked in and his first thought was get Padme checked out.

    With Jared’s history, and the shortness of their relationship, I can’t say as I blame Booth for being concerned. When my sister called me from England to say she was engaged I was like (WHA?!) so I super get it. It’s called “older sibling syndrome” and it affects us all. 🙂

    What I take from the episode is that Booth listened to his support system and gave Jared and Padme a chance. He “got” it. It helped give Brennan some insight into Booth and give her more evidence to file away. I think it helped B&B because they listened to each other. I hope someday we get to see a Jared/Padme visit so we can follow up (though I doubt it!) and can see where they are now.

    • “Brennan: You ran a background check on Jared’s girlfriend?
      Booth: Well, yeah, you do things like that for people you care about.
      Brennan: Do you do that when I go out with someone?
      Booth: Look Bones, you’re the one who says not to jump to any conclusions without all the facts. ”

      Booth, who couldn’t admit that he totally would… (or acknowledge that he did interfere every time she did)

  2. Booth has a habit of looking out for Jared developed from their rocky childhood and as an oldest sibling I, too, know what that is like. I liked this episode not only for B&B but for the way the writers treated homosexuality and the victim’s struggle socially. I also love the way that Booth is unexpectedly tolerant toward so many human variables but closes up (as with Jared and Brennan) when it’s someone he loves. Then he becomes overly protective which may be annoying to the protectee but is an attractive character trait in the protector.

  3. I’m an oldest sibling as well and looking out for your younger sibling, especially when things are bad, instincts do kick in. I agree with you Sarah and the others and what you all wrote. I also wish we could have seen Jared more and Russ as well, even others, but I don’t expect to see anyone again. We barely see Parker. I liked this episode mainly because of Jared and Brennan & Booth’s interactions. It is difficult to watch knowing all that was to come.

    I love the dialogue that you post bb. Where do you get those? They’re great and I really enjoy and appreciate them. Thanks. 🙂

  4. I love this one too



  5. I love the end. B&B just like a couple, sharing all the family matter.

  6. I still want to know what Booth says to Bones after the toast at the very end of the episode…or is it DB to ED? Either way I have always been curious about that, and why it was left in the shot.

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