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Vintage Bones: The Devil in the Details


Bonjour and Happy Friday!


This episode is a heartcrushing one, at least in terms of the case. It’s one where no one really wins. I like the darker nature of it and how each character is involved in the case.  I also like Josh Malina a lot, so it was great to see him guest star in this one.

The end scene is a favorite of mine, and I think it really sums up the entire B&B experience in a lot of ways. They don’t always see the world from the same point of view, but they respect one another and lean on one another’s viewpoints for support, which is what makes it work.  (scene study here) .  Plus it is another one of their ‘coffee’ moments 🙂  It goes to heartwarming in a lot of ways.


What do you like or not like about this one?


Here is your moment of B&B:

details 39



PS… I am finally doing something with my SarahInPrint tumblr , so if you are on Tumblr, let me know, and I will follow! I am figuring it all out, so be patient.  Disclosure: it’s not limited to just Bones (though there is a lot of that on there) and I won’t necessarily seek out spoilers but can’t promise it will always be spoiler free.  Mostly it will just be my thoughts (for example, a little rant on “Demily” )  and then re-blogs of people a lot more talented than I am 🙂





5 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Devil in the Details

  1. I’m following you! (I’m razztazticffn)

    I had to go back to your scene study (oh, the agony) because I honestly didn’t remember what happened in this conversation. And can I just say, I love the way they used to talk without talking – if that makes sense. The real conversations were going on underneath what was actually being said and it was beautiful. Guh. Love.

  2. I agree with you Sarah & MJ. You guys put things into words so well.

    Heartcrushing episode but love the connection between B&B.

  3. Was that the rock the faith conversation? Where the little things bring them back to God/Science?

  4. Ah, I love rereading these scene studies! It really helps to put you back in that episode and feel all the feels 🙂

    I like the end convo very much. It really does boil down the B&B partnership to its essence…that they have this common bond and that they are actually quite similar, getting past all the outside layers. They have respect for each other and each other’s opinions. They understand each other to their core, something they don’t have with any other person. They are literally both a bit dazzled with each other. Right there in that diner.

    It’s just them, talking. Simple, but the way they talk to each other is mesmerizing. I don’t know of any other show that I get so sucked into besides Bones, and that’s due to the fine work of ED and DB. I don’t know what their magical connection is exactly or how it works–but its perfect.

    I don’t even know if I can form a coherent thought about the episode because I’m kind of gobsmacked by the pictures but I guess I’ll find some quotes to help!

    LOL, I super forgot that Brennan became besties with a mental patient:

    Philip: Ours is a subjective profession that often marginalizes the importance of emperical data.
    Brennan: It is refreshing to meet a psychiatrist with such a grounded perspective.
    Brennan: He’s a patient?
    Dr. Copeland: For almost 6 years now, believe it or not he came a long way before plateauing with this delusion.
    Brennan: I thought we had quite a lot in common.

    And I kind of like how she got the smack down too. Hey, sometimes we all need one!

    Dr. Copeland: I’ve listened to you take shots at my profession. And that’s okay. I’m a big boy, and tolerant man. I want you to think about something. I spend every working hour of everyday trying to help people who are living in hell. That’s an honorable way to spend a life. Perhaps more honorable than figuring out what happened to dead people who are already beyond pain and suffering.

    And let’s not forget the comedy stylings of the great Booth & Sweets:

    Booth: I brought Sweets along so he can sift through all the crazy asses at the loony bin, see if any of them are homicidal.
    Sweets: I’m an excellent loony bin crazy ass sifter.

    Or the great Booth & Brennan:

    Booth: Hmm-hmm. Ah, well, right now I’m more worried about a safe distance between you and me.
    Brennan: Why?
    Booth: Why? Because we’re going to a church and you tend to get blasphemous in churches.
    Brennan: What, you’re afraid that if God smites me with lightning, you could get hit?
    Booth: Yeah, I’m usually standing right beside you.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. That last line that you quoted bb echoes in the season 6 episode (Killer in the Crosshairs?) where Brennan tells Booth that she’s standing right beside him, ‘like I always will’. This was a very sad episode but a well-written and well-integrated one. I liked the psychologist calling Brennan out. Too few people call her on her arrogance. And I love the dry wit of Brennan saying it’s creepy that Neviah seems to be looking at her through the window of the interrogation room and Booth tells her ‘that’s because she can see you’. One of the reasons for the sense of intimacy that Emily and David achieve in their one-on-one scenes is that they look straight into each other’s eyes and don’t look away. It’s that extra moment or so of staring that makes the scene take on an intimacy that it wouldn’t have if they weren’t focused so completely on each other’s faces.

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