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Vintage Bones: The Bones on the Blue Line


Hello and Happy Monday!

I really like this episode. I think it gets glossed over between episodes 98 and 100, especially because episode 98 aired in February and there was a hiatus until April, when this episode aired. It was one of those meaningful episodes for me where the plot coincided with my life (my grandmother had been in remission from cancer and then suddenly died of a heart attack. On the day of her calling hours, I had an email from Fox to view this episode and the 100th. As I watched this episode, I felt ‘one with the Bones universe’ as they say 🙂 ).

There are some other gems in this one, like page 187 and the poo convo between Daisy and Hodgins, haha. And Chad Lowe directed this one, and I think he is great.

And the end scene is so good.  B&B were definitely feeling each other up out.

Here’s your moment of B&B:


blue line


10 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Bones on the Blue Line

  1. Oh Hodgins…
    Hodgins: But now that thing I do is in print, and every guy who reads that book is going to give it a shot. Oh well, I got other things I do. My advice… only sleep with guys who don’t read. ‘Cause otherwise, you’ll never be rid of me.

    Cam: What do you know. King of the Lab.
    Hodgins: Wow, that’s a first. Usually I have to say it.
    Cam: Yes. But I wanted to hear how it sounded with a touch of modesty.

    And of course, B&B:

    Booth: Page 187?
    Brennan: Angela… Though I’m anxious to try it.
    Booth: Really?

    Riku: That is very sexy. Big Andy with a gun protecting Kathy.
    Brennan: No, no, no, no. He is not Andy, and I’m not Kathy… Plus it’s more exciting when he shoots someone with it.
    Booth: Bones.
    Brennan: Well it is, Booth. And impressive, he never misses.

    *Hmm….have B&B tried page 187 yet?! And is that weird, since its Hodgins’ thing? 🙂 Also, how awesome is it that Brennan thinks its more exciting when he’s shooting with his gun (wink, wink) and that he never misses (Christine, wink, wink). Lastly, that pic of B&B, I never realized the pattern on her robe is interestingly placed with the two black circles on the front…which Im sure that’s what Booth is doing, admiring the pattern 🙂 (wink wink wink!)

  2. For me the previous episode ended the run of truly great Bones episodes in season 5 and began a dismal run that didn’t end until the final minute of episode 23 in season 6. There were some nice moments in this episode but what stood out to me like a blow on the head was that Brennan was a liar. For five years she had been boasting about her writing skills and now it turns out that the scenes people were actually buying the books to read were created by Angela. Angela shows a modesty that Brennan never showed about her contributions but plagiarism and unacknowledged sources are just not acceptable. Brennan is ethically compromised in this episode as the Japanese journalist delicately points out. I would guess that the writers didn’t mean to create a major character flaw for their principal female character but the fact that they are writers themselves means they have to know what a dishonest act they have made her commit and that makes me wonder.

    • I agree. I hated that it was Angela that gave Brennan all the suggestions for the “Sparky bits”. Very disappointing.

      I always look back on this episode as the last one before our collective hearts break and the season of angst begins.

      For me it began the season of being unable to watch the show without having a queasy stomach and wanting to cry at the end of each episode. Thanks a lot HH.

      • You were not alone and given that a third of viewers departed forever for other shows during season 6, there were many of us.

  3. I loved the reporter and the things she said. I loved this episode. When it first aired I felt Carla Kettner was trying to relay a message to HH and the like. I feel that even more so now. I thought this was an important episode. Things changed forever and not for the better. For me the end doesn’t justify the means. For me, it’s the journey and the journey has been very disappointing minus a few nice moments.

  4. I’m a little more forgiving with Angela’s involvement in the books. Especially if she’s limited to the love scenes, and the overall plot and scientific details are all from Brennan. Why? Because its pretty clear that she and Booth are Kathy and Agent Andy…so throughout most of her book writing in the earlier years, she’s probably not wanted to imagine “being physical” and “stamina” with Booth, when she was trying to maintain a professional distance. Shipping those scenes out to Angela helps her maintain distance.

    Now, I’d like a line written post-Christine, marriage, family to say that she no longer uses Angela’s help on those scenes and that Booth is her new inspiration for the next version of Page 187. Like maybe a washing machine or ice cream scene in the book, maybe? 🙂 🙂

    • All for your second paragraph here but I doubt it will ever get another mention. And a reasonable explanation in your first, but I think you may have put more thought into it than they did.

      • Oh, I agree, relantel. I definitely put more thought into it than they did. It’s just how I reconcile all of it in my “head canon”, or what I wish was true. It’s how I make it all work so my head doesn’t explode. lol

  5. A friend of mines whose mother is an editor said that Angela should only be payed if the suggestions that she makes for the sex scenes come for personal experiences like page 187 then she should get an honorable mention and payed for her suggestions.
    But if she only makes suggestions like he should kiss her here and instead of there or they should have sex in this chapter in this scene then she should only get an honorable mention at the beginning of the book, but either way she said Angela should definitely get an honorable mention for her suggestions.

  6. Riku Inagawa:[after Booth draws his weapons] That is very sexy. Big Andy with a gun protecting Kathy.
    Brennan: No, no, no, no. He is not Andy, and I’m not Kathy… Plus it’s more exciting when he shoots someone with it.
    Booth: Bones.
    Brennan: Well it is, Booth. And impressive, he never misses.
    Riku Inagawa: Andy sometimes misses.

    Love their ending convo also about Plato and “soul mates”. If I had not started watching Bones in Season 6, I would have so thought B&B were going to end up together this season!!

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