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Vintage Bones: The Parts in the Sum of the Whole


I love this episode. I know that not everyone does, and I respect that. I try not to let what happens in future episodes ruin how I feel about this episode (or any before it). It is not easy, and it definitely does happen. But I love the sweet and eager nature of B&B’s first interactions with one another. If the series had ended with this episode, they absolutely would have gotten together during that end scene at the FBI building. I think this episode was handled well, but the aftermath in future episodes was handled pretty badly (which is a discussion for future posts!). But that doesn’t mean this episode didn’t work, at least in my opinion.


I do think Sweets was totally out of line in suggesting that Booth should be a gambler (WTF?) especially in a professional context.

But I enjoyed the sort of revisionist history that we got. I thought it worked.


How about you? What do you like or not like about this one?


Here is your moment of B&B:




19 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Parts in the Sum of the Whole

  1. I agree with you, Sarah. I loved this episode. I loved seeing the early versions of our babies! I liked them showing that B&B had that instant spark. I adore the way they (DB) shot their first meeting and the looks that both of them have on their faces is amazing. I loved everything about it. I loved how they shocked Sweets with the story.

    I did feel at first cheated, that Santa in the Slush didn’t have the same meaning if they’d already kissed….but you know, I think it makes it better. That they HAD kissed before and knew the full emotional weight of what they were doing, and why Booth ended up with her gum and she got all incoherent 🙂 That they let themselves go there is kind of a big deal!

    Lots of people hate the “gambling” thing by Sweets and Booth but I don’t. I think Sweets was right here. He suggested that Booth take that old gambling nature and “use it for good” so to speak. B&B were in a weird stalemate and I’m glad someone pushed them to end it. B&B were both lacking courage at that point in their relationship. I think the whole thing was a good experience for Brennan. She needed to actually see her life without Booth in it, to help her lose that imperviousness and move the heck on with her life! She was happy in her Jeffersonian bubble, and while she had grown so much over the years, she was at a plateau. Safe in her world, she had no reason to continue to change as long as Booth was content in being her friend and co-worker. He was protecting her like he did his brother and it wasn’t helpful after awhile. Even after she turned him down in this episode, but still asked to work together, he couldn’t help but to agree, even though it meant he’d be stuck in limbo again, but knowing for a fact that she wasn’t willing to be more.

    Even though it was painful for both of them, I thought it was good. Sometimes going through the pain brings the greatest reward, and it has brought us Christine and a wedding, and washing machines, and ice cream 🙂 Just think, if their surrogate relationship had continued as always, we wouldn’t have had any of this! They’d still be eating at the diner and going home alone. 😦

    All that to say, I liked the flashbacks, I liked B&B with Sweets, and I liked the ending, painful as it was.

    Sweets: You kissed?
    Booth: Yes.
    Brennan: There was tongue contact.
    Sweets: My book is crap!

    • I think Sweets was completely out of line– but I think he was reeling off his own near death experience which is why he proposed to Daisy on a whim when their relationship was no where near close to that stage.

      I don’t think Booth opening up a line of discussion was a bad thing but his approach was wrong for someone like Brennan. Instead of a well thought out reasoned approach– this was pure impulse. Its like he forgot everything he knew about Brennan in those 5 minutes. She had just finished saying she didn’t believe in fate– yet that was the only evidence he gave her. I hate the fact that he used the word gamble. If you can gamble away what you have then you don’t really value it. There was no way Brennan would risk losing the most important relationship in her life on a gamble.

      Personally, the mere fact that DitM didn’t work out for Booth either is evidence that it was the wrong approach. Definition of insanity. Booth was saying lets go for a different outcome but you can’t have a different outcome if you have the same approach. Once again he was pushing for too much too quickly. For me the whole point was that Booth had to stop being a gambler in relationships evident by the fact that none of his relationships worked out.

      HH said Booth only went after women he couldn’t have. He chose people that would say no. In my opinion if you truly want something you will find it. While I think Booth wanted a loving committed relationship I think he was afraid of finding out he wasn’t good enough for it and thus found people it would never work out with. And as soon as he got close he would sabotage it.

      I would disagree that Brennan was satisfied in her relationship with Booth — she clearly wanted more. She did write the coma dream which was a manifestation of her deepest desires. If she didn’t know anything about love how could she be writing a love story? She was just not sure if she could do it and by rushing her into a decision she made the only choice she could. Most people when forced into a decision they didn’t really want to make try to convince themselves it was the right choice. With this and the gravedigger stuff– she was thrown into emotional turmoil. She needed time to gain perspective. She said as much in the season finale.

      I found this interview from SN from the beginning of S6.
      “Now Brennan—who felt very secure in her decision last year—has had seven months alone to think about this. And we think that she’s come back reevaluating her situation and the choice she made with Booth. Brennan is seeing things differently. She seemed to have one take for five years, and I think the time away has made her reevaluate what she wants from life and perhaps a relationship with Booth.”

      It just confirms what I always thought, GGW was right– she just needed hope and patience.

      • SN is fully of hooey. The Brennan as written for the first third of season 6 was with a few grimaces and wheezes perfectly fine with Booth and Hannah. Again what the writers thought they had written and what actually appeared on the screen were two entirely different things.

      • Lol– I completely agree with the fact that what they had written and what actually appeared were two different things. The sunglasses scene for example. The whole arc was poorly executed.

        I disagree that Brennan was perfectly fine though. When Brennan is really in pain– she doesn’t show her emotions. Like when Sweets said: “the colder and more rational you appear the more pain you feel on the inside”. Its one of the reasons I think most people don’t get her. What they did in S6 was make her come across hyper-rational and hyper literal as a response to pain.

        As she said in DitP, “some people are very adept at hiding their pain”. For me Brennan was going through the stages of grief until DitP– when she finally allowed herself to feel her emotions.

      • To each his or her own opinion but I would challenge anyone to watch that first scene in the season 6 premier with Brennan and Angela in the diner where Brennan tells Angela that Booth fell in love with someone while away and discern any evidence of upset about it in Brennan. She all but shrugs her shoulders.

      • I watch S6 over and over again. If EL look carefully, you can find Brennan did show a small sign of upset when Booth told her he is in love with someone. There were a lot of this small sign showing when Bones with Booth. However, when Bones with other, Bones hide her emotion very well.

    • I agree, I know some people blame Sweets and think that Booth shouldn’t had pushed her but I disagree if they were ever going to move forward to what they have now there needed to be a push or else things we have stayed the same.

      In my opinion I think that what they went through after this episode and into season 6 was a good thing as Angela once said to Brennan that “she needed to catch up to her on reality” and that’s what I see season 6 was her catching up to reality but also benefiting from. Some fans say that Booth either shouldn’t have pushed her or that he should have fought harder but I think that what they are missing is that Booth was the only one fighting for them that night while Brennan retreated behind her walls and fears and doubts not that I’m blaming her at all. If love was easy then know one would have trouble giving it let alone receiving it.

  2. Framed the way you put it, Sarah, yes I remember when I first saw the episode and thought it was wonderful. It was only in hindsight with all that came after that I began to avoid it. If only season six had been written and handled better this could have been one of my favorites as well. And Sweets is a jerk and I wish he’d go away. His interaction messing in B&B’s private relationship has had horrible consequences.

  3. First kiss was the best kiss ever. Great flashback. The turning point which could have been ok if handled differently. Didn’t mind a shake up, needed even, but not how it was handled and not how Booth’s character of 5 years would have handled things with Brennan. Can’t even thing about Sweets. So inconsistent and interfering. So out of line and only has gotten worse. Very important episode. Series altering.

  4. “and not how Booth’s character of 5 years would have handled things with Brennan”

    Good! He wasn’t doing her (or him) any favors by continuing to do what he had always done. He was (indirectly) allowing her to stay in her “I’m not good enough” bubble and finally, he broke the stalemate. I say, Bravo! (I recognize I may be alone in this!)

    • *facepalm* lol

      The point is not breaking the stalemate– its how he approached it. He didn’t know the truth of her in that scene. If you can’t communicate in your partners language you cannot have a successful relationship.

      If Booth even made an attempt to bridge the communication gap in the 100th– I would’ve had no problems with how he handled things– but he didn’t. She asks for evidence he gives her gut feelings. Heck he didn’t even trust his own gut feelings.

      Look at the difference in the second half of S6– Booth for once was seeing the world Brennan’s way. He tried to meet her where she was at by joining her for a boring lecture. Telling her he knows the truth of her. Or telling her that her skills were from years of training instead of magic. Giving her evidence that they do work even if it doesn’t make sense. Saying that he wanted things to be about more than luck. Even in S7 when she stonewalled moving in he countered back with his own evidence of tribes.

      • *double facepalm*

        I liked the way he approached it too. I thought it was awesome. I’m glad it happened and in the way it happened. And you and I will never agree on that BP :). I’d write another book about it but it wouldn’t change anything lol

      • I know we disagree 🙂

        But I really hate that scene– because I can never be sure he knew the truth of her. It always leaves me questioning whether he loved her or just the dream of being in love with someone.

      • That’s so interesting BP, because I’ve never had that thought at all! I don’t see how him asking her to try is not knowing the truth of her. He does know her, and that’s sort of why he does it, like to try to shake her preconceived notions up a bit and get her out of the rut. To me, he is just at the breaking point, remembering how they met and how he’s felt about her for all these years, and he’s almost approaching it with desperation, like, I love this woman and I want us to be together, how can I make her see? I think he knows her so well, he knows she could go on compartmentalizing things and staying in limbo for years, and he knows that it’s hurting her too, as well as himself. To me, the set-up of the episode, the flashbacks, brings it all to a head, and its to the point where Booth wants to be with her BECAUSE he knows the truth of her. He knows she’s special, and she’s hurting, and he loves her. I’m sure I’m not explaining this well typing….but to me the way he kisses her and has tears in his eyes and his acceptance of her wanting to remain work partners still…I feel that he loves her so deeply its like a physical pain that they are not together. Oh, he loves her. I think all the things he’s said and done over the whole series proves that. The problem is that he is not perfect, nor is she. So stuff is not going to work out perfectly. They both had to make mistakes and grow. But that doesn’t negate that they do love each other or that they are “meant to be”. I think Season 7 and beyond have proved that their journey worked for them. It may not be what they would’ve chosen, but its what needed to happen.

        Aagh, its turning into a book again. Stopping… 🙂

      • I agree with you. After the 100, they did go through a lot of hard times. Bones had learnt a great lesson how life without Booth. Booth also found out who was the one he love most, what he need to do to make a relationship work. It was a long way for them to go through, but it is worth. Now, they trust each other and have faith with each other.

  5. Surprisingly, despite the heart-crushing end, this episode is highly enjoyable and hard to skip through when going through a re-watch cycle.

    I’m with those that think the first kiss in this ep only magnifies the Slush kiss.

  6. I absolutely love this episode! I would recommend it to someone new to Bones to give an example of how good it can be, for those who don’t care about spoilers. I guess I’m less critical of the aftermath including the first half of Season 6, because I found it very realistic. My take on this episode: First, I can’t fault Booth for being honest, and telling Brennan what he wanted, and how he felt. Second, it was perfectly acceptable for her to say no, given her emotional state at that time. Finally, it was more than correct for Booth to back off and say he was moving on. Anything less than that, would have equalled creepy stalkerish behavior, at least in the real world. My main objections to the aftermath was bailing on the story arc, and having largely stand alone procedure of the week episodes. Sorry, it’s the characters we care about, not the cases (well, unless the cases further along character development).

    And yes, Brennan squirms throughout a lot of Season 6, and I loved that they did that to her. She needed to be jolted into realizing her true feelings, and what walking away from them meant.

    Admittedly, as a Netflix latecomer my perspective may be different since I viewed the whole series in under a year. I also had watched Buffy and Angel prior to Bones — talk about the most RUTHLESS storyteller ever, Joss Whedon! So the setbacks on Bones, although painful, aren’t the worst predicaments I’ve seen David Boreanaz in.

  7. Back home and playing catch up. – I agree with you Sarah and what a lot of you have said. I loved the flashback but not the episode as a whole. It made the previous seasons fit together even better especially the pilot. I was hooked from the gun range. I think Sweets was out of line in the way he handled trying to break the stalemate. He’s too personally involved, too imprinted on them. I liked it better when Booth kept a professional line with Sweets. I agree they needed a change. I’m disappointed in how it was handled. I think it did have to be Booth to break the stalemate but he didn’t handle it right. It was as if Booth had forgotten everything he knew about Brennan, GG’s advice, etc. I think Brennan did want more with Booth but she was approached the wrong way. Booth dropped a bombshell on her and did a 180 and expected Brennan to just go with it. I couldn’t help being disappointed in Booth, how he handled it, accepting her words so quickly and moving on so fast. That after 5-6 years of thinking of her and being in love with her. To me it wasn’t Booth. Booth knows better than anyone how Brennan needs time to process as he’s told Cam, and ironically Sweets. Brennan has listened to Booth so many times when he’s approached her the right way, in his usual way, and Brennan has changed her thinking. I think Brennan did want more by the story she wrote deemed Booth’s coma dream. She was wishing for a life of marriage and family with Booth, like Booth, a giant step forward in Brennan’s thinking, but still afraid. I always felt she wanted love and a life with Booth from the pilot based on the first book she wrote and “needing space” from Booth because she felt something and it scared her, and now we have the flashback to fill in the gaps. I think of the times Brennan knew Booth needed time and would even ask if he needed space as well. I think Brennan was in pain when they returned from their “trips” by the way Booth hugged her or didn’t hug her, how he looked at her, the disappointed look on her face afterwards, how he couldn’t wait to bring up other people and cram Burley in her face. How Booth missed Brennan’s words “no time or inclination for love or romance” – profound words from Brennan. A huge admission for Brennan to Booth. I think Brennan was in pain in the diner with Angela. The comment about her brain not believing what her eyes were seeing having a double meaning. When she was looking down, she was strained, she couldn’t even look Angela in the face when she told her Booth had fallen in love. I think her heart was crushed but she was so used to her life being that way she just hid her pain as she has since she was first abandoned and moved on. She supported Booth in S6 but with visible looks, words, and signs of pain. This was the life she was used to and expected. Why she’s logical and rational. Why she believes love is ephemeral. How could she be any other way than she is.

  8. I am so glad I came into the story knowing the ending or I would have been quite ill over the end of season five and the beginning of six. I have been back to re watch all of it again, and this episode is good but I think it’s sad, although not as sad as Beginning of the End (right name? end of season five?) That end really does make me cry. However, the course of true love never does run smooth, and that’s why we have books and television series.
    Maybe Booth should have approached things differently but I have always thought the memories of the first case brought up such a flood of emotion he couldn’t think straight, and he just went with his gut instead of his brain.
    In the series 6 premiere there is a slight flicker of emotion from Brennan when she talks about Booth’s new girl, but it is brief. As we go through the episodes those flickers become more evident as she realizes she may have lost what she wanted the most. It’s very subtle, but it’s there. ED does a great job portraying someone who thinks she is being logical and rational while she is suffering emotionally.

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