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Vintage Bones: The Death of the Queen Bee


This is an episode I don’t care much for. I have tried to watch it a few times, knowing that when it first aired, I was likely to be disappointed in any episode that had the fortune/misfortune to be episode 101.  But I just have never been able to warm up to it. Which is fine. Even in the context of the writers wanting to show B&B off-kilter, this one is probably my least favorite of the remaining episodes in season 5. I did love Robert Englund in this one though! And I think Ben Falcone is great in everything he does, even if I didn’t love the way they had sort of re-written the Andy character (in my opinion).

But enough from me. What do you like or not like about this one?


Here is your moment (a sweet one) of B&B:


Mistakes...Queen Bee


18 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Death of the Queen Bee

  1. I overall liked the idea of Brennan going to a reunion and seeing what kind of kid she was. I liked the creepy guy being her friend in high school 🙂 and B&B’s undercover relationship!

    Except for the dancing part. First off, how does Brennan recognize “Seal” but nothing else in the realm of pop culture? Second, I hate the way Booth’s face changes when she asks him to dance. I know that they are trying to tell me that Brennan doesn’t recognize this would be awkward for Booth, but Early Brennan, who had more empathy, would’ve known it. But again, like I said yesterday, it is hard for Booth to refuse her anything, so he does it anyway. I guess he’s thinking, “at least I get to hold her”! But honestly, that scene right there makes it hard for me to watch the episode, it hurts so badly.

    • I love the dance scene 🙂

      For me– its like at least she is showing how much she values him in her life. As a viewer you can still see the love from both of them which I find hopeful. That’s why the end of S5 is a little more bearable than S6. There is still scenes like this one or the hot blooded one where the connection is still there.

      The scene at the end where Brennan talks about what friendship really means– is so sweet too.

  2. It is a very difficult episode to watch. Little did we know then what “awkward B&B” really looked like, huh?

    Loved the Freddie Krueger guy and their relationship. It fit the always-awkward Brennan we know, instead of the only-awkward-because-Mom-said-so Brennan of later.

    • I don’t think Brennan’s mom stuff necessarily contradicts Brennan always being awkward. Even early on– we got the sense that Brennan “tried” to fit in. She had crushes like brainy smurf guy. Her and her friends thought Cindy Lauper was “rad”. The fact that she was trying to change herself suggests that she may have not been very successful. Her family was her emotional anchor so she could occasionally afford to try to reach out. But post abandonment there was no emotional support thus she just shut down.

      I think we see shades of what Brennan would’ve been like had she not been abandoned in scenes at home with Booth now. Like the scene where she is dancing with Sweets.

  3. I loved this episode! I first watched it after season 6 was almost over, so I knew Hannah was in the picture. It was heartbreaking to see Booth especially after his broken in heart in ep.100. Booth telling Sweets he already had a date, B&B having to act like they are married (another knife to the heart for Booth), Booth saying they want to have kids and Brennan responding they “have intercourse every chance they get”. And Booth did tell Andy in the shop room “She’s my wife!” and Brennan saying to Mr. Buxley, “this is my husband” Another knife to Booth’s heart!
    Their dance to Seal I thought was very sad. Brennan admitting she never got to go to prom and starts to tear up. Booth, in love with her of course, dances with her to make her feel better, even though it is another knife to his heart. The only thing that makes this episode and the 100th more bearable is we know “it all worked out eventually” 🙂

    The end scene at FF with Brennan saying “This is what friendship looks like”, laughing and having a drink was a breath of fresh air.

    • Jmg, thanks for bringing up the ending. Brennan learns what many of us have to learn, that sometimes high school isn’t the place where you make your life long friends, its after you grow up. Would Hodgins, Booth, Angela, Cam, Brennan…all have hung out in high school? Most likely not. But, what’s cool is their different experiences shaped them into who they are, and it brings different traits and skills to the team. I loved them all at Founding Fathers, perhaps healing some of the hurt Brennan carried from those high school years. Very nicely done.

  4. For me this episode should have come several slots before the 100th. The whole post-100 push with Booth swinging his computer screen around so Sweets could see he didn’t have an adjoining room with Brennan(!) and the ‘we opened a door neither of us wants to walk through’ which was an obvious lie seemed so contrived and forced. It was as if this whole episode was meant to come earlier and the writers just stuck that stuff in to line it up after the 100th. This also begins the Brennan as an obtuse, clueless person who has lost all of her savvy from the first few seasons, a characterization that runs until the last three episodes of season 6. What the writers did to Brennan from here to there was awful.

    All that said, I enjoyed this episode. Brennan as Thursday Adams I could see and not only did I love Mr. Buxley and Brennan’s relationship with him but I thought Jenica Bergere, who played Becky was terrific. ‘They’re a friggin’ love story and I’m feeding cats.’ I wish they would have her character back again. Take out the whole uncomfortable door line and the dance scene was sweet. Brennan didn’t seem to realize that the reason she was enjoying her prom was because she had come with Booth.

    • “Brennan didn’t seem to realize that the reason she was enjoying her prom was because she had come with Booth.”

      This certainly seems true at that time. She may not have realized it until the time alone on Maluku…

      • I don’t know–I go either way but I lean towards her knowing. Going by the vows Brennan has always known how important Booth was to her. One of the sides from S2 The Girl in the Gator had a line: “He’s far too important to me to ever squander what we have on a romantic relationship”.

        Brennan didn’t say no because she didn’t want to be with him– she was just afraid of messing up and not being able to give him what he needed resulting in both of them being hurt (which you know happened anyways but she had the right intention).

  5. Ever wonder how differently this would have played had it been before #100?

    Another thought on this ep – it is somewhere in their progression of undercover/quasi-undercover on how they were willing to be thought of. Where Booth oversells it, and Brennan walks it back. The first Tony & Roxie is like that. Only she mostly went along with the husband routine in this one, even if needling back a bit. It isn’t until Change that Brennan then ups the relationship ante (from girlfriend to engaged to be engaged), to finally playing a married Tony & Roxie in S9.

    I was watching Glowing Bones last night as filler while the last hour of Sons of Anarchy was taping. That one, despite being before Stargazer, really reminded me of some of the early 5th season atmosphere. Almost like Stargazer’s awkward moment threw them off course. Then there almost in Wannabe, to thrown off course again by the Fake death. S4 progresses, then is thrown off kilter by the brain tumor. S5, the 100th. This pattern thankfully didn’t stick for S6…

    • No, it was off-kilter the entire way through and it took poor old Vincent’s death to right it.

    • Repeatedly getting thrown off course is pretty typical of will they/won’t they couples. So I didn’t mind that part. Unrequited sexual tension is great for a while. But I have to admit the 100th to the end of S6 was not something that was particularly enthralling. It was just sad and then it kept getting worse and worse. They killed the UST before they got together so that people wouldn’t miss it when they did.

      • They did and I didn’t think it was possible. But season 6 did a really efficient job of killing all the B&B chemistry from the five previous seasons. I will never understand what was going on in Hart’s head.

      • Oh, I never thought of it that way! But even the bits I remember most (Booth looking at Brennan with the conch shell, her confession in Doctor/Photo, the “I’ll see you tomorrow” end of the telephone episode), I remember them because they just hurt so much, not because I still saw attraction/UST.


      • I didn’t see it that way either. I think the UST naturally “went away” because they pretty much confessed feelings at the end of the 100th, even though Brennan didn’t want to act on them at the time. So it was kind of out there. Even if the other episodes had panned out differently, I think it still would’ve never been the same for them. But we still saw, through the telephone scene and the shell scene that they were still deeply connected. To me, it wasn’t that the UST was taken away, for me it just changed a bit in focus, if that makes sense.

  6. I thought this episode would have been more awkward than it was being after the 100th. I loved Mr. Buxley, Brennan going to her reunion if unplanned, and their being married undercover which they didn’t discuss. I didn’t like the way they rewrote Andy as that would have been interesting considering B&B & Brainy Smurf. I never understood the line “we opened a door that neither of us wants to walk through” because Booth did open the door and did want to walk through it. I think Brennan did too but her old fears were still firmly in place. Booth meant too much to her to gamble on let alone on a moment’s notice. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with Brennan wanting to dance with Booth to an old song at her reunion, even if both were afraid and/or sad. A possible last chance at a “guy hug”. I think Brennan has always tried to be sensitive to Booth’s feelings and mostly has been, while Booth has been sarcastic and short with Brennan from the beginning, and teaching her things, which I feel has been overdone. And yes, Booth has also been there for Brennan, but Brennan has been there for Booth as well. I think they loved each other very much and just didn’t know what to do. Worst of all, I think the show really broke something special in B&B in the 100th, in spite of the few good things that after great time and the tortuous and poorly done S6 would eventually happen. Something special between B&B was lost for good, at least for me. I loved the end when Brennan said that it was good to go back and that this is what friendship really is there at the FF with everyone. That was great.

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