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Vintage Bones: The Predator in the Pool


This episode has an interesting (if somewhat creepy) case, and I thought it had good suspects. I know it is hindsight now because B&B are together, but I also didn’t mind Booth’s scenes with Catherine. I liked that it gave Booth a little bit of confidence, etc. (and made Brennan get kind of competitive).  And while I never saw much chemistry between Brennan and Hacker, I understand the storyline there too.

I liked that B&B sort of shared their experiences with one another, that they were trying to make other relationships work. The “Bones, you are the standard” line guts me every time.


What do you like or not like about this episode?


Here is your moment of B&B:


predator in the pool


13 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Predator in the Pool

  1. Brennan: Andrew is not as handsome as you. Using you as a standard. He is, however, taller.

    Sweets: Well, no, it’s pretty tough to tell your average 9 year old from your average psychopath.
    Booth: Don’t say that, all right? I have a kid nearly that age.
    Sweets: Children are still forming their sense of ethics at this age. Like I said, they’re basically sociopaths.

    Clark: Man, you killed the Moroccan Angelfish?
    Hodgins: No. No, I did not. They died on their own. Only afterwards, did I puree them.

    Hodgins: See?
    Booth: No, I don’t see. I’m in another place. I’m driving a car.
    Brennan: Well, if you were here, you’d be very impressed.

    Hodgins: Hit him with the filter, Booth. That’s your connection.
    Brennan: Hodgins means metaphorically, Booth. If you hit a Russian mobster with an actual filter, he’d probably just impale you.
    Booth: All right, well, that’s great. Thanks for the tip.

    **I agree with you Sarah. I never actually felt threatened by Catherine’s presence, though Brennan definitely had some jealously twinges! I agree that it helped Booth’s self confidence a bit. Also, in looking through the quotes, I noticed that this was a very team-oriented episode. Lots of the team working together and contributing to the episode. Hodgins was very witty, as usual. 🙂

    • I never felt threatened by either Catherine or Hacker, although Catherine was beautiful and Hacker was just a big goof…and not in a good way.

      I remember being pissed off that Brennan refused Booth, but she happily went out with Hacker only to see the jealous/sad *quickly hidden* look come over face when Booth mentioned going out with Catherine.

      So much unhappiness and so unnecessary. I’m one of those people who will never believe that Hannah was “necessary” I don’t care how compelling people make the argument.

      • Capri, I think you made the argument for Hannah right there 🙂 Brennan didn’t get the picture before with seeing Booth date Catherine and dating Hacker herself. It still wasn’t enough to push her to the DitP realization. Only when it appeared Booth was seriously moving on did she see she might’ve missed her chance altogether. Perhaps she would’ve eventually thought that with Catherine, but it never developed into anything serious, so she felt free to date Hacker but keep Booth as a work partner.

      • As SN said in an interview that Brennan had already been reconsidering her decision in Maluku. So now I am completely certain Hannah wasn’t necessary. It was just an unnecessary season of sadness because the network was scared of getting them together.

        The only way I make sense of it is that Hannah was necessary for Booth– he had a habit of giving up on relationships too quickly. He needed to learn that “moving on” as a safety net/defence mechanism doesn’t alleviate the pain. You actually have to deal with the pain of a breakup before you move on– otherwise you will always carry your emotional baggage from relationship to relationship repeating the same mistakes.

      • BB I am one of those fans that think their separation would have been enough for Brennan to realize that she wanted to be with Booth. Their hug at their reunion showed the joy on her face at his return. I don’t think she needed Hannah to show her what she was missing out on.

  2. Ah, the “standard”, as if it was a glimpse of the beacon of the lighthouse that is the B&B we knew they could be and now are.

  3. I don’t know why, but this episode is one of the most gut wrenching post-100 episodes for me, probably second after The Boy With the Answer. It’s obvious in the episode that both Brennan and Booth are using Hacker and Catherine as a way to deflect their feelings about each other and kind of build a wall between them, so I never considered Catherine or Hacker as serious threats. The case was interesting, but to this day I find it unpleasant to watch Booth’s obvious attempt to use Catherine to forget about Brennan. Especially since the mini panic that Booth has about Brennan going in the water really is kind of a raw highlight as to how deeply he cares about her.

  4. It’s interesting that of all the women Booth went out with the only one he actively pursued was Brennan (see wedding vows for proof). Hannah pursued him and so did Rebecca and so did Catherine This episode I hated because it followed the 100th and the so unnecessary parting of B&B ways primarily because Fox renewed the show for two seasons and Hart had determined to keep them apart that long. Ah Moonlighting what misery you have wrought. The ‘You are the standard, Bones’ makes me want to cry so I never rewatch this episode. Catherine was just a plot point and Booth was so obviously not all that interested but she was attractive. Hacker and Booth were funny together. Brennan and Hacker were just sad. Their dialogue was pathetic. In case I haven’t mentioned it before (about 1000 times) this part of the series from the 100th through the end of the sixth season just depresses me beyond measure and I don’t need Sweets to tell me why.

    • I, honestly, hope people are over the moonlighting curse– that you can get the leads together and people will still watch. Bones and Castle are proof of that. I am not a big fan of Castle— but I am grateful that there is one show out there that had the guts to just get the leads together instead of waiting until the last possible minute and the ratings never changed much.

      • The Mentalist has also forged ahead so maybe finally the damn Moonlighting Curse has been broken and audiences won’t have to wait half a decade to see couples become couples.

  5. I love this episode. I totally understand and share everyone’s emotional pain, but I’m just really into the WAY they channeled the pain here. Much more so than in a lot of the other post-100th episodes, this one felt and still feels HOPEFUL to me. I love that the conversation at the end of the 100th wasn’t something they swept under the rug–it actually led to a new honesty between them. “Bones, you are the standard” is so REAL. It’s gutting in that context, but in the larger scheme of things, it’s also gorgeous. Booth is really upfront about the fact that he’s going to try to move on, but his love for Brennan is what he’ll judge all other loves against. I like that. I like that Brennan supports Booth in his attempt to move on, but does so gently, aware that she’s a bit of an open wound for him and that she can’t pretend everything is immediately okay. I like that she’s already questioning herself. And I like that they go on their dates, but still end the night together, talking about their dates. Because they’re each other’s standards.
    Also, Booth’s “No, I don’t” when he stands up to the mobster remains one of my favorite moments for him.

  6. I never saw Catherine and Hacker as threats either though Catherine did seem to be Booth’s type. Booth seemed far more attracted to and interested in Catherine than Brenan in Hacker. I didn’t think Brennen was that interested in Hacker at this point but more something she felt she had to do under the circumstances, which isn’t Brennan. The elevator scene was difficult and gut wrenching as said. Brennan’s eyes looking down in the elevator sad, confused, and struggling as she seemed to be throughout the episode. Brennan was processing. B&B definitely changed after the 100th and it’s painfully apparent as in the previous episode. There are some good moments but not an episode I re-watch as it’s too painful to watch Booth with Catherine.

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