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Vintage Bones: The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle


I like a lot about this episode– definitely an interesting case, and I think it’s funny when B&B get annoyed at a suspect.  I like Elon Gold in everything he does, so it was fun to see him as Paul. I wish the show did a better job of setting characters in romantic relationships with people outside the lab, but it also makes no practical sense from a show perspective, haha 🙂  But I liked Paul.


I loved that Booth called out Hot Blooded as their song. If there is anything in this episode that annoys me it is that B&B sort of disregarded the case to rock out–which seemed out of character, in my opinion.


But enough from me. What do you like or not like about this episode?


Here is your moment of B&B:

rocker in the rinse cycle


7 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle

  1. Ah, Paul. I think he should’ve stayed. And I don’t think it would be too hard on the show to keep him. They could easily have him pop up from time to time and then just mention him for the rest of it. Kind of like Christine or MSVH. Obviously, work romances happen. But the sheer number of them on Bones is out of control. I guess Clark did have an outside the lab GF but they broke up. So I don’t think there’s anyone who has an out of work romance at this point. Once they get Caroline and Max together, it will be all set. 🙂

    I was OK with the hot-blooded scene, because you could stretch it to say they were blending in with the crowd to, um, get evidence. Lull them into a false sense of security. haha But seriously those two are so cute and it always reminds me of the first time they danced to it so it always makes me smile.

    Question: What might’ve happened if Booth hadn’t gotten blown up by the fridge? Could their little dance party have turned into anything more? Hm…I never really thought about that before. They were having so much fun! It’s all fun and games till your appliances explode, amiright?

    And an episode quote, because obvs:

    Booth: No, no, no, no! We are NOT going to be discussing your daughter’s sex life. Because A: she’s a good girl. She doesn’t have sex. And B: you’re touching a dead body.

    Brennan: I don’t follow your logic.

    Cam: I’m always touching a dead body, Seeley.

  2. Another one of those silent signs of hope with the Hot Blooded scene. Almost all of the post 100 up through Daredevil have one – though some are harder to see than others.

  3. I think we needed a happy B&B moment to tide us over the storm 🙂 I love the hot blooded scene. I always thought it was cool that Emily took guitar lessons for the scene– I love that Emily tries to keep things as authentic as possible. One thing I would love to see again is Brennan singing– my all time favourite scene is girls just wanna have fun.

  4. I’d love if they’d have another singing episode. Brennan performing was a great scene. At the time this episode aired any mention of Catfish and Hacker was upsetting and the very idea that either B or B was making ‘social contracts’ with someone they were casually dating was horrible. Also at the time Brennan’s spontaneous statement to Booth that their partnership was so important to her obvious jabs of jealousy over Catherine was one of the best moments and one that, yes, offered hope. So when barely three episodes later she suddenly decides to end their partnership and leave the country, all I could think was WTF. Which makes this episode now seem as if once again Brennan is lying about Booth’s importance to her.

    • See I don’t see that at all– in BWtA and EitB, Brennan was freaking out about not being able to save anyone. She actually had PTSD over the gravedigger stuff– so emotionally she was at the edge of mental breakdown.

      Brennan isn’t normal when it comes to emotions (a lot of Asperger elements)– she has them but she doesn’t always know what they mean or how to manage them. When she is overwhelmed, everything is a jumble (like the wedding) so she uses work to centre herself. As Booth said in Spark in the Park– when she is upset she buries herself in her work. Except this time its the work that they are doing that is the cause of the stress.

      The 100th was a big blow to her emotionally. As Sweets discussed with GGW, Booth confronting her about his feelings would be akin to an emotional assault. She didn’t want to turn him down but couldn’t see an other way around it at that time. She couldn’t see herself being what he needed and to jump in knowing she couldn’t give him what he needs (like Hannah) would hurt him. She doesn’t want to do that. But since then they have been walking around eggshells. The partnership was her emotional anchor and that has been uprooted. Like you said she probably was jealous over Catherine. Then the gravedigger comes in and messes with her mind. She starts thinking being so emotional about everything impedes her ability to do her job which puts Booth’s life at risk. Plus the murders keep happening– so even by putting their own lives in jeopardy they are not saving lives. She can’t see the value in their work.

      Brennan: “I’m worried all the time. Worried that Booth might get hurt on a case and I couldn’t prevent it. Worried— about what our partnership means.”

      It’s the fact that Booth means so much to her that is taken her to the edge of breakdown. She is having an identity crisis.

      Then she sees Booth get an offer for the army. Honestly she is a little envious because she sees value in what he is being offered to do more so than what they are doing now. He could save lives by teaching the soldiers. And as far as Brennan knows its actually an administrative position (even HH said Booth didn’t go there planning on shooting people (he wouldn’t do that) or being in the line of fire– he was basically supposed to be a civilian contractor).

      Brennan: The Army wants Booth to go to Afghanistan. To train soldiers in the apprehension of terrorists.
      Angela: Is-is he going to go?
      Brennan: Even though he said he wasn’t, it felt like he wanted to.

      So right or wrong– she is actually got the impression that Booth wants to go. Then Daisy chimes in with her nonsense about how she may be holding him back. Given her own emotional state and the fact that Booth may want to go the army of course this once in a lifetime opportunity in Maluku seems like a great idea.

      But she NEVER made that decision without Booth– and that is key to me. While she wanted to go– she wanted to discuss it with him first. I have to admit I don’t understand how that is wrong– (it no worse to me than Booth discussing with her taking up a job at universal studios). Brennan doesn’t play games (she honestly doesn’t know how). If she had truly made up her mind to go she would’ve said so. Unlike Daisy and Sweets if Booth objected she wouldn’t have gone.

  5. I liked Paul too and I wish they would have kept him. I’m sure they could have worked it out. I also think he was better with Cam than Arastoo. I cannot see them together at all. I also don’t like the way they ditched Paul on the show. It was really poor. Loved Booth saying they’re playing our song and the two of them singing was great. Brought back great memories of their first time together singing. That was great too. Love it when Brennan/Emily sings. Wish she would sing again. I felt they took a step back or forward to their old selves a little bit in this episode and that was good. Brennan still really struggling over Booth and their new situation and continuing to process with great difficulty. Brennan really needed Booth’s help in this post 100th on going situation and it felt as if she didn’t think she could go to him. Very sad. She’s clearly in continuing distress.

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