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Vintage Bones: The Boy with the Answer




Okay, this episode. The whole Heather Taffet as the gravedigger is still an iffy premise to me, but she is definitely creepy. I liked how the team rallied around and solved this one.

This episode gives all of the feels, as they say. It is fast-paced and intense, but there is still some distance between B&B–and THEY know it, which makes it difficult to watch. But also so very compelling.

I adore the scene in Brennan’s apartment (scene study here) , where she confesses her nightmares to Booth. And the end scene makes sense…we can just see them both freaking out internally a little bit. Like I said, beautiful, painful and compelling, which is B&B in a nutshell sometimes! 🙂


What do you like or not like about this one?


Here is your moment of B&B:


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25 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Boy with the Answer

  1. Those stills seem like a more sullen version of the reunion dance.

  2. Caroline: So how’s your girlfriend holding up?
    Booth: She’s fine. She’s *not* my girlfriend.
    Caroline: Oh, so those little looks between you…
    Booth: Nothing.
    Caroline: Right. I hope you’re more believable on the stand.

    *I don’t agree with GGW. Angela doesn’t see the truth of things. CAROLINE does.*
    Brennan: I just think – maybe I’ve lost my advantage because of all the people I’m involved with, all the relationships. They complicate logical thought.
    Booth: You don’t mean that.
    Brennan: Could we please just work?

    Booth: I told Caroline to drop my charges too… I’m not going to let you do this alone. She’s going to see the judge tomorrow morning at 10, and then we can dive in on this case.
    Brennan: Thanks Booth.
    Booth: We’re partners. That’s what we do. Right?

    Brennan: I’m tired of… all of it. I’m tired of dealing with murderers and victims and sadness and pain.
    Booth: Bones, it’s what we do, all right? We catch the bad people, make the world a better place.
    Brennan: No Booth. That’s what you do. And somehow I get caught up in it.

    Booth: You know what? Maybe you just need to… take some time off. Go to a beach, lay in the sun.
    Brennan: I may need more than a little time.
    Booth: Don’t make… any decisions about your future right now.
    Brennan: I’m just saying…

    Booth: You know when a dentist gives anesthetic and tells you not to operate any heavy machinery or important decisions in 24 hours, all right? This case was bigger than root canal. Come on, let’s just go back inside and have one more drink. Come on, just one.
    Brennan: I’m tired Booth. I-I’m going to go home.

    **This progression of scenes hits me in the feels. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Brennan isn’t necessarily case-sick, as much as she’s heart-sick. And Booth can tell. He knows she’s gonna run. I can feel the panic in his voice, he’s trying so desperately to keep her there, with him….whew…**

    Brennan: All of our evidence has been thrown out. The rational thing to do is to pursue a case with fresh untainted evidence.
    Hodgins: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Is it really that easy for you? To forget what happened to us.
    Brennan: I will *never* forget what happened to us! Or to Booth – or this boy! You are not the only suffering, Dr. Hodgins. But your emtions have no revelance, not if we want to convict Taffet.
    Hodgins: This better work.

    **I “liked” how they brought back Hodgins’ panic over the Gravedigger and his experience being buried alive, because they kind of let that drop and it was good for them to acknowledge that he still lives with that and the emotions he still feels. Even though it’s hard to see Hodgins in pain, it was a thoughtful callback. And it’s good to see how Brennan’s ability to compartmentalize comes in handy in stressful situations!**

    Booth: [Max is trying to shoot Taffett with a rifle] You miss, you compromise the case. Taffet walks.
    Max: I don’t miss!
    Booth: When are you going to learn to stop messing with me?

    Max: I was doing it for you.
    Brennan: No, I don’t want you to kill people for me. Just buy me a sweater like a regular dad.

    Booth: Thanks for leaving me with the bill again. That’s nice of you.
    Max: Your fault Booth. My wallet got stolen in jail. Bye

    **It’s got to be weird to have a dad that kills people for you! We also need more Booth/Max scenes for realz. 🙂 **

    • See I don’t think Brennan was thinking she could compartmentalize well. She was so worried that her emotions were affecting her ability to do her job which in turn would jeopardize everyone.

      She was definitely heart sick. Everything in her life was a mess– most importantly her partnership which was her emotional anchor. That’s why I hate what Booth did to her in the 100th– it was like being hit by an emotional steamroller for her. The girl was completely unravelled at this point.

      • I just meant with Hodgins, BP. She was using her ability to focus on work to keep her going and catch the Gravedigger. Hodgins didn’t realize that’s what she was doing and freaked out. I think it works considering the Patriot episode as well as the genocide Brennan has referenced. She’s seen a lot through her job and this is where it is appropriate to use that shutting off skill, like a doctor has to do.

        The heart-sick part was she was finding it increasingly hard to shut off her emotions on the personal stuff, and she didn’t know how to handle that. But as far as work is concerned, she is usually able to do the task at hand. When she finally couldn’t, aka DitP, she reached a breaking point.

      • Hmm… so I think the reverse of what you are thinking. While normally she is able to focus on her work and keep going– here its the work that is the source of the stress.

        In this situation, she wants to compartmentalize but is finding she can’t. She felt like she lost her advantage because her emotions were overwhelming her and affecting her ability to do her job. Emotions were complicating logical thought. That’s the whole problem with the latter half of S5– Brennan wasn’t able to keep control over her emotions. She was entirely overwhelmed– the gravedigger case was just the breaking point. There was nothing in Brennan’s life at that point that she could use to steady herself.

        In DitP– for the first time she chose not to compartmentalize. She chose to care more than she has ever cared before breaking down that wall. Letting herself feel all of the victim’s emotions as well as her own. She was allowing herself to own her feelings.

      • BP, I don’t know if we are completely reversed. I think we are cycling around the same-ish idea. I agree with your DitP assessment kind of but I don’t know that it was necessarily a choice, I think it was she just at the point where she literally couldn’t hold back anymore. But I think we both agree that it was a tipping over point.

        And while I’m not sure that work itself was her stressor, I think that the personal emotion she was battling against was spilling over into her work environment, because over the years, she had let her co-workers in, somewhat. This Gravedigger had hurt herself, Hodgins, and Booth on a very personal level. But they still had this criminal to convict. So it was blurring the work/personal lines which she had very studiously kept separate for so long and it was starting to strain. Plus, her main support system emotionally, Booth, had withdrawn from her somewhat (at her request) and had another person in his life. So her equilibrium was shaky. But from her encounter with Hodgins, I think she was still able to pull it together, temporarily, work-wise and do what was necessary, like having the charges dropped and stuff, again, until DitP, when even the work thing got to be too much. Still, even after that she was able to take Micah’s talk to heart and have her world right itself again, and carry on.

        Am I making sense? I could just be rambling through work related exhaustion 🙂

      • Lol, the difference in our perspective always comes from the fact that I watch the show through Brennan’s feelings. I feel what Brennan is feeling and you watch her actions. You watch the show through Booth’s feelings and I watch his actions.

        While you are saying Brennan was able to compartmentalize here enough to get the job done. For me Brennan was saying she felt like she wasn’t able to do that. The fact that here she barely got the job done terrified her. What if she can’t get it done the next time? What if Booth’s life is in danger but she can’t get to him next time because she can’t think straight?

        As she said in Spark in the Park– people like her are nothing without their work. So if she can’t get her job done she has no purpose in life.

        Her anchor is her work and her partnership with Booth. At the end of BwtA she had lost both. Her partnership with Booth was in shambles. I don’t see where she asked him to withdraw from her? He chose to say he had to move on and she accepted it because she knows that’s what he wants from his life. While she was hoping that they could keep the status quo, after Death in the Queen Bee, when he was reluctant to dance with her, I think she knew they couldn’t. The partnership was important to her but this new dynamic had jumbled up her feelings. She didn’t know what her partnership meant. She wasn’t reaching out to him because she didn’t think she could anymore. In S4, when she was struggling with the concept of love she sought out Booth. Yet here she was struggling with nightmares/PTSD but was trying to deal with it on her own. They were walking around eggshells. And normally she would use work to gain clarity and to deal with her emotions. But with the gravedigger she was now struggling to derive meaning out of her work, too. The murders keep happening and putting her loved ones at risk. But if she can’t compartmentalize enough to do her job what use is she? She was at professional and personal meltdown.

        If you notice in Couple in the Cave– she explains that the time away helped her understand the value of her contributions to their work. And that was important– because even though her relationship with Booth was in shambles in S6. She still had one anchor intact. She was able to allow herself to feel her emotions in DitP because she still had something to fall back on. She didn’t need to walk away from Booth after DitP. In the same situation, Booth needed a “moving on” crutch to stay. Brennan was able to stay unconditionally because she was strong enough. I have to admit I would’ve dissociated from Booth completely at that point.

  3. A tense episode. I liked the Hodgins-Angela wedding announcement scene and B&B’s momentary loss as to how to react given their own situation. I liked the scene at Brennan’s loft too. I know that Brennan lost her parents at Christmas and so Christmas is hard for her so she always goes out of town. But Brennan by this point has turned that habit into an obsession. Any hint of emotional stress and she runs, something she seems completely blind to in herself. This point was highlighted in the first episode with Finn, The Hotdog in the Competition, when he initially walks out on his work at the lab because of emotional stress and Brennan chastises him for it. Pot and kettle much. At least she acknowledges that ‘I’ve been stubborn; I’ve been afraid’ in her proposal but it isn’t until the season 8 finale that she finally decides despite on-going emotional stress to actually stay with Booth and work out the problem. OK end of dissertation.

  4. I always thought the Gravedigger was a great serial killer and two of my favorite episodes until we actually met her. She was creepy but the thought that she did everything alone was hard to believe. I liked the scene with Brennan and Hodgins, I thought it was done well. The moments between B&B in her apartment, her confession, her office, the end, and other moments including Max and Caroline, were good, and showed Brennan in great distress. I felt her emotional state was on the verge of a breakdown and it was affecting her work. She tried to tell Booth more than once and he tried to listen but he really didn’t want to hear what she was telling him. I think since the 100th she was just as crushed as Booth and she had no warning and no time to process and the one person she needed to talk to she wasn’t getting through to. I felt Brennan was so lost and alone. Angela and Hodgins were great. I loved how Hodgins finally just told everyone their good news and how happy everyone was for them. For me from the 100th to the finale are so hard because most all of S6 except DitP for me was such a disaster. I can live with Booth having another temporary girlfriend, shaking things up, and affecting Brennan. But the proposal was over the top and I can’t forgive Booth for that, not with Brennan’s confession, their talks, the few moments they still shared, and things like the one person you love the most. This is where the show and Booth lost me and my feelings changed. Booth let himself be goaded a second time by Sweets, and that one’s on Booth. He chose to go after the dream of his life instead of the love of his life. Booth had a choice. He never had to propose to Burley and I don’t believe he did it to sabotage their relationship and break them up. Booth takes religion and marriage deadly seriously. Booth wouldn’t play that kind of game. This is one point where Booth and Hodgins differ. Brennan could never be a consolation prize or second best but actually the only woman who could ever truly love and be there for Booth personally and professionally, I always feel like Booth went back to Brennan because she was there and willing. They didn’t come together in a good way or a natural way, at least not for me, especially since we never got anything from Booth regarding the whole situation. That would have set things right, again, at least for me.

    • You can’t blame Booth for things that Hart decided had to happen. For whatever reason Hart decided that if Booth was a ‘good man’ (and damn I’m sick of that phrase) then he wouldn’t be toying with Burley and had to declare himself and propose. The Booth of the pre-100th episode would NEVER have gone back into the military, ever. And while yes he might have entertained the thought of moving on with someone else, he would never have blabbed about Brennan’s confession to Sweets and to Burley, looked longingly at Brennan and then proposed to another woman. Season 6, let’s just agree, and actually season 5 from the 100th were an unmitigated disaster. Could they have handled an SO arc for Booth as the did for Brennan with Sully and then moved them on together? Sure. What they did was come close to destroying the show.

      • According to an HH interview– Booth didn’t actually reenlist in the army. He went as a civilian contractor. He occasionally acted as a civilian mercenary but that was never a necessary part of the job description. That’s why Brennan believed him when he lied about only doing admin stuff in Mastadon.

        But I completely agree with the unmitigated disaster part!

        I just go with Booth in S6 wasn’t normal Booth. They destroyed all the qualities of normal Booth that I loved in S6. Aside from all the things you said, normal Booth would never leave a friend’s baby announcement to go have sex with his girlfriend. Normal Booth wouldn’t move in with a woman without introducing her to his son first. Or for months only bring him home when she wasn’t around (because that meant, unless Hannah was gone every other weekend, he was spending less time with his son). He never even told her she was a rebound for him, a fact that may have changed how she approached the relationship. He was never truly honest with her about anything in his life. So I have to believe that deep down he knew the relationship wasn’t going anywhere. HH actually said Booth CHOOSES women that say no– so somewhere he knew especially since she told him plenty of times she didn’t want marriage.

        TBH– is it really honourable to propose marriage or is it just someone who can’t face they made a mistake? He went from telling Hannah that he didn’t have feelings for Brennan, to telling Brennan that he loved her the most and would never leave her and staring at her longingly. How is that doing the right thing by Hannah when she has no idea what she was getting involved in? Hannah doesn’t strike me as someone who would want to be someone’s obligation or safe choice. She didn’t even want marriage– if he truly didn’t know that it means he didn’t respect her as an individual enough to listen to her.

      • All of this is due to Hart’s muddled thinking about who and what Booth should be. The whole Booth-as-contractor story came up because interviewers were asking how Booth could re-up, spend 7 months of his enlistment in Afghanistan and then simply walk off the battlefield and go home. Booth wore an army ranger uniform, was contacted by the army and was said in the last episode of season 5 to be in the army. Hart was just trying to rationalize behavior after the fact that made no sense. Even contractors have to abide by their contracts but that whole interview was a saving face one.

        Ditto the marriage proposal. I remember Marisa Roffman at the time saying that she had warned Hart that forcing the story arc to include a proposal was a bad idea and his response was basically the same response he gave Carla Kettner when he overrode her ideas for The Doctor in the Photo, ‘It’s good to be king.’ He made so many wrong choices and compromised his cherished character so badly that I almost feel sorry for him. So let’s not blame poor Booth for actions we who have known him from the pre-100th know he would never have done. That goes for Brennan, season 6 as well.

      • EL, I think HH is exactly the one to blame for what Booth did. I’m not sure how much we agree or disagree but we definitely agree on being damn sick of hearing the phrase Booth is a “good man”. I agree pre-100th Booth would not have done the things that he did, but S6 Booth did. I don’t think Booth was toying with Burley, but I don’t think he had to declare himself and propose. Brennan was either the love of his life or she wasn’t. I think it would have been more honorable of Booth to either talk to Burley or break up. I never felt Booth was truly honest with her. The first day (?) they’re together in bed, of course, and we now know that all Burley was interested in was a good time, Booth says “You’re going to make trouble while you’re here.” He knows it’s temporary and as time went on, with Brennan’s confession and Booth’s longing looks at Brennan, Booth had other choices than to propose. He let himself be goaded into doing something yet again by Sweets (Fool me once, …) something he may otherwise never have done and Burley was going to leave at some point anyway, which is one way the story could have gone. I just don’t believe Booth had to propose. He also didn’t own up to Burley about his gambling and it did come up. He also wasn’t honest about himself and Brennan right from the start. I also don’t think the old Booth would have blabbed, as you said, about Brennan’s confession to Sweets or Burley. Difficult to not think of that as some sort of betrayal, especially how Brennan reacted when she finds out. That really hurt her. So much for what ours’ is ours’. It’s hard to separate HH and from what he makes Booth do. If I follow the show then I have to go with Booth’s actions and whatever happens good or bad is on Booth. It never seemed to me that Burley was that committed to Booth. Her concerns were her career and not messing up any relationships while she was there because she knew she wasn’t staying. How honest Burley was with Booth I don’t know, other than her one line to Booth saying he didn’t listen to her when she said she had told him she wasn’t the marrying kind. Another irksome event was blowing off Angela & Hodgins’ baby announcement, going along with Brennan lying for him. Booth knows how important the truth is to Brennan, that she’s all about the truth. To allow her to lie for him was unbelievable and I wish Brennan would have said no to Booth. Then everyone goes off on Angela for being mad at Booth in defense of Brennan’s fragile heart regarding the retracted proposal. Yes, we know why, but the characters didn’t and Angela’s’ reaction I felt was at least in character and she does eventually apologize. That was big of her. I have to go with what HH made Booth do. I truly think HH was seriously afraid of the Moonlighting curse and created his own curse. I believe that he made things as bad as possible and skipped all the important first moments between B&B when they finally did happen because HH couldn’t deal with it. The loss is ours and the shows loss and it has never been the same for me. I don’t mind that we agree or disagree, it makes for great discussions about a show and characters that we love. I agree S6 was an unmitigated disaster. I too think they came close to destroying the show.

        Ok, rant over. 🙂

      • How much should we “blame” DB or ED? As executive producers (and occasional director in DB’s case), how much input do they get in their characters? Do they feel these are the right choices for the characters too? I must admit, I don’t feel as doom and gloom about season 6…so maybe the actors were on board? I can’t imagine they’d let their characters just do something so terrible it might jeopardize the show, so on some level they are ok with it, right? Honest question.

      • bb those are good questions. I hadn’t thought about ED & DB in the mix that way. I think ED & DB as producers and director, I’d like to think that they had input, but from past years listening to and reading interviews with HH, which I don’t do anymore, I think it was pretty much HH’s way or no way. I think 5 or 6 years into the show, ED & DB were older, comfortable with their characters and the show, had more going on in their personal lives and perhaps less concerned with what their characters were going to do, not to say that they didn’t care. I can see them not having a problem with shaking things up and I didn’t have a problem with that idea either, but more with how they did it. I think if Booth hadn’t proposed or they had at least addressed the Burley issue, given B&B more time really coming together as a couple, letting us in on at least some of their first’s as a couple, it wouldn’t have bothered me. The relationship which I felt was so incredible and carefully handled in the first 5 seasons, I felt after 5 years was just thrown out the window and I don’t think it’s ever been the same, at least not for me. I would agree that ED & DB probably didn’t think that what their characters were doing was terrible and that on some level they were probably ok with it. I don’t know if things came across the way they were planned or not, but I honestly don’t think HH cared and that really bothers me. Just my opinion.

      • From what I heard David was on-board with it in the beginning but wasn’t happy as the season progressed. The secondary actors were definitely unhappy as ‘their’ time was being given to the Hannah character. No one on that set was happy by the time episode 8 rolled around.

      • I don’t necessarily begrudge HH for taking a risk. Showing angst and longing between Booth and Brennan wasn’t a bad idea. I could see DB and ED going along with it because I think they too probably enjoy shaking things up. As actors I am sure they enjoy expressing different range of emotions. But I get the feeling that what they wanted to show and the effect of what came across wasn’t quite the same. Has anyone ever made sense of the sunglasses scene? And that may have been a reflection of the fact that King Hanson’s attentions were divided with the Finder. It’s also possible that DB/ED were too wrapped up in their personal lives to pay that much attention. ED had just started her married life and in the process of starting family, while DB was going through his scandal.

        Lindy, I completely agree with everything you said. Booth knew from the beginning Hannah was temporary. That’s why he stalled for as long as he could on Parker meeting her until Parker started feeling insecure. I do think there were other ways out of that relationship that would’ve kept Booth honourable. That’s why the fact that they mirrored the 100th and DitM means they were saying something about Booth. Different woman, same approach, same result. The only reasoning for the proposal that has ever made sense to me is that after hurting Brennan in DitP Booth had cornered himself into staying in that relationship. Booth couldn’t just come back and say “oh sorry Bones, I hurt you the most you have ever been hurt in your life but it turns out I didn’t really need to”. Basically, he felt forced into proving he hadn’t hurt Brennan for no good reason by convincing himself that he really was serious. With Sweets goading if he wasn’t getting married then he would have to ask himself what the heck he was doing and he didn’t want to do that. He *had* to want to propose marriage even if on some level he knew Hannah would say no. Just like the 100th it was the definition of insanity where he was acting on pure impulse instead of thinking things through. But that’s part of being a gambler– you act without thinking about the ramifications.

      • bountypeaches thanks for the support. I agree with what you said as well. I hadn’t thought of Booth cornering himself but I can now see that possibility. Booth could have taken time to think things through and reach his own conclusions, but I guess at that point it was too late. As it turned out he ended up needing time anyway afterwards. Needing time being ironic. Brennan had needed time too, as she told him. Time he didn’t give her in the 100th, Boy, or BitE. I agree there were other ways out of the Booth and Burley relationship. It will always just crush me for Brennan that Booth proposed to Burley with all that he felt and knew.

      • I hate the proposal too, Lindy. But I look it as he proposed to Burley because of the intensity of his feelings for Brennan (not inspite of). Meaning if he had turned down and hurt Brennan for Hannah– he had to want to marry Hannah (cognitive dissonance). Yes, he could’ve taken time to think things through. But I think that was the whole point. Booth wasn’t acting from a place of self awareness in S6. He had sort of fallen off the wagon in terms of gambling only this time in his personal life (stupid Sweets)– hence at the end of DitM he puts his poker chip down at the bar.

        Basically he rushed into that relationship without thinking in order to avoid facing the pain of his unrequited feelings for Brennan. He had actually never dealt with the “breakup” in the 100th. If he had to stop and think about what he was doing he would have to deal with all that pain. So he never let himself think about anything– he was completely avoiding introspection. He never cared about getting to know Hannah. Anytime anything serious came up they distracted each other with sex. Booth just desperately wanted to prove he was over Brennan. Its basically why rebounds rarely work– because the person hasn’t dealt with their own issues in the downfall of the prior relationship, so they end up just rehashing the same problems. Its just a way of delaying the pain and at the end you have two relationships to get over instead of just one. I think he was mostly angry at himself. For the first time he started thinking about his own agency in his relationships and what had gone wrong in the 100th. And that was important for them to finally get it right. We saw Booth start thinking from Brennan’s perspective. And besides him making sure that Brennan knew he was still interested in pursuing something with her, he really let her control the pace so she could always feel comfortable in their relationship. I think the second time around he really did follow Gordon Gordon’s advice of hope and patience.

      • I agree that Booth lied his head off to Burley. He shared nothing of himself except a certain part of his anatomy. So when Brennan tells Burley that ‘Booth will give himself to you completely’ it is such a shock because it’s such a lie. It is only true about Booth and Brennan. She sees that this is who he really is — someone who will give themselves completely to the person they love — but what Brennan doesn’t see in that moment is that she is the only one he would or could give himself to completely.

        I agree, too, that Booth’s heart wasn’t crushed when Burley rejected him, he was angry at himself for being such an idiot. She pursued him and he went along letting other people (like the hideous Sweets) guide his actions. It was, to me, as if he had been so emotionally damaged by his break-up with Brennan that he didn’t really care. The Burley relationship stoked his ego but it never filled his heart.

      • bp in response to your last post (can’t always get replies to come out in the right place) good insights I hadn’t thought of.

  5. This is a video I found on YouTube and thought you guys might enjoy. Titled “A Poem About My Bones”. Credits: Poem by Shani J. Pacheco – Video by Joolzac. It’s a compilation of Seasons 1-9, no spoilers. It’s 20 minutes but goes very fast and I thought was very good. Hope the link works:

  6. The part where Brennan refutes Hodgins’ assertion that it’s easy for her to let Caroline Julien drop her case. I just adore the way she gets fierce and yet steady in that moment, hovering on that edge where she KNOWS they have the power to take this woman down because this boy has something to tell them if they’re just free to listen. THAT is her kind of faith. THAT is her strength showing right there. To let Jack and Caroline see that she’s suffering too, so that he knows he’s not alone in being haunted by what this woman did to them, is powerful.
    I agree that the writers had a hard time selling this woman as the Gravedigger though. I always figured she was a woman because she was so atypical, and as Gordan Gordan said, there are relatively few female serial killers to compare to. Still, the performances of the other characters made me accept it, if begrudgingly.
    Also when Booth drops his case to sort of keep the team together.
    And when Brennan is on the stand and gets kind freaked. She’s been buried alive, she knows how horrible it is, and this woman can’t lie and get away with it. All said with a tremor in Emily Dechanel’s voice. 🙂

    • I liked the creepy performance of the actress playing the Gravedigger, so I liked her as a serial killer type character….if she had done different methods, that is. I just couldn’t get over what she supposedly had done. And I kept waiting for a plot twist where they revealed an accomplice, but it never came. But whew, she did give me goosebumps with her general evilness.

      • Me too, sort of. I would have accepted her as a different serial killer more easily than the Gravedigger, but not because I think there had to have been an accomplice. Just that the way she was playing it was like most every other creepy serial killer they’ve encountered, when we’ve seen again and again that the Gravedigger isn’t like every other serial killer out there. It didn’t hold water for me. I kept expecting her to reveal how she was different, how she was the worst of the worst in terms of psychosis, and it just never happened. Bit of a let down honestly. I liked it better when it was a faceless, mysterious killer.

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