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Vintage Bones: The Beginning in the End


Hello and Happy Friday!

Confession: Beyond this episode, there aren’t many episodes I’ve watched more than 2-3 times.  I feel like I would dominate a Bones trivia game for episodes 1-100, haha. Part of that is because when I first got into Bones, all I did was watch seasons 1-3. When it ended, I went back to the beginning. And I went through the series several times for different projects, one a fanfic project of co-writing deleted scenes for every episode, and another one was the 100 Days of Bones, which was fun. I own S6 but I don’t own S7 or S8 (outside of a couple of one-off episodes on iTunes). I will probably buy S9 at some point. (I also have Netflix, which has worked just fine.) Tumblr has been very fun in that I’m reminded of some great moments from the past couple of seasons, which has warmed my cold little heart a bit 🙂

Anyway, I know there are many many good episodes and moments between 105 and the 190s we’re in now…I just don’t know all of them by heart! 🙂

With this episode… it hurts. I know we talked during the discussion of the 100th about how I try not to let pain from future episodes affect how I feel about the 100th. But I am not as successful when it comes to this one.  On the other hand, I know it is supposed to be painful–like the fracturing of a family or close-knit friend group. That is what makes the show successful, so to fracture it SHOULD cause pain 🙂


The whole ‘he called me baby, baby all night long’ song was a weird choice that led to weird ambiguity. And I also remember that like…the MINUTE the episode ended, Ausiello posted spoilers about how Booth would be returning with a serious girlfriend.


But seriously, it was way too soon to process that kind of information. And because S6 skipped ahead in time and sort of told us what B&B (and the team) had been up to (with the exception of a few moments in the premiere), I know I personally felt a little bit of whiplash. That is a discussion for another day, but yeah…that was a bad summer, LOL. It just shot the fandom into some terrible blame-games.  For the record, I always blame Daisy. For everything. LOL…kidding. Sort of. 🙂


Enough from me. what do you like or not like about this one?


Here is your moment of B&B:

hands at end of season 5 finale




17 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Beginning in the End

  1. I love what you’re saying about “He Called Me Baby” (which – I also really love the Patsy Cline version…) and while it doesn’t fit at all lyrics-wise, the whole sound of this version is aching, it hurts to listen to it (again, nod to Patsy who could do this with anything)
    In that way, I thought it fit, because you know she loves him, I know she loves him, she sorta knows, but she is in full on retreat mode.

    I also love the Daisy/Sweets thing “pearl diving” heh. Because I love Daisy. Poor Sweets, bless his heart.

  2. I don’t have much good to say about this one other than it was well acted. I’ve rewatched Mastodon more times, but BitE seems to be one of the few between 100 and Daredevil without that silent sign of hope.

  3. Well if they were going for painful they were successful. From the 100th episode on until the end of the Hannah debacle this joined the group of episodes that made me feel sick to my stomach and want to run away and have a good cry. The shocking spoiler from Ausiello further intensified the yuckiness. Booth & Brennan’s good-bye at the airport is just heartbreaking and not something I want to re-watch. I watch up until episode 99 then very selectively choose from 100th on.

  4. Quote time! With commentary by me, what I think they are really saying:

    Booth: Listen Bones, you gotta be really careful in that Indonesian jungle, okay? (aka “I love you”)
    Brennan: Booth, in a week, you’re going to a war zone. Please don’t be a hero. (aka “I love you”)

    Sweets: Yeah. Seen your office, your apartment, you cling.
    Booth: …I don’t cling, okay? I collect things. Big difference. (Hm….I think Sweets nailed that one. I think Booth was trying to cling to Brennan here, but I think he had to let her go in this instance.)

    Brennan: You don’t think you’d save lives?
    Booth: Well, yeah. But I mean anyone would in that position.
    Brennan: Not everyone is as good as you. (aka “I love you”)

    Brennan: The only intrinsic value things have is what we give them. Maybe we all overvalue things that are… essentially worthless. (aka “I value and love my partner but that’s scary. I wanna put up my guard again, but can’t seem to do it)

    Brennan: I need a break from that life. I’m worried all the time. Worried that Booth might get hurt on a case, and I couldn’t prevent it. Worried… about what our partnership means. (aka “I pushed Booth away, but its painful now. And I love him but it’s scary to allow these feelings.)

    Booth: Sorry. I just… I don’t do really good with change, I guess. (Yep.)
    Brennan: You’re better than I am.
    Booth: Pyramids are better at change than you are. (Lol, and yep.)

    Brennan: We can come back. Pick up where we left off. Nothing has to change.

    (Insert ‘Fire in the Ice quote here–Brennan: Well entropy is a natural force that pulls everything apart at a subatomic level. Everything changes.)

    Booth: No. Things have to change. Know what? Hey, I taught you about eye contact. You taught me about evolution. (Booth learns from her. I like that callback)

    And….don’t forget Caroline!! 🙂

    Brennan: It’s not gonna be our last case.
    Booth: We’ll be back in a year.
    Caroline: Tight as drum, that’s what I want. And trust me, the way you two are running from each other, you better be *damn* sure of these little trips of yours.

    Caroline: Well, that’s that then. They’re free to go.
    Sweets: You don’t think this success might make them change their minds?
    Caroline: You know what? You’re a nice kid. But today is a good day for you to grow the hell up!

    • “And trust me, the way you two are running from each other, you better be *damn* sure of these little trips of yours.”

      I agree with you BB– Caroline really does know the truth of things — they were running from each other. My favourite Caroline scene is when she says “oh of course he was” in Killers in the Crosshairs. Bless Brennan’s oblivious little heart– Caroline saw right through Booth’s “its war” BS.

      I blame Daisy and Sweets for the mess of S5/6.

  5. General comment on this period in Bones history: I may be one of the few who actually kind of liked this point in the Bones storyline. Not that I think TPTB are never wrong, because they are definitely flawed! But, I feel that both Booth and Brennan needed this time in their lives. Booth had attempted to break the limbo between them, but when Brennan asked him to remain work partners, he didn’t have the ability to deny her, thus re-entering a new, awkward limbo. I think that while it was insanely painful, they both needed space from each other to really evaluate. Booth took Brennan at her word and finally found the ability to move on and honor her wishes; conversely, Brennan’s space led her to realize that having Booth just partially in her life would never be enough.

    Eventually, he’d see there is just no way he’d ever be able to move on from her (What you were saying BP about him being more patient the 2nd time around) and she’d realize it’s ok to love and be trust. But they had to go through the pain first. So yeah, it was painful, but I will always argue that sometimes pain is necessary to go through to get to where you need to be.

    • I totally agree. Without the pain, they never learn how much they really love each other.

    • I agree with BB I know many fans don’t like the episodes after the 100 and feel like it was useless and painful angst for nothing but I disagree with those people, I think what both Brennan and Booth went through was needed and necessary for both of them and I think they both came out of the painful journey a lot better and capable to handling a relationship with each other. I especially think it was important for Brennan to go through the whole painful ordeal and realize she can handle it and that what Booth and Angela and others have been telling over the years about love being worth it even if its sometimes painful, to me I think she needed to experience it for herself. Yeah it was painful to watch but it definitely necessary.

  6. Sad, painful episode and while it was, I do think they needed things to change. Brennan’s breakdown/heartache with Angela was very painful to watch. Brennan lost and needing time. Things she did try to tell Booth but he was so caught up in his own breakdown/heartache, he really didn’t hear her. Brennan standing up to Daisy regarding Booth. Booth so lost he didn’t get it when Brennan told him she would never make an important decision like Maluku without talking to him first. Sad that he missed catching that and reacted the way he did. But he came back with what they taught each other and that things had to change, but still lost somewhere else. Always love Caroline, seeing the truth of things. The scene at the airport, Hodgins’ concern for Brennan and I’ve always thought he loved her as a true friend, and Brennan the same and then actually saying “I love you too” out loud to Hodgins – that was a big step for Brennan. Things did have to change. I don’t think that the 100th to the finale would continue to be so painful if it weren’t for how things were handled in S6. I think most of it was believable (100th to the finale). I could’ve even handled Booth trying to appear as if he had really moved on to prove something to himself or to others even if it lasted longer than Brennan and Sully. But I think S6 went so off the deep end, so overkill, that it makes these last few episodes of S5 so continuously painful. I also didn’t think the final song made sense. Just not the best choice for that moment and I’ve often felt that their music choices have spoken volumes.

    S6.1 I can’t bare to watch. The first scene with Brennan & Booth back together is even more heartbreaking and painful than these last few episodes of S5. Brennan so ready and Booth so caught up in I don’t even know what and not really seeing or hearing Brennan. Not many episodes I re-watch from this point to the present.

  7. Definite, horrible whiplash. *shudders*

  8. To be perfectly clear I hate this episode. Not because of any character’s pain but because the whole construct was so phony. The idea of Brennan taking an anthropological assignment and the way it was set up as a quasi-National Geographic dig was fine but the vision of Brennan and Daisy in the season 6 premier — no lab, no co-workers, no sponsor, no nothing — driving around in a jeep fighting off cannibals or whatever was laughable. Then there was Booth, the man haunted by the demons of his military past, traumatized by the ghosts of those he had killed. The man whom Brennan told more than once how sorry she was he had to kill someone because ‘I know you hate that’. The man who had a nervous breakdown over the accidental death of a serial killer. Middle-aged Booth of the bad back, brain tumor, dependent child and flourishing career who left the army before 1998 and so had been out for more than a dozen years. Booth, who has never been to Afghanistan (completely different from Iraq), speaks no Farsi and hasn’t sniped someone in donkey’s years. This is the man the army chooses to pressure into re-enlistment, who not only agrees to go kill people again but whom Brennan makes no move to discourage from this truly shocking choice. Not only does Brennan see no problem with Booth stepping back into his own nightmare in a war zone that he only has a 50-50 chance of surviving, but his son who once had nightmares about his father getting hurt is happy to push him into it as well. None of this made any sense and all of it made me so angry at the betrayal not only of the fans and their hopes but of the characters as well.

    From an objective point of view it fascinates me that I personally felt so betrayed by this whole storyline. Brennan sitting on the bench calmly asserting that everything could return to the way it was when they came back in a year as Booth sits gutted beside her is an image that still goads me to fury. I guess all of you are my therapists and I thank you for letting me explode. I will now end my rant with the question to which I have no answer — how can fiction cause such anger and pain?

    • “How can fiction cause such anger and pain?”

      Lol, EL– we may not agree on many things but this is what we agree on! For opposite reasons as you but I have never felt so personally betrayed by a storyline either. I still feel so much rage and the pain over this. I could rant about this for days.

      For me, Brennan was truly at the edge of nervous breakdown herself. She was nearly in tears in the office with Angela. How often do we see Brennan so unguarded that she doesn’t even deny how much she is struggling. She had felt like there was no purpose her life. The murders keep happening and solving them puts all their lives at risk. She looks at Booth’s offer to teach soldiers and see how much value there is in that– I think she is almost envious. Doing something you are good at that you know will save lives. She even gets the impression that he wants to go– I could literally kill Daisy for telling her that she is holding him back.

      I get your frustration EL– but do you really think Brennan understood that Booth would be in the line of fire? From my understanding she really believes that he is just going to be teaching soldiers. If you ever want to torture yourself and watch couple in the cave again– I thought it was pretty clear that Brennan had no clue that Booth was ever in the line of fire.

      This is a scene study from Couple in the Cave– where Hannah talks about Booth saving her life:

      I think Brennan looks pretty shocked by what she is hearing. Remember he lied to her in Mastadon too about just doing admin stuff. I believe she really had no idea until CitC.

      • What I think is that we are intended to believe that Brennan the literalist accepted everything at face value and questioned nothing about Booth’s deployment or the danger it would put him in but that line, ‘don’t be a hero’ says it all. That’s what he does; that’s who he is. Anytime a soldier is on the battlefield, training, advising or fighting he or she is in harm’s way. That the writers made the choice to have Brennan let him go without a word of protest is once again not the Brennan from pre-100. And that’s what makes me the most upset, how they threw everything we knew about the characters overboard and refashioned them to serve what turned out to be a catastrophically terrible story arc.

      • Agreed EL “how they threw everything we knew about the characters overboard” !! One of my all time running rants. 🙂

      • I understand what you are saying– but I interpreted it more as “don’t go seeking out trouble”. Everyone in a war zone has the possibility of being in harms way but I think there is a difference between an administrative role and a combative one. I am actually surprised that Booth, himself, let Brennan go off to an uncharted Indonesian jungle where she ended up fighting guerrillas.

        NatesMama wrote a great defence of Seeley Booth at Bonesology (during S6) and she actually believes he wanted to go as an out. I actually think that is a reasonable possibility because he was so defensive about not going– and when Booth is defensive he usually means the opposite. But whatever his feelings were I honestly think that Brennan believed Booth wanted to go. I think after the 100th Brennan was struggling to figure out her place with Booth (just as he was with her). After Daisy– I don’t think she wanted to feel like she was holding him back. I think she went there to discuss things with him but by then he had already made up his mind. As Caroline said they were both running.

        Stupid moonlighting curse– this arc was totally unnecessary. It could been done in a way that didn’t leave us so depressed. If I didn’t believe in love, I probably would’ve stopped believing in it by DitM.

    • EL in regard to your question about fiction, for me it isn’t fiction (though I know technically it is) but more than real. I know that’s why it causes me such anger, pain, and feelings of betrayal. I too am thankful to have this place to come to where I can explode and rant. My thanks to all as well.

  9. I like a lot of things about this episode, especially Hodgins and Sweets together, even though Sweets annoys me terribly throughout most of the episode. The end is heartbreaking, I think….It almost seems to me that Booth and Brennan regret their decisions to leave but it’s too late to do any thing to change things. Excellent acting all around.

    I understand how people become so involved the characters on this program. They are so multi-layered, complete with quirks and flaws, that it is hard not to think of them as real people. The fact that we have to remind ourselves that they are fictional just means that the actors and writers do a good job of convincing us to care.

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