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Season Nine Haikus


Happy Premiere Week!

It’s that time again, and to celebrate, I’ve continued the tradition of writing haikus for the previous season.

Here are some I came up with, but I definitely want to see what you come up with in the comments!


The Secrets in the Proposal
Booth talks to Aldo
Brennan visits Aldo too
She gives Booth more time

The Cheat in the Retreat
Bobcat body dump
B&B undercover
Then comes “palm touching”

El Carnicero en el Coche
Abandoned car corpse
Sweets in a denim jacket
Sad gang violence

The Sense in the Sacrifice
Pelant strikes again
But Booth’s shot is what will last
RIP Hayes Flynn

The Lady on the List
Brennan gets a dress
B&B have bucket lists
Booth loves every day

The Woman in White
Booth ‘burns down’ the church
Bets are placed for wedding times
They are married, yo!
(alternate: vows are everything 🙂 )

The Nazi on the Honeymoon
BB Honeymoon
Agent Andy is a star
Back to D.C., please.

The Dude in the Dam
Body in a dam
Wannabe model victim
Hodgins hosts a fly

The Fury in the Jury
Soccer star victim
Brennan’s on jury duty
Booth and Brennan fit

The Mystery in the Meat
Victim in canned meat
Wild bachelorette party
Drunk!Brennan, our queen

The Spark in the Park
Gymnastic victim
Father unable to cope
Equations of life

The Ghost in the Killer
Brennan has nightmares
Hodgins visits old friend Trent
Ghost Killer lives on

Big in the Philippines
Musician victim
Wendell sees he has support
B&B slow dance

The Master in the Slop
Body in a trough
Sweets in a chess tournament
BB Waffle time

The Heiress in the Hill
Socialite victim
Hodgins meets long-lost brother
Wounded Warrior Gift

The Source in the Sludge
Sari Nazeri
Danny Beck has a secret
Booth sees justice done

The Repo Man in the Septic Tank
Dr. Fuentes flirts
Case showdown in the kitchen
Booth is Brennan’s home

The Carrot in the Kudzu
Carrot Bill is dead
Sex, jealousy are motives
Birthday party fun

The Turn in the Urn
Victim…not so dead
Diamond nail polish killer
Brennan doesn’t guess

The High in the Low
Body in a log
Medical marijuana
Booth gets high test scores

The Cold in the Case
A cryonics lab
B&B to Germany?
Booth is not convinced

The Nail in the Coffin
Fingernails missing
McNamaras suspected
Ghost Killer is caught

The Drama in the Queen
Death in swimming pool
And Sweets likes the new Squintern
Booth: “I just like pants”

The Recluse in the Recliner
Goodbye Mighty Hut
Conspiracies continue
Bring on Season 10!



Okay, now let’s see yours! Remember the pattern is 5 syllables/7 syllables/ 5 syllables. You can do it, and it is very fun! 🙂



Here are Haikus for Seasons 1-5, 6 and 8 . Feel free to add more there or here!


PPS… One day I may be able to do S7 Haikus, but so far when I try I still get so angry LOL. It’s just not worth it.  They always end up like:

What is happening?

Why, Why, Why, Why, Why, Why, Why?

Someone make it stop.


Hahaha 🙂


7 thoughts on “Season Nine Haikus

  1. Why no season 7? I liked that one. I’ll start you off, Sarah:

    Memories in the Shallow Grave:
    Memories premiere
    Booth in underwear cooks food
    He’s “there” for Brennan 🙂

    Male in the Mail:
    Pops is here again
    Booth finds out his dad has died
    His one perfect day 😦

    Prisoner in the Pipe:
    Brennan is so big
    ED was such a trooper
    Welcome to “stapes”

    Ooohh wait, this is about Season 9, eh? 🙂

    Sense in the Sacrifice:
    Yay, Pelant is dead
    B&B are engaged now
    Let’s plan this wedding!

    Woman in White:
    Can’t believe it’s true
    Our perfect, happy babies
    The vows are perfect

    Mystery in the Meat:
    Grossest opening?
    Solyent Green is people, agh!
    Will not order lunch 😦

    Big in the Philippines
    Wendell is so sick
    My favorite squintern needs help
    I hope he comes back

    The Recluse in the Recliner
    I am scared for Booth!
    Though, him preparing was hot 🙂
    Brennan cries out, “Booth!”

  2. These are always so much fun!!!

    (ps… Waffle. Heh.)

  3. I thought season 7 was quite enjoyable. But then again, that was on the heels of watching season 6, so maybe I overvalue its enjoyment?

  4. I’m a totally lame on this but i love it!

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