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Scene Study: The Lady on the List- I Love Everyday


Hello, hello!

I really did enjoy a lot of season nine. As I was skimming through the episodes to write the haikus, I was reminded of this scene, and I absolutely adore it.

To set the scene–in this episode, one main plot is the idea of bucket lists–a term that is used to describe actual or metaphorical lists of tasks or events a person wants to achieve in his or her lifetime. So Booth and Brennan also discuss bucket lists, and we find that their lists are different.


The scene starts with Brennan listening in on Christine’s baby monitor.

“I think Christine has finally gone to sleep”


ll1 ll2 ll3 ll4 ll5 ll6


Booth tells her to be quiet, and when Brennan tells him that baby monitors don’t project sound both ways, he tells her that he doesn’t think that’s true.



Brennan gives a classic “You’re cute, but no…” face.

ll8 ll9 ll10 ll11

“I swear she knows when we relax,” Booth insists.  “Just put it down,” he whispers.


ll12 ll13 ll14 ll15 ll16 ll17


“Bones, you got nothing on your list there,” he adds, noting that her paper is blank.


ll18 ll19 ll20 ll21 ll22


Brennan notices that Booth has written down 10 things on his list.


ll23 ll24 ll25

“Yeah, come on.” he says. “There’s gotta be at least 100 things you want to do before you die.”


ll26 ll27 ll28


Brennan shrugs and isn’t convinced.  “I don’t know. I’m very happy. I have a very good job that I enjoy. A lovely home…”


ll29 ll30 ll31 ll32 ll33


“…a healthy and smart child,” she adds. “And I love the man I’m going to marry.”

I love how she smiles at this and it’s clear she is sweetly flirting with him a little bit. I originally had some mixed feelings about the idea of Brennan not having anything really on her bucket list. But I do believe that she is very happy. I know in previous seasons she would leave sometimes when things were tough, but I also think she genuinely loved her job and learning about all kinds of cultures. It’s not that she is domesticated now or anything, just that she is content, which amounts for a lot.


ll34 ll36 ll37 ll38

“That’s pretty good. Pretty good!” he smiles. “I mean, if I were you, I wouldn’t be able to write anything down on a list either.”


ll39 ll40 ll41 ll42 ll43


Brennan smiles a bit, but is also a little bit shy. “You’re teasing me,” she says.



“I am,” Booth agrees.

ll45 ll46 ll47 ll48


“But…look at you,” he says.

I love this moment, because it shows that he understands what she means. I think he would be as sentimental about it even if they weren’t together. I can’t imagine a scenario in which Brennan is engaged to the father of her child and it’s NOT Booth, but my point is that he gets her and all of her history, and knows…I don’t want to say that he knows that she has come a long way, because I don’t think marriage and a baby were necessary to define Brennan’s life, but she is truly happy. He is responding to her contented state and her happiness.  (I’m pro-marriage and the baby, I just mean that it’s not like she had to have those things).  Moving on!

They share a patented B&B look, and I like that he can see she is being genuine, and that is a big deal for Booth’s self confidence. I like the Daredevil in the Mold end scene, and I remember Booth’s line “what is it about women that they don’t want what I’m offering”, and I think that was a very telling line into Booth’s self-assurance.  So here, we see that he believes her when she is saying that he’s enough for her—FOR LIFE! That she is so happy with him and their life together that she can’t imagine anything topping it. Granted, she HAS been many places and seen a lot of cool things, but it is still a big deal.


ll49 ll50 ll51 ll52 ll53 ll54 ll55 ll56 ll57 ll58

“You know what?” he says. “These things are just little things. You know, where I want to go…climb things…” he says, and he is very sweet. I like that he still shares his list.


ll59 ll60 ll61 ll62 ll63


“Go to outer space” he says…and Brennan is like…




This is the ‘you’re cute, dude, but…no’ part 2.


He adds visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa and then tosses his list over the back of the couch and they laugh.


ll65 ll66 ll67 ll68 ll69 ll70 ll71 ll72 ll73

She leans in to kiss him, but pauses first. “Did you get your tuxedo?”

“I will,” Booth insists.


ll74 ll75 ll76 ll77 ll78

“We should probably decide where we want to have our reception” she says.

“Founding Fathers!” Booth replies right away.


ll79 ll80

You’re cute…but no. Part 3.


ll81 ll82

“They have great free wings!” Booth says, then gets serious. ” Or a better place, obviously.”


ll83 ll84

…or perhaps he was teasing about that all along! 🙂


“We don’t get married every day,” Brennan responds. “Our wedding shouldn’t feel like an ‘everyday’ thing”.


ll85 ll86 ll87 ll88 ll89 ll90

“I love everyday” Booth tells her.

I adore this. To me, this is like a bookend to the whole ‘living wide’ thing from Season 2.  Booth knew then that he was not a super-adventurous type, and he thought it was something Brennan would find lacking in him, so he said he could live wide. And like we saw with Hannah, he was sooo happy to create that happy domestic life and a stable home environment that he never had. I think it’s also why he was cool with never getting married and happy living with Brennan, because he understands, like Brennan does, that they are one another’s home. Now it’s the real deal, which is great, and it is absolutely Boothy that he loves the every day of it all.


ll91 ll92 ll93 ll94 ll95 ll96

She likes that answer, and finally leans in for that kiss. They keep kissing until Booth is nervous that Christine is somehow able to see or listen in on what they are doing. And he tries to block it with the pillow. Very cute.

Brennan tells him that is not possible, aka ‘you’re cute, but just…no’ part 4. 🙂

ll97 ll98 ll99 ll100 ll101 ll102 ll103 ll104 ll105 ll106 ll107

ll109 ll110 ll111 ll112 ll113

Okay, enough from me. What thoughts do you have about this scene?!



17 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Lady on the List- I Love Everyday

  1. I love this scene. I think the “I love every day” comment is very romantic. It’s also kind of Booth’s way of saying the same thing about being content that Brennan said when she didn’t have anything to put on her list. I’m a little confused why you’d compare this to when Booth was with Hannah though. IMO that was very different. Hannah was fun and sex and avoiding pain and it didn’t really work in the long run. What he feels now is a much deeper, more basic feeling. Brennan helps him work through his pain (not deny it) when he needs to just like he helps her. His relationship with Brennan is a truely healthy one. They know each other so well and the way they accept each other for exactly who they are makes me so happy every time the writers decide to show us that.

  2. I agree with dustbunnie. Booth never had a happy home with Hannah. He never had a home at all. She roomed with him while she was in town and they shared sex but not intimacy. Booth in season 6 was so tense for most of the time he could hardly draw breath (nod to Aldo). With Brennan he’s completely at home. Her line ‘You are my home’ resonates for both of them. There was complete irony in the line the writers’ gave Hannah, ‘I love it that you know me so well’ because neither knew the other at all. Booth and Brennan know each other to the core and that ‘I love everyday’ says worlds about their relationship.

    • Totally agree! Also for me, the fact for months he only brought over Parker on weekends she was gone is not consistent with someone who thinks they are making a home. The point of Booth and Hannah was that they jumped in without thinking about where anything was going. They stayed in a cocoon of easygoing camaraderie because any deeper digging would expose their fatal flaws. I would probably argue that Brennan and Sully had more intimacy.

  3. Hmmm, I think I meant more that with Hannah, he was in a ‘fake it till you make it’ mode–TRYING to make it the real deal and make it happen with domesticity and such. But with Brennan, it is the real deal. I agree with you both! 🙂

  4. I love that this is a scene study! Because its not necessarily a “I can’t believe that happened” moment, it is an everyday moment 🙂

    Love seeing them both on the couch, just unwinding in their Mighty Hut (RIP!) and content to be with each other. I love that Brennan had no list. I think part of her tendency to always be traveling and doing new things (and take trips on holidays) stem from her childhood trauma. Not that she can’t enjoy that stuff now, but she doesn’t feel like she HAS to be doing them. She finally has what she craved since she was young. She enjoys her job, her family, her friends. I’d venture to say, that even if our definitions of those are different, that those are basic human desires to have. And she is content. So happy to see her that way 🙂

    As for Booth, I love what you said, “I like that he can see she is being genuine, and that is a big deal for Booth’s self confidence….So here, we see that he believes her when she is saying that he’s enough for her—FOR LIFE!” It describes him perfectly. I think he had a mini-panic when he saw her list was empty, but he just looked at her face and knew she was all good 🙂 He can trust her when she speaks, and he does so here.

    I also love that Brennan wants the wedding to be special because you don’t get married everyday…I love that she is so firm on that!!

    They are just so adorable, snuggled on their couch like that!! It’s so amazing to see that still 🙂

  5. This was a beautiful scene. I love the way your screencaps captured every nuance of expression.

  6. Elsewhere in the ep, (if I am placing it correctly) is where Brennan reveals the magazine cutout of the dress to Angela, and Angela tells her (paraphrasing), that “this is your bucket list”. A lot of hidden gems in this one.

  7. Reminded me of them sitting in the back of the SUV at the end of Baby in the Bough – “look at you”.

    Wonderful sweet scene and how far they have come.

  8. Gosh-your scene studies always kill it-I love every single one. You have an amazing knack for picking those little/big moments that define B/B’s relationship, and making them shine. And honest to goodness, how my computer didn’t catch fire from those stills I’ll never know. Such a sweet scene that captures the contentment, safety and happiness these two characters find in each other.

    Question though, just *what* was going to happen behind those pillows?!! I always laugh a little when Booth tries to block the baby monitor. Lovely as always, and a big thanks.

  9. I love your scene studies too Sarah. They are amazing. I wish I could print each scene study off and staple them together and make little flip books. “Caroline” would be impressed. 🙂

  10. Lovely scene study!

    I think Brennan’s position made sense. She has already done a lot of exciting things in her life that I can see her not really having any unfulfilled dreams in that sense. If there was any place she really wanted to visit or anyone she really wanted to meet– she would’ve done it as soon as she thought about it. But now she is completing a part of her bucket list that she never thought could come true. Going back to Witch in the Wardrobe– she didn’t believe she knew what happiness meant, so for her to now understand what happiness means says a lot.

    I think Brennan wanting a proper wedding fits with a lot her as an anthropologist. This is a woman who performed a celebratory ritual when Sweets broke up with Daisy because she thought it was something that needed to be acknowledged and celebrated. She is about pomp and circumstance when necessary.

  11. Love the scene study…love all your scene studies and your site though I think this is my first comment! Mostly I love that you are still DOING scene studies of the later seasons!!!!

    This probabaly isn’t the right place for this post, but I have looked for the a place to gush over the site and just have no idea where the right place for it is. Basically I LOVE Bones Theory, and I love that you have done this for this show. People who LOVE a show and aren’t only casual watchers, really need a place where they can just share all the things they love about a show and learn from the insights of others who also love a show. Talking about what you don’t love and what appears OOC is important too, but as soon as those things start taking over, it is clear the the love of the show is waning too; and that is hard for me, especially if my love is still alive and well. So bad for me needs to stay in the minority–not saying that is how it needs to be for other people, just how it needs to be for me. At the end of the day it is still my entertainment and I simply turn off what isn’t entertaining me. And for some idiot reason it matters to me if what is entertaining to me is also entertaining to other people who love what I love.

    I only ever was invested enough in a show to search out an online fandom once before, and it was very very good until it went very very bad. I can’t watch the final season of the show without some of that badness leaking through (Veronica Mars in case there are any other fans here lol). Coming together to make the movie went a long way to making me believe in the greatness of that fandom again….hehe I think I have fandom PTSD. One leftover is that I will never read another spoiler again for a show I love as long as I live….spoilers REALLY messed with my experience of the last season. Oh and let’s be clear, it wasn’t a great season to start with, but there could have been a lot to enjoy if I wasn’t trying to dig out the gems through a flood of negative screaming about how it was going to turn out. Most of that angst was just a lot of speculation about nothing, and the misteps were magnified to a ridiculous degree. And I did it too, BUT wrong show anyway. It took a lot for me to go looking for Bones fans, but I just loved the show so much that I had to hunt it down. I think the first 3 seasons are full of gold, though Zack is still heart breaking. 4 and 5 to me ooze B & B out of every episode, so I adored those and even the roadblocks to them getting together seemed realistic and mostly organic to me, even if I was screaming at the screen the whole time. 6 is painful, but I still feel like it oozes B&B and angsty goodness about how the really need eachother. I still need a 2 minute sceen acknowledging all that Hannah wasn’t to Booth while he was pretending she was everything, but my imagination has filled one in for me in case HH never gives us one LOL

    I love Bones fans. I love how cerebral they are about the show while also being able to SQUEE at the really good moments. I just grin ear to ear all through these scene studies. The pause button pics up on looks that I may have missed and your commentary is always spot on. Often even deeer than how I felt about a scene. I appreciated so much your comments about the whys that I read immediately after the 100th show. I was still realing so much from what happened, and coming here helped me settle down some of my freak out.

    I came to Bones late….like WOAH late…my husband and I look for a different show to try out during every summer hiatus, and we’d never really given Bones a try before. I think the body was REALLY gushy the one time I gave it a shot and I was immediately out. Getting into a TV show is defnitely not my MO, but during the hiatus before Season 8 began, we gave it a shot and I just got more and more and MORE invested in the show. By the time Season 8 went live, I had watched the first 5 seasons TWICE (and I really don’t have that kind of time). I watched them through quickly with the hubby with us doing our normal thing of whoever have some time starting a show and the other joining in if they are home, so first time through I missed some stuff. I MISSED LOOKS BECAUSE I WAS FOLDING LAUNDRY DURING THIS SHOW……….what the heck was wrong with me!??! I had to go back and watch it all while paying better attention.

    Because of the timing, when I was in Season 4 and 5 during all the beautiful buildup to the 100th, I came online to see what the fandom said about those things and got an eyeful of “Hannah Hannah HANNAHHHHHf “I am never watching again because of Hannah” and “This show used to be so great and now it is nothing but crap” Season 7 was the worst season in the world”. I think I suffered less because they whole Hannah experience and even Season 7 were compressed for me. I never had a week between or even something dreadful like a 4 week hiatus, and I was spoiler free as my friends either don’t watch or aren’t really invested (HOW!??!) other than I knew a baby was coming at some point. Try watching through the first 6 seasons of this show expecting them to get together and have a baby at any moment LOLOL Knowing that was coming (though I thought I heard they were only co-parenting the baby) got me through many a Hannah episode.

    I get the angst……..I REALLY REALLY GET IT…..lived it before with the ever hated Piz, but man that was hard to read as a person who still really liked the show. I wasn’t in love with the way Season 7 was handled, and as a person married for 13 years and still madly in love and in a passionate relationship I am SICK TO DEATH of shows acting like getting married turns your life into a boring cliche. I had hoped Bones would do it better. They sure knew how to do courtship!

    Enough of that. Your 100 days of Bones became my episode guide during my rewatch. I picked up so much that I might have missed on my own from reading your insights and those of your commenters, and I had sometimes wanted to drop in some of my insights too, but I was just too late. So many people at that time seemed to be moving on……..and I am not saying anything about any individuals who made that choice, I have made that same choice over and over. But I am generally not that invested to start with. It was just sad on my end to be fully invested in a show that so many in the fandom seemed to be exitting. Often people I had really enjoyed reading, and it started affecting my joy in the show again. GMMR was about the only place I really could find recaps, and then it mostly stopped working for me, so I just closed out the online portion again and went back to my DVDs–wedding anniversary last year I got the first 8 seasons LOL.

    But hiatuses are LONG and after I was doing making my planner stickers and doing my rewatches, I decided to try to hunt down some fanfic to fill in some blanks in my personal mental canon for the show. ..cause I am unbalanced that way and actually have a personal mental canon LOL So I came back over here and saw you were posting again. I LOVE THAT…I love that you still love the show and that many of your commenters, many with pretty recognizable names, still love and are invested in the show too. And I am not alone in the Bones universe again–cause my family still doesn’t get the big deal. Maybe they are the insane ones 🙂

    Thanks for your hard work here. It is really appreciated. Even in my case by a person who found your site years after the fact and wished she had the joy of commenting along with you guys…but who also counts her blessings about the compressed seasons 🙂

    Sorry to everyone for the long comment!!!!!!

    • Well, hey there Courtney! Don’t apologize about the long comment, that’s what we specialize in around here!

      My fav part of your post: “I love Bones fans. I love how cerebral they are about the show while also being able to SQUEE at the really good moments.”

      I think that literally sums us all up 🙂 🙂

    • I love the passion in your post!

  12. Thanks for the welcome bb and MJ!!

    I perhaps went too much with the passion and not so much with the editing. I can promise that I do know how to spell *deeper, reeling, done vs doing….etc etc etc”*

    I really do love this site though 🙂

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