Bones Theory

Premiere Day! WHOOHOO!


Hey Everyone,

Congratulations on surviving another hiatus!

Not much to discuss today (and remember, we don’t do spoilers here), but be sure to stop by later tonight to discuss the episode!

Time to party!


From Fox Fall Eco-Casino Party


8 thoughts on “Premiere Day! WHOOHOO!

  1. That Emily dancing GIF is everything. Thanks 🙂

  2. A collective “ahhhhh”. … thinking about rewatching Recluse in advance of the premiere

  3. I watched it again last night so I am prepared!

  4. I watched Recluse too. 🙂
    Thanks for the wonderful Vintage Bones summer Sarah. 🙂

  5. time is crawling… went from Daredevil to Planter today so far…

  6. Sarah, Thank you for this wonderful site. Are you going to continue posting through out the season? I love all the scene studies. I save them all, then revisit them now & then. I love Bones. It’s my favorite show and has been since season 1. Bones Theory helps me get through the summer months, I love to read all the comments. Its nice to read how others love the show as I do. I love B&B they are such a loving couple. ED & DB are wonderful actors. DB is HOT
    I worry when people are upset about somethings that happens and state they are no longer going to watch the show. There are somethings I get upset about but I know I’m going to stick with the show. I don’t want it to lose it’s fan base. I want it to go on many more seasons because I’ll be sad when it is no longer on. I must say 10 Seasons is high praise for a series.

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