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The Conspiracy in the Corpse- Post Episode Discussion


The comments are open–what did you think of this S10 premiere?!


46 thoughts on “The Conspiracy in the Corpse- Post Episode Discussion

  1. Was not expecting that!

    Maybe it is a ruse?? How come B&B had enough time to get there but not an ambulance??

  2. I don’t know. I am still (I will admit it) crying excessively.

    And less importantly, Cam’s S10 hair is worse than Angela’s S1 hair. There, I said it.

  3. Wow.

    On a separate note, Booth was in jail for three months?? Sheesh- you think Brennan would have done something sooner.

  4. During episode thoughts:

    • Brennan is cute when she blackmails 🙂
    • Is it me or does the theme music sound more like the old one? Or did I get used to the new one?
    • I wonder how the Mighty Hut’s demolishment was told to the media?
    • They did mention Booth’s money hangup but he was fine YAY 🙂
    • “One of my favorite multipolymer acrylics!” -Hodgins lol
    • Cam’s hair is longer and I LOVE IT….literally makes me so happy it’s not short
    • Also kind of digging the Booth beard. Mmmm….scruff!
    • Daisy was very sweet to Booth, I liked that
    • Torturing us with an almost love scene!! So cruel.
    • OMG Sweets!!! No, no, no…….
    • No.
    • No.
    • I can’t. Even. What. What.
    • Can we trust Aubrey??

    Post ep thoughts:

    -RIP Sweets, JFD, your new projects better be WORTH putting me through this.
    -Please tell me they have security at the new place.
    -I’m guessing I know why they threw the “godparent” line in. Daisy’s gonna give her son to B&B. Calling it.
    -I do not look forward to watching next week. At all.

  5. On another note, in comes Agent Aubrey and all I could think was the role of amusingly young, adorable, but intelligent and helpful sidekick is TAKEN thank you! But…

  6. WHAT THE!!! Did not expect that at all even though I had read previously that this person is busy doing a movie?? Honestly don’t know if I can continue to watch the show and I am a vivid Bones fan who.has all the nine seasons. Also now that I am really stirred up over this, I need to vent some things. I have enjoyed reading many comments regarding this show But never commented myself. SOooooooooo here goes. (1) I see CAM has a new hairstyle, and still very fashion conscience, as well as Angela, BRENNAN (Bless her) is still wearing those UGLY BOOTS, same hairstyle, and the same tops, and blazer. Now my question is: Who decides on what BRENNAN wears. Is it the wardrobe personnel or does BRENNAN have some type of hang up.on being fashionable. She doesn’t seem to have this problem when she portrayed Roxie or Wanda. (2) Back in Season 6 in the Booth and Hannah days (Ugh), before either of them left for work there would be a goodbye kiss, not so with B&B.First day home, BRENNAN leaves to go to the lab, no kiss goodbye. Writers pay attention, B& B have been separated for months and everything that is going on in their life right now not knowing that when they leave, will they see each other again, and no goodbye kiss, NOTHING!!! And (3) If anyone had to leave the show, it could have been CAM. Did not like her in the beginning, still don’t. WHEW!!!! Lengthy post and you can see how upset I am. I believe I need a shrink. THANKS

    • I think part of the whole business with Booth not kissing Brennan goodbye or Brennan going in for the kiss is that Booth was putting up barriers and she wasn’t able to figure out a way to cross them. He was also a bit angry over her getting him released without actually exonerating him. He doesn’t know who to trust and he’s focused on the case to exact some revenge for what was done to him. He’s also physically hurting and if there’s contact, he might give into the feelings rather than focus on what he thinks should be done.

      I think it was a very deliberate point from the writers to show that Booth is different and that he is not operating under the same conditions as before.

    • I totally agree about all you said in your comments. I especially agree that it is time for Cam to move on – she is waaay overdue in my opinion! Many of us will have a difficult time getting over the loss of Sweets. Overall, I thought this 10th season premier was fantastic!! Can’t wait for next week.

  7. Holy…. I am shocked even if I shouldn’t have been surprised based on JFD’s other project, just from seeing his tweets in passing.

    Guess they waited to change the opening credits until after this ep so as not to give anything away. (I had thought we’d have seen a wedding clip in it)

    This felt quite a bit more like how Vincent was handled in HitH – more detail – vs the fake death in Wannabe. A kind of finality to it.

  8. I don’t even know what to say.. I am in total and complete shock! Sweets has never been a favorite of mine – he’s obnoxious, and I have always felt his ethics were questionable at best… BUT…. He had become family. I never saw this coming… This wasn’t even an “intern of the week” that can be dead, or undergoing Chemo, or locked up in a psych ward, or whatever… this was a guy that was a solid every show character – one that ( I hate to admit) I will probably miss a great deal.

    As to B & B’s interaction on tonight’s show, I honestly felt it was in character. Booth is obsessed – he has been betrayed by the very government that he was previously willing to kill for, and that is all that he can see. Brennan wants justice, too, but not at the expense of Booth’s life. Booth is running on pure adrenaline for now – he can’t relax and allow himself to feel, or he will break. Brennan will do whatever it takes to help him, and now that he is “safe” that means unraveling the conspiracy.

    I HATE the new house. It has none of the cozy, homey feel of the “mighty hut”. To glassy and cluttered – no where to dance!

    I am sure that there is more to say, but really, the further I get from the episode, the more all I can see/remember is dead Sweets……

  9. I say BRAVO. I found myself on the edge of my seat through the whole episode. I was totally stunned by the loss of Sweets, but since JFD is so busy with other projects with no assurance he’d have time for Bones again, I think it was well played by the writers. I liked the Aubrey character more than I expected to. Time will tell.

    I found the tension and abruptness between B&B uncomfortable to watch, but again, believe the writers are using it as a tool to depict Booth’s state of mind, so I think it fits in the story. I just hope that they give us a nice kiss and make-up (and maybe kiss some more) scene. Surely we’re due ….

  10. I agree about the house. Too plastic and artificial looking. No warmth in it, very cold. Loved the old house. I’m curious as to whose idea it was.

  11. All I can say is WHY??????? Sweets grew up on this show. Remember when Boothe told him he was like 12 during season 3? I am at a loss…….and it also explains the appearance of Aubrey. We have met Sweets replacement and I’m not sure I like him

  12. My thoughts:

    – I miss the Mighty Hut and so far don’t really care for the new house
    – I like Agent Aubrey and think he has real potential
    – The almost love scene…seriously? The writers need to go back to the board on that that one…this one was a bit of a fail
    – Loved the Booth/Christine scene but would like to see them talk and interact in some way
    – I was not a huge Sweets fan but I will miss him
    – anyone else see a potential Aubrey-Daisy pairing…eventually?

  13. I didn’t get to see the show “live” (working), so I got to watch it straight through w/ no commercials. This made it incredibly intense – no respite from ads. If you think about it, we’ve been at this level of intensity for two episodes in a row. The finale of s9 had the intensity and adrenaline of an action movie with things happening so fast you can’t catch your breath. This ep was just tension, tension, tension, waiting for the other shoe to drop. You knew something bad was coming, and it was just something bad without the almost giddy feeling you get from watching intense action scenes. It was just so-o shocking. No hints in the story that that was coming.

    Booth is clearly not himself. I thought that David did an amazing job, especially when Sweets dies. BTW, we didn’t see Vincent “so dead,” which made Sweets in the body bag even more disturbing.

    I wonder if Carla Gallo is pregnant. Her face looked like she could be. So, is Daisy’s pregnancy because of that, or because of the bond it will give her with B&B? She also seemed like she may be less obnoxious.

    HH and SN and DB have been talking about how Booth will have PTSD and will be really different. I could see that from being in jail and being betrayed, but Sweets’ death will take to a higher level of intensity. He is going to feel incredibly guilty, especially with the baby coming. This is going to be way worse for Booth than Vincent’s death. In the past, we discussed Booth hitting bottom, and he didn’t really. This time he well may. Will he take to gambling again? This promises to be very intense and interesting.

    On a happier note, this was the best shirtless Booth since s6.

    It’s really kind of amazing that evil geniuses HH and SN can still come up with these amazing amazing, gripping eps after 10 years.

    It’s kind of fitting that Brennan was blackmailing that prosecutor and said that she didn’t have experience with blackmail. She got her start blackmailing Booth.

    Buffy/Angel fans: wasn’t Sanderson one of the evil leaders at Wolfram & Hart? And, of course, Rance Howard was mega creepy when he did an ep of Angel: the one where he changes bodies with Angel. I couldn’t help but think that he was evil in this Bones ep. Was he really senile, or was he pretending to be to make his TPTB happy.

    It’s TPTB again: Booth is fighting the powers that be. They are not called that here, but it’s really the same thing: powerful people who are hard to identify/well-protected whose agendas are hard to understand, if not totally evil.

    Speaking of Buffy/Angel, this is for MJ: there’s a local talk show on NPR here in CT. Today’s show was about the evolution of comic book characters, etc. As I was cruising around campus looking for parking, they were having a Spike love fest. Couldn’t help but think of you, MJ.

    I could go on, but I’ll stop for now. It was an amazing premiere ep.

    • Booth will not go to gambling again. This time is different, he has his family with him. He has a wife and daughter to think about. He has someone beside him and talk too. Bones love will heal him.

      Bones never really blackmail Booth. This is only a way to get his attention. However, what Bones do to the prosecutor is truly blackmailing.

    • Hello fellow Connecticuteer!

    • Yes, I’m pretty sure I read that Carla Gallo is pregnant in real life.

  14. It was Wow.
    I love the story.
    Anyway, Booth is only lost his direction. Bones will help her find his way back.
    Sweets dead is a sad thing, but Sweets ‘s baby can help Booth to claim down his anger and pain.
    Booth is softer when there is kids around him.
    Miss Sweets

  15. First and foremost, standing “O” for David Boreanez. Wow! He played Booth absolutely perfect in this episode. He made me feel Booth’s torment and angst and anger and fear and even heartbreak at the end. He’s always been a favorite actor of mine, but this episode really was some of his best work. And dang, he looked hot doing it! 🙂 I love clean shaven Booth, but man oh man, the scruff…wow! Major sexiness going on!

    As for the end, I’m still a bit speechless. Never in a million years saw that coming, which is a credit to the writers and actors. I did a quick 2nd rewatch last night and knowing the ending, some of the comments made between Sweets and Booth have a whole new meaning now. I’m anxiously (and admittedly a bit hesitant) waiting for next week’s episode.

    Miscellaneous thoughts…

    Call me sentimental, but I wanted a scene with Christine running into Booth’s arms. Probably wouldn’t have fit the episode and Booth’s state of mind, but I still wanted to see it. The scene we did get was sweet though. Now that she is older, I’m hoping we get some scenes with Bones and Booth interacting with her.

    Don’t like the new house. It’s just not our Mighty Hut. I so loved that house. I understand why they had to get a new one, but it just doesn’t have that warm, cozy feeling. However, I do like that they had Booth point out the things of his Bones brought to the new house.

    I loved the bedroom scene with Booth and Bones (shirtless Booth…hello!!!!!!!!), but seriously? Another fade to black?! Good grief, giive us a little something more!

    Cam…not much I can say. Never liked the character and her new hair is hideous.

    Sweets..sigh. Unlike some, I liked Sweets. I liked their Baby Duck and the interactions with Booth and Brennan. I’m never been a Daisy fan, however, but I can see where it makes sense to have the two of them together at the end. Even had me feeling sorry for her at the end and in the previews for next week.

    Overall, solid A for the premiere. It was definitely worth waiting all summer for!

    • Oops…make that David Boreanaz. Don’t know why i have such a hard time spelling his name right! 🙂

    • Now that Sweets is gone, will DAISY be a frequent guest in the series? Reason I ask is reading many posts, numerous fans of the show have expressed their dislike for her. Also I have read that she was difficult to work with the writers, directors and some of the costars.

      • I don’t think they would’ve made her pregnant if that were the case. They definitely will play on the Booth is the godfather theme. I have grown to love Daisy since Sweets broke up with her– I think she has matured. I am hoping for her and Olvier to get together. They had great chemistry. Oliver actually lied to cover for her which I thought was sweet.

  16. The baby duck is gone and that made me sad. (I don’t like it when my TV makes me sad). It also made me less connected to Zack Addy since Sweets was shown as the one that went to see him and knew his secret. While they can always call Chief Gordon Gordon, what is the show going to do with all of the “stuff” that Sweets did? I know people hated Sweets but he has been a huge part of the show so love him or hate him it is a big lost.
    Plus the only person with “no blood” family didn’t even get to “hold” his son. That made it 20 times sadder. I wanted him to be able to hold his son and be a father.
    Other then that I loved this story that is being told. It reminds me of early Bone’s with Max and Rush on the run because of the FBI trying to kill them. Back then we were lead to believe that all of the “bad guys” of the FBI were gone or warned off. But now we are back to deal with it again.

    • Lydia I feel the same way! Not my imprinted baby duck!! Sweets had a rough childhood, scars on his back, and then gets killed…bummer. And I have always liked Sweets, even though many didn’t. I really didn’t need to see him in the body bag, we didn’t even see VNM that way.

      I get “why” they did it, if you read interviews about the cast, it becomes clear, and the timing of that works in the conspiracy plot, so it makes a good impact, so I get why they did it. My twitter feed was EXPLODING with #BonesPremiere all night. I still wish he could’ve lived and gone into witness protection with Daisy. He’d be gone, but with the possibility of return, like in the series finale or something.

      Now we have no GGW or Sweets. 😦

  17. ” I still wish he could’ve lived and gone into witness protection with Daisy. He’d be gone, but with the possibility of return, like in the series finale or something.”

    For real! Why did they have to kill him off?? Still stunned this morning.

  18. I was shocked, cried and was speechless ,but I absolutely loved the episode! It was really fantastic!!! I’ll miss Sweets ,but good luck to Jon!!!!!

  19. Really, really good episode. Tight, tense and gripping. Badass Booth and killer Brennan are always fun to watch. Don’t mourn for Sweets. He’s in a better place — Florida, I believe. I do wish they would start using Christine as an actor and not as a prop but it was nice to see her and maybe there will be more next week. And Bones writers, could you give us just a bit more of the B&B ‘S’ rating pretty please. Although I did love Brennan reassuring Booth that she wouldn’t hurt him. I’m still on the fence about the house. The MH was exceptional and I didn’t like this set from the stills but maybe it will grow on me. Who knows?

    • I am very hopeful that we will get to see Christine actually interacting (talking) with B&B. Can’t you just imagine a scene with Booth cooking pancakes and Christine up on the counter helping him? That very open kitchen would make a scene like that very doable.

      As to the bedroom scene, I can’t believe that even warranted an “S” rating. For years I’ve held onto hope that we would get another scene similar to “The End in the Beginning”. We we gotten many B&B scenes that are sweet, tender, caring, and/or fun, but i so much wanted at least one really passionate scene. However I think I’ve finally come to accept that we’ll never see anything more than these very short, sweet love scenes.

      The new house is interesting. I don’t like it as much as I liked (loved) the MH, but it’s interesting that Booth found the MH and now Brennan has found this new house. I think it will grow on all of us over time.

      Finally, Booth + scruff= HOT! At least we’ll get to enjoy that for a couple of episodes!

    • In some fanfic, Brennan explained to Booth that she had moved to a new condo because she couldn’t live in the one where he got blown up in 2 Bodies. As much as we (and they) loved the might hut, would Brennan really want to go back to live in a place (possibly by herself forever) where they both were nearly killed and that was shot up and blown up by assassins sent by corrupt gov. officials to kill Booth?

  20. Off the top of my spinning head, good episode in terms of intensity. Loved Brennan blackmailing, Booth’s anger and general state of mind, and B&B’s interactions and storyline. Loved Angela, Hodgins, Caroline, especially Hodgins. Always love Hodgins. Liked the new guy. Liked that there were no interns (Daisy not counting in this instance). Don’t like Cam’s new hair style yet again. Guess we’re not going to get any real B&B intimacy ever.

    The Mighty Hut – practically a character in of itself and with its’ own great storyline. The MH was really B&B. I don’t like the new house and it will not grow on me. It is not B&B. It’s cold and uninviting. I don’t see why the house couldn’t have been fixed – it was in worse shape when they bought it, and that house really meant something to them. B&B needed “their” home. Some of the best of S7. Comes under the heading of not letting the bad guys win, and for better or for worse.

    I didn’t get the feeling that Sweets was really happy with Daisy’s pregnancy, or their being together, or his becoming a father. Don’t appreciate that they used JFD’s real life moving on, as with RC’s real life moving on, in a death for shock value, or bringing in CG’s real life pregnancy to make Sweets’ death even more tragic. Sweets easily could have left the FBI to use his intelligence and skills to truly help people, as they have made that a Sweets issue in past episodes. That would have been more believable. I loved Sweets in the beginning, but as time went on, his character and attitude changed, and I’ve long lost love for him. Shocking as it was, I really can’t buy into the Sweets death storyline. Sweets also took too much time away from Brennan being at the FBI, and B&B spending more time working together on cases. And with Sweets gone there goes Zach’s secret and all Sweets’ thoughts and work with Zach. Sorry, but I will not miss Sweets. Ironic, as EM was an integral part of the team, wasn’t moving on, and was let go in favor of rotating interns that for me has been for the worse for the show.

  21. Wow what an ending. I was shocked, sat with my mouth wide open in disbelief. What a way to leave poor pregnant Daisy now that’s sad. Sweets was an irritant to me. He was becoming to involved with solving the cases. Every episode he was with Booth either in the field the interrogation room or a profiler. Plus a good friend and personal confident. He was being over used I’m glad to see him go. Hopefully now Brennan will be in the field more and will also show up at Booths office now and then & scenes with them bickering in the SUV. More interaction with B&B then just the beginning and ending scenes. I love this couple they have such a loving relationship. It would be great to see B&B doing some touching, hugging, kissing. They barely touch each other anymore. Booth never places his hand on her lower back when they enter a room. While walking side by side they don’t even touch. I’d love to see Booth swing his arm over her shoulder and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. The intimate scene in their new bedroom was tender and loving would have been nicer if it was shown closer up. I enjoyed Brennan removing Booths shirt, WOW DB is in great shape he is HOT. He is looking good.
    Brennan does need to upgrade her wardrobe. I remember in the past she had great necklaces and earrings now it seems so ordinary, Yes Yes the boots need to go. Booth’s wardrobe is rather bleak his ties aren’t colorful his suits are plain black. What happened to the vest he wore now and then. He hasn’t worn a blue shirt in a long time, he looks great in a blue shirt. They need a new wardrobe department. I don’t like the new house.
    Believe it or not I love this show. I’m looking forward to this season

  22. I thought the ending was incredibly sad, but I do like that they will use this to make the current case even MORE personal. Honestly, even though I didn’t hate Sweets (he definitely did annoy at times and I thought they overused him), I don’t really think that losing the character of Sweets is a big loss. There was just only so much to do with him in my opinion, and I didn’t like the way he almost seemed shoehorned in at times.

    I will miss JFD very much as I LOVE the actor, but I think a lot of moments when I really liked Sweets were bleed over from loving JFD. I think the character of Sweets has caused a lot of pain for B & B by being unprofessional.

    Not sure about the house yet, but I thought it was a solid episode!! Sad and shocking and linked to everything else. I thought it was great.

    • That’s exactly my opinion on Sweets too. Although I did like some of his B&B interactions– like when he was staying with them.

      I love the house because I think Brennan took great pains to make sure it fit with Booth’s personality. Booth likes all that old 50’s stuff.

      • I love the house. It is cool. It has all the things Booth love. This is a gift from Brennan to Booth. Only Brennan know what Booth likes. Everything little things in the house is Brennan love to Booth.
        Brennan is more mature, strong and totally completely give herself to Booth.

      • I agree Annie– Brennan’s love for Booth is so strong and mature. He was floundering but she was holding it all together. She was his rock. I just loved Brennan through and through in this episode. Even Cam turned to her when she didn’t know what to do– but Brennan kept it together.

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