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Morning After Q: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?


Hey and Happy Friday!

This post will contain information about the Season 10 Premiere. If you haven’t watched it (and have managed to avoid hearing what happens)–stop now and come back later! I know some people subscribe to BT and get the emails in their inbox. After these pictures, we will discuss…

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Okay, so wow!

Alright, here is my biggest question— who will ultimately be the most affected by Sweets’ death? Will it be Booth, who is already emotionally unstable? Or will it be Brennan, who is sort of taking care of Booth and herself, and (based on the way she wrapped her arm around Daisy at the lab—broke my heart!) probably those at the lab?

We’ve discussed before how Sweets was ‘theirs’ — he met them at the same time, when they were already partners. It’s a big deal.


Okay, comments are open! Please refrain from any spoilers for future episodes.


48 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

  1. In the short run at least, it is going to be Booth. The guilt is going to eat him alive. Add that to all of the other emotional baggage he is carrying around right now, and I can see him all but shutting down. Brennan’s issues will come out later, and only after Booth has worked through the worst of his. She will reach her breaking point, but not until Booth is strong enough to catch her when she falls.

  2. I’m really shocked to be honest. I never expected Sweets to die. I think Daisy will be the one who’s most affected by his death but I think Booth will have more trouble coping. Like Sweets told Brennan his entire foundation has been shaken. Even though he’s been wounded and captured and tortured in the past this is worse because of the betrayal and then Sweets dies – and in such a way that Booth will blame himself. It’s too much at once. In Danish we have an expression that can be translated to grief accumulation. It makes it so much harder to cope. Poor Booth. My heart just bleeds for him. (And isn’t DB just amazing showing all that pain both physical and emotional?)

    As for Brennan it seems to me that she’s the strong one right now. It’s like the way she has to fight for her (extended) family calls out all her strong sides. She has always been good when she had a clear goal to work for and she has come such a long way since season one. She’s going to need everything she’s learned and all her strengh.

    Apart from that I really liked Daisy in this episode. It seems like she has finally grown up a bit wich makes sense. Getting pregnant and having a child will do that to a person.

  3. I’m still rather shocked they went there. I know the “why” for what they did, but still.

    I think it will affect B&B equally but differently. I keep thinking back to the end of Mayhem (which is now even SADDER) and how Brennan opened up to Sweets to show him her metaphorical scars. And then how Booth let Sweets in to the point of letting him get certified and “have his back” on the field. If Sweets was sort of their “child”, they will both grieve like parents do when they lose a child.

    It is profoundly sad that Sweets, which his abuse, scars, and tough childhood also ended this life in a sad way too. In a way, it makes sense, because in this line of work, people do die and you lose coworkers….so it does add a touch of sad realism to the show.

    Although, I still wish him and Daisy could go into the witness protection program and be like chicken farmers in Kansas or something and be happy with their baby. Then he could feasibly come back for the final episodes of the series. Yep, ok, that’s my new head canon.

    • Also, they were WAY too nice to Sweets in this episode, I should’ve seen it! His sweet moment with Brennan at the diner, Booth being told he is the baby’s godfather…its like the set-up with VNM, when he was so happy with Brennan!! Urgh. I should’ve known! *grumble*

      • I should’ve known from that TV line montage they posted hours before. I had thought about it but then thought there was no way they would go there in what may be the last season.

        But I guess there really was no way to write JFD off. With the conspiracy going on — witness protection wouldn’t safe either. And Sweets wouldn’t willingly leave while Booth was struggling with PTSD– that would be out of character.

      • #1–Max could set them up with a new life 🙂
        #2–Booth could tell Sweets to leave and protect his baby and Sweets would go.
        #3–B&B have been running around without protection and living in a glass house, so the show clearly can stretch what is “safe”. Witness protection has to be safer than a GLASS HOUSE

      • Okay but what excuse can they give for having Sweets gone for the rest of the season if the conspiracy is resolved– which it will probably be by next episode? Why would Sweets have to continue to stay in witness protection or on the run if everything has been stabilized?

      • They already gave Sweets leave before. He could decide, just like GGW, that it’s too much, and he wants to just have a peaceful life somewhere.

      • But it goes back to my original point Sweets can’t just leave Booth when he is emotionally unstable. Booth’s like his brother. Booth is going to be struggling with PTSD for a while — so Sweets especially being a psychologist can’t abandon him. — that would be very out of character. So if he is alive and the conspiracy is gone (and that’s something they have to resolve quickly to get back to normal cases) it’s hard pressed to find a valid reason for Sweets to stay away indefinitely.

        Basically it was just bad timing with the conspiracy arc and JFD’s movie. This makes a clean exit.

  4. As to the question at hand, Booth seems the too obvious answer, but it may indeed be true. But this will have a far greater affect on the team than the way Zach was written out, or even the way Vincent was killed off. Almost screams for a guest appearance by Dr. Goodman but I know that won’t happen.

    Even VNM’s death found his killer resolved in the ep, so between that and the visibility of the body bag, sure that differentiation must mean something. And it certainly was made to look like it was permanent. And it was different than the other two hanging cases (shown but not dealt with – Judas and the one that ended at the top of the scaffolding on the Washington Monument) – and far different than the faux-death in Wannabe/PitH.

    I guess if this shakeup will enable them to secure S11 I can live with it… but for as much as I hated Sweets for the first several seasons it was like he had become family and sympathetic by the time he lived with Booth & Brennan in S8.

    • I think if “Bones” gets respectable but not spectacular ratings they’ll get renewed. Why? Fox is having a horrendous premier week. And networks that are doing poorly can’t afford to let go of shows that at least have a loyal audience and okay but not great ratings. See NBC and shows like “Parks and Recreation” and “Parenthood”. Only wrinkle is actors who need to renew their contracts. Still, with the positive noises the new executive of Fox is making, I would predict an S11.

  5. Once the shock wears off, this was an amazing, intense episode! Kudo’s to JFD’s death scene. OMG. The realism was incredible. The blood, etc. The corpse in the body bag…Waaahhh!! So realiistic.

    We already know Booth feels responsible. He said it in the promo for next week. “I am responsible” I think the above comment by chosenname hit the nail on the head:
    “In the short run at least, it is going to be Booth. The guilt is going to eat him alive. Add that to all of the other emotional baggage he is carrying around right now, and I can see him all but shutting down. Brennan’s issues will come out later, and only after Booth has worked through the worst of his. She will reach her breaking point, but not until Booth is strong enough to catch her when she falls.”

    I totally did not see this coming. Hold onto your hats for next weeks episode. Have those tissues ready, we are in for quite a ride.

    The reunion scene with B&B in the bedroom could have shown more, but was very sweet.

  6. It will affect all of the characters closest to him: Daisy, Booth and Brennan. Booth will have the toughest time at the beginning due to the guilt and trauma, but long term, it is Daisy who has been dealt the worst blow. So will Booth end up the surrogate father to Daisy’s child? That will be an interesting dynamic if the show goes in that direction. Dare I dream they bring back Dr. Gordon Gordon to help Booth deal with his issues? That would be awesome if he came back. From a story point of view, I like the idea of Daisy dealing with the pregnancy on her own. She’ll end up driving Brennan crazy over time — that’ll be fun to watch. I actually have always found Daisy amusing, but was always annoyed by her relationship with Sweets. Hate to say it but story wise this is a more interesting direction than what I thought it would be.

    I didn’t get to comment yesterday, but I gotta say, this season premiere exceeded my expectations! Just a great, great episode. And I loved the love scene, and am fine with the fade out. More left to our imagination. What they did show was very poignant.

  7. I think it will come to a head for many of them when the baby is born. But I think that Brennan who is everyone’s anchor right now, might really lose it at some future point. Booth is always going to carry this with him just as he carried the death of the first Parker.

    I think it’s interesting now that it is Brennan who is the emotional rock for Booth and is the one who is trying to “fix” Booth as best she can. She was the one who did not trust easily; it took how many years for them to get together because of those trust issues? And now she has a husband who is essentially her, but wost off than she was because he is going to feel his part in this.

  8. Brennan will ultimately be affected. Booth is doing what he always does, react emotionally. He understands death and has his faith to fall back on. It may take him longer this time because of where he is, but he’ll be fine. Brennan on the other hand is doing what she does best—She is compartmentalizing—she is doing what needs to be done and being the rock for everyone. She will keep the investigation going and the focus where it needs to be. Once that is done, including “fixing” her friends, she will fall apart. That’s my humble opinion.

  9. Music has been updated on Bones Spotify list:

    Last two songs are from last night.

  10. Yeah, I agree that the person most visibly damaged by Sweets death will be Booth. Not only did he consider him to be like a younger brother, sheltering him after his break-up with Daisy, looking after him when Pelant almost had him killed, but he’s going to feel responsible for what happened, irrational or not as that guilt may be. Remember when he said, “Sweets doesn’t get killed on my watch?” Except now he kind of did, and with all else going on, I think it’s going to be a while before we get our goofy Booth back.

    That being said, Brennan is going to suffer enormously too, not just for herself because she had become almost a mother figure for Sweets, but also on Booth’s behalf. That she can compartmentalize in the short run for the sake of having justice meted out might delay her grieving process a little, but between Sweets’ death and Booth’s trauma, I imagine at some point it will be she needing some major TLC from her husband and her friends. Poor Brennan, and poor Booth; losing their house seems like nothing in retrospect. But unlike what Finn said, in life, you don’t always get to keep the things you love the most.

    Thought on the episode in general;

    I was amazed, as usual with these big ones, with just how much stuff they were able to fit in 42 minutes. The forensic scenes, the interrogations, all the personal stuff with B/B, Booth and Sweets, Brennan and Sweets, the new guy (which I’ve already taken a shine to, btw. Really like his smarmy charm. He’s kind of like Sweets, which makes sense as a replacement, and kind of not, which is refreshing.) The case was fast moving, intense, and for once I was able to follow the whole thing perfectly.

    I know some people were disappointed with the B/B scenes, because some people always are-short of giving us only fan fiction love scenes, the show can only do so much, but I loved every single one. Booth’s mad; really mad, and that anger logically has to spill over into his home life, much as he adores his wife. That first hug was so intense, I just wanted to join in and be a part of it. The walk through the house was sad-this isn’t the house Booth found and rebuilt, and while Brennan put as much stuff of his in there as she could find and paid for the place with his money, he can’t possibly be invested in it like he was in the old place. Still, you could see he was so very grateful that she kept their life together for them, that she thought about him in all sorts of little ways, it just gave me major feels. The way he says he loves it…sigh. It was nice that even in his state of emotional numbness he realized how important it was for Brennan to get his stamp of approval on this new life.

    I also appreciated that their initial scenes were a little tentative-it shows how off-kilter this whole situation has made them, and particularly Booth. It reminds me of last year’s premiere, when their relationship was really being tested. The bedroom scene was tender and sweet, and as someone said, incredibly tasteful given what was going to happen in the end. Loved the way he said he’d missed her, almost with tears in his voice. We got to see the shirt off, the bruises, her reactions to his injuries, her desire to reconnect with him and her assurances that she was going to be very gentle on him when they made love. I’m thinking that’s pretty fanficky on its own right there.

    I like the house; much better than I did when I saw the initial pictures. Don’t love it, but I appreciate the money and effort they put into building a new set, and I see it as part of the program for rebooting the show and hopefully giving it some life beyond the 10th season. I am however hoping that Booth will have some hiccups with it; I’d like to see the audiences own ambivalence toward the new place reflected in his own.

    As to Sweets, liked him but not by any means my favorite character, but still felt very sad at the shocking way he went. It won’t, however, impact my love of the show, even if it’ll make rewatching old episodes a little bittersweet. Still, I could see how this might really anger the people who thought of him as essential to the show. Maybe the promotional department shouldn’t have toyed quite so much with the fans, leading them to believe Sweets would be around the rest of the season. I know they were trying to play it both ways, that he might be injured or might be the mole, but I think for some rabid viewers that strategy might have backfired; I have a feeling some people will never watch the show again, and that makes me saddest of all.

    Bottom line for me though, the actor was leaving, and they wanted that loss to count for something, to have an emotional impact. I’m sure the cast and showrunners were very attached to JFD-to give him some wimpy sendoff where he’s skulking around somewhere with Daisy didn’t seem quite appropriate. If they’d made him the mole that would have made him a bad guy, kind of like Zack. if they’d had him unwittingly helping the conspiracy and then taking time off to process that guilt would have been an exact repeat of what happened with Pelant. I applaud the show for being bold about their choice, which also gives them a really good excuse to do a wonderful tribute to the character next week.

    I adore my show and it upsets me when I see fellow fans throwing up their hands in the air and walking away when things don’t work out the way they wanted, because I want them not to miss the great things that are probably coming the rest of the season. Just think of all the things people missed when they jumped ship after season 5. Still, like Gordon Gordon said, the heart wants what it wants. I understand if they want to give up on the show, but I don’t want to hear them railing about it everywhere I go for years on end. I do hope as things cool off and the anger and shock fades a little, that some of them will reconsider their decision. Great, emotional episode-exceeded all expectations, and them some. (And sorry for the size of the post!)

    • VERY WELL STATED, MARIU100! You really covered every part of the show & main characters. I like you, think the writers were creative in taking Sweets out. It was a shock – and for once we had no spoiler on that one. I think it adds greatly to the shock & suspense when we don’t have all the spoilers ahead of time. I didn’t want to see Sweets go but I’m sure by the 3rd or 4th episodes we will be on to other crimes & cases.

      Thank you Mariu100 for your enlightening words! You are right on!

  11. First, Sarah, thank you for the photos above. I love Wonder Woman and the nerd.

    Second, Booth will have the hardest time with this, short and longer term. He would have gone to Sweets to deal with something like this which adds a sad, ironic twist to the situation. I’d love to see Booth go to see GGW, but they’ve been trying to get Stephen Fry back for years, and he’s just too busy. Pops, of course, will not be available to help him either. All Booth will really have is Bones, and there will only be so much that she can do. It will be interesting to see how low Booth goes, but that will undoubtedly give us some amazing work by DB. ED too, of course, but Booth is the one who is broken. On top of his anger and fear, he will now add tremendous guilt.

    I wonder if they’ll bring back Aldo. That’s the only other person I can think of that he could go to that isn’t in the middle of the situation. Also, as a former priest and Booth’s confessor, he can give him absolution in a way. Clearly Booth’s faith in the justice system, etc. has been shaken, if not broken. I wonder if he will lose his religious faith as well. If he can’t turn to God that would really leave him at sea.

    Aldo could also help Brennan, who I think will be very sad, but will manage. She has to for Booth and the others, but I also think that she’s strong enough now that she will be able to weather this storm without breaking. I think something similar about Daisy. She will have her piece of Sweets with the baby, and everyone around her is going to be there for her. Ironically, ditsy Daisy will get through this OK.

    I think that what may happen with Brennan is that she’ll get tired. She won’t break, but when Booth gets better, he will have to make that up to her. At least, he will think he does – more guilt.

    So, I think that it all boils down to: how low Booth will have to go before he will feel safe and that he deserves all the wonderful things (Bones, Christine, Parker, etc.) in his life.

    • “All Booth will really have is Bones, and there will only be so much that she can do.”

      I think (or at least I hope) that not only is Brennan going to be able to “put Booth back together,” but that she is going to be the only one who can. The entirety of this situation is finally going to crack Booth down the middle, and for the first time in their relationship he is going to have to let her all the way in.

      • I agree with you Chosenname. Brennan is the only one that can “put Booth back together”. Booth’s default is to box up his emotions and pretend like nothing is wrong– like with his father’s death. But I think this situation will finally crack the last of his walls. As helpful GGW and Sweets were– Brennan has always been the only one who can push him to deal with his emotions.

    • I would love to see Aldo; unfortunately, I’ve heard nothing on that front. I think Booth’s just going to have to tough it out. Maybe Brennan will send him to counseling and we’ll just hear about it, not see it.

  12. Booth. A lot to think about.

  13. I think bb had a good idea: “#2-Booth could tell Sweets to leave and protect his baby and Sweets would go.”

    Booth is the only one Sweets would listen to. It would be like what Booth did with Brennan & Baby Andy, and again with Brennan & Christine in the S9 finale, even though Brennan came back, but that’s B&B. How Brennan had to leave with Christine in the S7 finale. I think Booth could have convinced Sweets to go saying he needed to think about his baby and Daisy and that they (B&S) would catch up later. To not worry about him (Booth) for the moment. I think Sweets would have listened knowing there would be time later. Booth is Sweets’ is role modal as a man, father, & husband. Sweets would have wanted to follow Booth’s lead, and Sweets could have left the show on different terms. Other than shock value I don’t think killing Sweets off was best for the show. Booth will be back to not knowing how to fix things far, far worse than he was when Cam almost died, and he’s already over the edge as it is, and he won’t have a GG or anyone else except Brennan. As Booth said, Brennan has always been strong, and has a big heart, and I wonder how long Brennan’s strength can hold out for everyone who will need her including Daisy. Maybe even Hodgins will need her, remembering his concern for Sweets when the Gravedigger was killed, though he’ll have Angela and she will be there for Hodgins. Brennan is Daisy’s role model and I think Daisy will need her as well. Fortunately I think Daisy has some strength of her own. At what point will Brennan have time to deal with her feelings regarding Sweets. I still think Booth will be affected the most.

    • Without Sweet help, the pain will stay a little bit longer. Don’t forgot for so many years, Bones has grow a lot. She is stronger and more understandable. Without Sweets, we still have Bones. His lovely wife will be at his side and go thru everything. They are solid.

  14. I got to this late…was away during the premiere and just saw it…this is not ok.

    I do love that people here are able to speak eloquently about it though, thanks for that!

  15. I too, loved the way that Brennan put her arm around Daisy. No hesitation, no questions, just being there for someone that she obviously has come to care about even more since Booth has been in prison and Sweets has been helping her and Christine.
    At first, I think Booth will definitely be to the most effected (after Daisy, of course). Sweets was his guy, his go to, his friend. However, I think that Brennan is going to have trouble, perhaps once Booth and the others have come to terms. I think it’s more likely to effect her in a subtle way she might refuse to acknowledge and that others might not notice either. That could be very insidious, depending on what they try to do with it all.

  16. I’m still floored they were able to keep the twist under wraps.

  17. In this new season, Brennan become more mature. She knows how to handle diffcult situation. She is not hidden her feeling, she is handle it well. In the past, I don’t think she can do it. See how she break down when Vincent dead in season 6.

    I love the Bedroom scene. How Brennan melt down the angry Booth. Lovely.

    • You know, there is some mirror image from Hole to this premiere – in Hole Booth was the rock. In the premiere, it was Brennan.

  18. thankful I have the self control not to click on Stephen Nathan’s twitter links today…

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