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The Lance to the Heart- Post Episode Discussion


What did you like or not like about this episode?


It made me cry!


The comments are open–I’m curious to know whether you liked this one!


21 thoughts on “The Lance to the Heart- Post Episode Discussion

  1. • All the feels with Christine!
    • Daisy and the team working on Sweets’ bones…
    • Lucky Hodgins finds a rare car fiber 😉
    • So weird to see Booth without his suit at the crime scene!
    • Weird comment by Caroline about the director. Now I don’t trust HER. Oh dear, I’m Hodgins now.
    • I don’t like my babies to fight!! 😦
    • I love Daisy and Brennan. It’s why I’ve always like Daisy, she’s mini-Brennan
    • Brennan apologizing awwww! But wouldn’t Daisy plan the funeral?
    • “That is not how you talk to a genius.” -Hodgins lol
    • Feels like Proof in the Pudding now
    • I love Booth’s smile when they think of Hoover’s office…he got the guy!!
    • Nice send off. 😉 Tears.

  2. I loved the episode. There is not one thing I didn’t like about it. Brennan and Booth going toe to toe – yes! Daisy and Brennan sharing their love for Sweets over his Bones – yes! Brennan and Booth and the WWSD (what would Sweets do) – yes! Brennan describing love, feeling love, and sharing love – yes!

    I really like the new guy, at first glance he looks like Sweets.

    My heart aches for Daisy and I want Booth and Brennan to deliver the baby duck.

    Off to watch it again. Kleenex in hand. RIP Lancelot.

  3. Not as depressing as I thought it would be!! But still sad.

    I loved the episode.

    -Booth having to tell Christine about Uncle Sweets. I am glad we did not actually see him telling her.
    -The argument B&B had, I am glad they resolved it quickly. When Booth said ” I just want this to be over” and Brennan replied “It will”, I had a hard time understanding what Booth said? Did he say, twice, “faith”??
    -I gasped when I saw Booth clean shaven and back in his FBI suit. So handsome.
    -I agree with bb,, it was weird to see Booth at the crime scene without his suit & tie. But I must say, he looked HOT! Booth used to dress more casual and wear jeans/tshirt to crime scene. So, I could get used to it.
    – Hoover!! I did not initially pick the doctor to be the killer.
    -I knew Booth was going to hit him in the face. I saw it coming! I just didn’t know it was planned to get his DNA.

    -The one scene that brought tears to my eyes was Daisy & Brennan talking over Sweet’s

    -Nice sendoff for Lancelot! Brennan sharing and talking about love was great. Without Sweets, she might not have married Booth or had Christine.

    Um…this is shallow, but Booth looked great the whole episode. After he shaved, I could tell DB was still tan from summer. Yum. And outside at Sweets “funeral”, he looked very nice indeed.

  4. Not what I expected…. After the intensity and emotional upheaval of last week, I expected this week to rip my heart out and stomp on it. The only scene that achieved that effect was the one in which Brennan and Daisy were alone with the bones of Sweets.
    — For such an in depth “conspiracy” “shadow government” “layered blackmail” scheme, toppling it with the arrest of one man seems waaay too contrived and cutesy. If one man outside the government structure were truly running this, then an organized gov’t force would have taken him down LONG ago……
    — Booth’s issues of pain and betrayal will take MUCH more than a 5 minute pseudo argument to fix. I didn’t see any true connection in that scene, and no closure at all.
    On the Plus Side
    – I loved how the scene with Christine was handled. Personally I thing forcing young child actors to portray grief is wrong on a fundamental level, so I like how it was set up and then left to our own broken hearts to fill in the blanks.
    — the funeral was perfect! I loved that it was a beautiful, sunny day – full of promise and new life.

    • I’m in agreement with you. I was not impressed with how the story line ended. TOO many names in short amount of time, BnBs fight not that great, and really, if Booth Was that distraught and depressed, he would need more than a couple minutes to return to “normal”‘ Did not really care for the storyline. Did not measure up, especially after the previous week’s hype.BUT I LOVE Bones and can’t wait and hopefully return to the “old Bones” that we love.

      • Booth has not recovered yet. He is good in cover his feeling. He said move on actually is hiding his feeling and problem will surface later. He don’t want his wife to be upset. He just pretending. The next episode will continue about his PTSD. Bones worry about Bones mental issue.

      • I think this might be one of the episodes that I am going to enjoy more on re-watching than I did on the original time through. Sometimes the really hyped episodes ( A Shot in the Dark comes to mind) leave me feeling a little flat after the first viewing . Then, when I go back to watch it later ( no longer expecting it to blow me away), I catch all the little things that I missed the first time and I come to appreciate it for what it is instead of being disappointed because it was not what I expected.

        All in all though, I am thrilled with the energy in which season 10 has started. This has the potential to be a really great year!

  5. A moving episode. Also noticed the change in the credits, with the wedding photo now in it.

    Kind of not Bones-like to get the argument over so quickly. But I approve.

    There were many moments that were emotional. Brennan and Daisy in the bone room. Christine with backpack on ready to go. Was that her first lines since the birthday party?

  6. This episode goes on the list of those I’ll never watch again. The conspiracy “resolution” was baffling and, quite frankly, ridiculous. So many unanswered questions, so little time.

    I’m in the minority of fans, apparently, because most are gushing about “the fight”, but I disliked it. I agree it was necessary for Brennan to shake Booth up and get him back to being himself, but didn’t care for how she went about it. Threatening to leave your spouse hits a sore spot with me, as does Brennan referring to THEIR daughter as HER daughter (which she has done before). I would dearly love to hear her refer to Christine as “our” daughter at least once before the series ends.

    Bright spots were the new FBI agent Aubrey and Carlo Gallo as Daisy…she was phenomenal in episodes 1 and 2.

  7. Overall liked it. Brennan pushing Booth was totally epic. She made him face some harsh truths, and pulled his emotions out into the open.
    Poor little Christine.
    Daisy is not my favorite, nor my least favorite, but I really love her turning to Brennan for some kind of comfort.
    A baby named Seeley. Booth will hate it, everyone else with adore it.

  8. Liked Brennan & Booth arguing but too little compared to their arguing when Brennan returned after 3 months on the run. Brennan saved them in both situations – uncovering Pelant’s counselor’s body and blackmailing the prosecutor.

    Liked Brennan & Daisy together. I’ve had a soft spot for Daisy since Sweets coldly and abruptly dumped her after so many years. I thought Daisy did a good job and I’ll have an even softer spot for her now considering how they brought her in and used her in Sweets’ death.

    Liked the new guy. A much better protégé and FBI friend for Booth than Sweets. Never bought Sweets as an agent.

    Don’t want to hear “you’re a good man Booth” ever again. It seems they’ve taken Booth from the tough former sniper and FBI agent and all he seemed to teach Brennan to an extremely insecure man – too much so. It’s as if Brennan & Booth have changed places in some ways.

    Disappointed in how so much was wrapped up or not wrapped up. Feels like this has been going on for a long time. From Pelant and bringing up the female serial killer – the Ghost Killer, the McNamara’s, conspiracies, & the FBI, ending up with this one guy. Too reminiscent of Max, Beckett, Kirby, the FBI, Broadsky, & Vincent’s murder for me.

    Disappointed how quickly Booth just seemed to go back to his office and his job. Expected more of a scene having to do with that after 3 months in prison and essentially quitting. It wasn’t shown that Booth was proven innocent and that it was self-defense. That Delta Forces(?) were sent to kill him. So now Booth’s colleagues just trust and respect him again because he and the squints solved the conspiracy as Stark said they no longer did.

    Expected and disappointed that we didn’t see Aldo and Danny as both characters would have served Booth well in this arc for many reasons.

    I’ve long felt Sweets has taken up too much time compared to the rest except for Booth. Sweets was too intrusive into Brennan & Booth’s personal & professional lives, and took time away from Brennan where she should have been at the FBI more, in more interrogations, and doing more casework with Booth. Seems like Booth & Sweets have been more partners than B&B have, to me.

    I won’t miss Sweets, even though I loved him in the beginning, as time went on I grew to dislike him. I think killing off a departing character is the easiest, least creative, least imaginative exit there is, especially in this case. I would have had more respect for the show and the character if they had had Sweets leave the FBI to pursue other goals, particularly since they had been making an issue of Sweets being unsure of himself, questioning himself and what he was doing for some time now, all the way back to when that girl was raped. I thought that was a good and believable storyline and would have made for a better exit.

    • The trouble is that there was really way too much material that needed to be covered to get us back to the “regular show”. There was no way to fit it all into a single episode but they also didn’t want to spend half the season on something that isn’t the formula that has been successful for them for 9+ seasons.

      If I ran the universe this could have been resolved over the summer with a feature length Bones Movie. Then we could have gotten a proper wrap-up for everything and still been back to normal Bones episodes at the beginning of the TV season.

      • That really is the crux of it – can’t expect to take a season or half to get back to normal. We should be happy they took two episodes instead of fitting it into solely the premiere.

      • I agree ondi there was too much material to be covered. More attention needed to be paid to Booth and then the case. Then the question, which case. Too many storylines, not enough time. I think they learned their lesson of dragging things out in S6. I don’t want to spend a season or half a season to get back to the “regular show” either, though I think that’s been lost. I also don’t think we have to be happy we got two episodes instead of one. Nothing says they have to wrap everything up in one or two episodes, but this did need to end. For me, this became a mess like Burley. I think they should have a better handle on their storylines to begin with. Prime examples of on going storylines handled over time and done well: Russ, Max, Sully, Jared, Epps, the Gravedigger, and more.

        I would be glad to let you run the universe and wrap everything up in a movie. Great idea. 🙂

        I think there are a few left out there who also wouldn’t mind a shot at the Bones universe. 🙂

  9. I wanted to comment before now but I’ve literally just recovered my access to WP through Chrome.

    I did not expect that to happen. I saw all the signs throughout the episode, but I just couldn’t believe they’d go with that. I really believed they’d never get rid of the psychology part of the show after implementing it. Now I feel sad, even though I never forgave Sweets for replacing Addy. He became part of the Bones family and it was a shock to see him go like that.

    Does anyone know the production reason for that? Like I said, I never believed they’d do it.

    • They’ve said that the actor’s writing career is taking off and he’s no longer going to be available to do Bones. So, good news for him but bad news for us. They said that they felt the character deserved better than to just fade away, they wanted his exit to have a major impact on the show. I guess they managed that! It was so sad and unexpected. I’m actually really impressed that they managed to keep it a secret.

      • I managed to get to the actor’s Twitter and saw in there an interview and his explanation on why that departure. It’s a good reason, although very sad. His scripting and directing career is taking off, as you said, and the show couldn’t let him go for months and then make him return, so they chose to eliminate him. It wasn’t a secret for that long as he said and the cast gave him a very heartfelt send off. I really hope his projects suceed. He deserves it.

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