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Morning After Q: Was it a Satisfying Resolution?


Hello and Happy Friday!

A lot was resolved in this episode, from the FBI conspiracy to the Sweets death storyline, to Booth’s (major) angst regarding his experiences (and then also related to Brennan).

What did you think of this episode? Did you like the way each plot was resolved?


27 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Was it a Satisfying Resolution?

  1. In years past, I would’ve said no. But now, I’m gonna say yes. At this point, I’m like, “Aw, Bones, you and your quick storyline wrap-ups, so cute.” 🙂

    But, that being said, I get why they do that too. At the heart of the show, its a week-by-week crime procedural. This isn’t “24”. However, I do appreciate that sometimes they mix that up with short arcs so that its not always just a week to week deal.

    Also, in this instance, I believe they left a few things unresolved to bring this up later. I have a hunch they will revisit this whole Booth/FBI/honor & duty/betrayal stuff in the future.

  2. This episode is not as depressed as the previous one. The story is simple and things are moving on. Solving the case and remove all the blackmail document does not mean it is end. There are a lot of open end. All those who blackmail the others may want to stay the way they are. Still a lot of good storys can tell.
    Booth PTSD is not over. We will see how Bones handle it.
    B&B fight show that how Bones care about Booth. Bones is fighting to get the old Booth back. An odd way but this is Bones. This is how she handle things. Bones has evolved a lot, at least she is facing it rather put up a wall to cover it.

  3. bb said it pretty well. The thing about this show is it has, more often than not, had those short arcs all along, only most were minor plot and not major like the killing of a main character. How many other shows would have had the balls to kill a main character? Sure Sweets wasn’t the lead, but last night’s reflection showed how much he became a part of the team – the family – over the years.

    And the symmetry to the tribute to Vincent with the Lime in the Coconut was perfect. Even my wife (who’s not near as analytical about the show as I am) recalled that it had been used for that.

    • I feel like the VNM/Sweets deaths were very symmetrical. Why the characters left the show, how they died talking to B&B, Lime in the Coconut, etc. The only difference is that B&B hooked up before it happened, not after. lol Time will tell if it results in Christine getting a sibling. 🙂

      **Sorry, I’m a little slap happy today due exhaustion**

  4. I’ll answer that one first, and then comment on the episode in general, because I didn’t have a chance to do it last night (watched it twice!)

    The problem I have will all conspiracies in general is that they seldom get resolved in a satisfying manner, no matter what show is doing them. Either they get wrapped up neatly and then they’re over, which makes all the previous build-up seem like overkill, or they go on and on forever like on the X-Files and after a while you don’t know what’s happening, and you don’t particularly care. As with so much in real life, the anticipation of a big event sometimes feel more rewarding than the actual thing.

    The only way for me that this could have been more meaningfully dealt with is if the conspiracy went back to some longstanding character all the other characters trusted-no one on Bones really fit the bill, though. I think part of the problem people had with the resolution is that they repeatedly used the term ‘mole.’ Viewers kept thinking Sweets, Stark, or even Cam, and when it turned out to be someone unrelated with no other reason for his scheme than a deluded reference to the Founding Fathers, it felt a little flat. Just seemed like there should be more, and I’m a little hopeful that maybe Max will add something to this in the future.

    That being said, I’m very happy that the show, for the most part, is done with this story. Between the finale and the last two episodes, I’m emotionally drained, which isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy where the arc took the characters. It brought out a depth and an intensity to the leads that is nice to see once in a while, because it’s a reminder of all the baggage they carry and how hard they work to leave it behind. With all the fluffy scenes, I think sometimes we forget.

    Yeah, the conspiracy thing felt a little threadbare at the end, but I still found a lot to love in this one.

    I’m so impressed with the way they’re handling the Christine thing. This little girl is probably just getting used to the studio and to the actors, and they’ve done a good job easing her into the production-applause for not giving her nightmares with some story about a person’s death she doesn’t even know. Plus, it keeps us from arguing about whatever she was going to be told. You know Booth was going to mention heaven and angels, and Brennan’s reaction to that was going to be criticized no matter what she said, whether she went with that or not. So I’m good with where they left it.

    Carla was incredible; to know she’d just had that baby in real life less than two weeks before and went right back on her feet to film all those hours of footage impresses the hell out of me. I’ve always liked Daisy, and now I positively adore her-so glad they wrote in her pregnancy and gave her this opportunity to shine.

    The fight was a winner for me. Yes, I’m kind of annoyed Brennan said “my” daughter because it’s not the first time she’s said something along those lines (though admittedly, not for a very long time) and it harkens back to the Parker thing, but you know what? People say ugly things when they get angry. And she had every right to be-she just worked her butt off saving Booth’s, getting him out of jail, and now it looks like he might end back in there for good without any regard for anything or anyone but his own feelings of revenge. Even worse, he was on the verge of losing his soul. He needed a slap to the face, and he got one. I also like that he called her on leaving, because she’s done that in the past when they’ve had fights. What I loved is that she was going to leave, but didn’t. This time she turned around and stood her ground-and let’s face it, leaving might have been disastrous because it wasn’t until she pulled her trump card out of her sleeve-his love for her and his faith-that Booth finally reacted. Once she knew she got through, though, she backed off and was very supportive. And again, more great acting from DB-wow. The moment when Booth went from fury to resignation was very powerful, and felt 100% real.

    Shallow note-my heart beat a little faster when I saw him clean-shaven and suited up. I like him scruffy, but this felt more like *our* Booth, and it really highlighted the emotional change in him.

    I love Aubrey already, by the way. Great casting, and yes, I know he’s quirky, but on a show like this with so many strong, well-defined personalities, you just can’t be a milk-toast and get away with it. Lucky for me his idiosyncrasies don’t get on my nerves-I find them sort of endearing.

    The memorial scene was sweet-these things are notoriously hard to pull off, and while I would have liked to hear Booth say something, the fact is that he was saying something all episode long, including “he was family.” As Caroline would say, no need to gild the lily. A person’s worth is often measured by the kind of impact he or she had on those around him, and Brennan made it perfectly clear that Sweets changed all of their lives for the better-can’t say something nicer than that. I truly appreciate the uplifting closure they gave us with the song-I didn’t cringe; I actually smiled, which is always a plus. Whew! That’s all…

    • You summed it all up so well mariu!!!

      And yes, I gasped when clean shaven Booth showed up. He looked so handsome!! And at the memorial scene, wow!

      • Two very well-done scenes for me were when they were going to break the news to Christine but then we didn’t actually see it. Nicely played. I had been “spoiled” that the scene was in there and I dreaded watching it. Tastefully done.

        Don’t know why Sweets had to be taken down to the skeleton level that would’ve helped the case, but I guess it was more for the symbolism of “Bones”. The interaction between Daisy and Brennan was absolute perfection, and highlights why I’ve always liked Daisy. Brennan can see herself in this Brennan-lite. If the shoe was on the other foot, Brennan would’ve appreciated the same gesture in return. Brennan liked the “bones” of the Mighty Hut…its how she sees things as well.

        There were things that I liked and didn’t like about the fight scene and the memorial scene, but overall it was a good episode. I had dreaded watching because I thought it was going to rip my heart out more than last week. But in fact, it helped transition quite well.

    • I may be in the minority, but I liked that she threatened to leave. It was a very appropriate thing given all the guns he had lined up and his plan he had in mind. She stayed to explain it further and persuade him, but had he not come around, it would have been dangerous to stay there with him. I think he saw that, and came around. But I also think he has more work to do to be himself again. Step 1 is to act as if everything is okay, and that is what he did.

      I also love Aubrey! More than I actually liked Sweets at first. I think Aubrey is going to be a fun character to explore on the show. I gotta admit, I also would like to hear more about all of the other characters going forward as well. I love B & B, and in general like their episodes the best. But mixing it up will be nice after all of this angst and drama!

      Great summary.

  5. Loved this episode, and like bb above says, this is as good as Bones will get in resolving issues. They’re not going to do a 10 episode story arc like the show that followed, “Gracepoint” (didn’t watch as I heard the BBC version, Broadchurch, is much better). I have never been a huge fan of Bones cases, so I think this one was about in the middle in terms of intrigue and resolution. I did like who ended up being responsible, especially when you revisit episode 1 and how inconsequential he seemed.

    I will address Booth’s angst. First, I don’t think it’s completely gone, but he did make the decision to at least APPEAR and ACT like everything was okay. This was because he was hit with an ultimatum that truly stunned him. Dr. Brennan wasn’t mincing words when she threatened to leave him if he continued down the self destructive path he had been on. Frankly, I thought it was a bit of an admonishment not just of the guns he had lined up in the house that day, but ALSO of what he did in the season finale of season 9. I think that was huge. She essentially took over, and he decided to trust her judgment. I just loved that! I don’t think it’s over, though. I don’t think he can completely rid himself of the demons conjured up again from his battle in his house last season, his time in prison, and watching Sweets die (for which he blames himself). So he is leaning on Dr. Brennan to remind him of who he is, but I just feel like this story is not completely over, and will come up again.

    • Sidenote on Gracepoint/Broadchurch – – think of how they Americanized “Coupling”. It fell flat because they kept the same pilot script with a completely new cast. Gracepoint at least shares David Tennant, but having seen Broadchurch last year, last night felt like the same cinematography only with American accents and poorer acting. I had hoped they would have used the premise and diverged some. Though, that’s not to say it might not still be good for someone who hasn’t seen Broadchurch.

      • Yeah, that’s what most TV critics were saying — if you watched “Broadchurch”, skip “Gracepoint”. I haven’t seen either, but time is a precious thing, and I don’t want to watch the inferior version. I have been hearing about another British murder mystery show, “Happy Valley”, which is supposed to be excellent, and I think I’ll check that out. It’s on Netflix. Only 6 episodes.

        Loved British “Coupling”!

  6. I loved the episode, especially the scene where Bones was upset with Booth and how they resolved it so quickly!!! The ending was sad but such a tribute to JFD!!!!!

  7. Did anyone else cringe slightly when Brennan said “You’re a good man Booth.”? Granted it was connected to why she was saying it, for the lead in to the next sentence – but for a moment, I silently groaned at that statement.

    A little better with the context: “You’re a good man Booth. Don’t let them take that away, because that really will be the death of you.”

    • I was ok with it in the context of it, like you said relantel. What made me cringe was Brennan throwing out, “enjoy your new house”…it just didn’t sit right with me.

    • I think that is one of the times when he *really* needed to hear that. Maybe this episode goes a little bit by way of explaining why she says it so often, in that he actually benefits from that reassurance more than we think. I hope we won’t hear it said this exact way again, though.

      • I never have a problem with her saying that he’s a good man because its true and perhaps not many people remind him of that regularly. He’s been through so much crap it would be easy for a person with his baggage to forget. Plus, that’s the man she fell in love with, that’s a huge part of why she loves him and wanted to build a life with him. His “goodness” is very important to her too, its a big part of who he is to her.

      • Brennan gets called beautiful and brilliant nearly every ep, sometimes by herself, lol, why shouldn’t we get reminded just how great Booth is through Brennan’s eyes, it is what she has admired in him from the first day they met

  8. *sighs* I REALLY wanted to like this ep, I truly did but so many of the characters actions and how they were written or not written really spoiled this ep for me.

    1) Is nobody finding it strange that not one of the squints has even had a direct conversation with Booth, on a personal level asking him how is dealing after getting out of jail?….it’s like Booth and them aren’t even in the same world anymore, there is no connection. Stephen Nathan says they are family, well they certainly aren’t showing it. Unless he means estranged family.

    2) The B&B fight just didn’t work for me….. we aren’t talking about a husband and wife fight here….we are talking about a man whose is suffering with PTSD and somebody else shouting screaming, threatening him to take his family away from him then chucking keys at him… last time I checked that was NOT how you deal with someone suffering from PTSD…Brennan was lucky that her actions didn’t make Booth even worse… I am really appalled at this.

    3) I can’t warm to Aubrey… he is just a serious of quirks…. he looks like Sweets and acts like Vincent and has the personality of a snarky child making inappropriate comments when a beloved team member just got brutally murdered……I don’t see the point of him at all…..Booth can do crime scenes, investigate, do the interrogations, the field work had done for YEARS, he certainly doesn’t need Aubrey’s help….all I can see is that Aubrey will actually dilute and weaken Booth’s role and position within the team…..mark my words by mid-season suddenly Booth won’t be able to do his job without Aubrey, Aubrey will slowly take over Booths scenes, because that is Stephen Nathans favorite thing to do to marginalise Booth in the work place to make way for characters, he did it when Sweets went from shrink to agent and Booth’s screen time and importance to the case got cut drastically, so much so people thought David was leaving Bones.

    4) I really wished that Booth had said something at the end to say goodbye to Sweets, with the exception of Daisy, Booth knew Sweets better than anyone ,was closer to him than anyone and it seems to me that this got ignored just so Brennan could make a long winded speech that really was more about her than actually who Sweets is and was

    5) Striping Sweets to bones was that really necessary?

    6) Putting the new guys name in the opening credits and replacing JFD position in the opening credits really was cold, couldn’t they had waited for a least one ep, and had a transition ep without Aubrey so we could adjust to Sweets not being apart of the team anymore ….. It’s too fast too soon…..and so damn cold –

    • It sounds like you really don’t like Bones…Then don’t watch it! I thought the episode was fantastic! I’ll miss Sweets ,but I understand why he is gone! I say good luck JFD! I also thought they handled his departure well! And I thought the tribute to him at the end was great and Emily’s speech was great too!!!!! So was the fight scene! Usually she leaves ,but she stuck around to discuss things and help him through rough times !!!!! All in all the episode was awesome!!!!!

      • Just because someone critiques a show doesn’t mean they should stop watching. A person who questions plot holes in the show can be just as much a fan as someone who cheerleads and uses lots of exclamation marks!!!!!!!

      • I Agree Missmarple.

    • I really really really didn’t like this episode either. Really. Different Reasons though:
      1) The Kennedy tape. Cheap and unnecessary, added NOTHING to the plot/show/story.
      2) Booth and the Deputy Director guy – what was that whole thing about? it was like someone in the writing room was like, “Um, Booth goes back to the office, so do a thing with the guy” and wrote some placeholder content in where there should have been actual, thoughtful dialog.
      3) Sweets’ bones: he was supposedly horribly abused as a child and had to be removed from those people – and that isn’t in the bones? Why is that in everyone else’s bones on this show? Also – HH made this mistake before, when Sweets was living with them and came downstairs in a towel (thank you!) but didn’t have scars on his back…HH even said later that people pointed it out and that it was a mistake – but makes the exact same one here.
      4) I think Aubrey’s ok – but WORD what you said about what Nathan will do with him!
      5) All the dialog seemed forced and stilted throughout. Angela/Hodgins thing was so dumbed down like we’ve not been watching this show for 9 years, we don’t need to be walked through everything!
      6) Seely as baby name could have been an AMAZING moment, but writing Seely 3 times in the conspiracy notebook was stupid.
      7) The fight was dumb and rushed and superfake.

      The whole thing flowed like it was intern week at Fox studios.

      • I wholeheartedly disagree with everything you said !!! There was superb acting in these last 2 episodes and everything about the show was great!!! Sweets scars don’t make or break what was so awesome!!!!! But Emily and David’s acting skills were quite evident as were the rest of the casts abilities! It is a show ,not real but the writing skills make it seem like it!

  9. Didn’t like the way the plots were resolved. Too much cramped into one episode. Too much left out.

  10. You know, after the lack of resolution post-Wannabe surrounding the fake-death, I won’t be complaining about this one.

  11. I liked the episode but I am not sure every thing was completely resolved. I think there are still a few loose ends that will come up in future episodes. I like the character of Aubrey, especially since he is written as someone who doesn’t take himself so seriously.

    I think Brennan telling Booth he is a “good man” is just another way of saying “I love you”. She values that in him and it’s one of the reasons she trusts him.

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