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The Purging of the Pundit- Post Episode Discussion


Hey everyone, sorry for the delay.

What did you think of this episode, The Purging of the Pundit? What did you like or not like? The comments are open! 🙂


48 thoughts on “The Purging of the Pundit- Post Episode Discussion

  1. LOVED B&B……loved that the team are still dealing with Sweets loss and Booth has a triple whamy of dealing and adjusting with FBI and Jail and Sweets……..but effing hell Aubrey ANNOYED the crap out of me. He was way too pushy and needy, Booth doesnt have to trust him just because Sweets did, Booth should be able to make up his own mind……I just found Aubrey be to a douchebag this ep……Booth needs time to adjust and nobody but Brennan was giving it to him……oh and EAR NIBBLE our couple is HOT.

  2. BRENNANS BOOTS and style need to.go.Why won’t the writers listen!!! LIKED tonight’s esp. It seemed like the old Bones Show that we have seen in the past. Aubry maybe, I don’t know about him yet. Intern, NO. Why him? Still don’t like the new house. Waiting for the 200 esp. Perhaps from the 40 s or 50s. Loving the interaction between BnB. Hope it continues to grow. I know tonight’s storyline of the talk show host may have hit a sour note with some viewers, but really that’s what is happening in real life, and that’s what I Like about this show. It deals with the real world.

    • We have talked about Brennan’s boots on Imdb– we have arranged for someone sneak on to the Fox lot and set those boots on fire 😉
      I agree– ED is so beautiful– I wish they would let her look her best!

      • Can’t stand her wardrobe. The only flesh we ever see is her face. It’s always summer for Cam and Angela and Nordic winter for Brennan. And the styling? OMG! Can she not wear sleeveless once in awhile or a skirt or a scooped neck? Does she actually sleep in a long-sleeved shirt and sweater? Poor Booth. And the boots with the stretch pants are so over. Thanks for letting me vent. When is the bonfire of the boots? I want to see it.

      • Can I throw the blazer and printed tops on the pile too? She’s worn gorgeous dresses (Booth’s mom’s wedding/her own wedding rehearsal) so she can do it and look great!

        Dear Emily, if you’re reading this…MIX IT UP!
        (P.S. we love you)

        Bones fans around the globe

      • All leftover trenchcoats should also go and yes please, all the granny blouses and scrunched up blazers.

    • The writers aren’t in charge of wardrobe. I like her wardrobe though.

  3. • “Rats….Never been a fan.” -Aubrey at the crime scene lol
    • Don’t care for the preaching about talk radio conservatives….it’s a little heavy handed
    • It does feel good to get back in the regular Bones groove, even though they did a good job of bringing up Sweets, and Booth’s ongoing pain
    • “The king has arrived!” I love Hodgins 🙂
    • Oh boy, B&B sexy car convo…getting bitten?!
    • Brennan is interested in the toys “as a scientist” lol
    • “It’s a weird combination…but it works. Like us!” 🙂

    I’m getting to enjoy Aubrey. Although I didn’t think he or Brennan needs to push Booth so hard right away (I mean it took awhile for him to let Brennan or Sweets in on interrogations) but I understand they need to move the show forward. I think Aubrey is quickly finding a groove for himself on the show.

    • I read an interview from SN that suggested that this episode is supposed to take place a few months after Sweets passed away.

      • unless it is stated in the show, the time jump isnt cannon….how would that be fair to the 6m fans of Bones some of whom who dont read everything stephen nathan may have vaguely suggested?…didnt happen in the show, didnt happen.

      • I don’t think the case is taken place a few month. Booth is still unpacking his office. Does it require few months to unpack and arrange his office.

      • Actually Annie– I think the fact that Booth was still unpacking his office was meant to signify that he wasn’t in a hurry to settle back in. From personal experience– if you don’t really want to do something you tend to put it off. The question is how much does Booth really want to be settled back in? He doesn’t really trust them that much.

    • thats what I mean on Aubrey…stop hassling Booth let him come to you if he needs you…he was just like an annoying wasp….stop trying to jump into the shoes of a dead man… a deadman who is missed by Booth….calling Booth an idiot, yeah real smart calling your boss Booth that and quite frankly Booth doesnt have to trust Aubrey because Sweets did, let the man make up his mind because believe or not Sweets was wrong about things as he was right….ugh.

  4. I loved this episode– I feel like we have revived some energy in this show with Aubrey. He has overtaken Cam and Angela in terms of favourites for me. He seems so cute and eager. I love the idea of Booth with his own intern. Plus the way he ensured to pronounced albicans correctly — he knows to listen to Brennan, lol.

    Brennan was an awesome wife as usual. Booth is a guy that tends to avoid difficult emotions as much as humanly possible– he needs Brennan to push him otherwise he tends to fester.

    Any mention of B&B sexy times is always awesome. Although I always thought Booth was the biter from Maiden in the mushrooms 🙂

    SN singing that song in the end was interesting.

  5. I need to re-watch a time or two before I form a final opinion, but my knee-jerk reaction was that I love this episode.

    Brennan was clearly not in her “comfort zone” confronting Booth on his emotion issues – but she stuck to it. He went out of his way to play on her insecurities over “reading” other peoples emotions and shut her down “You don’t know what you are talking about,” but she refused to be put off. She didn’t take him personally, she just kept pushing for what she knew he needed. That is HUGE character growth, and I am tickled to death that the show is finally putting it out there.

    I do like Aubrey , but his sudden and total inclusion into the core team seems a tad bit forced. On the other hand, the fact that he showed loyalty to Booth during a time when the entirety of the FBI seemed to be against him probably stuck him on the fast track. As long as B&B field scenes don’t decrease, I think that he is going to be a good addition.

    As for the political undertones of this episode, It felt less heavy-handed than they have been in the past with other social/political causes. Yes, they did make a definite dig at ultra-radical conservatives, but (at least to me) they didn’t seem to belabor the point. (I.E. no monologues by main characters espousing any particular viewpoint, as is their habit in “soapbox” episodes.) Of course it could just be the fact that I am hard to offend – I sit firmly in the middle of the see-saw, so extreme views on either side make no sense to me.

    Now if we could only have some on screen confirmation that Booth likes to have his ear nibbled…….

    • I am loving Brennan’s character growth this season. She is confident in her abilities to read Booth and do what is in his best interests even when he is pushing against it. And you know what– Booth needs that. Booth tends to shut down when he is faced with difficult emotions referring to put on a veneer of cheeriness. He needs someone to push him to deal with his issues. And the best part was that Brennan didn’t need to ask anyone else. There was no unnecessary asking Angela what to do. She knows her husband best and what he needs.

      • “And the best part was that Brennan didn’t need to ask anyone else. There was no unnecessary asking Angela what to do.”

        I LOVED that!

      • Ditto – not needing to go to anyone else was a huge step up!

  6. Not near as intense as the last two weeks but a very solid episode. How many more to go to #200? 7?

  7. I loved it!! Not being so sad ,it was still awesome!!The concern that BONES showed for Booth was superb and the acting was great as usual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I like Aubrey but I hope he isn’t going to take time away from B&B. They don’t spend enough time together on cases like they used to. Didn’t see any family pictures, Parker, etc. on the credenza in Booth’s office when he was getting his office back together. Hope the pics will be back next episode. Curious to see what the FBI is going to do about Booth. Seems hard to believe they’re going to just let him be after all he’s been through. Thought Brennan was great.

    • I don’t think Aubrey will take away anymore time from the B&B scenes than Sweets did.

      In the last episode, Stark seemed like he was going to let Booth be so I don’t think they will go there again. I wonder if Booth will think about whether he wants to stay with the FBI though? It made sense in the last episode that he went back to the FBI so that they could catch Sweets’ killer. But in this episode he looked like he was using his routine as way to avoid dealing with his emotions. I don’t think he has actually dealt with everything that has happened. An unwillingness to deal with emotional trauma is a pretty typical Booth reaction, though. He usually puts a facade over everything and pretends like everything is fine until it blows up in his face. That’s why Brennan is so important in his life– she pushes him to face stuff he’d rather not deal with.

      If you look at the bedroom scene in Conspiracy — it looks like there might be a picture of Parker and Christine on the bookshelf. They definitely took one in the first episode. The new Christine posted about meeting her brother 🙂

      • Those are good points bountypeaches. I hope you’re right.

        As to Christine, I haven’t liked what they’ve done with her character, but I’ve let it go as it’s another losing battle. If that link is correct then that will top the list of the worst things TPTB have done to this show – for me.

      • Aww Lindy– I like what they did with Christine. The original twins were going through their terrible threes phase which is why we didn’t get a scene with them at the wedding. It makes sense to me that they needed to replace her. And now we can get a bit more of her interacting with B&B.

  9. Speaking of Brennan’s wardrobe, which doesn’t seem as nice as some of her outfits in S8 & S9 when I thought some of her outfits had finally improved. I really didn’t like that blousey blouse and other pieces she was wearing and it made me wonder things. Also made me wonder if there’s more to pushing Aubrey on Booth than the obvious. Her early wardrobes were great and then it seemed there was a drastic change to poor wardrobes, especially considering the way Cam and Angela dress. Seems strange. Doesn’t make sense. She’s beautiful. Let her shine.

    • I agree! I didn’t like the outfit either and for the reason I’m not going there but……… I f there is a reason she will let us know ! Emily’s life is personal!!!

      • Yes sandra Emily’s life is personal, but unfortunately this show changes its’ direction all too often depending on what’s going on in their actors’ real lives. I think Emily is great and her acting talents underrated. She’s the main reason I still watch this show.

    • There were several times in season 9 when I thought they must be using the flowy blouses and leggings look to disguise a pregnancy. I guess not. I agree that they could (and used to) style her so much better.

  10. What happened to the way she dressed in season 5. She needs to ditch the jackets tight pants and those boots. I agree Cam & Angela wear dresses why not Brennan. Every episode her out fit is the same except the blouse has changed colors. I remember when she wore beautiful ear rings and great necklaces. Oh yes the beautiful coats she used to wear. All that is gone she now looks like a frump. Also, her hair is to straight its to stark. She has beautiful hair give it some body and soft curls at the end it frames her beautiful face better. Back in season 4 I read an article that talked about Brennan’s outfits & it showed several racks of all kinds of outfits that Emily wore for the show. Apparently the racks have been lost. It also said she had help selecting her outfits guess the help has been let go. She didn’t wear flat boots back then they were high heels.
    I haven’t been satisfied with B&B’s interaction since they were married. The give each other pecks on the lips but never with their arms encircling each other. I’d liked to see even a guy hug. What happened to Booth’s hand on Brennan’s lower back, arms over her shoulder’s? For example when Booth was realesed from prison they didn’t even hug I expected more. Brennan was afraid Booth was going to be killed and she blackmailed a district attorney. Plus Booth kept her picture hidden to protect it from the other inmates so he could look at it when it was safe. I waited all summer expecting to see Booth wrap his arms around Brennan expressing his deep love for her and how he missed her touch Ha Ha nothing like that happened. Forgive me but I really get disgusted with TPTB. I love this couple and they are short changing them.
    Aubrey: Booth needs more time to get used to him. Aubrey shouldn’t push so hard. I hope they don’t over use him like they did Sweet’s. Sweet’s was becoming Booth’s partner more than Brennan. I hope that does’t happen with Aubrey.
    Sorry about all my complaints. I still love this show and I believe B&B are the best couple in TV. I just hope the writers don’t forget what special characters they have in B&B.

    • Yup– completely agree about Brennan’s look. Even the awesome ethnic jewellery is gone 😦

      I would love more guy hugs and physical touches between the two. Totally agree that we need more hands on her lower back or Booth’s arm around her shoulders. Would love some more guy hugs.

      Although I liked the hug at the jail when he was released. He was also in a lot of physical pain but at least he closed his eyes and seemed into it. But I agree with you we needed to see Booth expressing his deep love for Brennan either physically or emotionally somewhere too. The love scene was nice but it was more about Brennan showing how much she loves Booth. I could use a little reciprocity.

  11. Great points Jo and bountypeaches. I agree with you both.

    • I agree with the comments about the lack of physical displays of affection. Sometimes it looks like Booth barely wants to touch her. My personal peeve is when he kisses her but has his arms hanging straight down at his sides instead of around her. It’s strange.

      As for her clothing, it’s baffling. If you watch the earlier seasons it’s a stark contrast. She used to wear cute skirts, dresses, jeans and her jewelry was fantastic. Now I feel like screaming every time I see her in another stretchy pants, ethnic print blouse, blazer combo. I’m also not a fan of that straight and much lighter colored hair.

      I think you have to work pretty hard to make Emily look like a frump but somehow the Bones folks are doing it.

      • Eh, I think I have to blame the wardrobe on our dear Emily. Many times she achieves the frumpy look on the red carpet too 🙂 Her wardrobe changed as she got more influence as a producer. I think this is her own personal preferred look, unfortunately!

      • I agree Missmarple.

      • Emily’s personal wardrobe is inconsistent. In some of her appearances she is quite stylish, IMO. The appearance at the LA City Hall a couple of years ago is one example — she wore a beautiful dark blue sleeveless dress (and matched DB’s tie perfectly…LOL). She also wore a very fitted black dress to an appearance last year that was flat-out sexy. Other times, like her recent appearance at an animal rights benefit, her outfit leaves you wondering “what was she thinking”? Also, while that gray dress she wore to the 2013 Emmy awards show was beautiful, it appeared to be very ill-fitted to her body, which is puzzling, as she surely has access to top-notch dressmakers.

        As you point out BB, Emily can now influence her own wardrobe, and I’m sure she insists on vegan clothing when possible, so maybe that’s part of the reason for her sometimes strange choices? Whatever it is, it would be nice to see some variety.

  12. I agree BB regarding the Red Carpet look, also the everyday attire. We always see BRENNAN with the same UGLY boots, blouses, leggings and blazers. If she isn’t wearing these, she is in her uniform. If this is ED’ s choice for whatever reason, she needs to.listen to her viewers. DONATE the ugly clothing and get back to the old BRENNAN. I love her hair straighter and shorter, unless she is going for the look of Roxy. HOT. OH, yes BTW, she had no problem wearing all the gorgeous clothes when she was acting undercover, so what is the problem?

  13. Read your post Miss Marple. I have seen those beautiful dresses she has worn. And I understand ED vegan choices HOWEVER, viewers do not care what her personal choices are, it’s what THEY prefer to see on screen. ED is a Beautiful and Brilliant actress, I LOVE the show, great chemistry between B&B. David becomes more handsome with age, Emily is looking less attractive. Sorry

    • Whenever I see event photos she looks well dressed. I assume in these instances she would have more freedom to choose her clothes than on the show. Maybe she and the wardrobe people just think this character wouldn’t care about clothes and would dress frumpy? I don’t really know.

      • That’s actually been my impression– they changed the way she dresses to suit the character, the same way they changed the way she talks.

        When the occasion calls for it they do dress her up a bit– like the funeral, or the rehearsal dinner dress. So its not like they can’t even with “vegan” restrictions.

  14. I’m glad to see it isn’t just me who yearns for Brennan’s old wardrobe. I’ve been re-watching a lot of season 4 today & Emily just looks beautiful. Please, someone give her a haircut with some shape & some interesting clothes. It’s like we’re watching Brennan’s equivalent of mom jeans. Maybe what ODC need is to go on a date.

  15. Our Darling Couple.

  16. Whoever does the wardrobe for the men does a fabulous job. The suits always fit well, as do the shirts and there is enough individuality to each character to express some personality. I don’t think the same can be said for the women’s wardrobe. I don’t think the clothes they wear are attractive even on those beautiful women. The hair and make up is nice except for Cam’s hair which doesn’t seem age appropriate to me.

    I still enjoy watching the show, and it’s not a big issue, but I think the female characters should dress like the successful professional women they are supposed to be.

  17. I like it that she stayed true to her boots.

  18. Woah. There weren’t political undertones, there was blatant strawmanning. They came out and said that everyone who has similar political views to the victim was uneducated and ignorant. I think misrepresenting people is pretty ignorant and backward.
    There was nice character development though.

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