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The Geek in the Guck: Post Episode Discussion


Hello! What did you think about this episode, The Geek in the Guck?


The comments are open! And here’s a message from Booth regarding whether or not to discuss spoilers.




AKA…don’t do it! 🙂




37 thoughts on “The Geek in the Guck: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Love the opening scene with Christine, she is sooo adorable as a mini Brennan.

  2. • Brennan and Christine kind of annoyed me at breakfast
    • Brennan and Cam saying communal clothes wouldn’t work for them….well, Cam can’t wear anything but her “uniform” and neither can Brennan 🙂
    • Uh oh, Sweets Jr thinks Jessica is cute…
    • Nice to see Brennan and Angela out and talking
    • Brennan and Booth love that tub, eh?
    • And Booth still has the beer hat!!!

    • yeah, Brennan & mini- Bren Christine is rubbing me up the wrong way, esp when I don’t believe for one second that that kid understands any of that scientific mumbo jumbo…she is only doing it cos “mommy says”….would it kill the writers to show that Christine shares one character trait of her father, they do remember that Booth is her DNA, her nuturing father and not just a sperm donor? ya ya Booth gets to pick the school but only the schools that Brennan has chosen…so basically its still Brennans choice of school he’s just picking one…and I cant stand how Aubrey has weasled his way into every aspect of Booths job, cant Booth do anything without him, they do remember who the lead agent is on the show, RIGHT?….also when was the last time Booth & Angela shared a scene? *crickets* but they have no problem shoehorning Aubrey into scenes with her for 3 eps in row. UGH…. Not a great ep for me…B&B barely had any scenes together, I could count on one hand, they are like ships in the night, thanks Stephen Nathan for killing my enjoyment of BONES 😦

  3. Has DB given up shaving on a regular basis? Loved Booth in the shoulder holster-all kinds of *sorry Sarah* yummy goodness. 🙂
    Aubrey is just okay. He seems like a good enough guy, I just don’t know him that well. He may grow on me.
    I actually like this intern. She just says what she thinks which may or may not be appropriate, but she’s smart and does a good job. I felt bad that she lost her commune. How sweet are Hodgins and Angela to take her home with them to cheer her up.
    I get that Brennan is a scientist and prefers to use the proper words when speaking to Christine, but really? Christine already knows size is “determined by genetics” and she understood the mumbo jumbo about eating her breakfast and slowing down on the swing. Oh, okay. Unless Christine is hanging around with other little genius’ kids are going to be giving her the side eyes if she talks to them the way Brennan talks to her. It’s wonderful that she’s intelligent, but please dial it down or I know I’m going to think she’s just too precocious for words.
    Brennan leaves the school choice up to Booth, so if it doesn’t work out he gets the blame-although she’s sure he’ll make the right decision because he’s more open minded than her. I think she would’ve had a fit if he had dumped all the brochures in the trash and said Christine was going to the neighborhood kindergarten. So he gets to choose, as long as it’s one of the schools she’s earmarked. Whatever. Not my favorite Brennan.
    Another episode where you feel bad for the murderer and think the victim got what he deserved. Just an okay episode.

  4. I thought it was a good episode. I liked the case. I got confused for a bit trying to understand what happened. But I thought it was a very unique motive. The murderer was definitely more sympathetic than the victim.

    Aubrey thinking Jessica is cute– hmm I wonder if that is going to go anywhere? I really like that they didn’t end up in bed together in the first episode like Sweets and Jessica.

    I haven’t warmed up to Jessica yet— she is a little irritating. Calling Hodgins curly– just didn’t work for me. They don’t seem like they know each other well enough for that. I prefer Oliver’s snark. I hate to say it but I thought that crying scene was just bad acting— totally took me out of the scene.

    Loved the Brennan and Angela stuff. I have always loved their friendship. But them bonding over their kids was great.
    It was nice to see Brennan being self reflective enough to know why she wanted Christine to have stability. But then also to realize that she can’t project her own issues on to Christine. For her to know that she would give Christine more than enough structure was a great moment of growth. Although, I am not sure Booth is any more open minded than Brennan. He would be more likely to go for an overly traditional school rather than exploring a non traditional option. I would’ve liked it better if they had come to a decision together.

    • I read the recap. Aubrey is thinking Angela is cute. No Jessica. Aubrey talk to Angela but not Jessica.

      • Which recap? I believe most recaps are interpretations by other viewers– I don’t think I have seen one from the actual show?

        I watched the scene again and I am still pretty sure he meant Jessica– because he said: “that cute squint laid out that specific 6 punch combo”. Jessica was the one that laid out the combo. Aubrey and Jessica could’ve easily spoken offscreen.

        The thing is Aubrey has met Angela on several occasions now— he knows her name. It would be pretty weird to be calling her that “cute squint”.

  5. My initial reactions…
    – agreed on the Booth shaving thing. What’s up with the super scruffy look?
    – really annoyed with Brennan the entire time. Did she really say that Christine lives with “her”? Where does Booth live…in the backyard? And does she really talk to Christine that way? Thank GOD Christine has Booth for her father!
    – not sure why, but Brennan’s weird speech pattern is really bothering me this season
    – so B&B have only touched each other once (by my count) in 4 episodes. This does not bode well for rest of season

    This whole episode bored me.

  6. Ditto Miss Marple with everything you said. Yes what gives with Christine living with her. Poor Booth. And this little girl needs to see hockey game or football in the backyard with her Daddy instead of listening to what words mom tells her. As for B&B touching/kissing, tonight I heard “LOVE YOU both” and she gave Christine a kiss but not Booth when she left home to go to lab. We Need to see more close interaction between these two. I’m starting to wonder if Emily does not want these intimate scenes because she feels uncomfortable for some reason.

    • Emily is a good actor. I don’t think she mind.

    • I don’t know about Emily being uncomfortable…I mean she is all over David when they do press interviews. If Brennan touched Booth half as much, or as affectionately, as Emily touches David I’d be very happy!

  7. So let me get this straight. Despite the fact we have had Brennan pushing Booth onto the bed in ep1, talk of ear nibbling while making love, weekly “I love you”s, and bathtub sex two nights running- because we have only seen one kiss it’s all a bust? Wow tough crowd!

    • Um, that’s telling, not showing.

      No one here is talking about a full on sex scene, they are talking about touches and kisses, which have been lacking so far this season.

      • I don’t see the difference – unless you have to see something to believe it’s happening. But that’s just me I suppose.

  8. I absolutely am annoyed at Brennan’s mothering style. The Brennan that took care of Baby Andy wasn’t this scientific robot. Where’s the girl who went on the Science Dude show in a skeleton costume? I want that more fun “Dancing Phalanges” Brennan back. Science-y but fun! This cold woman I’m seeing now would be a terrible mother. And wife. I also noticed her saying that Christine lived with “HER”. And the end where she lets Booth pick the school so that she can say “I told you so” if something goes wrong? Blech. Are the writers incapable of making her both smart and normal? It seems as if they are stuck in one gear only. At least Booth is apparently getting “tub time” cuz that’s about all the poor guy gets anymore.

    • I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I’m totally with you, bb-tiger mom Brennan is not my favorite, and I’m always leery when they have stories that focus on that aspect of her. I know she loves her child and only wants the best for her, but this is the kind of uptight mom that drives school administrators and other parents crazy-I speak from experience, btw.

      I guess what makes me uncomfortable with the particular portrayal last night is that-not for the first time-Brennan seems very dismissive of anything that Booth might contribute to the conversation about their daughter’s future, as if he shouldn’t have much input in the matter because she’s done all the research, she’s smarter, and thus automatically knows better. Sometime the writers have Brennan act as if Christine is her child exclusively as opposed to B&B’s (the child care debacle, when she does financial planning for her without including Booth,) and it kind of rubs me the wrong way when they do that. The fact that Booth blindly goes along with whatever she wants like a doormat doesn’t appeal to me either, although for the sake of keeping the peace, I guess it’s good he does.

      Yes, Brennan usually capitulates to Booth at the end, like when she lets him take Christine to church, but it’s rarely because of anything he said-primarily from what she gets from discussions with other people, especially at the lab (notice how in the conversation with Angela in the park Booth’s opinion about schools is completely left out of the equation.) Meanwhile, Booth usually has to get validation for his views and pick up ideas on how to get through to his wife from outsiders like Sweets and Aubrey. IMO, this should have been one of those times where third parties were left out of it.

      That being said, I do appreciate that in this episode they gave us some good insight as to why Brennan feels the need to be such a control freak when it comes to her daughter. It went a long way towards making me feel more sympathetic towards her behavior, and kind of saved that part of the episode for me. I was fine with the case btw, and still digging Aubrey.

      I also like that they had Brennan come to terms with the fact that she was indeed being too controlling, even if the exchange where she shoves the pamphlets over to Booth (without the school he wanted in the pile) and essentially says that now it’ll be his fault if things don’t turn out well wasn’t the most satisfying resolution for me. I would have preferred if they both sat down and went over their options. Christine is their joint child and they should be approaching important things like her education as a couple.

      • But this kind of situation goes both ways. Remember how dismissive Booth was of Brennan’s opinions when planning Christine’s bday party. Sweets even told him that including Brennan would mean a lot to her and then the next scene he was all leave it to me because you don’t know anything about fun.

      • Brennan didnt want to throw a bday party for the kid…again, she didnt get one so why did christine…selfish much?….thankful that booth was going to plan it away with or without brennan…and when she decided, oh yeah i will put my kid first and help with the party, Booth did welcome HER IDEA of tag…he didnt say I will give you a list of games that i think suitable and then you can pick what want one you want to play….this school debate is apple and oranges

      • Brennan never told Booth not to throw a bday party– she just didn’t see the necessity of it due to her own childhood experiences. Just as Booth doesn’t understand that big deal of choosing the right school for his child. Oh just send the kid to local school without looking into its curriculum. At least Brennan researched the public school– Booth didn’t even do that much.

        Sorry but where did Brennan not want to help Booth throwing a bday party? The second scene– she was talking about hiring a story teller– which Booth shot down. The same way Brennan shot down the public school idea.

        Both Booth and Brennan have their insecurities about the childhood they want Christine to have and sometimes they go overboard. Just because Booth’s dad threw him bday parties didn’t make him a better dad than max. Sweets told Booth to that including Brennan in the planning would be good for her– but he just told her “leave it to me”. Sorry but what he thinks is fun may not be fun to everyone else. Christine didn’t even care about he one man band– she wanted to play tag.

      • “Both Booth and Brennan have their insecurities about the childhood they want Christine to have and sometimes they go overboard.”

        I think that is it in a nutshell. Both parents had different yet extremely traumatic backgrounds. They both want their daughter to have a “perfect” childhood, yet neither of them have a good definition of “perfect.” The are both unsure of so many things that when they are CERTAIN of something they just plow straight on ahead, not noticing that the other parent is getting left behind.

    • I think this is caused by Booth in prison.

      Brennan has been a single mother again for 3 months. She needs to be strong and focus. As a result, she become cold and not fun.

      Even Booth is back, Brennan still feel on herself. She takes care everything. It takes time to adjust.

      Booth needs to catch up with Christine, make sure she is not going to be little Brennan.

  9. Reading the comments here and elsewhere is interesting, to say the least. We all watch the same show, but it strikes so many different chords with different people!

    I, for one, am enjoying both Booth and Brennan this season so far. The breakfast table scene was cute, but a little painful at the same time. Booth just missed 4 months with his daughter (AGAIN!), and he is once again feeling his way with her. Christine, on the other hand, just spent 4 months with a stressed and worried mother, who naturally would have taken refuge in facts and logic. Of course she is becoming fluent in Brennan speak! Far from cold, though, I think that the show is doing a good job of showing how comfortable and confident Brennan has become as a mother. I do think the scene called for two good-bye kisses, but I am not sure that we are supposed to read anything in to the fact that Booth didn’t get one.

    The give and take between B&B seems natural and fun. We are seeing an evolution into a couple that are no longer dancing on eggshells in their personal life. They are who they are, and they have accepted each other warts and all. At long last, I think they both have accepted the fact that they don’t have to constantly protect themselves from the loss of the other.

    I still like Aubry, but I REALLY, REALLY think he is being shoved down our throats way too fast.

    As for Jessica, lets just say if she never appeared again, I would not shed any tears, lol.

  10. Is it just me, or was this the most suggestively sexual dialogue the show has had? It came off as really over the top for some reason.

    • Relantel, I didn’t think it was necessarily “over the top” but I felt like they were trying too hard to show B&B’s connection by words instead of showing us. They are always telling us stuff that they do but then not having them show us any romantic scenes.

  11. I agree that with B&B’s romantic relationship we need more deeds and fewer words but I did like the shout-out to the beer hat. Although how it fit in with a romantic rendez-vous in the tub I didn’t understand. As for the school thing which I agree was somewhat over the top with uber control freak Brennan, Booth goes along with her but in so many earlier episodes he doesn’t hesitate to stand up to her when he feels the situation calls for it just like she has stood up to him in the first two episodes this season. Let’s assume that when it comes to the welfare of the daughter who lives with both of them, they will put her interests ahead of their own insecurities.

  12. So a few thoughts come to mind after reading the comments above.

    First, I enjoyed the episode. It was kind of a pointless, light hearted fluffy episode that won’t make my favs list, but we were due for that. I agree with several others that the Jessica squintern character just isn’t doing it for me and I’m usually pretty accepting of the different squints.

    My take on Brennan’s comment at the park about Christine living with “her” is different than what I’m seeing here and elsewhere. Lots of people seemed to interpret that as Brennan being exclusive and not acknowledging Booth’s role in the family. However, I think that she made the comment in more of a self-deprecating manner about herself, basically indicating that since Christine lives with her, and she’s so rigid / logical /structured / etc., that Christine needs some balance and she was anxious, as a mom, how to accomplish that. She was expressing concern about how her personality would impact Christine’s development. She’s touched on this issue in other episodes too. I didn’t get the sense she was trying to minimize Booth’s role, as much as she was acknowledging her own shortcomings. At the end, she defers the final decision to Booth, which I think speaks to how much she trusts him and his instincts. I thought the comment about assigning him the blame if things went wrong was intended to be more of a teasing, joking comment than anything else.

    I, for one, have been happy with the B&B interactions this season. Like some others, I don’t need to see them getting down and dirty, but I do like it best when we get at least a little something in each episode … a kiss, a little flirting, some suggestive comments, or just a sweet moment. I believe part of the success of Bones is due to the B&B shipper fan-base, so we need a little something each week to keep us fat and happy! Of course, that said, we’ve seen Brennan/Michael, Brennan/Sully, Booth/Rebecca, Booth/Cam, Booth/Hannah, Cam/Arastoo, Angela/Hodgins, Angela/Wendall, and Sweets/Daisy all in bed scenes over the years, but the only Booth/Brennan scene was during the dream, which wasn’t real, so hopefully, one day before the show ends, we’ll get some sort of a Booth/Brennan scene!

  13. I re-watched the episode tonight to see if I would enjoy it the second time through. There were some enjoyable parts — the little girl playing Christine is cute as a button, and Christine laughing with Booth at the end of the breakfast scene was adorable. I also really like Aubrey.

    However, I noticed that at about the halfway mark, when Brennan, Cam, and Jessica are in the lab working on the body and discussing the “cooperative” where Jessica lives, Cam says to Brennan “it’s too bad you and Christine can’t live there.” Did anyone else hear that? Again, where is Booth in this picture? What in the heck is going on with the writing on this show?

  14. Sue, thanks you stated my thoughts much better than I could.

    I will add of few more The lack of touching and kissing started right after B&B were married. Remember their honeymoon I didn’t see any hugging or kissing. Brennan was looking at a Nazi’s bones to solve his murder while Booth spent his time playing cards with someone who did believe he was Andy. I felt certain I would see B&B hugging and expressing their love for each other when he was freed from prison. Unbelievable, they hadn’t touched each other for 3 or 4 month’s, Brennan feared for Booth’s life so she blackmailed a District Attorney to get him released. Booth missed Brennan & Christine he was so sad. Booth is finally free, NOT ONE HUG not one. They didn’t touch each other at all. I threw my arms up and screamed “I DON’T BELIEVE IT”. The bedroom scene where Brennan helps Booth take his shirt off and assures him she wouldn’t hurt him was very intimate and tasteful.

    I remember the guy hugs, haven’t seen one in a very long time. They touched each other much more when they were just friends then they do now. I don’t want to see naked skin on skin rolling in the hay. A nice kiss with their arms wrapped around each other or how about them looking into each other’s eyes while Booth places his finger under her chin or Brennan is fixing his collar or tie.

    I very much liked the squints working together, not crazy about Jessica, but loved Hodgins experiment. I miss Hodgins experiments especiily when they go wrong and he has to do it over again or just do it over again for fun. The experiments are mush more fun then the Angelatron

    • I’m sorry but how can you say there was not one hug or any intimacy when Brennan freed Booth? They hugged right at the prison and then she took him home to their bedroom where she helped undress him and lowered him to the bed. What do you think happened after that?
      I like that show is kind of keeping things “real time” where Booth is still getting back on track with the people around him. He’s been through a very traumatic time with the arrest and prison time then they were all affected by the death of Sweets.
      Brennan doesn’t need “guy hugs” anymore-she sleeps with Booth and she’s not alone anymore. Stephen Nathan is in charge of the show now and he’s a firm believer in “telling not showing” so I’m afraid you’re going to be further disappointed at what you don’t get to see.

      • Sorry, I missed the part where you said the bedroom scene was intimate and tasteful.

      • Thank You!!!! I thought I had hallucinated the death hold they had on each other the moment they got the opportunity at the prison LOL!!!! If that wasn’t a hug then I have no idea what would constitute one – I mean she ran to him and wrapped herself round him like a bandage!. Also the undercurrent of Booth shying away from being touched during the episode seems to have gone over the heads of some viewers – hence Brennan’s wonderful ” I’m not going to hurt you” line.

      • Totally agree. They are married. They don’t need any “guy hugs” or touching her chin, fix the collar. They have all the time at night. They have enough tough off the screen that why they don’t have the same touch as the previous seasons.

        Currently, they only show touching on screens when they supporting each other. Those touches have bigger meaning. I am here for you.

  15. Ok. I have read the comments regarding “the need to/no need to” touch, kiss, intimacy,hand holding, rumble under the sheets, etc. I personally would like to see a little more of the love between them. I shudder when I read that they are s “married couple” now; therefore they don’t need to show that affection to each other.As BRENNAN left to go to work, she said she loved them both and kissed Christine but not Booth. My daughter has been married to the same man for 37 years, they never leave the house without saying to one another, “I love you” and a kiss., nor do they fail to say their love yous before ending a phone call AND at times during the day. IS my son-in-law perfect, no. IS my daughter without faults, no. BUT their love is stronger than any imperfections they may have. SO yes Brennan and Booth need to show a little more affection. LOVE!!!

  16. Am I the one who thinks Aubrey is too much like Sweets? He’s a geek just like Sweets, his physical features are similar, and his word lingo (awesome, cool, etc) totally caught me off guard- It was like we were looking at a Sweets Jr. When Booth randomly asked Aubrey about kindergartens, I felt like he should’ve waited a while to start asking personal advice from different people other than Sweets. Maybe an episode where he was feeling overwhelmed and found something of Sweets’ that helped him let go. Or maybe I’m being dramatic and am just too attached to Sweets😂

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