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Morning After Q: Improve or Experience?


Hello and Happy Friday!

The B&B scene at the diner in The Geek in the Guck was very interesting to me. I liked when they talked about how many schools they’d attended as children. I thought it was very in character that Booth would say that since they both experienced public school and turned out fine, it would be fine for Christine. I also thought Brennan’s response that she wanted something better for Christine made a lot of sense too.

Do you think that moment was more about their personalities/views on education, or more about their experiences? In Boy in the Time Capsule, we learn Booth had a pretty good school experience, since he was athletic and fairly popular, and we know Brennan’s experience was less so.



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  1. I’m not really sure how much re-writing of Brennan’s history is going on here. Her father was a science teacher in the public school. In season 4 when Cam hired him in the Lab she says she checked with the school system he used to teach at and that they still missed him. I know Max and Ruth probably moved around a lot when they were still robbing banks, but once they became Matthew and Christine Brennan when Brennan was two it seemed they had settled down in one place. Brennan had a loving home life as a child even if we say the family moved around a lot. Probably much like most military families.
    I think Booth had it much rougher with his abusive, alcoholic father to put his home life behind him and smile and make friends while still doing well in school.
    Christine is not going to have the same kind of experience as Brennan. She and Booth are together and not hiding from the law and Booth is not a drunken abuser. They will not be moving place to place and if Christine has anything of Booth in her, she will not have any trouble making friends and adapting. Totally different situation.
    Brennan needs to take a step back and not put her fears about schools or new situations onto Christine which I think she was trying to do by allowing Booth to make the final decision.

    • I think you forgot that Brennan was abandoned as a teenager and had to live in several different homes until she was 18 and out of the system.

      I totally get her fears, even if Christine’ S situation is not the same.

      • No I didn’t forget and Brennan was not a small child at the time she went into foster care-she was 15. She had a much longer time with a strong family unit to help her deal with difficult situations than she did as an abandoned teenager. I’m tired of that being used as a crutch for all Brennan’s issues.

  2. First off, let me say that I *get* what they are trying to accomplish. Showing B&B trying to parent with their own weird childhoods and how they juggle that as a family…

    However, I did not like Brennan’s character throughout the episode. For one thing, she is just so pretentious at work. I know she has said things about her intelligence since the early days, but it was different back then, maybe because she said it with more of an…innocence to it? And now it seems very haughty and rude, IMO.

    Secondly, I didn’t like Brennan as a mom/wife. She’s completely cut Booth out as the father. She shot him down at the table (well she and Christine both did), she cut him out of the school discussion (until she wanted to let him pick for an “I told you so” later), and she said that Christine lived with “her” only. I mean, really? She’s also planned a pretty cold and clinical life for poor little Christine who will be expected to excel at everything instantly, like her perfect, genius mom supposedly does.

    At least with Parker, Booth got to be the dad for the limited time they had together. For all Brennan’s past speeches about how Booth is the real alpha male and what a “good man” he is and all of that, she is sure not acting like it these days. Whatever the reason, Brennan just felt “off” for me last night.

    I still adore Hodgins. He’s my steady rock of adorableness. He’s the right blend between smart scientist, and normal functioning person. I’m glad they let him do a wacky experiment, though the mighty Angelatron should have been used for it. 🙂

    • I think that writing Brennan as a mother is the show’s weakness, by far. The writers can’t seem to find a happy medium between hyper-rational and clinical lab Brennan, and emotional, softie-with-her husband Brennan when it comes to Christine. It’s not that Brennan’s character isn’t capable of finding some middle ground on her own-we’ve seen her be firm, smart but at the same time compassionate too many times to count-but I feel like the writers have chosen Christine’s upbringing as the area where we’re going to see just how differently Booth and Brennan still see the world. I really don’t like that, especially because IMO Brennan generally doesn’t come off looking too good in most of B&B’s arguments regarding their daughter. Find another bone of contention and a more even playing field for them, I say.

      And yes, I agree with you that lately Brennan seems kind of stiff in the lab (I’m not quite over Cam’s award fiasco from last year.) Perhaps the show wants to reassure us that the sharp-tongued, brilliant Brennan from earlier seasons that people are familiar with and love is still there despite marriage and a child. The thing is though, that she *has* changed emotionally and I would like to see that reflected more consistently in her interactions with her coworkers. Again, we know she can do it-she’s been wonderful on many occasions with Zack, Wendell, Clark, Finn and most recently with Daisy. It’s just that sometimes there’s weird regressive behavior going on that I can’t really account for. I guess different writers see Brennan differently which is natural because her character is so incredibly complex, but the wide fluctuations in the way she’s written often leave me scratching my head.

      • Well said, mariu100 🙂 I think the thing that frustrates me the most is that she CAN be better and she HAS been better. Where’s that sweet Brennan who helped Baby Andy’s town with the bridge? It’s like she’s a science robot sometimes.

  3. What wasn’t really brought up, which is kind of surprising, is the fact that Booth is anti-private school primarily because he is very conscious of finances/social class. Every case that they have ever had that involved “rich or privileged” kids has brought out his snarky side. It would stand to reason then, that that would be the last thing that he would want for his daughter.

    The argument of “it was good enough for you and me, so it will be fine for Christine” was weak even to my ears. I think it is the one that Booth went with just so the conversation didn’t turn into a money discussion. That being the case I don’t think that Booth was really thinking much about his school career at all. His main focus was on Christine being allowed to be a “regular” child. Brennan, on the other hand, revealed that a lot of her angst about choosing a kindergarten for Christine IS based on her miserable social experiences with school. She doesn’t want Christine to feel like she doesn’t belong.

    While I would love to see the school decision be hashed out reasonably together, I think that the fact that Brennan realized that she had grown to obsessed was huge. She turned over her research to Booth in such a way that showed she truly trusted and valued his opinion. True, she still discounted the public school option, but she left herself open to the idea IF Booth could find enough pros to outweigh her cons. I doubt we see it because there are so many other stories to tell, but I imagine that Booth will spend hours sorting through her pile, and doing his own looking, and come back to her with 2 or 3 schools for them to look into together.

    “Do you think that moment was more about their personalities/views on education, or more about their experiences?”
    – short answer Booth was more driven by personality/ and perceived societal norms, Brennan was driven by personal experiences.

    • That’s why I am not sure about this idea that Booth would be more open minded than Brennan. If anything Brennan despite her scepticism of the co-operative movement still researched it and changed her opinion about it. Booth is probably less likely to consider non traditional options as he all about being “normal”.

      Booth had a relatively good school experience. He was the popular jock– “one of those guys”, so he can’t understand the fuss because it was easy for him to fit in. He probably never cared too much about his classes or grades and while he probably wasn’t the best student in the class, he probably wasn’t the worst either. If anything he made fun of the geeks. So finding a good educational environment is not as big of a deal to him.

      But Brennan who didn’t enjoy her experience wants better for Christine. For her the educational environment is important– so its natural she would put a lot of emphasis on it. Especially with her own concerns about being a good mom. But I thought it was a great moment for her to be able to be objective about her insecurity and try to let go of the control.

      • I agree – I don’t think that Booth is going to be able to more open-minded, but I think that together (even separately together, as they are doing it now) they might be able to even each other out.

  4. The question at hand – views versus experience – maybe a little of both but I would lead to views.

  5. If we were engaging with reality here I would say that both parents need to take a step back. Brennan’s pressure on her daughter to understand at the age of three language that even her husband would blink at may be in character and may be intended to amuse but it puts too much stress on a young child and is really an attempt by Brennan to mold Christine in her own image. It could also turn her into a superior little snob at school. Not good.

    Booth needs to consider all the educational options for his daughter. But both parents should let the child lead the way. There’s nothing wrong with a public kindergarten which would allow Christine to bond with neighborhood kids most of whom would be at the public school rather than throwing her in with a bunch of kids whose parents are pushing them to achieve intellectual success — in kindergarten!

    If she shows great ability as she grows then sure find a private school that will nurture that. Brennan’s speech about how she had to fight to succeed doesn’t seem to have registered with her that she is who she is because she fought. Letting Christine work toward her own educational opportunities and goals with parental encouragement but without her mother hanging over her shoulder every second would be a far healthier environment than Brennan micro-managing every aspect of her daughter’s life. I’m with Booth as far as letting a child have a childhood and not a 24/7 tutorial on vitamin absorption in the body or the relationship between mass and gravity.

    Plus, remember the Collar Institute and Booth’s discomfort with geniuses? Brennan’s attempt to co-opt Christine into that environment has the effect of locking Booth out. Would he be asked to help with her Chinese homework? I doubt it. I doubt the writers intended all this subtext but Booth’s intellectual exclusion at the breakfast table does raise that thought.

    OK that was my psychological analysis. Feel free to comment.

    • Great insight-I really liked your second to last paragraph. Puts into words my ambivalence towards that opening scene.

    • I completely agree with all of this. The breakfast scene felt oddly uncomfortable to me. I would love to see Brennan stop and let Christine lead the way as to what she’s comfortable with and Booth needs to care a little bit more. “Good enough” is not always good enough depending on the child.

    • I think you brought up some great points EL. They definitely will need to let the child lead the way — but as Christine responded in this episode (“I want to be Chinese”), maybe she is not quite ready for that yet. So at this point it falls on Booth and Brennan to make some choices for her.

      I didn’t see that Brennan gave the impression that she was against Christine having childhood fun? The very fact that she took Christine to a playground shows that Brennan is committed to giving Christine a holistic experience. Since Christine understood “what lowering your centre of gravity meant” it sounds like mother and daughter have done this routinely. I thought it was pretty close minded of Booth to not think Chinese immersion would have good playgrounds.

      I didn’t see Brennan speaking adult language to Christine as an attempt to mould Christine into anything. That’s how Brennan has always spoken to children. In Girl in the Curl, she talked to the girls about how they had to face a Darwinian pressure they were too young to bear. I think it comes across more jarring now because Emily has been exaggerating Brennan’s monotone speech– and I wondering if that is why people are having a much harder time relating to her? But the whole reason why Brennan was able to connect with Parker was that she doesn’t speak down to children. Unlike Booth, Brennan trusted that Parker had the ability to articulate his reasons. And that was a good thing.

      Personally I think you let the kids lead the way in terms of language development. For instance, mothereese or infant directed speech is an effective tool while the child is an infant but the trick is knowing when to stop and allow for further language development. When the child shows aptitude for further vocabulary expansion then it’s time to raise the bar. To remain in the use of IDS shows a lack of maturity on the part of the parents/models for the child’s comfort. In this case Christine is capable. I don’t see the rationale of limiting Christine’s vocabulary for fear that she won’t fit in. Have you ever watched national spelling bees? Those children have had a pretty early start. In this circumstance I didn’t see “pressure” from Brennan — pressure would imply that Brennan expected Christine to understand despite repeatedly being shown that she wasn’t at that stage. Christine was picking it up naturally.

      Your concern for Booth being locked out is interesting. I think there will be many times that Brennan will be equally locked out when it comes to sports or pop culture stuff. I think its a bit unfair to limit a child’s experience in order to salvage a parent’s ego. How would anyone learn anything that both their parents don’t experience with? Should Christine be kept away from guitar because Brennan can play and Booth can’t?

      For me, there is difference between setting up an expectation for success vs finding a suitable environment to foster intellectual growth. In this episode, I saw Brennan trying to do the latter. Due to her own childhood experiences she wants to provide Christine with the optimal environment. And because of that she was taking this discussion far more seriously than Booth. Booth due to his own positive childhood experiences didn’t feel this was something that needed to be thought about this early. Booth has a lax parenting approach and Brennan has a structured one. They both needed to find a balance.

      Brennan was struggling because despite all her research there was no right answer. Her concern that her own need for structure maybe stifling to Christine and that she may need something less structured was remarkable self growth. Brennan putting her research in Booth’s hands was that balance. It like their partnership where Brennan gives him the evidence and Booth make sense of it with his gut.

      • Totally agree. This is how they balance each other.

      • Not once did Brennan take into consideration anything but academic/educational achievements when looking into a school…there was no interest in providing a well rounded school too AND that is what some people are reacting to……Booth isnt a novice in picking out schools, he did so with Rebecca for Parker, he doesnt need to be clubbed over the head about it…we have no idea how long Brennan was on her quest to find Christine a school, she could of just blinded sided Booth with this & just because Brennan wants to do something right away doesnt mean he has to jump through her hoops… quite frankly I am fine that Booth didnt want to go into an indepth serious discussion about schools at the breakfast table when the kid was wanting attention and Brennan was too busy on her laptop ignoring even that she wasnt even eating, we saw at the diner when Brennan voiced that she had underlining reasons about Christine’s schooling we could see him react to her vulnerability…..I certainly dont think Christine understands Brennan’s science talk any more than Michael Vincent understood that he was going to get starved if he went up the slide, just that their “mommy says in a THAT tone with words”..I get why some fans want to see that Christine has some of her fathers traits & nuture otherwise Booth is just a sperm donor…I get through your posts that you see everything through Brennan biased filters but it really is to the detriment to the other characters, Booth in particular IMO

      • I’m curious as to when precisely Brennan went to 12 different schools which is once again a rewrite of what has been said before. Her elementary school sticker was on the back of the family car (The Woman in Limbo) and the high school she attended was where Max taught science. We know that she spent her senior year of high school at Burtonville High (The Death of the Queen Bee). We also know that her parents vanished at Christmas the end of the first semester of her sophomore year. That leaves exactly three semesters, from second semester sophomore through junior year, for her to have attended 9 different schools. Even the foster care system doesn’t move someone around that much.

      • Anon, everyone one us sees things through biased filters. Not just on this show but in life in general. It seems like you see things through a very Booth biased filter and that is fine. The writers write things through both characters with each going through their own thought processes. To understand Brennan’s actions you need to be able to take into account her thought processes. And same for Booth.

        –“I get why some fans want to see that Christine has some of her fathers traits & nuture otherwise Booth is just a sperm donor”–
        I thought they did that when Christine expressed a desire to skin her knees. Kids are going to go towards both directions, sometimes towards Brennan and sometimes towards Booth. Where does this idea that Booth is just the sperm donor come from? I doubt that thought crosses the writers mind because of its absurdity. They have been a committed couple since Brennan’s pregnancy.

        As for Booth not being a novice at picking out schools… Do you remember the Bones that Blew episode– Booth had never really considered Parkers academic enrichment prior to that. He had genuine disdain for private schools as seen in S1. So depending on how much input Rebecca allowed Booth in Parker’s school selection there is a good chance nothing other than the local public school was considered. And going by Booth’s approach in this episode — that is where I am leaning. Throughout that case it became apparent that Booth had never thought about Parkers educational needs. He ended up asking Brennan to help him enrich Parker because that is not something he has experience with. And that makes sense, Booth’s not really an academic focussed guy. Just like Brennan is not really focussed on the other aspects. That’s why they balance each other out. Booth and Brennan have what the other person needs.

        Its natural, Brennan, being who she is, is focussed on the academic quality because that was the area she wanted a better childhood experience in. That is the main distinguishing factor she is using. But that doesn’t mean those schools don’t also have recreational options. I can’t believe any of the kindergartens would not have a playground. After watching her take their child to the park to say she doesn’t give credence to Christine have any fun, is honest to goodness baffling?

        Using reverse logic to yours– just because Booth’s only argument was the playground should I consider that is the only thing he looks at in a school? Of course not.

        Brennan just wants to find the best option– is there anything wrong that? For Booth to discount any other school without even looking into it is actually very close minded. Maybe there is a better school that offers both a lower student:teacher ratio and better recreational programs. For kindergarten a 14:1 student to teacher ratio is actually on the higher side. Research suggests the maximum ratio for 5 year olds is 15: 1. As you get older it changes.

        A lot of private schools have waiting lists for several years. Brennan didn’t blindside Booth. Booth believed they had plenty of time before they had to consider it and thought Brennan was taking it “really seriously”. The point is Booth wasn’t taking it as seriously– which is fine, he has his own approach to life. But they both needed to find balance. Brennan needs to stop over thinking and Booth needs to think about things bit. At their core they are still the scientist and the gambler.

        As for Brennan researching at the breakfast table– that’s a family preference. Brennan trusts Booth was feeding Christine so she focussed on her task at hand– on the other hand if she watched him deliver every bite people would start to complain that she doesn’t trust him with his child.

        I agree that there was probably was a bit of Christine recognizing Brennan’s tone the same with MVH– again not sure why that is wrong (I am sure she can recognize Booth’s “I mean business” tone as well). But since Christine was able to use ‘genetically’ in the right context– she does understand some of it. A friend of mine who watches Bones gave me an example of their sister who is a genus and knew the alphabet and understood sarcasm well before they were three.

      • EL– I agree Brennan in 12 schools seems a bit of stretch. Sometimes they just recon stuff for plot purposes. Booth’s tragic childhood for one. But even recently– Brennan never having Bday parties because they were fugitives.

        So they might’ve moved around a lot when she was younger — settling in one place near the end where Max taught science. Then Brennan got moved around a bunch more in foster care. Maybe every time you change a house you change a school?

        I had another thought about your concern for Booth in the Collier institute. As much as Booth was uncomfortable around geniuses he isn’t dumb. He knew right away they were talking about telekinesis. Spending so much time around Brennan he has probably picked up a lot of stuff by osmosis. I don’t believe he would be as locked out as you are concerned. I thought the thing at breakfast was more of an approach thing. It was clearly played for humour– like the part where Booth goes “no way that’s gonna work”.

      • It would show growth if she wasn’t having to learn the same lesson over and over again. They’ve already done a private school vs. public school storyline. And Brennan learned then that there is plenty of awfulness that can exist in the private schools. She talked to her mom in her version of a “coma dream” and learned where some of her issues com from. She had worried about being able to just have fun playing with her child (Prince in the Plastic) and got to be “Scarred Face”. She’s done all this before and its a little frustrating when we take one step forward and two steps back!

      • BB, I didn’t see this as a “Brennan learns a lesson” theme. Although I do not deny they repeatedly regress her character to do that. But I just didn’t see that here. I never saw her not wanting Christine to have fun– since she takes her to the park. She just places a heavy emphasis on educational environment– something which she thought was lacking for her.

        Also where was this a private vs public debate? Since she acknowledged that private schools fostered an elitist and competitive atmosphere, I thought she was looking at the pros and cons of both.

        She just didn’t like that ONE particular public school because the student to teacher ratio was too high. After looking this up the writers weren’t smoking crack. The average student: teacher ratio in DC public elementary schools is 10.9:1. The average student: teacher ratio in DC private elementary schools is 8:1. According to research, 15 is the maximum you should have in a class. Is it any wonder that she thinks 14:1 to way too high?

        Don’t you think that would be very in character for her to turn away from a school that had a significantly higher ratio than the majority of others in the district?

      • First of all, I work in public schools. 14:1 ratio is insanely amazing. I think the teachers at my school would faint with joy if that was their class size. Secondly, I think we are looking too closely at all these particulars though, I don’t think the writers put that much forethought into it. It was basically just, “Let’s find another parenthood conflict for B&B”. I just think at this point, that Brennan should know by now that its not just about pure intellect, but people in her life like Booth, Angela, GGW, Sweets, etc have shown her that its about having life experiences. Having a full, rich, “wide” life. And it seems like she’s regressing back to pure science, being the smartest, etc. And as an educator, I am imagining Christine’s upbringing, should this course continue, and it makes me very sad. It will be all about just being the smartest and going to the “best” school, and “Hey, look my child speaks Chinese. She’s better than all of you children like I am better than all of the parents.”

        I’m all for Brennan teaching Christine things she knows about, I’d like to see them maybe doing experiments in the kitchen together, or something sweet like that. I remember Booth and Brennan, when she was pregnant, talking about dissecting things together. THAT is what I want to see. Like Max doing experiments with Parker. Where Brennan’s nurturing towards her child is mixed with love of science. Like Brennan on the “Science Dude” show. I want that for Christine.

      • BB– 14:1 is amazing for older students but there is a difference for younger kids. Kindergarten kids need a lots of one on one attention. Research suggests that the maximum allowable number is 15 for that setting. So 14 is just under the boundary of acceptable– it is still acceptable but its not amazing.

        One of the comments I was reading at bonesyology was from a teacher and this was her response: “A 14:1 ratio isn’t all that bad to me…if you’re talking about older kids. I recoil in horror at that ratio for kindergarten. I once substituted for my mom’s kindergarten class, and whew. My head was spinning by the end of the day. Because at that young age, teachers are not just teachers. They are counselors and nurses and whatever else they need to be to create a healthy learning environment. I would really feel uncomfortable with a 14:1 student to teacher ratio, skinned knees or not.”

        BB— Brennan can come across arrogant in LOTS of circumstances. But in this episode I didn’t see what you are seeing about trying to prove that her child is better than anyone else’s child. She wasn’t comparing Christine to anyone else.

        What I saw was that Brennan taking Christine’s educational environment seriously because she had a poor one herself. She was just trying to give Christine a better childhood than she had– there was no discussion about being better than other children.

        Look they could’ve written this episode better. I personally thought they should made the decision together. But I saw an excellent mother who cares enough about her child to look into every opportunity– even something like the commune which went against her baser instincts to see if it would be beneficial. And when she realized that her desire for a structured environment (something she lacked as a child) may end up being stifling for Christine she backed off.

      • BP, my degree is in Elementary Education. My Master’s is in Reading. The research may say that, but often the schools cannot do it. I am obviously aware a smaller class size benefits both teacher and students, but sometimes it is not possible, or very hard to do.

        No she wasn’t outright comparing Christine in that scene, I was giving an overview as to her mindset. I was imagining what Brennan might say at the future PTA meetings or parent/teacher conferences. I do despair for the poor teacher who will get the wrath of Brennan if Christine isn’t properly stimulated or whatever.

        We will never agree on Brennan, it seems. I do believe in, and like, the overall character of Temperance Brennan, but I do not like how she has been written lately, and I stand by that.

      • IMO one of the things they didn’t mention and one that I know from my own experience is very important is interaction with the neighborhood kids. If all the kids in B&B’s neighborhood are going to the local elementary school and only Christine is going to another school it becomes very difficult to form bonds. Play dates don’t do it. This kind of social integration is as important to a child’s psychological well-being as intellectual stimulation and one of the reasons that Brennan had a hard time in school was her inability to connect with her classmates. If sometimes the only word she spoke all day was ‘Marco’ waiting for her brother to answer ‘Polo’, it may not have been the structure of the classes that made school such a burden to her but more her isolation from others.

      • >” The research may say that, but often the schools cannot do it. I am obviously aware a smaller class size benefits both teacher and students, but sometimes it is not possible, or very hard to do.””I was imagining what Brennan might say at the future PTA meetings or parent/teacher conferences. I do despair for the poor teacher who will get the wrath of Brennan if Christine isn’t properly stimulated or whatever.”<

        But you are judging her based on your view of what you “think" she is going to do rather than what she is doing in this episode. If anything by the end of the episode she was more worried about her own need for structure adversely affecting Christine.

        EL– the neighbourhood children argument is argument is a great one and something I wish Booth had brought up instead of talking about the "nice playground". Although to counter one of the moms at bonesyology brought up her own experience with her child in private school. "A few kids come and go, but they basically stay within 8-12 kids per class every year, and the advantages of that are obvious. The not-so-obvious advantage is that those kids, having been together for the last 4 years, *love* each other and know each other. They've learned how to play together and work together and that is a benefit you absolutely cannot get in a larger class where kids come and go and get shuffled around.”

        There are pros and cons to each approach.

      • Sorry BB for some reason my sentence after “I am obviously aware a smaller class size benefits both teacher and students, but sometimes it is not possible, or very hard to do” got deleted.

        I think we all understand the limitations of the teacher, especially in a larger class size. But is it really such a crime to not want to put your child in a situation where they could face those limitations? Especially when there are alternatives available.

        Brennan felt like she had to fight to get to where she is — she doesn’t want Christine to feel like that. I don’t think that makes her a terrible mother.

      • BP, you are missing the argument entirely. We do not think Brennan is wrong for wanting the best for her child. We are saying we don’t like the WAY she went about it. Please understand that we are not against a mother helping her child. But sometimes moms (and dads) get a wee bit over-zealous in the pursuit. I’d say the main “bone of contention” is that she (1) started the school search without Booth and (2) let him choose from her pre-selected choices at the end. That’s it.

      • BB– Booth didn’t seem overly surprised by the topic of conversation so I doubt its the first time its come up. If this was a topic Booth cared about he would’ve looked into it– remember the bday stuff. In this situation Brennan had stronger opinions on the subject so this time she got the head start on the research. For Booth it didn’t seem to matter because he thought all options were good. He thought Brennan was way too serious for looking into student: teacher ratios. He was perfectly happy with worst case scenario without trying to see if there were better alternatives out there. You shouldn’t be anal retentive but you also can’t be completely lackadaisical. While there are a lot of excellent schools out there (public and private), some far better than others.

        I don’t see the problem with Brennan giving Booth her research to look through and make the final choice. It’s not like there was only one school on the list. That was a pretty big stack. This way they find a balance– Brennan preselected the ones with the best educational reputation and Booth gets to find the one with the right socialization requirements. Plus that stack had all her research including the ones that she didn’t like (like the public school). She had carefully documented her list of reasons against it. And she told Booth, he could pick it if he wanted. So he wasn’t really restricted to only her preferences.

        I feel like the main bones of contention here are more in regards to Booth’s feelings rather than what is actually in Christine’s wellbeing. Booth hadn’t really brought up why he thought the public school was a better option. He didn’t mention anything about the neighbourhood kids nor did he talk about fostering a competitive or elitist atmosphere in private schools. He didn’t seem to say anything other than it has a nice playground. I am not saying the public school was not an acceptable option but he seemed to zero in on that before he even researched it or looked at other alternatives. I am not sure that is the best approach. At least Brennan pushed herself to look at options she wasn’t comfortable with to see if it would be a better alternative.

      • GOOD LORD!!!!!

        Can’t people just leave a POV or two here without being DOGGED PILED upon?!

        This is getting tedious, we get it, you don’t need to make MULTI posts stating your POV over and over, going round in circles, trying to get people to change their minds. Is this board even moderated? I feel bad for anyone leaving a pov here.

        And quite frankly if I want to read POVs from other sites, I will go to the sites and read the entire conversation being had there and just not the cherry picking of povs you are posting here just to validate your point.

        I am SORRY but it had to be said.

        This is BONESTHEORY and not x and y Bones site….. CARRY ON!

      • Whoa Phoebe…. I am sorry if I offended you. I assumed if someone is replying to my posts they want to discuss my view. I am just trying to explain my point of view and maybe add some food for thought for discussion.

  6. Is it odd to anyone else they were talking about kindergarten already, that they aged Christine a little faster than real time? In theory she’s not yet 3 but is played older than that this season.

    • She celebrated her third birthday in The Carrot in the Kudzu (3/2014) which aged her exactly a year from two to three. So she would be 3-1/2 now. Maybe Brennan believes that she is so advanced she should skip early childhood and go straight to school. Bad idea.

      • I think they’re taking her all the way to 5ish now. Stephen Nathan has said in interviews I’ve read that the timelines are fluid. It would make sense to jump given the actress hired to play Christine is older than 3. Her resume lists 3-5 as the age range she plays.

        Just my two cents 🙂

    • Not that I run in those circles, lol, but exclusive private kindergarten/primary schools can have waiting lists of 5 + years. It’s not uncommon to start filling out applications before the prospective student leaves the womb. Given that, it would be perfectly reasonable for them to be looking into kindergarten at the age of 3.5.

      • If Brennan is planning to pay those kind of costs from kindergarten through graduate (?) school for Christine, Booth had better get a second or third job and she had better start cranking out several books a year.

      • Completely agree chosenname. They are actually far behind and probably won’t get into the most sought after places.

        I don’t know EL– Brennan was easily willing to waste $75K on the Super Bowl. I think she has more than enough money for private school. What’s all that money for if not Christine’s education?

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