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Rock the Vote 2014: Greatest Holiday Episode


RTV final



Hello Bones Theory people! Happy Tuesday!

It’s that time again–let’s Rock the Vote: Bones Theory style!

This is our fifth installment of RtV, and this year, we are going to vote on the best BONES holiday episode. The ballot consists of:


The Man in the Fallout Shelter (Season 1)

Mummy in the Maze (Season 3)

The Santa in the Slush (Season 3)

The Goop on the Girl (Season 5)

The Bikini in the Soup (Season 6)

The Prisoner in the Pipe (Season 7)


Which holiday episode is your favorite? Place your vote below!



33 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2014: Greatest Holiday Episode

  1. Whew, this is a mean poll! 🙂 I like them all for different reasons! But I had to go with the episode that hooked me into the whole Bones series in the first place 🙂

  2. This is a tough one! My vote went to Santa in the Slush, because that Christmas tree scene at the trailer just melts me every time. The man in the fall-out Shelter is a close second, though. Come to think of it, all six of these episodes happily make it to my re-watch list, lol.


    Don’t make me send you all to your corners again! I’ll do it!

  4. I voted Santa in the Slush because of “I love my gift Booth” much more than the kiss that was edited to almost non-existence and because I don’t want MJ to hurt me. 🙂

    Are we calling the birth of Christine a holiday episode? Not that babies aren’t lovely things to celebrate.

  5. Christine was born in a manger but still the scene in Kris Kringle’s apartment with Burl Ives singing and the toy train going round and Booth’s look of wonder like he was a little kid is one of my favorite things. The ending isn’t bad either. Santa in the Slush it is. And as for The Bikini in the Soup, I’m afraid I could never vote for anything from season 6 except maybe the final three minutes of the final episode.

    • I am just now getting to the point that I can re-watch *some* of season 6 with enjoyment and appreciation. Truthfully, season 6 is easier for me to watch than the last seven episodes of season 5.

    • I would take S6 over S8 any day of the week and twice on Sundays. At least back then, Mama Booth was rotting in her grave where she belongs. #stillbitter

      • LOL, I am #stillbitter too, MJ. Seeing her at the wedding always makes me so mad!! Now I am mad just thinking about how she/the storyline makes me mad.

        In other news, Santa in the Slush better win, or life has no meaning and everything is terrible. #mistletoe #gumsharing #greysweater #hashtags

      • Plus #Parker #Max #Russ the only Christmas show that had a majority of B&B’s family in it.

      • Oh, I understand completely. I used to get all stabby whenever anyone mentioned ‘what’s ours is ours’ but I swear, I hear the music from the ‘Psycho’ shower scene whenever Mama Booth comes up…..Rrrrrp Rrrrp Rrrrrrp

      • If that shower comment is in reference to The Body in the Bag, IMO the single worst episode in Bones history, I have hissy fits when ‘what’s ours is ours’ and that episode are joined together. As for Mama Booth, she is a figment of the writers’ warped imagination and doesn’t really exist at all. She died when Booth was 8, shortly before Pops threw Papa Booth out of the house. End of Story.

      • “As for Mama Booth, she is a figment of the writers’ warped imagination and doesn’t really exist at all. She died when Booth was 8, shortly before Pops threw Papa Booth out of the house. End of Story.”

        EL, you’re gonna get me in trouble for laughing at my computer screen. But yes, you are right. Mama Booth and Brennan’s grandfather don’t exist. Silly writers, tricks (Trix) are for kids! 🙂

      • Sorry about that, bb. Don’t you find it interesting that every single woman/girl I know who watches Bones hates the Joanna Cassidy character (I can’t even call her a mother)? And she was created by two male writers, Michael Peterson & Keith Foglesong, who probably as men had no idea how much the women in the audience would despise a parent who abandoned her two young sons to an alcoholic abuser. Anyway Booth’s mom wrote jingles for a greeting card company, always made Christmas a happy time for him (thus his attachment to the season) but died when he was eight.

      • Hm, I never thought of it in terms of male/female, I just thought it was a poorly executed storyline.

        “Let’s resolve the Booth/mom storyline before the show’s up, guys!”
        “Yeah, but how? She’s been absent for so long and has hardly been talked about…”
        **awkward silence**
        “I know! Let’s have her show up after all these years, ready to get remarried and now wants Booth back in her life. But not Jared because he’s um….busy.”
        “Great! Perfect. Let’s grab dinner.”

        End scene.

      • You forgot the part that goes: ‘We need to make her kind of motherly, right?’ ‘I know, we’ll have her raise someone else’s kids to show Booth what a great mother she could have been. Even though she like never called him or Jared in three decades’ ‘Sounds good. Dinner’s on me.’

      • Gracious acknowledgment of your inspiration.

      • This is awesome. 😀

  6. Guess the Season 6 Thanksgiving ep doesn’t make the cut?

    • Which is the Season 6 Thanksgiving episode? The Babe in the Bar was the last one in November and that wasn’t a holiday one was it?

      • Maybe the whole ep isn’t holiday themed but there’s the scene at where Brennan does the autopsy with the turkey bones, and Booth commenting “I love when she does that” or something along those lines. Definitely a thanksgiving gathering. (Is it the beginning of Doctor maybe? If so, a holiday moment but an ep that doesn’t belong on the list after all)

      • That was the beginning of Doctor in the Photo and it was a chicken. Brennan had the dinner for the two great loving couples — Hodgins and Angela and of course Booth and Hannah. No holiday, certainly not for shippers. Of note, that was the last scene filmed on the Brennan loft set. And it was a beautiful set. Can I mention for the exponential time how much I hate season 6? And yes, pretty much all episodes from 100 to the final three minutes of the final episode of that season.

  7. I loved Mummy and Fallout Shelter (so not fair to make us pick when those two are in the pool!) but everything about Santa rocks. The look on Booth’s face when he walks into Kris Kringle’s apartment, Caroline’s hilarious conversation with Brennan, the kiss of course (both the televised version and the extended one-hot!), Brennan choosing to stay with her family, Parker showing up at the FBI, and lastly, one of the best closing scenes in Bones’ history. I swear, if a guy brought over a Christmas tree for my jailed family on Christmas Eve when he could have been spending his free time with his son and then looked at me *like that*, I might have just burst into flames.

    This, for me, is about the ultimate shipper episode. Guess it’s a good thing, because that high and all that hope was going to have to tide us through some pretty rough times.

  8. Santa in the Slush. That end tree scene, essentially the “whole” family together, the kiss, B&B through out, all of it. The Christmas episodes were very good.

    S6 I rarely rewatch Doctor, Hole, & Change. S7, the Mighty Hut – shamefully thrown away, & Christine’s birth, though not happy with all of it. S8, none. S9, the Wedding & Parker, also shamefully thrown away. I agree Mother Booth should have been left dead and buried. Hate her at their wedding. She was worse than the father.

    Also like the end of Mummy in the Maze and Brennan’s understanding and support of Booth and what it meant to him to have to take a life. Shamefully dismissed in S6. Also Brennan in Goop, her feelings for the Mother. This starts me falling down the rabbit hole of things wrong since the 100th. Diversion time. 🙂

  9. Slush will win. So I voted for Pipe. Not that I really thought that a holiday episode but the similes drawn around the whole “manger” thing I guess will have to do.

  10. I voted The Man in the Fallout Shelter because it was the episode that made me realize the show was going to be more than just another procedural with some sexual tension. That you were going to actually care about the characters and tune in to learn more about them. This was in sharp contrast to many popular USA shows — after giving up on so many of them, I vowed never to watch another formulaic procedural again. “Bones” is the first one I’ve watched in years.

  11. Santa in the Slush because, um, MJ. And, Sarah might be a bit fond of that one as well and since I value both of you as friends … you see where I’m going here 🙂 #selfpreservation

    The real reason I vote for SITS is I think it was one of the first episodes I ever saw on TNT and I was hooked.

    • All kidding aside, I think “Santa” is a great introduction to what made makes made (to hell with it, just insert your own choice) “Bones” so great. The chemistry between B&B. The humour (not overdone and forced but organic and natural). Just enough of a backstory for the characters to make you want to know more. And the chemistry between B&B. I know I mentioned that already but it’s worth saying again. Hello, the kiss. Hello, the trailer scene.

      If someone’s never seen ‘Bones,’ this episode is enough to send them looking for others.

      Best. Episode. Ever.

      • I agree with all of this ^. This was the episode that hooked me on Bones in the first place. Plus the extended kiss is everything. ( ie…TPTB, more of THAT, please!) There’s just still so much mystery about the characters, the show, what will happen next…its just perfection. Almost. Maybe my shipper heart still wants her to drop that phone, run outside, and give that grey sweater–I mean, man–a follow up kiss. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • MJ and bb, I agree with everything you said.

        Extended kiss was hot but it was the only one like that we’ve ever gotten (and it wasn’t even in the show…we only got that one because someone was nice enough to put it on youtube).

        Back then she couldn’t run out to the man in the grey sweater for another kiss but now that she CAN she never does because, well, I don’t know why. Frustration abounds.

        I’ll just say it…the nuances present in “Santa” are what MADE Bones great. It’s still enjoyable from time to time but I fear that greatness has not been present for some time. 😦

      • I agree with most all said here too, especially your last sentence Missmarple. 😦

  12. Why did the polls close so soon?!!! I just saw this today and cannot vote. 😦

    I would have voted for GOOP ON THE GIRL. Brennan collecting evidence, inviting Booth over for Christmas, Max and everyone around the holiday table warms my heart. B&B attending the funeral so the mother won’t be alone on Christmas is “heartcrushing”. I love all the episodes in the poll, but would have to go with Goop.

    Totally agree with Miss marple “Back then she couldn’t run out to the man in the grey sweater for another kiss but now that she CAN she never does because, well, I don’t know why. Frustration abounds.”

    Also as we have discussed on IMDb, Brennan dresses “matronly” now, after having had Christine. (And ED had her baby)

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