Bones Theory

Rock the Vote 2014: Greatest Holiday Episode- Round Two!


Hello and Happy BONES DAY!


It’s time for round two of this year’s Rock the Vote!  We’ll be back tonight with a post-episode discussion, and tomorrow with a Morning After Q, and then the final two vote getters will go head-to-head on Monday morning with the final vote on (US) Election Day, November 4th, 2014! (Also known as the day before November 5th–the day many USA-ers rejoice that political TV ads are no more!)


Will you vote for:

1. The Man in the Fallout Shelter (think Lionel, drugged Booth, and Brennan opening her gifts from her parents)

2. The Santa in the Slush (think Kris Kringle, steamboats, and Christmas trees)

3. The Goop on the Girl (think reciting saints, radio entreaties ,and family dinners)


The ballot is open–make your vote count!



6 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2014: Greatest Holiday Episode- Round Two!

  1. Three excellent episodes! – One clear winner : )

  2. I will storm out of here in a huff and slam a bunch of doors if my “steamboats” don’t win. The whole flotilla of them.


  4. Santa in the Slush. Warms my heart. 🙂

  5. In this round, I will vote Fallout Shelter. Because Slush will win anyway.

  6. I thought my chance to vote was over! Glad to be able to vote for Goop!

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