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The Corpse at the Convention- Post Episode Discussion


What did you like or not like about this episode?

The comments are open-speak your mind!


48 thoughts on “The Corpse at the Convention- Post Episode Discussion

  1. Well, the boots were replaced with high heels, but the blazer remained throughout the episode!

    This episode had funny & serious moments. Booth made me laugh saying “go find a Kardashian”
    -Brennan still interested in the product the guy going to jail was promoting
    – Nice to see B&B enjoying pie together. Brennan saying Booth was in gamblers anonymous and Booth replies “you’re a genius so don’t say something stupid”. Well, Dave Thomas wrote this episode, enough said.
    -Booth asking Aubrey “why are you following me?
    -Aubrey needs a haircut-it is getting wild on top.
    -I did like the ending with Brennan telling her joke and the whole room laughs, then she tells Booth’s joke and he is the only one laughing.

    Serious moment. Best scene from episode- -dont-need-to-see

  2. • I like how Brennan was going to use her joke anyway! Sorry, Booth! You don’t get science jokes 😉
    • I didn’t like how she told the one man she thought she was beautiful. Epiphany: Before, when she said stuff like that, she was innocently stating what she thought was a fact about her beauty and intelligence. It was cute. Now she smugly tells everyone and lectures them about it. It’s an important difference.
    • They are contaminating the evidence with borrowed equipment, inventions, and credit cards… I can see that being a problem in court!
    • Hodgins “It makes me wanna kill someone so you didn’t waste your time” haha
    • “You’re a genius, so don’t say stupid things.” Booth lol
    • Hodgins should be removed from the case. All his findings would be thrown out.
    • Oh good, they used the murderer’s invention at the crime scene. Yikes!!

    I liked the ep. LOVED seeing Wendell again!!!!!

    • She didn’t tell the man she was beautiful, she simply agreed with him that she looked good. Is that terrible?

      • Mar, its not “terrible” per se, it just rubs me the wrong way, I guess. It’s just one out of many recent times that she either brags on herself, or uses someone else’s compliments to brag about herself. I didn’t write down the exact quote from the show, but I think she said something like, “I thought so too” when he said she looked nice/lovely or whatever he said. Couldn’t she just say “thank you”? I just feel like her tone has changed. She used to be innocently responding to the comments/compliments like that unaware of the correct social cues, but now it feels like knows exactly what people are saying to her and she is bragging or a little bit snotty about it. IMO

  3. The chemistry between Booth and Brennan is why I love this show so much. The writers are not allowing this to happen. I love Emily Deschanel as Brennan. She is getting less and less screen time. She is way to serious most of the time. I want that great smile of hers like in the last scene. I guess this is why I don’t like Aubrey. There is way too much of him. He’s kind of irritating to me. I hope as this season goes on that we can see more romance between Booth and Brennan as well as little Christine.

    • OMG YES!……Did you ever think that B&B partnership would basically be kicked to the curb just so Aubrey, who seems to be Booth’s siamese twin (can’t BOOTH do one FBI scene without him?) can take over BRENNAN’s role as Booths partner….I kept waiting for ANY B&B scene during the main part of the ep…there was one, ONE!!!…what are they doing to Bones? this is NOT Bones…what have they done? Can we get back to B&B at least having some facetime throughout the ep? …Aubrey needs less screentime, does he have to be EVERYWHERE? He’s pointless. He adds nothing to the FBI side of the show…except being a blundering idiot…Booth doesnt need him doing HIS job, the job Booth did for you know, MANY YEARS….at least Sweets was a shrink…Aubrey is just deadwood…I WANT B&B back, does Stephen Nathan even know how hes basically destroying the main draw to Bones, B&B? Does he care? *sighs*

      • I agree with you 100%. I love Bones, the last few seasons have not been the Bones I love. there is a disconnect between B&B. A hug would be nice every once in while. They don’t touch each other & the eye to eye contact is missing. After they were married the romance went out the window. HH&SN & the writers don’t seem to have the concept of a intimate loving couple. There was more romance between them when they were partners then husband & wife. TPTB better wake up the rating are falling. If season 10 is the last season I would like the show to end on a high note.

  4. Thought it a good ep. Kept you guessing on who the murderer was.

  5. I enjoyed the episode and loved seeing Wendell again. The scene between Booth & Wendell was my favorite part of the episode. Love the tough love from Booth to Wendell and the “I can’t lose another brother.” line. That was so very good.

    I’m not one who needs to see Booth & Brennan together in every scene. As long as there’s face time with both of them throughout the episode I don’t need them joined at the hip. The opening scene with Booth making pancakes and squirting the whipped cream right into his mouth was adorable. I love how the show doesn’t mind having DB being a regular guy and not just pretty. I understand the Schrodinger Cat dilemma/theory, but still didn’t think the joke was funny. Good thing Brennan knows her audience. I did laugh at Booth’s joke which I thought was cute.

    I knew Hodgins wasn’t the killer, but I was kept guessing as to who it was.

    This was a fun episode and a nice break from the intense drama we’ve had over the past few weeks.

    I’m not normally a fan of Dave Thomas episodes, but I enjoyed this one.

  6. Bones style has changed. No longer just Brennan and Booth. After so many years, both characters have grown. Life needs to move on. It is not only about these 2 characters. Now the show is talking about the whole Bones family. The activity around all these characters, how trusting and support each others. The shows has evolved.

  7. I’d like to remind posters that this is a hard-working blog shepherded by a wonderful writer and fan for people who love Bones the way it is now, not the way some think it used to be five years ago, or six or whatever. Not that we have to fawn over every episode or that we can’t share what we feel is constructive criticism from time to time (don’t get me started on the Honeymoon one!), but by complaining over and over again about what is clearly the way that the showrunners have decided to run the show longterm (and have been doing since even before Sweets got there) a lot of negative energy is being generated which I feel doesn’t do anything for the rest of us who generally enjoy what we’re getting every week.

    Viewers have every right to be disappointed in a series as a whole, and to walk away if they’ve stopped being invested in it. What I don’t get is venting on a regular basis on a site for fans-ie, people who still love Bones, warts and all-as if somehow those rants will change the formula the producers have chosen to stick with. If the chemistry on the show is bad for you, okay-I get it. Just please go share your incessant disappointment somewhere else.

    I personally loved this one; I’ll take the B&B relationship tidbits we get almost weekly over boring interrogation scenes any day. They’re both still doing what they’ve always done professionally, but them being married means we have the privilege of seeing intimate, loving, supportive moments-both big and small-between them that were impossible for us to witness in the past. Plus, bringing different people like Aubrey and interns into the mix results in us seeing new, often surprising sides to our core cast members. Boring old procedurals where the characters don’t change and their private lives are static are a dime a dozen on tv-Bones, on the other hand, is a gem because the amazing evolution of the characters has been (imo) aptly paired up with new ways to tell their stories. Adaptation is a giant theme on Bones, after all. Successful always? No-but at least for me, what they’re doing works the majority of the time.

    Forty-two minutes of programming only allows for so many things to be put on screen; I for one respect the writers’ right to tell the story the way they want to. And when I stop feeling that way, I may pee and moan for a while, even here, but eventually I’ll walk away and leave those who still love the show to discuss it in peace.

    • no offense, we are encouraged to SPEAK OUR MIND here…read the comment header….look at last nights rating and now tell me that fans arent walking away like you suggest….Bones is suppose to be about B&B who are suppose to be partners who solve crime TOGETHER this is the essence of the show, just showing mainly B&B personal scenes and ignoring that aspect for the last two eps is why you get ratings like last night and a fandom that barely has an online pluse or interested in upcoming plots….where are all the posters who use to post here, have they got disillusioned and walked away like you suggested, prolly but be careful what you wish for which is a dead online fandom and a rating with barely a pulse against other shows…sometimes fans rant and rave AND sometimes fans have valid concerns about the way their beloved show is tanking…Hart Hanson can turn Bones around if he wishes by focusing more on B&B like they use to which is no coinky dink when the online fandom and rating was at its highest.

    • Its called having a opinion without being told to basically shut up and go away if you dont like such and such….last ep when you didnt care for Brennan and her motherhood portrayal with the school, I didnt see anyone shutting you down and telling you to leave the fandom if you didnt like it, move on yadda yadda and thats what I am reacting too….let people have their say…I am a Bones fan since day 1 and I will be here to the end. 10 YEARS. But I/we arent mindless sheep you know.

      • I think the drop in ratings had less to do with Aubrey and B&B each doing their thing for much of the episode and more to do with The Big Bang Theory moving to Thursday nights. That show is a ratings powerhouse and it’s no surprise that Bones took a hit.
        I enjoyed the B&B moments in their home and again at the diner. I didn’t feel the lack of them at all. I enjoyed the episode.
        It’s too bad that you’re not seeing what you would like to see to make the show enjoyable for you.

    • Wow Mariu100, that was quite some comment, especially this part “I’d like to remind posters that this is a hard-working blog shepherded by a wonderful writer and fan for people who love Bones the way it is now, not the way some think it used to be five years ago, or six or whatever.”

      Are you saying that only people who “love Bones the way it is now” are welcome to comment here? I’ve never seen the operator of this site reprimand people that way. In fact, she encourages people to “speak your mind”. I know there is a contingent of Bones fans who are relentlessly positive about everything to do with the show…the writing is great, the showrunning is great, the acting is great, the lack of B&B interaction is great (because they are married now and we can just imagine in our heads what they are doing together), the storylines are great, etc.. What I enjoy about this site is that there are a variety of opinions here. I find that refreshing.

      For me personally, I still enjoy some things about Bones which is why I still watch it, but I no longer race home eagerly anticipating each episode. Some episodes, such as S10-01, I find enjoyable, while others, such as S10-03, 04, and 05, I’ll never watch again. I have found the lack of B&B interaction this season to be troubling. I’m not sure if there are personal things in the actors’ lives causing it, or if it’s because Stephen Nathan is running the show now, or what. I watch TV because I want to see actors acting things out. If I wanted to just imagine things in my head I’d read a book. Just my opinion…it is what it is. Wishing it was different won’t make it so, all I can do is decide whether it’s worth it to me to continue watching.

      I will say that I’m finally ready to let go of Bones if this is the last season. It’s been a good run, but with Hart Hanson being completely removed from the show, and now Stephen Nathan and Jon Collier writing/exec producing a new show, I just question how much love Bones is still getting from TPTB. I do know that when it ends I’ll look forward to seeing what everyone (cast, some of the writers, etc…) do in the future.

  8. I don’t generally like Dave Thomas episodes either but overall I enjoyed this one.

  9. I’m 70 years old and have only started tweeting and giving my opinion when asked. I am a hardcore Bones fan. For me personally the reason I love this show so much is the chemistry between Booth and Brennan. I have all 9 seasons on DVD and have Netflix and have watched every episode many, many times. Something has changed. How I miss the close ups of Booth and Brennan and how they would look at each other. Just because they are married doesn’t mean there can’t be some intimacy in their lives. The screen time especially for Brennan has been reduced and this does not sit well with me. I think we need Hart back. He is always saying the show has been so successful all these years is due to the two leading actors. It is such a shame when the supportive cast has more screen time that the two leading characters

    I know I’m on my soap box. I can’t understand why the higher ups are pushing Aubrey down our throats. I don’t want him in the field with Booth as that is Brennan’s place. This episode was O.K. I love all the supporting cast and I enjoyed seeing them out of the lab. I was glad Wendell was back.

    I know the show will have a hard time against The Big Bang Theory, but I think if the writers would concentrate on Booth and Brennan, viewers will come back. If we are going to get an 11th season, things must change! Also Fox needs to be more supportive of the show.

  10. Carolyn I agree with you 100%.MARIU100’s comment isn’t surprising at all,over at Bonesology where she trolls regularly if you don’t think Bones is the best show ever they get all pissy and rude and tell you to get lost.I like Bones but I’m not a fanatic but I can tell something is off.Except for that almost sex scene in episode 1 it seems like David and Emily are afraid to touch each other.Contrary to what some people think,people watch for Booth and Brennan.Not for Camastoo,and Aubrey is a joke.I can accept if this is the last season because I want Bones to out on top,but right now I see a gradual decline.I don’t think the cost of the show is worth the ratings it gets.

    • I like the other site that you named because opinions are valued. What isn’t tolerated….excessive whining.

      If you complain about the same thing every episode (and the show isn’t changing those things), you need to evaluate why you’re still watching.

      And it’s really sad when you already know what a commenter is going to say because they say it ALL the time.

  11. This season B&B have not touched each other since the premier. I agree they do need to heat things up between them. If you watch old episodes, B&B had more sweet romantic moments before they got together then after they got married. That is what I want to see again. NOT sex scenes, but sweet romantic moments to show their chemistry.

    I was liking Aubrey initially, now he is getting to much screen time being Booth’s side kick, IMO.

  12. More evidence needs to be collected. 🙂

  13. Bones will tank if it keeps going in the direction it is. Bones is a average show that is entertaining but was never going to be Emmy worthy.I’m not talking about sex scenes but if any new viewer just watched the last three episodes they would have a hard time believing Booth and Brennan are married.That other site would have you believe after ten seasons and almost 200 episodes,there has never been a bad episode of Bones.I guess they never watched the last half of season 5 or the first part of season 6.I am a fan and will go down with the ship that is Bones.

    • For all of you who like me are yearning for an intimate B&B scene, watch the final scene in next week’s episode.

      • I shall wait for this with bated breath. I hope it’s as good as some have promised.

      • Thats great to know EL!!! But what about the rest of the ep? Do B&B have more than 5 scenes together, do they work the case TOGETHER? Or are they MIA like the last 2 eps? That is my concern, one personal B&B is great but there needs to be more work scenes too, a better balance. IMO.

      • Amy…that’s how I feel. Will we have to see Booth and Aubrey working the case scene after scene while Brennan is in the lab or no where to be seen. I agree with the one who said that Booth and Brennan together have done just fine in the last 9 seasons.

    • You’re kidding right!! So a new viewer watching the last three episodes during which Brennan tells Booth that he likes her nibbling his ear when they make love and when Booth skips down the corridor in anticipation of tub sex, wouldn’t know they are together!?!?! The looks they gave each other at the very end of this last ep was the eye sex people have been wanting for ages but because there are no kisses it’s not enough?? You may not like the lack of kisses and hugs but to say they don’t act like a couple makes absolutely no sense to me at all! I’m really enjoying S10 so yay me!!!😃

  14. I don’t need to see B & B in passion every ep, but there is such a disconnect I cant see them as anything more than friends with benefits now. I don’t see Booth as a happy man with the dream he had of a family and a white picket fence. We never know which Brennan will turn up, his wife, soulmate or robotbren, the way she is written is awful. She was so rude and condescending to the other scientists why would any would value her judgment?

    My main objection now is lack of B & B, yes they have all grown and developed but they “were” the center, the reason millions used to watch. I don’t trust Aubrey, Sweets handpicked him to work with Booth, why? Did Sweets know he was going to die? I dont think so. Aubrey is a user, an opportunist, Nothing they’ve showed me so far tells me anything different.

    I’m hanging on by my fingernails, if this is the last season, it was a good run, write a decent ending, please.

  15. Before you spout off at the mouth,why don’t you read what I wrote.You can have eye sex or tub sex and not be married.The way they are right now they couldn’t be mistaken for a MARRIED couple.They were better together before they got married.

    • I am not sure why the distinction of being married matters so much. Booth and Brennan have always acted like an old married couple well before they had gotten together. Old married couples rarely act all gushy towards each other anyways. The stereotype tends to be more of bickering which B&B do in abundance.

      But I am not going to deny that I would prefer B&B together more often and maybe some more sweet scenes between the two. I think we need to see some more tenderness between the two since there hasn’t been much after the first episode. I think I loved the end scene of this last episode because it gave me a glimpse of that.

      • Exactly!! I thought people stopped having sex once they got married LOL!!!! I certainly don’t see why a couple should become more sexy after marriage than when in the throes of dopamine he he. The wedding rings should give viewers a clue too. I don’t get the argument and you get rude responses on here when trying to understand so I’ll leave them to it I guess 😦

    • Before you become even more unpleasant why don’t you see I was trying to understand the distinction between being married and being together. Together is together married or not. Thank you for your considered response though *sheesh*

  16. Really loved the Booth/Wendell scene in this episode. Also the Booth/Hodgins/Aubrey scene at the FBI. Loved that Brennan now initiates “pie”. Some great one liners throughout. Dave Thomas isn’t my favorite writer, but I was pleasantly surprised by this episode.

    I’ve watched this show since the beginning. I found season six to be bumpy and season seven leaned too heavily on the humor for my taste. Season 8 was a mix of episodes that I totally loved and others that made me want to run screaming from the room. Totally enjoyed season 9.

    So far season 10 has been delivering everything that I love about the show and even got rid of the major thing (Sweets) that I found annoying. Go writers!

  17. I liked the case and the way it played out. I really enjoyed the scene with Booth and Wendell at the bar, and I thought it was a nice touch to have Booth come to hear Brennan’s speech. Aubrey doesn’t make that much difference to me one way or the other. Overall I thought it was a pleasant episode.

  18. I’ll try to explain so even you can understand.After the wedding to the end of season 9 they really gave off a good vibe and you could tell they were in love and married.Right now it feels like they’re nothing more than friends with benefits raising a kid together.

  19. A little sugar between them now and then wouldn’t hurt, I think….

  20. I repeat…More screen time for the two of them together at home and in the field and yes a little sugar wouldn’t hurt. Let’s remember that David and Emily are the two leads. Without them no “Bones”

  21. I can kind of understand Brennan in the lab instead of in the field since they have a child…it can be dangerous out there. But it seems like they could spend time together at the FBI or at the lab or even the diner and that would be a good thing. I find that I am missing that interaction, which is the main reason I have enjoyed the show in the past.

  22. Full disclosure: I’m in the “B&B seem more like friends than in-love partners these days” camp.

    I know there have been lots of changes that play into this. Emily has reduced her screen time after baby, we have some different writers than we used to, HH has left for a new show and SN is in charge, actors have left the show, etc. I still find enjoyment in the show, and still like most aspects of it….but I do think it would be good for there to be some reevaluation. Regardless if the people running and acting on the show love it, there clearly is a significant number of fans feeling like there is something off. And I don’t just dismiss that. As far as B&B go, that special something they brought to the show is often missing, IMO. And again, there are different reasons for that. But I do miss the way they’d sing Poco to each other, or lean on a car to watch the sky and talk about aliens. People grow and change and relationships evolve, but I’d like to see some of that early magic woven into their current relationship. And some more romance. Like that “let it melt” ice cream moment. More of that please 🙂

  23. I miss those moments too. If only the ones in charge could know how we feel.

  24. It’s kind of like missing old friends. Things change with time, and I understand that, but it still makes me a little bit sad. That spark and spice was what set the show apart from others, and without that it’s just another show about solving crimes. I will still watch but I find myself wishing for something more: more depth of character, more affection between the couples, more challenging situations in the episodes. It would be nice to have some of those things back…..with a little sugar on top. 🙂

  25. Booth is the romantic one. However, Booth is still subconscious suffer from PTSD, I did not think Booth want to do any romantic thing now . As a result, it affects B&B current relation. Hopefully in the future, when Booth get back his old self, these can be recovered and more romance between B&B.

  26. I hope you are right, Annie. That PTSD might explain a lot.

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