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Morning After Q: Who Deserves an Intern?


Hello and Happy Friday! It’s also Halloween, and pal Linda reminded me yesterday of one of my all time favorite behind the scenes moment between Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz after Mummy in the Maze:



The best, and Emily, I am right there with you!

Anyway, I really loved last night’s episode The Corpse at the Convention. I thought it was great to see the Jeffersonian team get treated like superstars essentially…like the superstars we know they are. And it was fun that each one of them had someone at the convention approach them. And I think we are seeing that Booth is definitely managing Aubrey. So of the Jeffersonian team, which one would you like to see have his or her own squintern? Hodgins, Angela, Cam?


7 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Who Deserves an Intern?

  1. Hodgins! At times it seems as if he has joint custody of Brennan’s interns anyway : )

  2. I think the best scene was Booth telling Wendall to buck up…”You’ve been dealt a bad hand, deal with it”.

  3. Hm. Interesting question. I think the squinterns are already Hodgins’ interns. They get to do the fun experiments with him. Cam…well she’s got Arastoo (lol), so I guess maybe Angela? Though, there wouldn’t be too much for the intern to do, the Angelatron does it all.

    Ooh, I know! Caroline! A young, fresh-faced kid who thinks they are gonna learn a whole lot about the job but ends up getting “how to be generally awesome” lessons from Caroline. 🙂 That could be fun. I don’t know, for me, having the revolving squinterns keeps things interesting, and I don’t really feel there is necessarily an intern-void for anyone.

    P.S. I wouldn’t mind if they gave Wendell a permanent job at the Jeffersonian. I just love him. He’s like B&B’s true duckling, he’s street smart and sporty like Booth but smart and squinty like Brennan. 🙂

  4. I don’t think anyone really needs someone with all the interns around. I’d like to see Brennan and Hodgins work together more. Loved them working together in Aliens and Pathos.

  5. Didn’t Angela essentially have Oliver? (At least in Woman in White)

  6. If I could chose a helper for a week it would be Angela and her computers. I have a list of things I would like her to recreate for my research and would do cartwheels if I could get her to help.

  7. I think Booth should of had rotating FBI Agents to work with before settling on one……it would of give fans time to adjust to the loss of Sweets and it would ease fans into another member being on the team…..Instead we got Aubrey torpedoed (sp?) onto the fans and into the show at warp speed, basically ruining the foundation of BONES which is B&B partnership, in the process…I have no idea what is going in Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan’s mind but new characters are suppose to add to the show NOT DESTROY it’s foundation. JM2C

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