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Rock the Vote 2014: Greatest Holiday Episode- Final Vote!


The ballot is set and it’s time to cast your vote. Will it be for Santa in the Slush -or- The Goop on the Girl!  Vote now!



10 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2014: Greatest Holiday Episode- Final Vote!

  1. If I can’t vote ‘Fallout Shelter’, then it’s gotta be some Slush. Lots of Goodness Here.

  2. This was very hard. I watched both episodes again and they are both so wonderful.


    While the shirtless Booth scene is very….very…nice in Goop, there is no making out. (Darn Cam for interrupting!!!!) The kiss in SitS is so awesome, its a whole flotilla of steamboats, Brennan is grabbing Booth’s lapels and gum is exchanged. I don’t see how anything tops that. I don’t think they’ve had a kiss quite like that ever since. It’s special.

  4. Great episodes. Can’t beat the kiss.

  5. Whichever episode wins, they are BOTH winning episodes!! 🙂

  6. You’d have to add their first kiss in the 100th which I loved because Brennan was so into it.

  7. I know SitS is going to win because of the hot kiss (even though the extended “hot” kiss wasn’t in the episode itself, does that disqualify it?), but I just re-watched Goop and have to vote for it because of this:

    “He redeemed one angry, shouting man. So these are the last word I will ever broadcast. I hope that they’re the words you remember best. Peace on Earth.”

    That brings tears to my eyes every time!

    Plus the ending scene with the entire “extended” Bones family…cousin Margaret, Max, Angela, Hodgins, Sweets, Daisy, Cam, Michelle, all sitting down to a Christmas dinner together.

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